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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 17, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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lot story and i think we will have a lot more interesting quotes coming out. you sort of wonder if vladimir putin was on twitter as well you could have him tweeting things like that. you would never get any work done. imagine fora you would never get any work done. imagine for a second, he is the leader of one of the most powerful countries of the world and he is saying that some of the members of his society have low social responsibility. those are the same prostitutes he is talking about. presumably they have the right to vote. he won't win many votes from them. he says they are low social responsibility but also the best in the world. it will be a fascinating relationship. the putin and the trumpet. i keep trying to tell myself that mr trump is paying some marks the strategy, trying to play the russians and british against each other to try to buy for his favour. but i am having a hard time convincing myself of that. it will keep you guys at all of the papers going. trump, putin and brexit. thanks so much for being with us. that's it for the papers. you can
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see the front pages of the papers online on bbc news's website. it is their seven days a week. and if you miss the programme in evening of the week you can also watch it later on bbc iplayer. from me, and my guests, goodbye. sportsday coming up. hello. this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. we live from the bbc sport centre. have had six fa cu matches we have had six fa cup third round matches tonight. both are into the fourth round. lincoln left it late
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against ipswich. it looks as though we would have extra time, but in injury time, as the national league leaders set up a fourth round tie against brighton, ben croucher report. for one night only the centre of attention they added the bank, home of lincoln city, the fa cup seeming like an ancient relic. nick mccarthy said they should have won at first. though they could not have said they should not have lead after the woeful showing. the ipswich stopper was at his best. 59 places between them, you wouldn't have known it. choice words spark something better, although they ploughed on without success. the best of the game fell to lincoln players, but still 0—0, untilthe 90th minute. commentator: he plays it through, and to win the cup tie!
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in the dying seconds, they have knocked out the 1978 winners! arnold, the almighty hero, lincoln city delivering the almighty upset, they will be the centre of attention for another night at least. yet, it was incredible, you know, i think we fully deserved it over the two legs, andi fully deserved it over the two legs, and i was really pleased to get the goal, obviously, and my mrs had a dream that we won one meal and i scored, and maybe she is psychic. you had to keep your composure as you went around the keeper —— 1—0. you have to keep your composure. it was a great ball through. my experience kept my head cool at that moment. such an united knocked out first division coventry in 1989. the lowest ranked team, 15th in the
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national league, beat league one afc wimbledon this evening. the first game was goalless but the host, wimbledon, took the lead after ten minutes from tom elliott, 6—foot four. he used his height to maximum effect. minutes later they were down to ten men. paul robinson was sent off for a professional foul. to ten men. paul robinson was sent off for a professionalfoul. sutton toiled through the second half until rory deacon equalised, and then they made it 2—1 in injury time. there was still time for a another as dan fitchett completed the 3—1 victory, and they look forward to a televised fourth round tie against championship team leeds united. this early strike saw bristol city through to the fourth round at the expense of fleetwood. they will face burnley, who beat sunderland 2—0, needing extra time at oakwell, with
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samuel scoring in extra time injury time to give blackpool a victory over barnsley. sam allardyce has his first win as crystal palace manager, beating bolton, one of his old clu bs, beating bolton, one of his old clubs, rewarding them a home tie against manchester city. play is under way at the australian open soon, although andy murray and dan evans play at 9:30am tomorrow morning, the first time in 30 years five players from britain are in the second round, as a correspondent reports. success down under has been a rare sight for tennis fans, but they are witnessing a strength in depth that hasn't been seen in 30 years. johanna konta wanting to write in the history books. she was the first to play since 1977, sue barker. she
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she cruised past kirsten flipkens in straight sets. i was prepared to stay out as long as i needed to be. it was a tough first set and there wasn't much in it. i wasjust happy that i was able to put my foot on the pedal a little bit but also just manage really well the difficulties. that performance inspired heather watson. a year ago she went out in the first round. 12 month on she is made of sterner stuff, battling hard for two and a quarter hours before overcoming home favourite and form us open champion sam stosur. so positive for british tennis, we are all sparing each other a long, and you know when i saw the results, it motivates me, i didn't want to be the one to lose, so i think it is brilliant. it is notjust the women improving, kyle adnan limped out on the first round with crab last year
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but the 22—year—old has worked on his fitness and saw off colombia's santiago giraldo in straight sets. even though i am hitting with andy, we are even though i am hitting with andy, we are trying to get better, he is great to learn from and get advice from, so, at the end of the day, we arejust from, so, at the end of the day, we are just trying to get better, so... it isa are just trying to get better, so... it is a positive that more players are doing betterfrom britain. ultimate success in australia will be far harder. andy murray has lost five finals in melbourne and could face the early hurdle of a rejuvenated federer in the quarter—finals. if konko wants to replace wade, champion 35 years ago, she might have to get past serena williams in the last eight. it has been confirmed alun wynjones will ta ke been confirmed alun wynjones will take over the wales captaincy from sam warburton for the six nations championship. he has left the team five times before and captained the lions against australia in 2013. rob
