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tv   In Trump We Trust  BBC News  January 16, 2017 8:30pm-9:01pm GMT

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now for the weather. hill fog and outbreaks of rain, some pushing across scotland, down in northern ireland as a mole the weather fronts from northern northern ireland as a mole the weatherfronts from northern england fringing into parts of south west england and eastern wales. underneath the cloud, you will avoid a frost, quite a mild night across parts of scotland and northern ireland, but a touch of frost in the clearer skies and parts of east anglia in south—east england. after a cold start here, this is where you will most likely season shine tomorrow. brightening up into the afternoon in north—eastern scotland, but for much of the uk, a cloudy day and outbreaks of rain affected parts of northern england and north wales with hill fog, too. mild northern ireland and western scotland, but chailly —— chilly despite the sunshine and a shopper frost to start wednesday morning. wednesday and thursday, variable cloud, a bit of sunshine, but only a you are
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lucky. hello, this is bbc news, the headlines. northern ireland is to hold new elections, following the collapse of its power—sharing executive. secretary of state james brokenshire has set the date for march 2nd. the us president—elect, donald trump, has promised a "quick and fair" trade deal with britain. theresa may will be making a major speech on brexit tomorrow morning. an inquest into the deaths of 30 britons on a beach in tunisia in 2015, has heard local security units were deliberately slowed down to delay their arrival at the scene. let's return to the comments of the us president elect about britain in an interview with michael gove. he
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has added that other companies might wa nt to has added that other companies might want to leave the eu. joining me now via a webcam from cardiff is patrick minford, professor of applied economics. thank you for being with us. it could be argued that donald trump's comments, rather than putting the willies up europe will make them more determined to strike a more difficult dealfor the more determined to strike a more difficult deal for the uk. well, we really do not know what the eu will oi’ really do not know what the eu will or will not do. this is a problem for us and for them. but the main thing we want is free trade. when we hear donald trump saying he wants to help us towards free trade, that has to be very good news. it has got to be rhetoric with him saying britain will be at the front of the queue and it will be a quick deal because thatis and it will be a quick deal because that is impossible, isn't it? no, i don't think so. the easiest thing is
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for us to go to free trade ourselves, which is the main thing for our economy, to bring down the prices for our consumers and to reallocate resources to the best bits of the economy away from the protected bits. but the eu makes that more difficult if it does not agree to a free—trade deal with us because that is the natural way to do it. free trade with the eu and free—trade with everybody else through free trade agreements, that isa through free trade agreements, that is a natural route for politicians to follow. but if the eu makes it difficult, then it is all the more welcome that people like donald trump and australia and new zealand, and other big commonwealth countries, are keen to strike free—trade deals with us, because it means we can get to free—trade faster with the rest of the world. but is donald trump really that keen ona but is donald trump really that keen on a free—trade deal that could involve all kinds of stuff getting into america that he might not like?
