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this england and wales, like this weather watcher picture in kent. sunny skies creeping their way northwards into northern ireland and the far north of england. we have a weak weather front which has been producing a lot of misty and murky grey weather. it has been sunny in the north of england and remained sunny through the course of the afternoon. rather murky and grey, a contrast to how it is further south. holding on to the cloud for most of the afternoon. look at that for england and wales, a glorious afternoon. lots of sunshine, nearly unbroken in places. that really is about it, light winds elsewhere, temperatures of seven or eight celsius. temperatures fall away as that blue hue is developing. a bit of cloud across the far south—west and a bit across eastern scotla nd south—west and a bit across eastern scotland with some mist and fog. temperatures in the towns and cities
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falling. in the weekend it is looking pretty quiet thanks to high pressure. mainly dry, lovely usable weather to be out and about. it will stay chilly but the best of the sunshine will be on saturday. we will start to see some clout rolling in off the north sea across central and eastern parts of england, the odd spit spot of light rain and wintry in places. lots of sunshine around, another fine day as you can see with temperatures in mid single figures. through saturday night it looks like we will see the rain picking up a bit more. we could see a dusting of snow over the pennines. for sunday, that will leave a re m na nts of for sunday, that will leave a remnants of cloud around. some sunshine around, it will not be com pletely sunshine around, it will not be completely grey and it will be another chilly one. monday and tuesday more high pressure with us. fogg might be a problem across
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central and southern parts of england. things turn a bit more u nsettled. in less than four hours‘ time, donald trump will be sworn in as america‘s 41st president. they forgot about a lot of us. on the campaign, i called it, "the forgotten man and the forgotten woman." well, you‘re not forgotten any more. and since we have been on air, a woman has been pulled out alive and rescu e rs woman has been pulled out alive and rescuers are trying to pull out seven other survivors including two children, after two days i read in the wreckage after the earthquake in italy. there is full coverage of the inauguration ceremony from 4pm on bbc one. that‘s all from the bbc news at one, so it‘s goodbye from me, this is bbc news.
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dan evans is into the fourth round at a grand slam for the first time. fresh from beating the seventh seed marin cilic, the british player beat the australian 27th seed bernard tomic in straight sets. ben croucher reports. a british man into the fourth round of a grand slam, a domain usually reserved for a chap named andy murray but not any more. dan evans had already dispatched a former grand slam winner. the last remaining australian, bernard tomic was in theory an easier task. it seemed so in the first point of the match. the majority of melbourne backed tomic. evans subdued them at 7—5. he has reached the final in sydney previous to this.
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the 2017 evans is brimming with confidence and as he closed in on the second set, tomic came back fighting and he took it to a tie—break and evans produced his best tennis to win it. britain hasn‘t had two many to the fourth round of a grand slam since... not that long ago, but the father of tomic said dan evans wasn‘t even good enough to practice with his son, but he is good enough now. tomic knew it as well. a straight sets win into the fourth round and soon the world‘s top 50. sets win into the fourth round and soon the world's top 50. winning the match is a special, especially against bernard in his own home crowd and with the atmosphere where the crowd are against you and that is the pinnacle in sport, to come through when they are against you. it was a great day. i really enjoyed it. iam it was a great day. i really enjoyed it. i am looking forward to going again on sunday. andy murray showed little sign of the ankle problem he picked up in the last round as he breezed past sam querrey at the australian open. he beat the american in straight sets 6—4 6—2 6—4 and will now play
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the german mischa zverev. it‘s the ninth year in a row that he‘s reached the fourth round in melbourne. he‘s been runner—up five times. i think i have played a bit better each match. there has not been one thing that i have been delighted with. i thought i moved much better today than i did in the first two matches, which is really positive from me. but i think each match i have improved a little bit and that is a good sign, so hopefully i will keep getting better. the england rugby union head coach eddiejones has put three uncapped players in his 3a man squad for the six nations championship the bath prop nathan catt, leicester forward mike williams and saracens back alex lozowski are all involved. they will head to portugal on monday for a week long training camp. dylan hartley is included, he is serving a six week ban for striking in a club match and he will have to prove that he is match—ready before regaining the captaincy.
