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tv   The Week in Parliament  BBC News  January 21, 2017 2:30am-3:01am GMT

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we will take you live now to the liberty bell, one of three balls donald trump liberty ball, one of three balls donald trump will be attending tonight. we understand that he is in the building. we have been waiting for him to arrive for a little while and our correspondent is there with us and our correspondent is there with us in washington. laura, there has been some controversy about who would play at the inauguration and that these balls. it certainly seems as if they have pulled off quite a show. they certainly have. the us networks are reporting that the trumps have arrived at the washington convention centre where they will attend two of the three balls tonight. they will attend the liberty ball and the freedom ball. these were $50 tickets so they were open to supporters who had come here to washington to see their president sworn in. later, the president and first lady will go to an invite only set armed services ball. this is quite different in style and home to
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previous balls that we have seen and we are told that the first dance that the president and the first lady will take to the floor too is going to be to the tune of frank sinatra's my way. very suitable for this iconoclastic president who ran an unconventional campaign, who was an unconventional campaign, who was a shock winner of the election. losing the popular vault —— vote but a comprehensive winning of the electoral college. we will be set looking at what maleny trump wears. a powder blue ralph lauren. the networks are reporting that melania will be wearing a venezuelan designer. some glamour and glitz tonight after the swearing—in of president donaldj tonight after the swearing—in of president donald j trump. tonight after the swearing—in of
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president donald] trump. the choice of artists playing tonight have been interesting. we had everyone from the united states navy band, a gospel act... donald trump spoke during his inauguration speech about bringing the country together. do you think this was reflected in the choice? of course many celebrities have boycotted this inauguration whether they perform at the ceremony oi’ whether they perform at the ceremony or balls. people like elton]ohn, for example said they had no interest in performing. charlotte church and others who were signed up and then backed out after protests from their supporters. so this has been rather divisive. donald trump does not have a tremendous amount of support among some of the more high—profile performers and artist. he got into it with her feud with
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the hollywood actress meryl streep just in the last ten days or so after she was quite critical of him when she was at an awards ceremony. ina way when she was at an awards ceremony. in a way that is the point of the appeal of donald trump. he does not come from a liberal elite and he does not come from a performing elite or hollywood. his supporters do not like that crowd and they see them as out of touch. so his inauguration has had a very different feel from, certainly, that of president 0bama. we speculated that the reason he is late is possibly because he has already started working. it seems like a day with so much happening. it is difficult to imagine what it must be like for them. imagine, you go from running the trump 0rganization to being the leader of the free world. with all the responsibility that that entails and you are now the person at the centre of the situation room if you were briefed ona situation room if you were briefed on a crisis or whatever are
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developing crisis is anywhere in the world. he got straight to work. the drapes in the oval offers are now yellow. they are no longer maroon as they were under president 0bama and donald trump has or has signed an executive order urging federal agencies to ease the burden the controversial healthcare law that is professor introduced. and he has also directed his chief is staff to rollback regulations. what kind of regulations, we don't know but it yet. he is quite keen to show that he is at work. the us network is reporting now that we're moments away from the president and the first lady entering the first of the three balls that they are going to tonight. it is worth remembering that this is a long cherished tradition in washington. the inaugural ball. we are hearing the announcement now. the president and first lady. ladies and gentlemen, it is our
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wa nted ladies and gentlemen, it is our wanted to present to you the 45th president of the united states, donald] trump. and the first lady, melania trump. hail to the chief plays cheering that is what i call great talent.
