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tv   The Papers  BBC News  January 21, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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and for ice further west, and particularly where you have the showers some snow over the high ground, but no great amounts, we think. over scotland there will be some showers as well and some areas of freezing fog in the east. watch out for those. the fog could linger into the day. the showers will continue to feed it through the irish sea into parts of south—western scotland. having said all that, many places will actually be staying dry, with the best of the sunshine across the more southern and eastern parts of england. wherever you are, it will feel chilly, 9 degrees if you are lucky along the south coast but for most four or five will be more typical. briefly, in the early to mid part of the afternoon. the frost will soon return and fog will become much more ofan return and fog will become much more of an issue, we think, into monday morning. particularly across the southern half of the uk. in fact through monday and tuesday we are expecting that fog to be quite widespread across parts of england and wales and i fancy there will be some disruption, so watch out for weather warnings from the met office. later on in the week i think
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the breeze will be beginning to pick up the breeze will be beginning to pick up and that should shift much of the fog but at the same time we will see front is pushing into the west with some rain eventually but it stays dry the further east you hello. this is bbc news with martine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first first the headlines. hundreds of demonstrations have taken place across the world in support of women's rights and against donald trump's presidency. president trump visited the cia and told officials he backs them one thousand per cent there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. the former president of the gambia flies out the country, ending weeks of political crisis. the ukip leader paul nuttall will contest the by—election next month in stoke—on—trent central, a seat held by labour since it was created in
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1950. nine people have been rescued from an italian hotel which was buried by an avalanche three days ago. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are tony evans, sport columnist at the london evening standard and anne ashworth, assistant editor at the times. nice to have you both here. i know, anne, you will treat our to your analysis of how well the pages will put together. the sunday express is leading with news of the upcoming meeting between theresa may and donald trump. the protest against the new president make the front page of the observer, the daily mail claims that the prime minister will use a meeting with donald trump to
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tell him to stop insulting women, the sunday telegraph says they will negotiate trade barriers and any position nato, the sunday times claims that no 10 covered up a trident missile fiasco which a p pa re ntly trident missile fiasco which apparently veered off course in florida and headed towards the usa. tha nkfully florida and headed towards the usa. thankfully it was not armed. let's start with the sunday telegraph. loads about trump, would you believe. you have trump's new deal for britain, president trump's new tea m for britain, president trump's new team working on a deal. you have to remember that as soon as the president is inaugurated the administration kicks into gear. without a doubt they are up and running already. in his speech yesterday he talked about america first is that this but an interesting spin on it. trump with his new dealfor interesting spin on it. trump with his new deal for britain,
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interesting spin on it. trump with his new dealfor britain, franklin d roosevelt with his new deal brought america and of recession in the 19305, at least it helped to, and i think it is a little bit overoptimistic to suggest that theresa may will be invited to a state visit and obviously we will get all the benefits of the new trump era. we did hear from donald trump era. we did hear from donald trump that he disagreed with barack obama's assessment that if we left the eu we'd be at the back of the queue when it comes to a trade deal with the us. donald trump has disabused us that idea. at the moment donald trump is taking a totally contrary view on everything from the previous president and says he will cosy up to britain. he says he will cosy up to britain. he says he will cosy up to britain. he says he will have a relationship with our prime ministerakin to he will have a relationship with our prime minister akin to that of margaret thatcher and ronald reagan and he is in great hopes and
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apparently plans are afoot for him to have a visit here, where he will not only meet the queen but also the duke and duchess of cambridge and it will be a very fancy affair. all of this is being planned while he's been talking about himself in that strange third person we that he does, he doesn't say "me", he says donald trump, rather like royalty. while millions of women have been protesting against his policies worldwide. it has been a truly bizarre day. and of course the mail on sunday says theresa may will use the opportunity, when she meets him, to stop his sexist insults. a p pa re ntly to stop his sexist insults. apparently he has been referring to her as "mike maggie". the other thing of course is that maggie may was a famous liberal folk song about dirty maggie may who was a lady of
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the night. maybe he doesn't get that link. it is interesting that, what will be discussed beside her saying, please, president, mind what you americans call your potty mouth and talk about women with proper dignity. they will get onto nato and defence spending, and that we should spend 2% of gdp. one of the interesting things he said in that bizarre speech yesterday was this feeling that america is taking on all the military responsibilities of the world and he will ask all the other countries to do their bit. what did you find bizarre about that? that strange lack of hope. an inauguration speech, i feel, should have that hope, change, thing. but if he tells everyone, millions of people think that america has to make a lot of changes and then he