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moving in the right direction. he has progressed since autumn when we would have given him a five out of ten, and at the moment he is, in terms of ready to play, about a seven out of ten so given that he has a good couple of days training in portugal and i anticipate him being in the reckoning for the first test team. gymnast dan keatings has retired from the sport, aged 27. keatings is a two—time european champion on the pommel horse and he won gold on that apparatus for scotland at glasgow‘s 2014 commonwealth games. he also won an all around silver at the world championships in 2009. keatings wrote on social media that he needs to kick back, eat a few takeaways, drink some beers and spend some time with the wife. the last of the quarterfinals at
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alexandra palace is being played now in the snooker. hawkins is not happy that he has lost that black. marco fu and ronnie o‘sullivan already through to the semifinals. that is all the sport for now. i will be backin all the sport for now. i will be back in the next hour, trump permitting. thank you very much indeed. we hope to see a little bit later. that was all the sports news there. now we will turn our attention to events in washington, dc. a quick look at the scene. we have been waiting for the president—elect to leave and head to church, in advance of the official swearing—in ceremony. we believe one of those will be carrying him and his wife. we don‘t know which, of course. we wait for him to make his
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way to that church service. all at the start of an extraordinary day that many people thought would never come, but a significant day in terms of the us political process of course. in a few days from now donaldj course. in a few days from now donald j trump will course. in a few days from now donald] trump will be the 45th president of the united states. tens of thousands of supporters are in washington, dc but also protesters. we will just stay with this momentarily to see whether we might see him. we saw him and his wife yesterday landed in washington from new york, where they have been living, and take part in various performances and listen to some of the performances yesterday because plenty happens the day before the inauguration, notjust on the day itself. that is the convoy on its
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way now to church. the vice president elect, mike pence, will also be taking part in the search —— in the church service along with his wife. we still think that in the region of 60 or so, perhaps more, democratic members of congress will not attend the inauguration. they have said they will be boycotting the proceedings today in particular because of the row that donald trump began with the well—respected congressmanjohn began with the well—respected congressman john lewis began with the well—respected congressmanjohn lewis who has fought so long for so many years for civil rights, and there was a huge amount of disquiet at the way donald trump referred to him and spoke to him, and so they say they will be boycotting the proceedings today. as formality dictates and convention dictates there will be a number of former presidents the to watch donald trump sworn in as president,
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for example george w bush will be there, as is convention. that is the convoy there, just about to pull up at the church. this i think the last formality of the day before the actual swearing—in. i believe mike pence is already inside, there are long —— amongst the congregation so they are simply waiting for donald trump and the soon—to—be first lady milani trumper, to arrive. and there he is. impossible to overstate just how tight security is there in washington, dc. very cold
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temperatures there as well and how many inaugurations have we watch when everyone in the crowd is well wrapped up against those bitter washington january temperatures. more from washington, dc in the coming minutes and hours and we will keep our eyes on the run—up to the church service. we now look back at british politics as we look at some british politics as we look at some british news. bbc news understands that dozens of labour mps might be prepared to vote against the party‘s leadership, if there is a commons vote on starting the brexit process. jeremy corbyn has said all his mps will be told to approve the triggering of article 50, because they should accept the result of the referendum.
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our political correspondent ellie price is at westminster. here, what we think is the labour party position now. we are waiting for the supreme court decision on tuesday as to whether the government must do to parliament before it triggers article 50. there isa before it triggers article 50. there is a feeling of westminster that the government will lose the case and it will need to go to parliament before it triggers article 50, which we thought was going to be sometime in march. jeremy corbyn says his position on that is pretty clear and he says that how much of a problem is it? is it a strong indication that he will
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expect them to vote that way. my position is not confused at all. in the referendum the decision was made and it is not up to us to second—guess the result of the referendum. it is up to us to use the opportunity that is provided to stop the tories from bringing a low tax the shores of britain. i said to one of my mps that we supported the principle of holding a referendum and it was held and i don‘t think it is right to block article 50 and the negotiations. it is absolutely right that we are making a case for a fairerand that we are making a case for a fairer and socially just a that we are making a case for a fairer and sociallyjust a britain. there will be another test coming up, that the labour party has the intention is to put all the procedure in place for the
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by—elections in copeland of stoke—on—trent to take place on the 23rd of february. there was a suggestion might wait until the 4th of may and it is happening in the next few weeks, those three areas are very much leave areas so there will be interest to see whether jeremy corbyn is definitely right in his position of not wanting labour mps to oppose the triggering of article 50, and certainly those areas will be very interesting to watch. for now, thank you very much. police in bristol have used a taser on a member of their own race—relations panel. the incident, involving 63 year old judah adunbi, has been referred to the police watchdog. our home affairs correspondent has joined me. what happened here. interestingly there is an eight minute video to show exactly what happened, and that is why it has been referred so quickly to the independent police complaints commission because there is very little argument about what happens,