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thank you. well... we did it. we did it. cheering we began this journey and they said that we did not have a chance but we knew we were going to win and we won. and today we had a great day. people that were not so nice to me we re people that were not so nice to me were saying that we did a really good job today. they hated to do it, but they did it and i respect that. i respect that. i must say that the crowd was unbelievable today, you know? i looked at the rain which just never came... do you know, we
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finished the speech and we went inside. it poured with rain and then we came outside and the helicopter scenes, it was an incredible scene. an incredible scene. so beautiful. like from a movie set, so beautiful. and then, amazingly, it rained and then... it is like god was looking down on as, i will tell you. i want to thank all of our supporters. my number one supporter, melania and what she put up with. thank you, honey. now we really did something thatis honey. now we really did something that is so special. and this evening is so special and this whole day and yesterday, so incredible. so many people made such a difference. vice president mike pence. no more elect. it was incredible. and all of the
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people... you are going to see things happening over the next few weeks, oh, you are going to be so happy. you are going to be... because, you know... they are very elegant people tonight but they are also very political people, right? we wa nt also very political people, right? we want to see great things happen for our country. we want to make america great again and we will. and we will. so now it is a tremendous honour to have the first dance with melania. and we are going to be joined by our vice president. we will bejoined by joined by our vice president. we will be joined by some very wonderful, wonderful children as we go along. they happened to be my children. and ijust want to again, i want to thank everybody. we always
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felt we were going to do it. it is a movement like they have never seen anywhere at any time anywhere in the world. this was a movement. and now the work begins. and now the work begins. there are no games. write? we are not playing games. the work begins. i want to thank everybody. we love you and we will be waiting for you and we are going to be producing results. thank you, everybody. have a great night.. ladies and gentlemen, the first couple. my way plays # regrets, i've had a few # but then
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again, too few to mention # i did what i had to do # # and more, much more than this # i did it my way. my way continues
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# yes, there were times, i'm sure you knew # when i bit off more than i could chew # i ate it up and spat
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it out. # ifaced it all and i stood tall # and did it my way # there we re tall # and did it my way # there were times, i'm sure you new song or —— knew... # and did it my way!. that was donald trump, the new president of the united states and his vice presidents and both of their wives taking the first dance
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at the liberty ball, one of three balls that donald trump will be attending this evening after his swearing—in earlier today. it seems you were right. my way. it seems you were right. my waym sums up his campaign. people said he could not win. people said he was an outsider and he did not have a professional campaign and hillary clinton was a machine and would beat him. none of that was true. he won convincingly. he understood the significance of campaigning in those states in the upper midwest, michigan, wisconsin. if hillary clinton had bothered to campaign ha rd clinton had bothered to campaign hard in those states she may have won. but no. his campaign took into
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the white house. and in remarks before that first dance with melania trump, he praised his supporters and said we began the journey without a chance, but we did it. he praised the crowd, saying it was incredible today at the inauguration. it was actually quite a bit smaller than barack 0bama's inauguration in 2009. donald trump said it was as though god was looking down on us because it did not rain during his inaugural address. it rained when they had lunch. when he came out the skies cleared again. donald trump, quite the moment. taking to the stage for the moment. taking to the stage for the first of three inaugural balls tonight. it was interesting for him tonight. it was interesting for him to touch on that sense of how surreal it was. the rain coming out. the helicopter. how spectacular it looked. he himself said nobody thought he could do it. that is
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right. it is interesting his frame of reference. he said when he was talking about the helicopter that it is like the movies. that is what it is like the movies. that is what it is like. i went on air force one. you have to pinch yourself that it is not a movie and that it is real. he is clearly feeling the same. all the trappings of power, all of the mind and the pomp and the circumstance of being president. —— might. he is used to being in his own plane, but it is nothing like air force one. yes, a big, big moment for him. and four melania trump as well, the first lady. she kept a back seat during the campaign. purview forays —— herfew forays were met by criticism, like when she plagiarised her speech. and talking about cyber bullying. it was
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ironic when she picked that topic as her husband is so strident on twitter. but this is something she wa nts to ta ke twitter. but this is something she wants to take up and take on with twitter, wanting children to be safe on the internet. remember, she has a ten—year—old son, they have a kenny roberts ten—year—old baron. she was wearing ralph lauren. she is also wearing a carolina herrera, a venezuelan designer that has stressed the previous first ladies. and now donald trump and his wife have left
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the liberty ball to the freedom ball, the first of three they will attend. donald trump's top foreign policy goal he said was to eradicate radical terrorism from the face of the earth. they also confirmed they would develop a new state—of—the—art missile defence system. we assess the likely global impact of his presidency. the world really is watching. billions of people sharing the ceremonial transfer of power, perhaps the most astonishing in history. across every continent, people trying to figure out what it could mean for them. donald trump's toughest language was directed to the middle east. jihadists of so—called islamic state our target number one, is the new commander—in—chief promised to... ..unite the civilised world against radical islamic terrorism, which we will
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eradicate completely from the face of the earth. and the new administration has announced it will protect america against possible missile attack, from iran, and also north korea, with a state—of—the—art missile defence system. but what about syria? barack 0bama allowed russia to take control there, and president trump could start working far more closely with the kremlin. america's allies worry about the new approach to russia, particularly if president trump actively favours vladimir putin over nato and the european union. ukraine is a real test. does mr putin feel his intervention there will now cost him less in future? that donald trump could soft—pedal on sanctions, favouring partnership, rather than punishment. donald trump's deal—making will really be put to the test over international trade. trump the candidate
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demonised cheap imports, particularly from china, as the destroyer of american jobs. the trump white house has now confirmed us withdrawal from the tra ns—pacific partnership and threatens withdrawal from the nafta deal with america's neighbours, too, if renegotiation fails. i'm afraid international affairs are messy and complex, and i suspect that if trump clings to that "i win and you lose" kind of mentality, that will cause problems. so, in donald trump's new world, does britain stand to win, or lose? the government hopes for an early trade deal with the new anti—eu president, but does his isolationism threaten britain's wider global interests? we have a deep and enduring relationship between the uk
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and the us, and because it is so deep and so complex it will prosper, and i'm quite confident of that in the future. hey, ho, donald trump has got to go... but demonstrators today in several british cities were in no doubt. for these protesters outside the american embassy, it's been a bad day, partly made in britain. the brexit vote divided the country, and it seemed to have given strength to donald trump, increasing his belief he could win. so, on this inauguration day, if global anxiety could be measured, would it be off the scale right now? the new president has it in his power to soothe his opponents' worst fears, but can he do that without betraying his supporters' best hopes? james robbins, bbc news. today's swearing in of donald trump
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makes him the 45th president. how does he get from the 44th? here is ]ohn does he get from the 44th? here is john simpson to tell us. america's past 44 presidents have been a remarkably varied lot. some noble and decent, some dullards, a few crooks. but how will history regard the 45th? donald ]ohn trump clearly wants to align himself with america's best, and yet he's different from the others. unlike them he's got no background either in public service or in military service and he brings a lot of dubious baggage with him. his business practice has been questioned. it's alleged the russians helped him win the election.
