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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 18, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the world, at least, the ones we have seen. the financial times has excerpts from the british prime minister's address, including the quote "no dealfor britain is better than a bad dealfor britain". mrs may talked of a "global britain" that will be outside of europe's single market. the china daily reports on president xijinping's comments at the world economic forum in davos. he focused on the benefits of open markets and warned against trade wars. he said "practicing trade protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room." in his final days in office, us president obama has commuted the 35 year prison sentence of chelsea manning, the soldier behind one of america's biggest ever leaks of classified information. republican speaker paul ryan said mr obama's decision was outrageous. this is in the new york times. the daily mail reports boxing world champion anthonyjoshua has been received a barrage of anti—muslim abuse after tweeting a picture showing him praying in a mosque. alongside the picture he wrote "prayer is a solid foundation". and it's being called the most coveted job in education —
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cambridge university is advertising for the world's first lego professor of play. more on the guardian website. it pays about 83,000 pounds per year. we're joined by iain anderson, founder of the international communications agency, cicero group. all three of my sons could do that. yes, that's right. they are already professors of play. i have some words here, i can't work out if theresa may's speech was a wish list oi’ theresa may's speech was a wish list ora theresa may's speech was a wish list or a framework to work with. theresa may's speech was a wish list or a framework to work withm theresa may's speech was a wish list or a framework to work with. it is a framework. it is a starting point for negotiations. people like me, my job is to try to decode this for businesses. we have been decoding for seven or eight months through the referendum, through theresa
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may's elevation to become prime minister. quite what does she mean? we got it yesterday. there is no doubt we are leaving their single market. immigration trumps anything else, really, in terms of the politics of this. and you know what, it would suggest we are not going to have a divorce, because britain doesn't want to hold on to the family silver of the single market. for a lot of businesses i think that means we can quickly get on to looking at what the transitional arrangements look like, with what we have now and what it will look like in future. lots of questions but she has set out a framework. there are so has set out a framework. there are so many angles to this. when it comes to the city of london and rights and so on, some banks have said, that is it, we are moving people to europe, we have to. they we re people to europe, we have to. they
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were thinking of it anyway. will we see a big shift? february will be an interesting month. lots of the banks will be asked questions, what is your brexit plan? lots of organisations will be looking to rerisk from the politics. the suggestion is what theresa may have set out, the high brexit, we won't be part of the single market —— derisk. —— theresa may i think we will see a little bit of what i am calling rewiring. what i am not picking up is thousands ofjobs leaving the uk because people still wa nt leaving the uk because people still want to live in the uk. what about theissue want to live in the uk. what about the issue of britons living in the eu and eu citizens living here. there are no details, because she wa nts there are no details, because she wants ... what
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there are no details, because she wants what is the word? reciprocity. that is the one. britons living should be able to stay there. the word i keep hearing at the moment is the idea of work permits. yeah. so, basically, if you have a job, if you have the offer of ajob, and it is a key have a job, if you have the offer of a job, and it is a key skill, yet to be defined, you will be able to be here. if it is not a key skill and you don't have an employer sponsor, you don't have an employer sponsor, you may not be able to be here. the question of uk citizens living in the eu is still to be resolved. and one of the big questions is trade, which is what president xi jinping was talking about — globalisation is quite ironic, isn't it, the president of china is the keynote speech at davos talking about the benefits of globalisation, taking a sideswipe at the world's biggest economy, the new leader of that economy. it is bizarre, isn't it? the capitalist elite in thrall to
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the secretary general of the chinese communist party. well, 2017 starts pretty much how 2017 ended. you know, i am starting to hear about some interesting stuff for example, you know, davos is — what we see is the footlights stuff, what takes place in private are lots of investors having infrastructure, —— infrastructure conversations. china might make a major investment in, wait for it, mexico. wonder why they do that right now? the geopolitics, where money is flowing, in advance of donald trump, and trump is nowhere near davos, not wanting to be seen playing with the global elite, and china is stepping in in every sense. yes, and president xi jinping is going to some un
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organisations, there are many in geneva, donald trump saying he regards the un as a club. so, xi jinping setting up china as a possible alternative to the american leadership. stepping in with a chinese climate change deal. promising that will go ahead. who would have thought that? in the meantime, 0bama would have thought that? in the meantime, obama is very busy in his last few days in office. chelsea manning to be released early as 0bama massively reduces her 35 year sentence. this is fascinating. on one level, this is what presidents do. it is like the resignation honours prime ministers give in the uk. there is also lots of controversy about whether this is good or bad. what i picked up this morning is that julian assange under wikileaks sat in the ecuadorian