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there was just a decision about whether the officer ‘s behaviour was appropriate. what happens is that judah adunbi has just arisen —— just arrived home from walking his dog when the officers, to and accusing being someone else, or ask if you‘re someone else, someone the police is seeking. he refuses to give them his name and an argument in stews that lasts for several minutes, in which he goes on refusing to give them his name and he then leaves and goes to enter his house. what you see here is the moment that as he tries to end his house the police pulling back out, there is a struggle that lasts a second or two and then the female police officer taser is him in the face. he is hit in the face by the taser and he falls to the ground and several more minutes have him lying on the ground and he points at his idea they do not check it and they arrest him for assaulting a police officer and then their colleagues arrive and he has taken off to the police station. i
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think at some point he was treated in hospital as well. he says he was humiliated by the whole incident and avon and somerset police are feeling that they cannot comment very much on the incident because there is an investigation and they have voluntarily referred themselves to look at what happened. this equipment is from equipment worn by another police officer? no, the footage we have seen that was made available to the media was filmed by a neighbour who was passing and saw what was happening and he filmed it. it is about 8.5 minutes. the police say the two officers have also body worn cameras on, buti officers have also body worn cameras on, but i don‘t think it will shed much more light on the incident. the neighbour starts filming just after the whole discussion begins but there is no suggestion at that point that there has been any violence or anything at that point, what there isa anything at that point, what there is a vigorous discussion, in which
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judah adunbi doesn‘t want to give his name because it doesn‘t really has to give them his name and he doesn‘t want to give them his name and you see the build—up to when he sta rts and you see the build—up to when he starts to enter his property and the police manhandled out of the property. at one point he raises an arm to push a police officer away but that is just about it and what is embarrassed before the police is not only that he is 63 years old, and he is a long—standing member of their independent advisory group, which is a group that many police forces have to advise them on relations between different minority groups and the police, so essentially they have tasered in the face one of their own race relations advisers. thank you are for now. a man has been evicted from his hospital bed by a court, after refusing to leave for more than two years even though he was fit to be discharged. the james paget university hospital in norfolk said the man had repeatedly refused all offers of alternative accommodation. our correspondent debbie tubby is outside the hospital
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in great yarmouth. on the face of it this is extraordinary. how much do we know on both sides about what the patient is saying and what the hospital is saying. i can‘t tell you much about the man because of patient confidentiality but i can tell you he was admitted here in august 2014 and the hospital said that his two yesterday he was unnecessary and he was deemed fit to be discharged, but despite offers of care and accommodation, he wouldn‘t go and because he wouldn‘t give his consent they couldn‘t discharge and the hospital says they didn‘t take the decision lightly but they went to court to get a court order to try and get back possession of the bed so someone else could use it, and eventually he was evicted from the hospital ten days ago. i spoke to a female patient who had been on the
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same ward as this man and she told me that she was disgusted that it had been able to go on for so long and it was an open secret that he been there for two years and been fed and watered and he treated it like a hotel. she says that everybody knows about the bed blocking situation and she was concerned that it was being allowed to go on for so long. the man himself, obviously, we have the nerve to talk to him or get notified of the story and the hospital would go on camera. they have issued a statement basically say we had to consider the needs of all of their patients with their limited resources under pressures. we understand that the man is now living back in the community and experts are already predicting that his two year stay in this hospital could have cost the nhs up to £200,000. thank you. in a moment a summary of the business news this hour but first the headlines on bbc news:
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in washington as donald trump prepares to be sworn in as america‘s 45th president. he hasjust he has just arrived at a pre—inauguration church service with his wife. two days after the avalanche eight people, including two children, have been found alive buried in the snow. rescuers are trying to dig them out. an inquiry finds widespread abuse at children‘s homes run by the church, state and charities in northern ireland dating back to the 1920s. in the business news: good and bad news from the high street. retail sales fell almost 2% in december compared with november, however compared to 12 months ago, december sales were actually up 4.3%. the office for national statistics, who published the figures, said some small retailers
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in particular butchers, saw a significant boost in sales. it‘s full steam ahead for hs2 as the government punts for contractors to build the trains. the department for transport said up to 60 trains, capable of speeds of about 225mph, are needed. the contract, which will also involve maintaining the fleet, will be awarded in 2019. bt are putting up their prices. they will start charging for bt sport. it will cost customers £3.50 per month from august. and higher prices for broadband and bt infinity as well, as of april. so as donald trump prepares to take his seat at the oval office in washington, how does business feel about him and his policies? samira hussain is at the new york stock exchange. we are hearing that donald trump has a big pro—business agenda, are you
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getting a sense that is the case from businesses in the us? certainly he does. he has campaigned on the idea of being very pro—business but if you look at some of his appointees for key posts in his administration we are seeing a lot of that language being used, especially when you look wider at the white house advisers who are all people who believe strongly in business. even when you look directly at his appointees who are coming from the business community, it is something he really talked a lot about on his campaign. saying that it lot about on his campaign. saying thatitis lot about on his campaign. saying that it is important to have people who have a lot of experience in the business community so they can really start pushing progrowth policies. criticism of the us policy has been that we‘re in an era of low growth and many appointees want to see that change and they are hoping they will be able to do it by instituting some key changes to the direction of economy.
