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tv   World News Today  BBC News  January 15, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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weather can be found on the website. owner davis this is bbc world news today, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. i'm geeta guru—murthy. the headlines: the rift between donald trump and the security services grows ever larger. the outgoing director of the cia warns donald trump don't underestimate russia. more than 70 countries urge a two—state solution for israel and the palestinians, but will it make a difference? as dozens of migrants arrive in italy, fears grow for a hundred people whose boat has sunk off libya. also coming up in sport: everton thrash manchester city 4—0, pep guardiola's worst league defeat in his coaching career. this coming week, donald trump will become the 45th president
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of the united states and yetjust days from the inauguration, the rift between the president—elect and the intelligence services seems to be widening. the outgoing director of the cia has warned that mr trump doesn't fully understand russia's actions, intentions or capabilities. john brennan added the president—elect should be very careful about lifting sanctions against moscow. in washington, preparations are well underway for the handover of power, as our correspondent laura bicker reports. the stage is set and rehearsals are underway for the moment when donald trump will take the oath of office. after a week of swirling controversies, this will be the day that matters but already figures have said they will not be there.
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that matters but already figures have said they will not be therem will be very difficult. i do see the president—elect as illegitimate president. john lewis is a respected and much loved civil rights icon. his words matter but donald trump attacked him on twitter. the vice president—elect defended his boss. attacked him on twitter. the vice president—elect defended his bossli have great respect forjohn lewis and for his contributions. i was deeply disappointed to see him, someone deeply disappointed to see him, someone of his stature questioning the legitimacy of donald trump's in as president and say he is not attending the inauguration.” as president and say he is not attending the inauguration. i hope he reconsiders. security is being tightened as part of the capital prepares to go on lockdown. around a million people are expected here but john lewis is not the only one not coming. 20 democrats will not be there and donald trump does notjust
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have racial or political divisions to heal. the president—elect accused his top spies of the king and unverified dossier of claims of linking the tramp campaign with russia. he compared the actions to nazi germany. what i do find out regis is equating intelligence community with nazi germany. i take great umbrage with that. there is no basis for him to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly. but the president—elect says this inauguration week and this piece of historical political theatre will be about listening to the voice of the people, not the washington elite. one area, amongst many that may be affected by a trump presidency is the middle east peace process. donald trump has suggested the us embassy in israel could be moved tojerusalem, which would be highly controversial.
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meanwhile, representatives of more than 70 countries and international organisations have met in paris to discuss peace in the region, but neither israel nor the palestinians were at the summit. hugh schofield reports from paris. a middle east peace conference but without the hostile parties. some said it was a talking shop, but not the french organisers. for them it is more urgent than ever to push israel and the palestinians in the direction of face to face talks. translation: this conflict, and it was said by many speakers today, is highly symbolic. it goes way beyond its borders. it runs the risk of making this conflict worse as it would give a gift to extremists all over the world. the communique called on the parties to reaffirmed their commitment to a two state solution and not to take any unilateral steps that might endanger future talks.
