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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 20, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the cause of the fire is not yet known. the soon—to—be 45th president of the united states leads many papers and news websites. the washington post has been covering donald trump's movements on the eve of his inauguration — which happens later today. he made a statement at the lincoln memorial where talked of people wanting "real change". at another event he praised his team, saying "we have by far the highest iq of any cabinet ever assembled." one of those cabinet picks — treasury secretary nominee steven mnuchin — seems to be at odds with mr trump though, over economic policy. earlier in the week the president—elect said the level of the us currency was too high.
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mr mnuchin however is in support of a strong dollar. south african website news24 shows the gambia's new president adama barrow. but the political standoff there continues, with the former president yahya jammeh being given a final opportunity to relinquish power. the wall streetjournal reports the so—called islamic state has increased its sales of oil and gas to the regime of syrian president bashar al—assad. the article says it provides vital fuel for the syrian government, while the militant group gets much needed cash. and this one may leave a bad taste in your mouth. the gulf news reports the salty yeast—based spread and australian staple, vegemite, is returning home. for decades it was under american ownership, but the aussie‘s have now bought it back. dam right! back in the hands of the
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aussies. have you had before? good man. thejury aussies. have you had before? good man. the jury is aussies. have you had before? good man. thejury is out on aussies. have you had before? good man. the jury is out on this one. joining us is paul charles — chief executive of communications consultancy the pc agency. the inauguration. whatever side of the divide you are on, expectations are high. yamatji wants to offer a sense of change —— he wants to offer a sense of change. anyone who opposes him will be criticised on twitter or face—to—face. opposes him will be criticised on twitter orface—to—face. he has been in business a long time and is taking business methods to the white house for the first time. he has no political experience. it could either be absolutely fantastic, the next four years, or eight years if he stays for two years ——2 terms,
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but nobody knows. so you are on the fence? i think he is going to be good. i think he is fresh. he is talking with a different tone. let see if he delivers, the jury is out. all incoming presents a have to do —— presidents, is unify the nation. his campaign was anything but unifying. it was incredibly divisive. that will be hard, isn't it? he will have to change his tone. you could argue that yesterday he was starting to make this transition from candidate through to president so from candidate through to president so let's see if that continues today. will he carry on on twitter? will he be a president who uses twitter to express his emotion? if he does that, that could be problematic because it will mean he is not diplomatic. he has got to be diplomatic. he is a bruiser. it is
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not his instinct. he is a bruiser. he has had failures as well. he is regarded by the american public as a businessman and a deal. if he can deal with governments overseas, deal with the interest at home, in a really diplomatic way which is not his usual way, that will be the mark ofa his usual way, that will be the mark of a good president. it's very different running a corporation and running the world's biggest economy. the critics, the fear of god is in them, come today, when he becomes president. the american system has checks and balances. it can't just... you know. he is a poser but he still has to go through a process. president obama made it clear that of all the things... he managed 10% of what he wanted to do. that is because of the process and the bureaucracy. will donald trump try and tackle the bureaucracy? he has talked about bringing lots of
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jobs to america. will he be cutting jobs to america. will he be cutting jobs in government, not only to help balance the books, create a stronger economy growing at 4%, but also bring about his sense of change. otherwise, if he sticks with the current bureaucratic environment that every president has had to work with, he would be able to achieve much. the other thing, he is 70 yea rs much. the other thing, he is 70 years old. this is a job to somebody who is... what is eager to do on the weekends? he says, i'm not working weekends! we will see. but stay on the same theme. docking about the economy. his cabinet and a lot of the people he has chosen. —— talking about. mnuchin. the highest iq, apparently. donald trump, a couple of days ago, publicly talked down the dollar. he said he does not want a high us dollar. the dollar did actually drop. this mnuchin bloke is
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the opposite. he is in line with america's central bank. he thinks a high dollar is good. a strong dollar. the american economy is growing and doing well at the moment. that is one of obama's legacies, he has grown the economy. it is growing at 2.5% at the moment. you have got to question whether in fa ct you have got to question whether in fact the new guys in town, steven mnuchin, foreman goldman sachs banker —— former. will they continue the status quo? they don't need to change too much because the economy is growing again. what is interesting if they need unity. they need to agree what is the party line, what is the message. that is the whole point of cabinet. the work with the leadership team around you who are strong, united and speak from the same message. that is the situation. with the tweets, you have to be pet careful. you have to be in