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the appointments will be quite key when it comes to banks. he hinted that actually he doesn‘t like the regulation that exists around the current investment banks. a lot of them are brought in after the financial crisis and they will be quite happy that he is now in power. we haven‘t really heard any clarity from donald trump in terms of what he wants to see happen in terms of some of these banking regulations. we have heard from the president that he wants to roll some of them back but what exactly that looks like is unclear. we will get more clarity in the next 100 days or so but when speaking to some advisers to the president—elect there are those within his administration and his wider grouping of people that will advise him that believe really strongly that things like the banking regulations that were implemented after the banking crisis really went too far and they have stymied some of the growth that the
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country really needs to see. there are some amongst his advisers that wa nt to are some amongst his advisers that want to see a rollback of those kinds of regulations. thank you very much. in other business news: it‘s two years in a row at the top for amazon in the uk customer satisfaction index, after a survey of more than 10,000 customers. online clothing retailer asos jumped in as a new entrant in second place, tesco is the most improved supermarket and the telecoms sector came last. the number of britons moving home last year fell for the first time in five years, according to lloyds bank. in total, 354,000 uk households sold up and bought elsewhere, 4% fewer than in 2015. the bank said that was the first annual decline since 2011. uber is paying more than £16 million to settle allegations that it duped people into working for its ride—hailing service. the us federal trade commission said uber offered false promises about how much drivers would earn and how much they would have to pay to finance a car. the agreement covers statements uber made from late 2013 until 2015 while trying to recruit more drivers to expand its service and remain
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ahead of its main rival, lyft. a quick look at the market some of thatis a quick look at the market some of that is slightly down. —— the ftse is slightly do. stirling took a bit of a knock today. this just see a bit more of the footage that has been emerging from italy this lunchtime. quite extraordinary scenes there. you remember the hotel that was engulfed following a young girl, who we think is her
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daughter, that is the suggestion that appears to be coming out. those who survived were thought to have been found in the kitchen area of the hotel and reports on the italian media are suggesting that they were able to light some form of rfid or something so at least they were able to keep warm. temperatures were very low. there is concern for anyone who is still trapped following that avalanche because of a cold temperatures but remarkable scenes there and the search continues to see whether other survivors can be found in the wreckage of that hotel. before we turn to the weather prospects here we will have another quick look at the scene in washington, dc. in the last few minutes the president—elect has
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arrived at stjohn‘s episcopal church in dc, with his wife for the traditional church service before the inauguration. they havejust arrived. full coverage from 3pm here this afternoon and we will have a little bit more after 2pm. full coverage from 3pm with katty kay and the new president is due to be sworn in at 5pm our time. we will pause now and catch up with our own weather prospects. thank you very much. before i start there was rain in washington, dc during the course of today but not the case here. it is lovely and dry, thanks to high pressure. glorious pictures coming in from the weather watchers. lots of unbroken sunshine across a good swathe of england and this afternoon. you can see on the
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map it is proving that. a week weather front in northern map it is proving that. a week weatherfront in northern ireland and central and southern scotland. it is misty and making places so quite a contrast. the link la liga and very cool but the north of scotla nd and very cool but the north of scotland has been sunny all morning and it remained bright through the afternoon. sunny skies spread to the north into northern england and southern parts of a violent through the afternoon. for england and wales estates try and sunny. clad in cornwall and devon with a bit more ofa cornwall and devon with a bit more of a breeze but elsewhere light winds and it will be chilly after the cold start but there is sunshine to compensate. overnight the cold start but there is sunshine to compensate. overnight temperatures plummet. a very cold and frosty night in central and southern areas and rural places. more cloud in the west. northern and eastern parts will have mist and fog as well as it will have mist and fog as well as it will be a cold night out of town, looking at easily —1 to minus five
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degrees. the weekend is looking largely dry thanks to high pressure. sunny spells and variable cloud. it will be chilly. another cold and frosty start on saturday. a sunny day in southern and northern and western areas. cloudier skies pushing off the north sea for central and eastern parts so there could be a bit of light rain which could be a bit of light rain which could be a bit of light rain which could be wintry in nature. elsewhere dry with sunshine. sunday and saturday night is looking chilly again with clear skies and the rain to pep up in central and northern parts of the uk and there could be a dusting of snow in the high ground of the pennines of southern scotland. sunday looks cloudier but there is sunshine around with pockets around and another cold day. we hold onto that theme on monday and tuesday thanks to high pressure. we could see folk becoming a problem. it remains cold and frosty but in the north on the west of the
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uk conditions start to turn more u nsettled, uk conditions start to turn more unsettled, wet and windy, from onwards. hello, this is the bbc news special on the day that donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states of america. as he prepares for the biggest day and the greatest challenge of his life, the billionaire businessman is promising to unite this deeply divided country. we are going to make america great again! and i will add, greater than ever before. thank you, everybody. here is the scene live in washington, as america wakes up to the dawn of a whole new era. on


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