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a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's lebo diseko. our top stories: president donald trump signs his first executive order in the oval office after taking the oath earlier in the day. tens of thousands gather to watch as mr trump vows to give power to them — to the people. # i did it my way. now the fun begins. the president and first lady share their first dance as the inauguration celebrations kick off. donald trump is now the 45th president of the united states.
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he was sworn in in front of several hundred thousand people on the steps of capitol hill in washington. in his inaugural speech he said that from this day forward, "it's going to be america first". and president trump and the new first lady took to the dance floor — as is the tradition for the latest incumbents to the white house — in what was the first in a series of inaugural balls. they danced to a rendition of the classic song ‘my way‘ at the end of what has been such an eventful day. whirl... we did it. we did it. we began this journey and they said we, we, and me, we didn't have a chance
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but we knew we were going to win and we won. and... today we had a great day. people that weren't so nice to me were saying that we did a really good job today. our correspondent laura bicker is in washington. donald trump was quite triumphant. he has been sworn in and he is saying that people who were not nice to him have to be nice to him now, essentially. he smiled his way around washington and danced his way around washington and danced his way around three inaugural balls and, yes, he evenjoked around three inaugural balls and, yes, he even joked with his supporters. he said that one of his favourite past times... should i stay on twitter? so he seems to be having fun and this moment of pageantry. as for that first dance at each of these balls he chose my
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way by frank sinatra. my first thought was never their more an appropriate song for the new president. this is a man who has become the most powerful politician on the planet by doing things precisely very differently by doing things his way. and here he is on his first night as president, dancing his way around washington, as city that he is now the toast of after winning against such odds. he seems to be enjoying every single moment. you can see him mouthing some of the lyrics as he makes his way around the dance floor. an historic evening here in washington. there would seem that was controversy there would seem that was c0 ntrove i’sy over there would seem that was controversy over the summer and the performers. it was not a calm run—up, was it? performers. it was not a calm run-up, was it? it has never been a calm run up for anything donald
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trump has done throughout his candidacy and now becoming president. and even today, with the number of cries, if you look at some of the comparisons and it is perhaps unfair comparison with the crowds pulled by iraq obama in 2009, the crowds did not come in the same numbers. the other reason why it is not a numbers. the other reason why it is notafair numbers. the other reason why it is not a fair comparison is because it isa not a fair comparison is because it is a wet day here in washington and people perhaps did not want to hang around. but then you need to take into account the number of protests. and the protests have sprung up in cities from coast to coast. there are people in chicago and seattle who are protesting against a proposed president trump agenda, one that he is showing signs of swiftly executing. he has already signed executive orders to help reveal obamacare. executive orders to help reveal obamaca re. that was executive orders to help reveal obamacare. that was the signature healthcare law of his predecessor and he has already made a move, as
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he promised, to repeal the law. what he promised, to repeal the law. what he has done tonight will make that much easier. he has also managed to formally swearing, or his vice president did, swearing the new defence secretary, james mattis. when it comes to his confirmation hearing, that is an easier ride them perhaps others will be. he only has two members of his cabinet and there will be more to come but does not proving as easy as he would like. please stay there for us just at the moment. let us hearfrom donald trump at the last of those balls we we re trump at the last of those balls we were speaking about. this time the president and the first lady were at a ball held in honour of the armed services. i just a ball held in honour of the armed services. ijust met yourjoint chiefs of staff. cheering and applause. and they are incredible. and i will tell you what, they know what to do, and they know what to do, and they know what to do fast, and we are going to see
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what happens, but we have a great country... and we want to do what is appropriate. we've been pushed around by a lot of different people. lots of bad things are happening. but i think you're going to see a big improvement, really. and i just want to tell you that general matis was just approved by the senate... cheering and applause. first one, general kelly was just approved by the senate. cheering and applause. and isn't it something, to generals were the first ones, with all the people and all the politicians, the generals get approved first. maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. maybe that's the way. let's return to laura in washington.