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he spoke crudely and brutally of winning and his antics were interpreted as mocking the disabled. you've got to see this guy — oh, i don't know what i said. and in spite of all this he's still won. we've still got to see him as a one—off. he doesn't really come across particularly as a republican. he's been his own man. he's been anti—both houses, both democrat and republicans, fighting both sides, really. should the world be worried about president trump? i think we should be uneasy for the time being because you can't do anything but look at and take seriously the things he's said on the campaign trail. mr trump's supporters believe he'll be like the 40th president, ronald reagan, whose slogan now sounds distinctly familiar. we will make america great again. reagan was often seen abroad as a dangerous and not very bright cowboy. yet he ended up being regarded as one of america's best presidents ever. the man who may be the next us ambassador to the eu is confident mr trump will be a success. i think in his business dealings
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he's run a firm of some integrity, he's run a political campaign of some success. the people who are dealing with him now on the congressional level, many of whom i know, republicans control both the house and senate, are finding him a most able and competent partner. thank you very much. up to now donald trump has often made policy on twitter at two o'clock in the morning. how will he cope with complicated things like dealing with china? we just don't know. maybe mr trump himself gave us a hint last night. enjoy the fireworks. thank you everybody. thank you. john simpson, bbc news. we just want to remind you of the main story. donald trump has become the 45th president of the united states. in the past few minutes, he
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and his wife melania trump were at the liberty ball, the first of three inauguration balls. they had the first dance alongside vice president mike pence. they werejoined by his family. he promised to end the scourges of abandoned factories, rampant crime, and a failed education system. he also said once again that he would make america great again. in foreign policy he said he would build new alliances and unite the civilised world, with the aim of eradicating radical islamic terrorism. that is all for now. stay with us on bbc news. thank you for watching. hello. many of us have enjoyed quite a settled spell of weather over recent days, but that's not to say that we're all enjoying the same sorts of conditions. quiet but on the cold side. a
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widespread frost indicated by the blue colour. blog is a bit of a player as well. where we have kept cloud overnight, it will help to keep the temperature is up. that is along the western side, devon to cornwall. eastern england as well in some sports. 0n the welsh and english border, —5, —6. clearskies with widespread frost in scotland. the far north will have more cloud, so the far north will have more cloud, so frost—free in the northern isles. as we get on through the day, the fog lifting away. a lot of fine and dry weather around. notice this area of cloud coming out of the north sea. a bother initially for the east of england. then towards the western side of the midlands. whether you see sunshine or not, not a warm day anywhere across the east. having said all that, glorious sunshine for
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the scottish cup fourth round. the premier league fixtures could be cloudy. that cloud is coming in off the north sea. if you are underneath that, it should keep the frost at bay. we will see more in the way of frost here. some of this blue just running up towards the south—west. that this showers coming in from the atlantic. some in the eastern side of england and scotland as well. still a lot of dry weather to be enjoyed. but rather patchwork, the nature of the sunshine and cloud, so no guarantees at this sort of distance as to exactly what kind of day you will get wherever you may be. this is the start of next week. an increasing risk of dense fog. that will slow down your progress on the road. it will impact the airports may be. getting into the midlands as well. we will keep you posted on the weekend. as far ahead
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as tuesday before we see the isobars scrunching up. more in the way of a breeze. and perhaps a front in the north—west. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is lebo diseko. our top story: president donald trump signs his first executive order in the oval office after taking the oath earlier in the day. to protect and defend the constitution of the united states so help me god. congratulations, mr president. tens of thousands gather to watch as mr trump vows to give power to them — to the people. # i did it my way.
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