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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 15, 2017 6:45pm-7:01pm GMT

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but g but today i'm frustrating. come on! but today i'm driving an audi which has a little extra brainpower under the hood, sorry, bonnet! saw my dashboard down here, i have information about the current speed limit. there you can see as well i'm being told there is a red light up ahead that's going to change to green and about 30 seconds. here we go. the car is connecting to vegas‘ traffic management centre over ag. it reported position and the centre lets them over and know how long until the next set of lights turn green, indicate left and control informs me about the left filter light instead. 0ne informs me about the left filter light instead. one of the advantages, says audi, is that it
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relieves tension. there is no point in getting all impatient. at the moment, this is only available in certain models of car and only in las vegas, because this city has just one traffic management centre that handles all of the lights. some cities have more than 100 different authorities in charge of their signals. so one obvious use for this in the future is to feed into an autonomous driving system. the karen knows when the lights are going to go green in front of it. it can better drive itself. if it has some kind of back—up data signal from the traffic management system, then it should get it right more, which is of this? a good thing. it‘sjudging i‘m not going to make these lights. and it‘s right! the car was right andi and it‘s right! the car was right and i was wrong. sorry about that.
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now i don‘t know much about the car industry but what i do know is getting into it when you are a new player is really tough and complex. and expensive. faraday future is a company that heard all of those warnings and thought, let‘s try it anyway. how‘s that going for them? leavy investigates? faraday, a new car company that promises to be tesla at its own game. last year they showed us a scale model of a concept car they had no intention of ever making. this year they promised something a little bit more real. introducing the ff 91. they are proud of it. they say can do zero to 60 quicker a bentley and a tesla. it can even park itself. you press a button and... 0k. it's a little bit lazy
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tonight. i'm being cruel. it can park on its own. i saw that for myself. this is a purposeful 3-point turn, actually. we make sure that all of the centres in the car can get a full view of the spot to verify yes, there‘s no one there. look at that. spot on, straight. i‘m impressed. it‘s all well and good but it will be sometime before you connection they do this yourself. each and every car park will need to be approved by faraday before the feature will work. it will rely partly data gathered by faraday future cars. it‘s less chicken and 999 future cars. it‘s less chicken and egg and more chicken than $150,000 car that isn‘t on the market yet. friday has promised the car will be available by 2018. a lot of promises and the lot of potential but
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ultimately there are a lot of questions. for example, the factory, it‘s really just a questions. for example, the factory, it‘s reallyjust a lot of dirt at this point. yes, the factory. to build its car, faraday future has planned a huge plant in the arizona said —— desert. there are reports the factory is on hold because faraday is running out of money. hello? it looks ready for construction. but there‘s no equipment. there are no materials. and if they want this place to be ready by 2018, it doesn‘t look like they‘re making much progress. ready by 2018, it doesn‘t look like they're making much progress. things like this have to take priority at this point in time. part of the report about the finances was that the factory had stopped for some time. is that a financial problem, is that why it stopped? it's just a
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matter of keeping the cash flow balance between the different projects we are trying to do.“ they do ever released the car, it will blow your socks off. that‘s so quick! we have now beaten the fastest in the world. and were just getting started. it's not particularly useful on the school run, is it? hello and welcome to the week in tech. it was the week that facebook announced it would start trialling ads in the middle of videos. and nor would begin the first country in the world to turn off its analogue radio signals. it was the week the us military released footage of a test in california where glanced a swarm of 103 in california where glanced a swarm of103 mini in california where glanced a swarm
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of 103 mini drones into the sky from fighterjets. of 103 mini drones into the sky from fighter jets. they were of 103 mini drones into the sky from fighterjets. they were deployed to operate autonomously. it‘s thought the system could potentially be used to carry out surveillance operations in the future. hello, and the voice of mario. luigi, you always put me last! and that was charles martin eight, the voice of mario, nintendo‘s most famous carrier —— character. he is helping us to introduce a brand—new games console. it‘s a little bit different. and mark has been trying it out. nintendo switch is an unusual games console because it does a couple of different things.