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the implicit criticism was of israel and its policy of settlements in the palestinian west bank. and so predictably, israel's reaction was blunt. the conference, said prime minister netanyahu, was an attempt by france and the palestinians to build an anti—israel coalition, but the world he said was changing. soon it would look very different. indeed the real talking point in paris was the big change about to take place in washington. john kerry was there for the outgoing us team, but from friday it is the incoming trump administration, pro—israeli in a new kind of way, that calls the shots. donald trump's promised to move the us embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem, breaking with decades of us policy had delegates in paris rattled, though in the end caution prevailed and they did not mention the issue in their communique. in the end then, not a huge amount achieved in paris except
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perhaps for a signal sent that whatever the changes that are coming, most countries still believe in the existing blueprint for peace in the middle east. let's get more on this. 0ur middle east correspondent, yolande knell, joins us from jerusalem. give us a flavour of more of the reaction from israel to this summit. from the israelis they say this event was useless, it was something the prime minister said was ripped from the start and they felt pressure was being put on israel to make decisions that would go against its national interest. they said and encouraged the palestinians to come back to direct talks, something they have done consistently and they felt
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this event would create the illusion that something else was possible, that something else was possible, that you could go to the international community instead. the french president did try to address some of those criticisms when he spoke to the conference. within the governing coalition in israel you have differences of opinion. the prime minister has voiced support for deep to state solution, but there are many members of his coalition who openly stated their opposition to such an idea and expansion dee support the expansion of israel. how worried are the palestinians about the incoming trump administration? this is something that we have heard lots more comments on from the palestinians in the last few days. initially there was a sense this was
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perhaps a campaign promise, people remembered a previous presidential candidates had made such promises but then indications that the state department had been asked about the logistics of such a move, the nomination of david freedom, a hardline ambassador for israel from the us, from the trump administration, this started to get the palestinians worried and their concern is if you move the us embassy, as far as they are concerned, that is recognising jerusalem as israel's capital and palestinian want east jerusalem jerusalem as israel's capital and palestinian want eastjerusalem to beat the capital of their future state. at the moment, all foreign embassies are based in tel aviv for that reason. a look at some more top stories this hour. serbia's president has said he'd be willing to send troops to kosovo to protect ethnic serbs. it follows the suspension
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of a direct train service from serbia to kosovo after belgrade accused kosovan security forces of planning to block the route. the train was decorated with slogans proclaiming that kosovo was serbian. riot police in brazil have regained control of a jail in the northeastern state of rio grande do norte, which had been taken over by inmates. police say at least 30 prisoners have been killed, some beheaded, in clashes between rival gangs. it's the third riot in brazilian prisons just in the past month. anti—government protests have been taking place in bahrain, after the authorities executed three shiite activists. the men were executed after being convicted of killing three policemen in a bomb attack in 2014. it's said to be the first time the sunni kingdom has put to death a prisoner in six years. on tuesday, the british prime minister, theresa may, is expected to outline her plans for the uk's withdrawal from the european union. herfinance minister, phillip hammond has indicated
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britain will play hardball — potentially with steep cuts in business taxes to compete with the eu. 0ur political correspondent vicki young has the details. slowly a picture is emerging of theresa may's brexit plans. if she gets her way, negotiations will be triggered injust over gets her way, negotiations will be triggered in just over two gets her way, negotiations will be triggered injust over two months and today, one of her senior ministers made it clear that britain is prepared to play hardball. philip hammond was asked about the merits of the uk lowering tax rates. he said he favoured the current system with european style taxation but he had a warning, britain might be forced to become something different. if we have no access to the european markets, we could be forced to change our economic model. the british people are not going to lie down and say to that, we have
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been wounded. the prime minister has been wounded. the prime minister has been opened that her priority in negotiations will be to control immigration and to make sure the uk can do global trade deals. they say to do that the uk will have to leave the single market and the chancellor is laying out what the consequences of that may be for britain and the eu. the labour leader accused mr hammond of assuming a risky strategy. he appears to be making a threat to the european communities saying, if you do not give us what we want, we will become this strange entity on the shores of europe where there will be low levels of corporate taxation, designed to undermine the effectiveness of industry across europe. it seems a recipe for a trade war with europe. but others recognise eu leaders will recognise the benefits. we are