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laura, we heard there that donald trump is triumphant. you are telling us trump is triumphant. you are telling us about the things he has started doing. it sounds like he is trying to wipe the slate clean and get rid of president obama's key laws. particularly obamaca re. that of president obama's key laws. particularly obamacare. that was a cry for the republican party and donald trump. it has been a long—held idea by the republican party to get rid of it. they did not like it in the first place and that president obama managed to get it three when he had a congress that was in his favour. now it is a republican controlled congress and donald trump has more power. so he will be able to push this through. the theory is however is that it is being repealed too quickly and republicans have urged him to slow down a little. that is because there
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is no replacement plan yet and they worry that 20 million people could be left without cover if it is repealed too quickly. he is fulfilling that campaign promise and showing signs that as president he will continue to do as he did as a candidate— just be himself. that is what we have seen all day today and thatis what we have seen all day today and that is what we're seeing his first executive orders. thank you very much for that. earlier i spoke to charlotte laws who is an author and trump supporter and i asked her what she thought of the day and what were her highlights. well, it was a very exciting day. i thought that trump oz makes these was very raw and honest. it was populist in nature and i think he reinforced a lot of the themes that he had during his campaign and he brought people together. there was a lot of unity talk which he used through the idea of patriotism. and the idea of everybody bleeds red
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blood and about inner cities and, um,i blood and about inner cities and, um, ifelt blood and about inner cities and, um, i felt there was a lot of that and about giving the government back to the people and that was a very big part of his speech. i think it has been an encouraging and wonderful day and he did say that at one of the balls tonight that even his detractors said he had a successful day. you had tickets to the inauguration and you gave them away? i did. i gave them to my mother and her husband and their lifelong democrats both very big trump supporters. there are many democrats he who support trump and they have good seats they said the inauguration and now they are one of the balls and are having a time, sending the photos from the ball so it is very exciting for them in washington. even though donald trump has managed to reach out to democrats like your mother and her husband, there does seem to be still this division in the country. you
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said that donald trump reached out to people and this was a big part of the speech but we're still seeing a number of protests across us and internationally. he does have a job on his hands. he does but he has a history of being a unifier. it has been difficult because of the fact that it has been such a contentious campaign and there really has been the case of the media in the united states was very much trying to derail his campaign and everybody in this country knows that and that kind of set a tone that was divisive and many people got sucked into that point of view and they believed what the media were saying about trump at hull it is really not true. he cares about everybody and he wants to be a president for everyone. he has a history of bringing democrats and republicans together. he is really oui’ republicans together. he is really our first republicans together. he is really ourfirst independent republicans together. he is really our first independent president. even though he ran under the banner of republican is very much an independent, he is not a traditional republican or conservative in any sense. we had a guest on in the last
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hour who were saying that she does not feel safe and these were not things that were made up of the media, these were things that came out of donald trump's now. she was saying of the muslim she does not feel safe. the mexicans, latinos, black people saying they do not feel safe. how does donald trump makes them feel like they are valued? as i saidi them feel like they are valued? as i said i really believe that many of his words were taken out of context and he has what i call a cowboy mouth. he says things, blurts them out and, you know, the media take that out of context. so... you know, he really is not a racist, he is not a sexist. he is somebody who cares about all people. he wants tougher border security, that does not make you racist to say that you want to get your country saved to the taxpayers do not have to pay money out to those who come here illegally from other nations. he wants to be
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in america first president and i think that is a positive thing. as we've seen, tens of thousands of trump supporters watched him being sworn in as president. but away from the ceremony at capitol hill and along pennsylvania avenue, there've been clashes between police and anti—trump protesters. there were also protests in many other cities around the country. ian pannell spent the day with americans on both sides of the argument. # every little thing is gonna be all right # when american presidents are sworn in, it's usually a time at least to talk about healing divisions, but few have had such divided states to try to reunite. on one side is team trump and hundreds of thousands of them turned out from across the land. once people see, give him a year, they'll see they have more money in their pockets and be like, whoa, this is a good deal, you know? we don't need anybody else talking, blah, blah, blah.
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i feel it's like asking president trump or wishing that he fails is like being on a plane he's piloting and hoping it crashes. you know? he's president, so you've got to hope for the best now. an underground movement of the disillusioned and dispossessed rallied around the trump campaign. today, they came from parts of the country many feel have been forgotten. emerging to the dawning of a very different day in america. i think it's going to bring a new era of hope and prosperity for our country. the thing i like about donald trump is he's an alpha male. as opposed to our previous president commander—in—chief. he is an alpha male, he's a shaker and a mover. he has no other agenda than to do the right thing, basically. which is pretty much the opposite of what today's protesters think as they swarmed past a car of trump supporters. who are you?