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i think he does want it because there are all sorts of areas where we have enormous cooperation in trade anyway. it is our biggest trading partner by a huge margin over any other country, so we already have enormous trade links with the us. there is no doubt they can be strengthened in areas like services, investment and property rights, those sorts of things. i think that is a very natural partnership for him. it does not threaten any of these industries because we are not going to sell him manufacturing that will threaten to hire. it is much more about services, the city and investment, which we already do in a big way already. but will it not include us having to take gm foods for instance? well, i think there are all sorts of issues where the eu has put its foot down and said it will
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not have gm food, but that is an issue with the wga 0 and that is something we do not feel the same way about. gm food is very good for poor people, they lower prices, it isa poor people, they lower prices, it is a better deal, but we have probably got much more of an open mind on that. but my point is that kind of issue where there could be a debate to be had is the kind of thing that will slow things down. it is the regulations on financial transactions, it is standardising the size of toilet bowls, whatever, all that kind of stuff takes time. the suggestion from some that it could be a three—year deal perhaps after 2019 after we have left the european union is a pipe dream. ten, possibly more years, it is more likely for a free—trade deal with america? there are all sorts of issues about free—trade deals, about
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how long it would take, but the one with the us would probably be quite quick. but that is not the issue. the issue is are we going towards free trade? the big point about leaving the eu is the eu is a protectionist organisation and it imposes on as a lot of regulations that are not good for our businesses 01’ economy. that are not good for our businesses or economy. by going to free—trade we improve our general situation. we do not even have to do it through free trade deals if, as you claim, they will take ages. we can simply say we are going to free—trade and we will get rid of our tariffs, and in that way we will get all the benefits of free trade to our consumers and economy. this canard that it will take forever to get out of the terrible problems that the eu creates for us through protection and regulation is nonsense. we can do it ourselves very rapidly by
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simply getting rid of the tariffs the eu has set on our behalf and going to free—trade. if it turns out you are right, clyde, and it takes for ever to get free—trade agreements, that is the quickest way to do it. we could do it tomorrow, as soon as we are out of these negotiations. your bbc gloom mongers are quite wrong. steady on, i am propositioning an idea as an interlocutor, and not on either side of the debate. you well know that. thank you forjoining us. the northern ireland secretary, james brokenshire, has announced a snap assembly election will be held on march 2nd, after the break down of the power—sharing executive at stormont. martin mcguinness of sinn fein resigned as deputy first minister a week ago, in protest at the democratic unionists' handling of a controversial renewable energy scheme. today both parties blamed each other for the collapse of the government. here's mr brokenshire. no one should underestimate the
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challenge faced to the political institutions here in northern ireland and what is at stake. while it is inevitable that debate during an election period will be intense, i would strongly encourage the political parties to conduct this election with a view to the future of northern ireland and re—establishing a partnership government at the earliest opportunity after that poll. this is essential to the operation of devolved government and this means that all must remain open to dialogue. the government continues to stand firmly behind its commitment to the belfast agreement and its successors, and our
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responsibilities to safeguard political stability here in northern ireland. we will continue to do all that we can to find a way forward to secure the continuation of devolved government. conor murphy from sinn fein accused the dup of treating the stormont institutions, with contempt. today we have called time on the arrogance of the dup and the behaviour in these institutions. we have done so because we can no longer accept how these institutions we re longer accept how these institutions were being treated with contempt, and continue to be treated with co nte m pt by and continue to be treated with contempt by the dup. for our part sinn fein and martin mcguinness have stretched ourselves to the very limits to try and keep these institutions working. unfortunately they have been let down by the behaviour of the dup, by the imposition of tory policies, and by the inaction of the government. and by the inaction of the government.
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the former northern ireland first minister, arlene foster, was scathing in her condemnation of sinn fein's actions accusing it of trying to re run an election to advance it's own political ambitions. northern ireland does not need, nor does its people want, an election. with the triggering of article 52 leave the european union, a new president of the united states of america, a volatile global economy, now more than ever in northern ireland needs stable government. we asa ireland needs stable government. we as a party have done all that we can to maintain government in the northern ireland assembly so real issues like health, education and brexit are addressed. instead of trying to work with us, as we have done so many times in the past with fein, they have chosen to pursue political self interest. they did not like the election result last may and therefore they are looking to have another go at the election.
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they have forced an election that risks northern ireland's future and its stability and suits nobody apart from themselves. they will take every vote for them as an encouragement that they can bring down the northern ireland executive whenever they do not get their own way, whatever the cost to northern ireland again and again and again. arlene foster. it's just four days now until donald trump is inaugurated as america's 45th president. but what do those who voted for him hope from the president—elect. newsbeat‘s political team jonathan blake and declan harvey travelled two thousand miles around texas to speak to the voters putting their trust in trump. chanting: trump, trump, trump! # i was born to lead, the land of the free. # say hail to the chief. # i was born to lead... americans who voted for donald trump weren'tjust the people you saw on the news.