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leaving the single market, we want to make trading arrangements but we wa nt to to make trading arrangements but we want to become operating and have a free trade arrangement with the eu and have full access to services, so thatis and have full access to services, so that is where we should be. that is not damaging to the uk or eu. on tuesday, theresa may will urge the country to unite and get behind brexit but mps are concerned her approach will damage the economy. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: the circus once billed as the greatest show on earth decides to bring down the great top on 150 yea rs. bring down the great top on 150 years. day one of operation desert storm... the outgoing director of the cia warns donald trump not to underestimate russia's intentions and capabilities. france has been hosting an international summit to try to kick—start
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the middle east peace process. pope francis has said every possible measure should be taken to protect young refugees, amid fears that more than 100 migrants have died off libya's coast. the italian coastguard says eight bodies have been recovered. only four survivors have been rescued. as david campanale reports, it comes as more migrants are arriving from north africa. these are the lucky ones. picked up in three different rescue operations from fragile vessels at sea, over 300 men, women and children arrived exhausted on the shores of sicily, but from one end of the mediterranean to the other, migrants continue to die in the attempt to reach a new life in europe. it's any‘s coast guard says just for people survived a sinking of a ship
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carrying over 100 people on saturday. rescue operations are becoming harder. we have bad weather right now and the boats are poorly constructed. people are sometimes up to their chest in water. when you get 150 people like that, they start to panic so it is becoming more challenging. in the west over this weekend, spanish authorities found 13 people dead at sea near libya or washed up on spanish beaches. in rome, pope francis has given a call for better treatment of child migrants, especially those forced to flee without relatives. translation: these small brothers and sisters are exposed to many dangers and there are so many of them. we must take
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all feasible measures to ensure child migrants are protected and defended as well as being integrated. but in the mediterranean‘s eastway europe's land borders with turkey, its extreme winter that is the threat with the un saying for deaths have come so farfrom with the un saying for deaths have come so far from hypothermia. the thousands want to move on but the doors of europe remain firmly closed. with the oscars just around the corner, one film tipped to do well is the denzel washington directed movie ‘fences,’ based it tells the story of an african american family dealing with racial tensions and a troubled past. viola davis has already won a golden globe for her performance, and she's been in london today, speaking to our arts editor, will gompertz. i have been right here! i have had 18 years of my life standing in the
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same spot as you! denzel washington is the unfaithful troy. by 0la davies, his wife, rose. as emotional as it is! davies, his wife, rose. as emotional as it is i want to reiterate that it does require technique. a certain level of control even in the lack of control of it. it is not something that comes naturally, it's not as if i was playing myself and run and bring a time in my life when someone did the same thing to me. you have talked a lot about your experience as an actress and the roles you get given, and that the roles tend to be limited because of your colour. do you think producers, directors, hollywood are opening up to giving more interesting roles? they are
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being forced to open up. america is changing. the ethnic make—up of america is changing and people are desperate to see their own images. brady bunch is not working any more and there are so many actors of colour who are now in the position of saying, i am refusing to go back, i want to be redefined. times have changed, troy. people changed and the world change. there is every chance you will get an oscar for this. you go up on stage, you have the golden statue, you have 1 billion people to talk to, what will you say? the people i always forget to thank ourmike you say? the people i always forget to thank our mike mum and dad. august wilson wrote about people like them. the fifth and eighth
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grade education, people who really are invisible and those very much where the people whose dreams were virtual friend. whether she wins, i am guessing viola has already fulfilled her parents's dreams. now for all the sport. everton have handed pep guardiola his heaviest ever defeat in league competition as a manager, by beating manchester city 4—0 in the premier league on sunday. they may have had just 29% possession, but ronald koeman‘s side scored with four of their six attempts, including a goal for 19—year—old ademola lookman, just minutes after coming on for his everton debut. romelu lukaku and kevin mirallas got the first two either side of half time, with another teenager, 18—year—old tom davies, getting the third on just his second league start. it's a fifth league defeat of the season for city,