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bbc news. i am a trump supporter. london. awesome. i can see the mask. we are conservative, and love america. this is ridiculous. you don't think they have a right to object and protest? at the right time, not this, there's no class in this. usa! there was anger on the streets of the capital today, but even more striking was the sense of fear about what the next four years will bring. hundreds of people have converged in washington dc to protest the inauguration of donald trump. this is a real expression of the anger felt across america by many people. some of them are objecting to the policies that donald trump plans to introduce. 0thers question the very legitimacy of the 45th president. not my president! they may have lost the election
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but don't expect divisions to heal any time soon. ifeel a little bit afraid, mostly for my communities. you said you feel scared. what are you apprehensive about? i think there's a lot of people who are vulnerable in our country who are going to suffer under this presidency. from anger to violence. some businesses were attacked by a small group of protesters. dozens were arrested. it seems donald trump will have to work hard to be president of a united states of america. ian pannell, bbc news, washington. stay with us on bbc news. coming up we have more reaction to donald trump taking offers as will as a look for what it could mean for the rest of the world. for all of you who have done amazing
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and remarkable work, i can't wait to see what you do next. this is bbc news. i'm lebo diseko. the latest headlines: president donald trump has signed his first executive order in the oval office. tens of thousands of people watched his swearing—in ceremony in front of the us capitol. but there've also been clashes in washington between police and people opposed to mr trump's presidency. sahar aziz is professor of law from texas a&m university school of law and a non—resident fellow of brookings doha centre. she told me some people may still find it difficult to back president trump. i think it is difficult to do that if you have a president who, for example, uses the term, we will unite against radical islamic terrorism. he goes out of his way to make that point in an inaugural speech, which is code for crusades.
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this is the same kind of talk you would have heard in the past with ma nifest would have heard in the past with manifest destiny and god's people and god looking out for us and fighting evil islamic terrorists. and those types of messages, at least for muslim americans, signalled that he may very well follow through on his promises to create a muslim registry and stop muslims coming into the country. he also made no effort to make sure mexicans feel part of the american public and the people he represents, notwithstanding he called them rapists and criminals. he clearly made no effort to at least signal to the public that whatever harmful things he may have said during the campaign season, things he may have said during the campaign season, that was just campaigning, he is now the president of everyone. that was not the tone
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of everyone. that was not the tone of his speech. america still seems so bitterly divided. what would it ta ke so bitterly divided. what would it take for someone like yourself or for somebody... for take for someone like yourself or forsomebody... forsomeone take for someone like yourself or for somebody... for someone who does not feel like he speaks for them to feel persuaded. first he needs to make appointments that show the people in leadership in this regime are more moderate are more reasonable, do not have a far right political agenda, it is not a diverse cabinet with diverse political appointments in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender. he has to change his rhetoric. in his inaugural speech he showed he would not do that and he is very isolationist, hyper masculine, and he uses are lot of bravado. and i think that is purposeful so he can continue to tailor to this very far right base. that discounts a huge
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amount of the country. in his inauguration speech, president trump set out his vision for his four—year term. his top foreign policy goal, he said, is to eradicate radical islamic terrorism from the face of the earth. on friday evening the white house confirmed that the new administration would also develop a new "state—of—the—art" missile defence system. 0ur diplomatic correspondent, james robbins, has been looking at the likely global impact of the trump presidency. the world really is watching. billions of people sharing the ceremonial transfer of power, perhaps the most astonishing in history. across every continent, people trying to figure out what it could mean for them. donald trump's toughest language was directed to the middle east. jihadists of so—called islamic state our target number one, is the new commander—in—chief promised to... ..unite the civilised world against radical islamic terrorism, which we will
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eradicate completely from the face of the earth. and the new administration has announced it will protect america against possible missile attack, from iran, and also north korea, with a state—of—the—art missile defence system. but what about syria? barack obama allowed russia to take control there, and president trump could start working far more closely with the kremlin. america's allies worry about the new approach to russia, particularly if president trump actively favours vladimir putin over nato and the european union. ukraine is a real test. does mr putin feel his intervention there will now cost him less in future? that donald trump could soft—pedal on sanctions,
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favouring partnership, rather than punishment. donald trump's deal—making will really be put to the test over international trade. trump the candidate demonised cheap imports, particularly from china, as the destroyer of american jobs. the trump white house has now confirmed us withdrawal from the tra ns—pacific partnership and threatens withdrawal from the nafta deal with america's neighbours, too, if renegotiation fails. i'm afraid international affairs are messy and complex, and i suspect that if trump clings to that "i win and you lose" kind of mentality, that will cause problems. so, in donald trump's new world, does britain stand to win, or lose? the government hopes for an early trade deal with the new anti—eu president, but does his isolationism threaten britain's wider global interests?