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despite what he did or said. i grabbed her by the bleep. they are rapists. and no matter who got upset. she gained a massive amount of weight. supporters believed only the donald could make america great again. i needed and wanted to see jobs brought back to america. god has a big thing to do in my life. i think he took care of it. we will build a great wall. that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. we are on a 2,500—mile road trip around the great state of texas to hear why so many have put their trust in donald trump. # i was born to lead. # the land of the free. # say hail to the chief, i was born to lead. # i was born to lead. we are in austin this morning and off to to meet a young lady called hannah who voted for donald trump. it will be really interesting to hear her reasons for voting
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for him and particularly as a woman i guess because we know the things he has said, his attitudes to women has been criticised, but it will be interesting to hear whether that swayed her at all and the reason she gives for still supporting him. # let's go, one, two, three, right. # if donald trump had said all the things you said he'd said in the way you said he said them... # that's small potato. she's in the minority here in austin because she's a trump voter and he doesn't have a lot of support here, unlike the rest of texas. # how can you make the economy stronger so i don't have to work in this job any longer? so, your man won. yes. how are you feeling? ecstatic. were you watching on election night and how was it? it was really exciting. i tell people that i was kind of laughing and crying at the same time. i don't know what is happening any more because i honestly didn't expect him to win. you were surprised?
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i was surprised, i'm really glad he did. i needed and wanted to see jobs brought back to america and that was by far the most important issue. for me that drew me to the voting booth. 0urjobs are being stolen like candy from a baby. it's not going to happen any more, folks. that's an issue that matters to me personally because i've been looking for more full—time employment for a long time now and i keep getting told after the third or fourth interview that, "we like you, we loved your interview, but we went with somebody who was willing to take a $10,000 pay cut and who has been doing this for ten years." he has been criticised for the comments he has made about women, being able to grab a woman and do what you want, and some of the things he said during the debates. were you worried at all about what that said about him as a person? i didn't find it offensive. i listen to rap music. i can't be ideologically consistent saying that offends me. so what three things are you trusting donald trump to do in order to make sure that you don't regret voting for him? the three things that i'm trusting donald trump to do are to build the wall because he said he would,
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to bring jobs back to the us, and to increase the growth of the economy, and then to support supreme courtjustices who are going to uphold the constitution in a straight, constructionist way. so which particular bits of the constitution are you concerned about, which you would like to see upheld? so, the laws regarding free speech are important to me and the laws that protect that free speech, as do our right to bear arms. thanks, hannah. nice to speak to you. really interesting to hear hannah's reason for voting. yes, mostlyjobs and i understand that. if you are worried about paying your bills at the end of the month, then it's a pretty good motivation. yeah, and she has struggled to find a job since college and when it comes down to it, she has voted for the guy who says he can improve their prospects. i think if you combine that with the social issues that are important to people, things like abortion and immigration, you can begin to understand how he managed to achieve the level
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of support he did. yeah. this is stuck. if you could just try and look cool! i'm trying. # roll me up smoke me when i die. # and if anyone don't like it, just look ‘em in the eye. # how did you come here and i ain't leaving, so don't sit around and cry. # just roll me up and smoke me when i die... so we are heading more into the centre of texas. this is hill country and we are going to meet a 26—year—old who has never been involved in politics before, but he said donald trump made him listen up for the first time. # i ain't leaving, so don't sit around and cry. # just roll me up and smoke me when i die. why is donald trump the right man
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to take this country on? he has a plan for america and he is the one that can actually, in my opinion, change. so, the night of the election were you watching the results coming in and what was your reaction? i was praying, you know. god has a big thing to do with it in my life and i think he took care of it in my opinion. what were the things that donald trump specifically said that you thought, yeah, that is why you will get my vote? immigration. they bring in crime, they are rapists and some, i assume, are good people. there are so many people in this country living for free and i'm paying for them and that's very aggravating to me because taxes, i'm feeding people, families, that aren't even supposed to be here. that's not good. prisons, they're full of illegal immigrants as well and ijust don't think that's right. that's more money going down the drain from me and from our country because they are putting in it too.