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but who or what was at fault? it would be a huge mistake to blame one person, but it is the first time in my life. this has never happened before, that's why i have to know the reason why. i've third two win them to lose but i am so happy. i will try to do the best as possible to achieve the best. zlatan ibrahimovic ended liverpool's hopes of retaining second place in the premier league with a late equaliser for manchester united at old trafford. but the visitors ended a nine game winning run in all competitions forjose mourinho's side. ibrahimovic cancelled out james milner‘s first half penalty with a header in the 84th minute, after the liverpool midfielder converted the spotkick awarded for paul pogba's handball. both teams pushed for a winner
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in the dying minutes, but neither side could break through. and in the end, neither manager could complain too much about the shared points. day two of the africa cup of nations. riyadh maris scored twice. the liverpool midfielder scored from the penalty spot. riyadh maris produced the best all—round performance of the opening weekend. how many times have we seen him cut inside from the right and curled a shot into goal. when they slipped to— one behind to the local south african nation, it was riyadh maris who dragged the team back into it. he salvaged a share of the points. any senegalese nerves were settled
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by an early penalty. after that, tunisia could not get back into the swing of the game. riyadh maris and the hosts... the best have brought their best here to gabon. new zealand captured three wickets before stumps to bring themselves right back into the first test against bangladesh on the fourth day in wellington. it means the tourists will start the final day with a lead of 122 and seven wickets in hand. earlier, new zealand opener tom latham made 177, his highest test score, to reduce bangladesh's first innings lead to just 56. latham's innings lasted nearly eight hours. over in melbourne, pakistan beat australia by six wickets in the second one—day international, for their first 0di win on australian soil in 12 years. and a virat kohli masterclass helped india complete the highest
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successful chase in a one—day international against england. chasing 351, india were reduced to 63—1; in pune before kohli and kedarjadhav shared 200 to lead the hosts to a three—wicket win with 11 balls to spare. it's a bruising defeat for england with eoin morgan's side making their highest losing score in an 0di. that's all the sport for now. one of america's largest and most celebrated circuses — billed as ‘the greatest show on earth‘ is to close after 146 years. the show — run by ringling bros and barnum and bailey — will face the final curtain in may. fewer people have been going to see the circus with public tastes changing. a it's a sign of the times and more things to come. we know so much more
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about wild animals. we know that elephants don't voluntarily balance a ball, they do these things because of fear. we are moving the elephants and we saw a sharp drop in attendance, much greater than we anticipated and that has led us to this decision because the business model is no longer sustainable. it is an art form that change the world, change this nation, it made us dream, it made us sit in wonder and made us all the kids again. the circus in the us coming toa kids again. the circus in the us coming to a halt. that's all from
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the programme. thank you for watching. goodbye. good evening. for some of us it has been disappointingly damp and there is still some dampness tonight, particularly extending down through central parts of the uk. a lot of cloud within this zone here and here we will see further pulses of rain drifting down the breeze, parts of east 12th affected as well. on either side of that, it will be drier. quite chilly with a touch of frost. there is all that rain through southern england, the midlands. clearer but colder across the south—east although the further north we go, milder. a lot of dry
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weather and i am hopeful that across parts of scotland and northern ireland it will brighten up. for england and wales, a lot of cloud. here some of that rain will fade away. some drier spells but it is really to the east where we will see reliable dry weather and some sunshine. ironically, this is where temperatures will be four, five, 6 degrees. tuesday, more of the same. after a frosty start, here the best of the sunshine in the south—east. dampness for northern england. that is the pattern through the early pa rt is the pattern through the early part of this week. the further north and west we are, more cloud in the sky but milder. whereas further south and east we go, it will be
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that much chillier but potentially brighter across the far south—east in particular. temperatures despite that struggling, 5 degrees and where we have clear skies overnight, we could see fairly sharp frosts with scenes like this across the south—east. that is nothing compared with the cold across much of continental europe. the surge of chilly air extending all the way down to spain and portugal with temperatures by date staying below freezing and severe overnight frosts. the latest headlines from bbc news. the outgoing director of the caa said donald trump does not appreciate russia's capabilities and intentions. john brennan also warned the president against spontaneous reactions which could have a profound impact on the us. the conference in paris which hopes to kick—start the us peace process ——
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israel prime minister described the meeting as futile. about a hundred migrants appear to have drowned off the libyan coast after the boat sank on the way to europe. the circus called the greatest on earth to close in may after 146 years. the
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