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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 20, 2017 3:00am-3:30am GMT

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in many, many in north america and around decades. the globe. my name's mike embley. at noon washington time a promise to on friday. america. after a high—rise collapsed in tehran. for many, many decades. when it crumbled on top of it's going to change. them. by cramped garment workshops. the exact cause of the fire is still unknown. means for moscow. hit a mountain hotel at a high—rise in in central italy. iran. and say they haven't given up hope of martin mcguinness, quits politics. finding survivors. now he says he's seriously ill. it's time for panorama.
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putin? since water gate. a spy on the run, honey traps, cyberwar. the kremlin has form. of supporters in washington, in front of russia do this like bread and butter. the lincoln memorial. trump denies everything and blames the cia. that is something that nazi germany the whole country together. would do and did do. we ask what does the concert, in the grounds trump/putin bromance mean for us. of the memorial. we ask what would realise their desire does the trump/putin for change. bromance mean for i promise you that i will work so hard. we are going to get it us? turned around. it is not going to be business as usual. and what happens if the two leaders fall take our jobs any longer. out. and what happens if the two leaders fall we are going to build up our great military. out? we are going to build it up. we are going to strengthen our borders. for many, many decades. it is going to change.
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from the new president. our north america editor, jon sopel, reports from washington. no longer a plane with trump emblazoned on the side. defending, and representing, the united states of america. and the future first lady, melania.
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and reflecting on the magnitude of what's about to unfold. the president—elect‘s direction. washington is a city in transition. are loaded up and taken away. these past eight years. with their sunny and beau. the new tenants pick up the keys tomorrow. the trump international hotel. with republican congressional leaders. i want to thank everybody. we have had such great, great support in this room.
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inauguration, there's solemnity too. who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. trumpet. i'm from florida! hundreds of thousands are converging on washington for the inauguration. famous monuments, the lincoln memorial. i was on board. at his rallies, and so i received an invitation in the mail. he has the chance to be like
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the next ronald reagan. trump. there will be protesters too. but it doesn't signify a unified nation. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. and president putin. is in the interests of america and the wider world. the view from there. for the west wing, perhaps. a gift from russia with love. canvas for us—russian
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relations. "the american people made the right choice," he says. "we hoped trump would win. but did moscow do more than just hope? internet trolls, and a media campaign. the kremlin‘s principal international propaganda outlet. today, it hit back. on such bad, bad, sloppy and just funny intelligence. is rt putting out kremlin propaganda? here in russia. and that moscow has managed to compromise him. these claims are unsubstantiated, but potentially explosive.
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so donald trump, a kremlin stooge? fake news, say his supporters, and moscow says the same. large over america's new president. and from the kremlin today, this call for cooperation. but it takes two to tango. is the question. the donald trump burger. and for some, difficult to swallow. a closer relationship. steve rosenberg,
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bbc news, moscow. mostly drug offenders. a second chance. on a single day. has been extradited to the united states. the death penalty. it's not clear yet where he's going. on them as they were fighting a major fire. of the i7—storey plasco building. tim allman reports.
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on iranian state television. ago, was mostly empty, apart from the fire crews. suddenly and without warning, collapsed. on top of them. dozens of people injured. a horrifying sight for colleagues and bystanders alike. translation: the building completely collapsed. some were injured and some plummeted down. many were killed. as they tried to escape.
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and look for possible survivors. trapped underneath the collapsed building. but many have died. paying the ultimate price. tim allman, bbc news. at international mediation. who's ruled for 22 years, is refusing to leave office. time on friday, to leave the presidential palace in banjul. sarah corker reports. yelling.
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to celebrate as the new president adama barrow, was sworn in. we have new president now. i'm very happy. political crisis escalates. we have to demonstrate now because we are fed up. we are fed up now in the gambia. of office on thursday. applause. the new president called on leader yahya jammeh to give up power. he also urged soldiers to stay in their barracks. to remain loyal to the constitution and the republic. to accept his election defeat last month. warning it was ready to intervene.
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talks one last chance. to resolve this crisis. the resolution is clear. and immediately hand over power. to people of the gambia. could turn violent. to relinquish power. sarah corker, bbc news.
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used by skiers in central italy. are searching for up to 35 people still trapped. miles from rome. our correspondent, james reynolds, sent this report. was on skis. these rescuers are among the most experienced in europe. even they struggled to move forward. hotel. finally, they made it. the hotel was silent. inside, rescuers found this man. they went further in, and came to where the avalanche hit.
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through the building's walls. in the hotel. straight after yesterday's earthquakes they text each other. "stay calm," he wrote. "you can come down tomorrow. "calm? "that's hard," she replied. "i think that the worst has already happened," he reassured her. ", he then asked. he got no reply. tons of snow. by the avalanche. do you think it's possible to find more people alive? for sure, yes.
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there could be some room under the snow. tonight, conditions here have improved. to keep digging. is holding its breath. james reynolds, bbc news, penne, central italy. stay with us on bbc news. a week of violent riots. the people of saigon have just heard there is to be a ceasefire. the reaction of american servicemen was predictable. i'm going
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home! i'm going home. upon by police dogs. throughout the tour. they called him the butcher of lyon. committed in wartime france. there he was the gestapo chief klaus barbie. broken all records. this is bbc news.