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sync with the people you are working with. you have to be diplomatic with the people around you and can't be this rabble—rouser all the time. there may be some issues were you can be like that but it will be fascinating watching his twitter feed over the next few days. is this a man who is going to change and move from candidates to president? change the way he is tweeting? obviously not be so aggressive against certain interest groups in america will he carry on and create this sense of change? is this vision of making america great again and echo tomic one as well is diplomatic? —— economic. echo tomic one as well is diplomatic? -- economic. his going to type the white house up. keep it up. to type the white house up. keep it eep to type the white house up. keep it up. keep it out. —— pimp. to type the white house up. keep it up. keep it out. -- pimp. talking about diplomacy. the gambia in west africa. it is interesting to see whether president yahya jammeh will
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leave quietly. this is a big test for this part of the world, isn't it? it is a big test. while the inauguration is going on in america, this is a big story. this has a population of 1.8 million people. it is crucial to the stability of the region. if he does not go today and he has a deadline until noon today to leave. if he doesn't go, it will lead to military action. the senegalese army will clearly go in. they will oust him. he needs to go peacefully the consequences. can you do this in 30 seconds and talk about the syrian regime government buying oil and gas? this is president assad. what is crucial here is that syria was producing 360 thousand barrels of oil a day. now it isjust producing 20,000 barrels a day. production has been cut. buying it
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in from is, the islamic state —— is, is not the way forward to create is lasting peace in the region. the reason i wanted you to do it in is so we could get a vegemite!m tastes like marmite. it has lasted. how has it lasted against the power of marmite? vegemite has been going since the 1920s. it's very impressive it has lasted so long. from such a small country! such a tiny little country. i love it on toast. have a good weekend. yes, love it for breakfast. have a good day. hello. wherever we have had clear skies over the past few days, my word, the temperatures have really dropped away. you certainly know it's january.
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there have been clear skies around here. this is the scene during the course of thursday. we have had a great zone through the heart of the british isles where it has been a murky affair with leaden skies. come further south, this is where we have had the best chance of sunshine. that's the temperature profile as we start friday, but at its extreme, you could be looking at —3 in the north or —6 somewhere in the south. generally speaking, certainly below zero, quite a widespread frost for the southern counties of both england and wales. stretching up to the midlands and the southern parts of norfolk. we still have the cloudy zone all the way from northern ireland, north of wales and northern england and into the central southern parts of scotland. again, there will be one or two spots across northern scotland that will get away to a bright start with sunshine, a touch of frost and then again, some cloud as we go towards the northern and western isles as well. not a good deal changes on friday with the notable exception, at last, at last, we will push some of the murk out of wales and the midlands and maybe coming up to the southern parts of yorkshire. and then we do it all again.
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where we have had the clear skies, you get a cold start to the weekend. the system arcing its way up to the eastern parts and that is where we will see the cloudiest weather. a big chance for many more of you during saturday to see sunshine. that may not be the case across the south—eastern corner of both england and wales, but i think you'll see more cloud than you have seen of late perhaps. a slice of bright conditions. that will be the way for many of the fixtures in the scottish cup fourth round. but, it will be cloudy and pretty chilly as well, for any of the premier league matches. dotted primarily across the north—western quarter of england. by sunday, generally speaking, more cloud around. the temperatures are really struggling as well. so the weekend, in a nutshell, a lot of dry weather around. not completely dry, there will be sunny spells around, but both by day and night, it will be on the cool side. as we start next week, there will be
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a bit of an issue with fog. this is one to watch. it's some way off, but with the high—pressure sitting right over the top of the british isles, there could be a real concern about fog across central and southern areas. hello, this is breakfast, with steph mcgovern and charlie stayt. donald trump is to be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states, saying he'll unify the country after a bitter election which divided america. what we have done is so special. all over the world they are talking about it. all over the world. this is the warship uss alabama. he held a rally in this city and we
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have come here to ask voters what they want from him as president trump.
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