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your father came illegally from central america. does that have any impact on how you voted or how you feel about the immigration issue? my dad in the 80s, he immigrated to this country illegally, but the thing that differentiates him from the average guy on the street is he actually did it the right way. he started working, worked hard and he came up from nothing. he became legal as soon as he could and once he got everything established, he took the steps and he did it the right way. when there are so many people just living in the shadows and doing everything sketchy in my opinion, that's a weird word, but it's just not right. are you expecting donald trump to literally build a wall now, or did you see it as more of a metaphor, saying we are going to stop people crossing over? are you expecting him to put bricks down? i honestly am not. barack 0bama said he was going to step up border enforcement but it did not happen.
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personally i have been down to the border on hunting trips and it is crazy the amount of trucks you see running around that part of the country down south on the border. i mean, every two miles you drive you seek a us border patrol truck, you see a us border patrol truck, you see a helicopter coming across. if that money was filtered into a physical wall, like you say, laying bricks down, that could make a definite impact on the situation in some areas. but some areas are so impassable that it is not feasible to build a wall in those areas. what are you then trusting donald trump to deliver on now that he is just about to become president? we are going to get rid of the criminals and stuff like that as far as immigration lies. hopefully just bring the country back together and that is going to make america great. again. when was the last time america was great? i would say i wasn't alive, but reagan? i don't know. yeah, that was around
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the time your dad came. right, ok, i think that's all the questions you probably need. are you happy? yeah. thank you for agreeing to speak with us. there's no getting away from the fact that his dad walked for three days across the desert to illegally come to the us during the 1980s and one generation later he is voting primarily to stop that immigration and others following in his father's footsteps. but, you know, he didn't vote for donald trump because he literally expected a wall. i think we are so used to, in politics, people voting on what they hear, but this is different. they don't expect donald trump to deliver word for word, they just generally liked what he was saying and if he comes kind of close to that, that might be good enough for them. what do you think? iagree. good, let's go. just keep your eyes...
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0n the road. i mean, do you want me to do it? yes! # welcome to the world, daddy's little girl. # daddy made a soldier out of me. # with his gun and his head held high, my daddy said... how long have we been on the road? it feels like days. what is it? eight hours? we've come south to san antonio to meet a more reluctant trump voter. so donald trump won, how did you feel when you saw the result? i'm notjumping up and down and elated that he's the president, but i am jumping up down and elated that hillary clinton is not i guess. religious freedom is very important to me and hillary clinton has already pretty much declared
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full—scale war on that. cultural codes, religious beliefs, have to be changed. so that's one thing, and then just the fact that if you feel like you can take away one of our rights, you feel like you can take away them all. the things he said about women, the things he said about black people, does any of that worry you? did it influence how you voted at all? trump has definitely said some negative things about black people, much like about women, but personally my identity comes from so much more than being black. i have a military background, my dad was in the air force for 20 years. i'm a christian and i was home—schooled and these are all values that are very important to me. what three things are you now trusting donald trump to do now that you voted for him and he has been elected president? i am trusting in donald trump first off to take our national security and sovereignty very seriously. i am trusting him to protect all of our rights and the bill of rights, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to freedom of religion and all the others. and i am trusting him to protect parents‘ right to make decisions
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regarding their children's health and education and well—being. everyone without fail who we have met who has voted for trump spoke really strongly about how much they don't like hillary clinton. there is no middle ground, is there? you either love her or you hate her. and they don't like her more than they do like him a lot of the time. so you can't come to texas without eating barbecue. # well, brother and sister, if you want to see myjesus, let me tell you what to do... this is taking us off the highway and back on again. we are nowhere where we need to be yet. exit 233. sat nav speaks. no! # somebody be prepared now... one more stop and that is to meet a member of donald trump's republican party. were you always a supporter of him, did you always have a good feeling about what donald trump could bring?