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firstly, it‘s a portable machine. it's firstly, it‘s a portable machine. it‘s got this tablet like a touch—screen. it can be played out and about and on the move. then, when it docks with this little station here, like mario, after he has chowed down on mushrooms, it supercharges the machine. it can be played using a normal television, becoming a home console. the controllers can slide off the site of the portable unit. they can be configured in a couple of different ways. the individual parts can be used for multiplayer. when it has docked, the player can use a separate controller or plug the phones into a battery pack, turning them into this beast. the controllers have a number of different control features which can be demonstrated in this mini game, quick draw. it pulls the player away from the screen and towards one
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another. to that end i have a cowboy opponent. we‘re guide who had a shoot out. let‘s load our weapons, get ready, and get your best clint eastwood on. i live to fight another day. what that ably shows is that the switch designers are thinking very differently about the kind of games that can be played using this device. as far as games are concerned, in the works is a new title and legend of zelda. nintendo‘s last console had a bunch of issues from day one. a lot of gamers thought it was an additional controller for their console where it was a brand—new console. i believe nintendo have the same issue with the switch, but they have two nail down the third—party support and getting more the core gamers
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back on board. perhaps the biggest hurdle is its price. add £279, it may have a tough time against its rivals from microsoft and sony. we will find out when it is released on march three. —— march three. i‘ve been out of bed for precisely the length of that report. it‘s high timei the length of that report. it‘s high time i turned in for the night. but i‘ve forgotten to make the bed! fortu nately, i‘ve forgotten to make the bed! fortunately, i‘ve got a smart duvet, which means that from anywhere in the world i can click the app and the world i can click the app and the thing makes itself. it‘s got an inflata ble the thing makes itself. it‘s got an inflatable sheet in the side and the ida is you programme it to do this at whatever time you want, any day one. “— at whatever time you want, any day one. —— the idea is. yes, it is noisy. that‘s not the end of the story. if you are a snorer, or if you sleep with a snorer, pay attention. tonight i am sleeping on
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an anti snoring device that you put under your pillow. if this microphone protects the sound of snoring during the night, this silent fan inflates norah, moving the pillow and your head, just enough to open your airways and stop you from snoring. now you can track how many times it‘s been activated during the night on the app, or you canjust during the night on the app, or you can just have a good during the night on the app, or you canjust have a good night‘s during the night on the app, or you can just have a good night‘s sleep, so can just have a good night‘s sleep, so gimme knowledge that whoever else is in the room with you is also having a good night‘s sleep. good evening. i hope you have had a
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nice weekend. hopefully you add some brightness —— hopefully some brightness —— hopefully some brightness in the next few days. you can see the extent of the cloud cover on the recent satellite picture. that has been producing some rain through today. dreams and drugs this evening. more persistent rain pushing down from scotland, down through the heart of england and wales. mild for most places. temperatures well up at breakfast time across the more western parts of the uk. however, further east it will be chillier. cold enough for a touch of frost in the far south—east and east anglia. into the midlands it is damp. into northern england it is damp as well. drier through northern ireland and scotland. not much in the way brightness. there
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will be some glimpses of blue sky had their through the day. particularly across parts of east anglia and the south east and hopefully parts of scotland and northern ireland. through the central area we continue thick cloud and some outbreaks of rain. the heaviest breasts should fade away. a contrast in temperatures. many places mild. in southern and is thus making the south—east of england... 0n making the south—east of england... on tuesday, a touch of frost across the far south—east, east anglia. cloudier further north and west. some trips and drops of rain crossing northern england, southern scotland. but mild. and through much of the early part of the week that will be the theme. generally mild in north western part of the uk. temperatures around nine or 10 degrees. further south and east, it would be brighter but chillier as well. particularly across east anglia and the south. highs of 5
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degrees. where these guys are clear overnight, we could well see some sharp frost. mind you, that‘s nothing in comparison with the cold weather which is set to dominate across much of continental europe with quite severe frosts. daytime highs remain below freezing. this is bbc news, the headlines at seven o‘clock. the chancellor is accused of threatening a trade war with europe, if the uk is shut out of the single market after brexit. it‘s been revealed large numbers of cancer operations are being postponed, because of the current pressures on the nhs. you‘ve got cancer inside you, and you just want to get rid of it, and it‘s just devastating to get that type of news. a leading figure in the civil—rights movement is to boycott donald trump‘s inauguration ceremony on friday. also in the next hour, more than 70 nations meet for a major international conference
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aimed at kick—starting peace talks between israel and the palestinians. delegates at the summit in paris restate their commitment to a two—state solution and warn against unilateral actions.
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