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howley included seven uncapped players in his 36 man team. warburton is in the party but the decision to take captaincy from him was made to concentrate on his own game. he has skippered his team 49 times but has had injury problems and struggled with form.|j times but has had injury problems and struggled with form. i want to guarantee their position. the one thing with alun wynjones, he is the first name on the team sheet. with sam, asi first name on the team sheet. with sam, as i spoke to sam, with the talent we have in the back row, we just feel at this moment in time as a coaching team that it is best for sam to concentrate on being the best that he can be, to get his mojo back. staying with rugby and bristol say there has been no wrongdoing despite sale sharks lodging a protest with the rfu that one of their players passed on information to bristol ahead of their match on new year's day, and sale sharks have
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already told off this plea, and bristol say nothing of any value was discussed, but sale want the rfu to investigate. we heard from senior players that one of the players passed information before the game, andi passed information before the game, and i had to deal with it in the formal weight, really, and by doing that, we had to inform the governing body of the decision. it is unprecedented in most sports, not just rugby, there is a trust element which has been put in question by the players, and they have come to me with that. tom hart scott and luke harper scott met on new year's eve at the team hotel, which is not unusual for families who live in different parts of the country to meet up, however, following the conversation between the brothers, nothing was said or passed to the bristol coaches of any sporting value, nor did it change the strategy in which we approached the
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game in any way, shape or form. marco fu came from 3—0 down to beat judd trump in a thriller in the masters snooker at alexandra palace. after drawing level at 5—5, a flute from fu, here it goes, put him in contention in the deciding frame and he went on to secure his place in the quarter—finals with a century break, and he has mark allen on thursday. neil robertson has a quarter—final against defending champion ronnie o'sullivan to look forward to after beating ali carter 6-3. he forward to after beating ali carter 6—3. he was trying to wrap up a high score in the final frame, he 6—3. he was trying to wrap up a high score in the finalframe, he reached 117, and then he sniggered himself. that is it from sportsday. from all of us at the bbc sport centre, good night. well, i have just well, i havejust been well, i have just been looking at the weather a bit further afield from our shores and i will show you
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this area in the mediterranean, because think of north africa and you anything or snow but it is going across the hills of algeria and i wouldn't be surprised if the flake low elevations near the beaches of the mediterranean, would you believe it, and tunisia, just cold enough for a little sweet and snow for a time. over here we have a lot of cloud overnight tonight, that will keep up to bridges for most areas, but the odd pocket of frost for eastern scotland and south—east england. yes, a sharp frost is setting in, and by the end of the night temperatures getting to six, -7 in night temperatures getting to six, —7 in the coldest spots. high pressure might be in charge of the weather, but for most it will be a cloudy day. and particularly around but we have this weather front lurking across wales, into the north midlands and northern england, that front just midlands and northern england, that frontjust bringing little more in the way of cloud, so some spots of drizzle, mist and fog patch is associated with that. some ice for northern scotland, but breaks in the cloud for eastern areas of scotland.
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now, through the rest of the day, the rule of thumb is the closer you are to the front, the less likely you are to get cloud breaks. staying over craft in this area. south—east england, another cold day, but plenty of sunshine. for northern ireland and scotland, cloud breaks from time to time, but overall it is a cloudy picture with some bright spells for eastern scotland. now, as we spells for eastern scotland. now, as we go through wednesday night, for most of us it is a cloudy old mate with mist and fog patch is reforming, spots of light rain and drizzle, pity to eat a north—west scotland. that we still have cold air with us for east anglia and southern counties of england, so we will see a frost tomorrow night —— particularly. i hope you like your weather cloudy, because that is how it will stay. the best of the sunshine. in england but again prospects for some breaks in northern ireland and scotland from time to time. temperatures generally between 7—10 degrees, and if you
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were hoping for any changes in the weather forecast, i were hoping for any changes in the weatherforecast, i don't want were hoping for any changes in the weather forecast, i don't want to dash your hopes but friday and saturday and sunday is looking cloudy and the only significant change in the weather is probably as we change in the weather is probably as we get into next week when we change the wind direction, blowing some of the wind direction, blowing some of the breaks in the cloud this way, but into the weekend there will be a lot of cloud. that is your weather. i'm mariko oi, in singapore. china's president comes to the defence of globalisation and free trade at the world economic forum. translation: we should guide and adapt to globalisation, cushioning negative impactand globalisation, cushioning negative impact and deliver its benefits to all nations. chelsea manning, the american soldierjailed for all nations. chelsea manning, the american soldier jailed for leaking classified documents, will be released after having her sentence commuted by president obama. the australian government says it hasn't ruled out a new search for missing malaysia airlines flight mh370. and donald trump tweets a british
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woman with the same name as his daughter and get some advice about being more careful on twitter.
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