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can bring about that change that will reflect well... there were no specifics, it was all generalities, i will make america great again. he has an intellectual blandness that allows people to project what they believe onto him. it was possibly the worst inauguration speech i've heard, as long as i have been around. is that really fair? to say that there was nothing in it? he talked about wanting to eradicate islamist terrorism, i thought he repeated quite a lot of what he had said during the campaign. he talked about wanting to invest in infrastructure and bring jobs back to america and put america first. that is relatively clear, is it not? and spoke to those towns with the industry has gone, taking jobs with it, what did he say, the old factories look like tombstones, so
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he reached out to the constituency that put him in the job. he reached out to them in the campaign and like the campaign there was a lack of specifics that worried me. let's look at the observer. hundreds of thousands of us women unite to voice defiance over donald trump, protests all over the world, and there they are wearing pink hats, these the pussy hats as they are called. with a home made? let's hope they were not made in china. this attendance in washington seems to have been greater than anyone expected and one does not have to be trump administration will react. i think the preference is to say that this
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is the metropolitan liberal elite protesting against the choices of opinion or is that the groundswell of opinion? we have a president who we saw on television basically gloating about being a sexual predator. part of donald trump ‘s appeal has been to people on the message boards, the reddit message boards, especially men who go on the pick—up sites. there is an anger against women in america which is a lwa ys against women in america which is always staggered me. when i lived there i could not believe it. not just in america although it seemed more pronounced in america. strong women seem to attract anger from the lower economic levels of american men. frightening. and this is important, we are moving forward, we cannot treat people like this. if you think the presidency gives
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legitimacy to behaviour like that, thenit legitimacy to behaviour like that, then it is wrong. the sunday times has an interesting headline which we we re has an interesting headline which we were commenting on, a moment ago, women diss the donald as theresa may prepares to visit. is that a proper word? it has to be the first time it has appeared in a headline. i think that they would believe that they we re that they would believe that they were doing more than dissing the donald, they were protesting against every one of his policies. this is newspaper logic. the trump triumphs is at the top in big headlines, so they've come up with a clever way of getting him in there and it has failed abysmally, i would have thrown it back to the subeditor. so what is going on in this front page? you commented on the fact that they have used the word, diss, meaning
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disrespect. and then right at the top we have this super puff, as you call it, trump's triumph. is a mismatch? i feel a front page should delight the eye and also be arresting. and we are thinking, is it all a triumph, or is the donald already a failure and an objectionable person? ifeel slightly confused by it. and also by the fact that we don't know quite what the story is telling us. i think it should have been, millions of people turned about marches in washington and london. perhaps you could enquire for us. finally, the sunday times, a different story, no 10 covered up trident missile fiasco. tell us in a nutshell, tony,
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what is this about? in june they tested the trident missile. what is this about? in june they tested the trident missilem what is this about? in june they tested the trident missile. it was fired from a gym is vengeance, submarine, and it seems to have gone the wrong way. -- it —— it was fired from hms vengeance. what struck me about it was that this submarine had a four year refit and has only been back and see for seven months, it was the first time it had fired a missile in 16 years. it is about whether we've got the infrastructure to actually use nuclear weapons. the missile was not armed. it did veer towards america which could have been a problem but it wasn't armed. i think the story is more about that cover up, that
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wasn't mentioned before, there was that key commons vote on whether it would be renewed. this is the central point of our defence system. the m central point of our defence system. them0 central point of our defence system. themod central point of our defence system. them o dand central point of our defence system. the m o d and downing street have visited a statement saying that the efficacy of the system is unquestionable, in june, missiles we re unquestionable, in june, missiles were tested from hms vengeance. unquestionable, in june, missiles were tested from hms vengeancem goes on to say that hms vengeance and her crew were successfully tested and certified, allowing hms vengeance to return into service. they are not concerned, they have every confidence. finally, the sunday telegraph, paul nuttall, all, we ukip can win over betrayed labour voters. this is the leader of ukip, not long in his post, going to contest the stoke—on—trent central constituency, the by—election
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triggered by tristram hunt, the labourmp, triggered by tristram hunt, the labour mp, stepping down. extraordinary, ukip positioning itself as the party of the working class. it is not all saying, labour are the working—class party, it depicts labour as a metropolitan elite party. i don't know if that will appeal to the voters in stoke but it is interesting as we have said before, it has been a labour seat since 1950s of the loss of that street would be extraordinary —— seat. the problem is that labour will not accept the truth. it is fought on the ukip battlefields all the time. the reality is that the political discourse these days is defined by xenophobia and racism. the brexit road was all about xenophobia and racism. labour, yes, we need to double red immigration.
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immigration is not the problem for the british working classes. the problem is that the unions


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