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no, ididn't. donald trump was probably the bottom of my list, but he's really surprised me lately. i've seen a genius in him that must also reflect well in the business world too. many people will feel like they haven't seen any signs of genius. can you explain to them what genius you are seeing? well, true genius i think is not so much how much talent you have, but using what's around you, using your personal resources, going through your rolodex and figuring out who can do the jobs that you can't. was there anything that he did during the campaign that made you feel uncomfortable? hmm. well, it's hard to say because there are certain things that he wouldn't address and that is his success. he didn't go into abortion, we hardly ever heard word one about abortion. he didn't say anything about homosexuality hardly. those issues are pretty important to the social core of a party. if you are a social conservative and if you are a bible believing christian, you believe that god is on the throne, not man. why does god keep coming up in politics here? we are godly people.
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is donald trump a godly man? i don't know, i don't know his heart. i'm sure he's not evangelical or a bible student, but i think lately he's starting to wake up a little bit. you have seen his language change somewhat. do you think he is in the process of finding god as he becomes closer to the oval office? i don't know if in his position he would be able to pursue christ as a humble person. it would be very difficult as president. also with his track record. he hasn't demonstrated much piety or humility so far. 0r repentance, yeah. i think that is an issue with many conservatives. that is why he didn't do so well in texas the first time. so, what are you trusting donald trump to do then? i am trusting him to build a coalition. he will need one to rule properly. he is not going to be able to lead if he doesn't have the right people because he is brand—new to the process, so he needs them. we need trump. it is with the benefit of hindsight, which is a wonderful thing, not surprising that donald trump won this election and won it convincingly. not only did donald trump become
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president, there were other elections going on at the same time for the senate and the house of representatives, america's parliament, and the republican party now have complete control, which will make donald trump's life a lot easier in terms of passing the laws that he needs to pass. yeah. so, 2000 miles, seven cities, time to go home. time to go home. parts of the usa are experiencing a
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major ice storm and you can see all about that on our website at the moment at the address coming up after this forecast. i will start with a view of highland scotland. i will be struggling this week to stick with temperatures at around eight. that was aviemore today. but in parts of kent temperatures were only around four or 5 degrees. there area only around four or 5 degrees. there are a few weather fronts close to the uk. it is edging a little bit further west into east wales overnight. another is bringing outbreaks of rain through scotland and northern ireland now. down through much of the uk. clearer in kent and southeast anglia. clear overnight and you will get a touch of frost. i'll start to the day for scotla nd of frost. i'll start to the day for scotland and northern ireland. mild
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at nine or 10 degrees. some rain falling into the east and south of scotland. plenty of cloud elsewhere. there may still be some drizzle, a potential for drizzle in parts of the midlands and south west england. but in the clearer pice of east anglia and the south east of england, you will have a sunny day compared to today. you can see a slice of brighter weather. if you are slice of brighter weather. if you a re close slice of brighter weather. if you are close to this, you will feel quite cold. it is chilly in the sunshine, but feeling cold where you have got the cloud. elsewhere, it is mild in scotland and northern ireland. perhaps north—west england seeing outbreaks of rain in the afternoon. quite a bit of contrast in the uk. as we go through tuesday evening and overnight, clearing in southern england and east anglia and
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we will see a sharp frost on wednesday morning. a few brighter bra kes wednesday morning. a few brighter brakes on wednesday again, especially in eastern scotland. thursday and friday, expect a lot of cloud. if you see some sunshine, that will be a bonus. it is always feeling that bit colder the further south you are in the uk. high pressure still with us at the start of the weekend. no pressure in the atla ntic of the weekend. no pressure in the atlantic next week and it turns more u nsettled atlantic next week and it turns more unsettled once again. hello, i'm ros atkins, this is 0utside source.
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by the end of the week donald trump will be president. and in an interview he's given with british and german media, he's taken on several huge issues. he says angela merkel made a mistake letting in so many syrian refugees. he's also attacked the eu as a vehicle for germany. and he called nato obsolete. the president—elect met martin luther king's son today at trump tower. wheat will be live to discuss the fallout. bbc kyrgyz will give us the latest on a boeing 7117 cargo plane crashing onto a village in kyrgyzstan.


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