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we have a deep and enduring relationship between the uk and the us, and because it is so deep and so complex it will prosper, and i'm quite confident of that in the future. hey, ho, donald trump has got to go... but demonstrators today in several british cities were in no doubt. for these protesters outside the american embassy, it's been a bad day, partly made in britain. the brexit vote divided the country, and it seemed to have given strength to donald trump, increasing his belief he could win. so, on this inauguration day, if global anxiety could be measured, would it be off the scale right now? the new president has it in his power to soothe his opponents' worst fears, but can he do that without betraying his supporters' best hopes? james robbins, bbc news. president trump's inauguration was also watched in his wife
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melania's hometown, in slovenia. people in sevnica, a small riverside town overlooked by a castle, have been offering free tours to see her school and the house where she grew up. the shops have been selling themed gastronomic delights, including a torta melanija, a decorated white cake, and a first lady apple pie. # 0h, say can you see # by the dawn‘s early light, # what so proudly we hailed # at the twilights last gleaming? # who's broad striped and bright stars # through the perilous fight # 0'er the ramparts we watch... please, raise your right hand and repeat after me.
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i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. congratulations, mr president. fanfare. # 0'er the land of the free... from this day forward it is going to be only america first, america first. many of us have enjoyed quite a settled spell of weather in recent days, but that's not to say that
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we're all enjoying the same sorts of conditions. the weather watcher pictures again tell the tale. cold, frosty starts across the southern half of britain. converting to gloriously sunny days in many spots. and here's the variety that i was talking about. because in the flow of high—pressure we have had in the weather front, it has produced cloudy, rather murky conditions for many at times. initially across wales, the midlands, and at times, it has drifted a little bit further north and east, such that it will be a real player in the east of the british isles on saturday. wee bit more cloud in parts of devon and cornwall. keeping the frost at bay for some here. but then underneath those clear skies, i don't doubt somebody in the countryside on the borders between england and wales will be recording temperatures on the first part of saturday at —5, —6, something of that order. wee bit of fog, perhaps, across scotland. it will be a bright start across a good part of scotland. but as a consequence, a frosty one.
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as i was saying, the cloud from that old weather front still lurking with intent out in the north sea. and, as the day progresses, some of it mayjust come into play a little bit further into central parts of england, maybe getting into the scottish borders too. if you're underneath that, you may well find the odd spot of rain, and over higher ground maybe a fleck of snow. but that won't be an issue for the fourth round of the scottish cup. bright skies there. some cloud further south into england for the premier league. and then it's something of a hit and miss with regard to the night—time frost that takes you out of saturday into sunday. the north of scotland should see some frost. so too the southern counties of england. here we are into sunday. just watch out for the odd patch of fog around. as i say, it's something of a patchwork. we've got an area of cloud producing a showery outburst of rain here. may be a patch of ice or two here. showers in the eastern shores. temperatures, again, not overly spectacular for this time of year. the start of next week, just keeping a very close eye on developments, because fog could become a real player in the heart of england down
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through central and southern parts as well. if you are on the move first thing, and indeed for much of the morning, some of those patches could be quite dense. just the first signs on tuesday of the wind freshening, and maybe a frontal system bringing cloud and rain to northern and western parts. lebanon the latest headlines from bbc news. i'm lebo diseko. president donald trump has signed his first executive order in the oval office. he was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states earlier in the day. in his inauguration speech, he vowed to transfer power from washington
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to the people and protect americanjobs. tens of thousands of people watched the ceremony in front of the us capitol. many were there to support the new president. but there have also been clashes in washington between police and people opposed to mr trump's presidency. and president trump and the new first lady took to the dance floor — as is the tradition for the latest incumbents to the white house — in what was the first of three inaugural balls. they danced to the song ‘my way‘ at the end of what has been such an eventful day. now on bbc news, it's newsnight.
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