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embassy in london unable to leave for the last five years or so, last yearsaid, if for the last five years or so, last year said, if chelsea manning was to be released, he would go back to the united states to face justice. that was united states to face justice. that was before donald trump became the president elect. let's see whether or not the real intent behind what 0bama or not the real intent behind what obama did was to see ifjulian assange will go and face justice in america. fascinating. anthony joshua, the british world boxing ibf champion. a very gentle man and a very violent sport. around 19 hours ago there was a picture of himself, which we haven't shown, it is his copyright, which he has put on twitter, playing in a mosque in the middle east. the abuse he has got online is incredible. it is vital. i use twitter. you guys use twitter. loads of viewers use twitter but
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this is showing how the internet becomes a sewer —— it is vile. there is no other word for it. anthony joshua, sporting hero to millions, and then these idiots pop out of the woodwork, condemning somebody... he isn't saying he is a muslim. he isn't saying he is a muslim. he isn't saying he endorses the koran or christianity. he is saying, i isn't saying he endorses the koran or christianity. he is saying, lam here with another human being experiencing life to the full. not interested in these people. he said, besides luck, hard work and talent, prayer is a solid foundation. it was nice tojoin my prayer is a solid foundation. it was nice to join my brother as prayer is a solid foundation. it was nice tojoin my brother as he led afternoon prayer. that is what he had written. so, your boys, professors of cambridge university? they are on their way, at mission at six. what a cracking job.|j they are on their way, at mission at six. what a cracking job. i want the job. we all want the job! i am dying
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to find out what the lechers lookout, when you go in and you have to build your model of lechers. —— your model of davos. it teaches children so much. yes, and if you look at how corporate have adapted, google and silicon valley firms, where people are bouncing around on space hoppers trying to have an idea, you know, mixing it up mightn't be bad. none of it is public purse, it is paid for by lego. yes, absolutely. just fantastic. always a pleasure. thank you for coming in. tell us what you think. maybe you are a master builder waiting for thatjob. have a super day. we will see you soon. hello there. hopefully you like cloudy weather, because that's what's coming up in the forecast really through the rest of the week and well into the weekend as well. satellite picture yesterday shows the extent of the cloud cover.
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rather misty across parst of england and wales, warm for the eastern side of scotland for the time of year but cold with the sunshine across east anglia and south—east england and these conditions will persist for another few days. across the midlands into staffordshire we have misty conditions and that will continue to thicken up as well. so for wednesday morning expect a couple of fog patches over the hills of northern england, the pennines, the vale of york. one or two fog patches possible for the south—east of england as well. for many of us it won't be a particularly cold start to the day, with temperatures around 7—9 degrees, but it will be cold for the south—east of england. here, a sharp overnight frost with clear skies, fog patches and temperatures as low as —7. we're tapping into some of the cold airfrom the continent across the far south—east of england, otherwise we have high pressure in charge of the weather but we also have this weather front bringing a lot of cloud with it and the cloud will be thick enough at times on wednesday morning to bring occasional spots of rain or drizzle. the likely places to catch that across parts of north wales
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into the north—west midlands, cheshire, merseyside, greater manchester, these areas probably starting off quite damp. a lot of cloud for northern ireland and scotland. 0ccasional spots of rain in the west. clear spells to start the day across eastern scotland. through the rest of day, where the front remains a slow—moving, if you are underneath this area of cloud it will stay with us all day. it will be a glorious day for south—east england. plenty of sunshine but it is cold and i hold out the prospect of some breaks coming along with the cloud across northern ireland and western scotland. it won't be solidly cloudy but, that said, there will be a lot of cloud around. temperatures reaching double figures in the warmest spots. 0n into wednesday night, another cold one coming up across southern counties of england. the tendency for the breaks in the cloud to extend across southern counties of england. that is where we will have the frosty weather overnight. further north, with the cloud cover, again, it is generally frost free with temperatures around 5—7 degrees. thursday starting on a dull and cloudy note, save for southern england, with the prospect of early morning sunshine, and staying reasonably bright through the rest of the day. temperatures under the cloud,
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7—9 degrees, maybe ten in western scotland, and spots of rain coming from the cloud now and then. similar weather through friday into the weekend. we have to wait until next week before we see any significant changes in the weather pattern. that's your forecast. on what it wants from europe, and what it will be able to get. good morning, it is wednesday 18 january. also this morning: thousands of british holidaymakers are to be flown out of the gambia, as the foreign office warns of the growing risk of unrest in the country. wikilea ks whistle—blower chelsea manning has her prison sentence cut by more than 30 years, in one of barack 0bama's last acts
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