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i'm mike embley. the top story this hour. done for many, many decades. more on that now. at the centre for strategic and international studies. hejoins us from chevy chase, maryland. good to talk to you. administration so you might have to be careful what you say. be careful what you say. been done for america for many decades and how will they be done? decades and how will they be done?
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are claiming it as china's territory, 300,000 kilometres. territory, 300,000 kilometres. them or either tell the world —— the obama administration. obama administration. it would don't own their own satellites. own their own satellites. of all the destruction of the coral reefs. reefs. nothing, silence, they did not respond. not respond. that china was shaped the ball, in the obama administration. the obama administration. new situation and they can be shaped. shaped.
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damage by, in effect, forcing the re— militarisation. re— militarisation. you can't have military bases. military bases. they can be air, sea , rescue bases. international. pushback, big—time. this is one of the things that was not done. the things that was not done. start an actual war with china, couldn't it? couldn't it? take possession of 300 square kilometres —— 300 million. kilometres —— 300 million. there are no islands. no islands. claim because they didn't have any islands, they created them. islands, they created them.
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off the british coast and i build a structure there. platforms. and they claim it has my territory. claim it has my territory. documents from 17 century bc that my ancestor was there. ancestor was there. i'm afraid, it won't fly. won't fly. but the chinese are good at everything. notjust this mess. —— business. accept strategy. they have always lost wars. have always lost wars. they are going to have to deal with that. going to have to deal with that. making an agreement with the russian federation... we are running out of time. time. we shall see how all this turns out. turns out. uncertain by the sound of it, we are talking to you again. it, we are talking to you again. thank you. not at all. of natal to try to regain control after six days of rioting.
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to separate the gangs in the prison compound on friday. our americas editor, candace piette reports. natal‘s notorious alcacuz prison has been trying to kill their rivals. been trying to kill their rivals. they threw anything they could find at each other. at each other. at the weekend in a riot that left 26 dead and decapitated. 26 dead and decapitated. moving gang members to other prisons. prisons. the inmates who have been moving freely around the prison compound. freely around the prison compound.
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families of prisoners say there may be more dead. be more dead. this is the third riot if year in northern brazil. if year in northern brazil. gangs to control lucrative local drug trafficking routes. drug trafficking routes. all—out war across the country's jails? seven news braking on this instance. several peace —— people injured in the city of melbourne. the city of melbourne. people were hit either vehicle in the centre of melbourne. the centre of melbourne. been seen carrying weapons and a junction nearby. junction nearby. circumstances are still being determined. determined. suggesting police have been pursuing a rogue driver. more on that to come. come. as soon as we have material we can confirm.
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in the province. — he says he is seriously ill. our chief correspondent gavin hewitt reports. and irish politics. and its peace. now he is standing down due to illness. i will have to be very honest with myself. the question i ask myself is are you capable? with the intensity that elections need to be fought? and the honest answer is that i am not physically capable. but martin mcguinness chose violent resistance. talking about the bombing campaign. to stop in the near future in response to any public demand?
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passed onto our hq in dublin, you know? he served two prison sentences in the irish republic. he was also convicted of ira membership. he openly attended ira events. as a compliment. of votes will bring freedom in ireland. which will bring freedom. in the ira. existed in this city when i did join the ira. i'm not saying they were the majority, decided to fight back. i don't regret any of that. violence would not bring further
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political gains. in 1994 there was a ceasefire. it laid the foundation for peace talks. leading to the good friday agreement and eventually power—sharing. bitter foes sat alongside each other in a new assembly. myjourney‘s been a long journey. i've been over 25 years working on building the peace. time for northern ireland. questions about the future of the border with ireland. politician had the authority to make compromises. gavin hewitt, bbc news, belfast. i'm
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@bbcmikeembley. whether skype have cleared, temperatures have fallen away. temperatures have fallen away. equates to decent sunny spells —— skies have quit. skies have quit. the midlands and wales where it has been leaden skies and murky. been leaden skies and murky. further south and we have seen this sunshine. that equates to a cold start. start. —6 —7 and —3 when you get the gaps in the cloud in scotland. gaps in the cloud in scotland. widespread frost to start the day. watch out for sleepiness. —— slipperiness. slipperiness. of scotland including the central belt.
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belt. further north, they will be a hole in the cloud. hole in the cloud. bit of frost, a bit of fog but at least sunshine. least sunshine. all of the murky days, you will see some sunshine. some sunshine. for the temperatures but i hope it will lift the spirit. will lift the spirit. up with a frosty start to your weekend. high pressure is still there. there. the british isles and widespread frost and maybe fog as well. frost and maybe fog as well. especially the south—western quarter. a fair amount of cloud. rain to the eastern part of the pennines and maybe some in scotland. pennines and maybe some in scotland.
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quarter, there could be a lot of cloud. cloud. more in a way of cloud for many more people on sunday. many more people on sunday. the weekend, a lot of dry weather around. around. sunny spells on saturday and chile but by day and night. chile but by day and night. week, there may well be something of an issue with fog. an issue with fog. pressure will sit right over the top of us. not too much to stir up the atmosphere. take care, goodbye. i'm mike embley.
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