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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11: build bridges, not walls. hundreds of thousands of people protest across america and around the world against the new trump administration. i'm really glad there's a lot of people who are willing to come and stand up for these things because i think it's important. it's not that we hate trump, but we hate what he stands for. president trump visited the cia and told officials he backs them 1,000%. the first politician to meet him next week will be theresa may. the former president of the gambia, yahyah jammeh, flies out of the country, ending weeks of political crisis. in italy, rescuers still search for survivors at the hotel buried by an avalanche, after nine people were found alive yesterday. also in the next hour, we'll be taking a look at tomorrow's papers. including the mail on sunday, which claims the prime minister is set to
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use her meeting with president trump to tell him to stop insulting women. good evening, and welcome to bbc news. hundreds of thousands of people joined protest marches today across the world to voice their concern over the new us president, donald trump. the aim was to highlight the rights of women and minorities, which protesters say are under threat from the new administration. tens of thousands of people joined the rally in london and other cities across the uk. the biggest, though, was in washington, as the bbc‘s katty kay reports. they came in their thousands. children, men, and women. lots of women. i came from hawaii to be here today. i am
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women. i came from hawaii to be here today. iam here women. i came from hawaii to be here today. i am here to represent all the people that cannot be here. today. i am here to represent all the people that cannot be harem gives me hope for our future. it was a really dark day when the electoral results came in. it is not that we hate donald trump. wejust results came in. it is not that we hate donald trump. we just hate what he stands for. bigotry and racism. john kerry came as well. no longer america's secretary of state, now just a citizen taking a political stand. this march was conceived as a celebration of women. and of one woman in particular, hillary clinton. but after the surprising american election it quickly became a protest, and a protest against one man in particular, donald trump. there were huge crowds in other american cities as well. in liberal bastions like los angeles where they did not vote for donald trump. and in chicago, where the turnout was so big they had to change the route. in solidarity, they protested around the world. in london, a march that began on the doorstep of the
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american embassy was joined by 100,000 people. from the famous to the frail. they also marched in paris today. and in sydney. and in nairobi. in washington, the protests surpassed the inauguration crowd. a slap on the wrist face to a man who ca res slap on the wrist face to a man who cares about site. and it was about more than women's issues. it was a repudiates and of the donald trump worldview. today marks the beginning, the beginning of our story. the revolution starts here. president trump takes office as the most unpopular new president ever. today's march, he faces up to that fa ct. today's march, he faces up to that fact. katty kay, bbc news, washington. president trump made an official visit to the cia today as part
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of the first full day of his presidency. his relations with intelligence officials have been tense after he criticised their assessment that russia had helped get him elected. but speaking at the agency's headquarters he said they were amazing people, and had his backing "1,000%." here's our north america correspondent, james cook. before his inauguration, donald trump compared america's intelligence agencies to nazis. now he's their boss, and here at cia headquarters, he's trying to rewrite history. the reason you're my first stop is that, as you know, i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. laughter and applause. right? and they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. and i just want to let you know, the reason you're my number one stop, it is exactly the opposite. but this was his own tweet,
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just over a week ago, accusing the intelligence agencies of spreading fake news, attacking them with the words, "are we living in nazi germany?" it's impossible to reconcile these two trumps. we're gonna do great things. we've been fighting these wars for longer than any wars we have ever fought. we have not used the real abilities that we have. we've been restrained. we have to get rid of isis, we have to get rid of isis. we have no choice. the president also confirmed that he'd meet the british prime minister, theresa may, very shortly. and in myanmar, the foreign secretary said he was looking forward to doing business with the new us leader. the new president has made it very clear that he wants to put britain at the front of the line for a new trade deal. obviously, that's extremely exciting and important. but germany's leader had what sounded like a coded warning for president trump. translation: i believe it's best
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if we work together based on rules, common values, and joint actions in international economics, international trade, and military alliances. as global leaders and citizens alike scramble to come to terms with the reality of the new trump era, it is clear that the elevation to the most powerful position in the west of a controversial populist is having a big effect, notjust here in the united states, but around the world. as president trump was driven back home tonight, you could see the protesters. as he entered the white house, there all you could hear was shouting. but he'll need more than prayer to unite this nation. james cook, bbc news, washington. as we heard there, the president
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is to meet theresa may within days. the bbc understands it's likely to be in the next week. a trade deal between the uk and the us is likely to be high on mrs may's agenda. mr trump said recently he'd be keen to work on a deal that was good for both countries. well, our north america editor, john sopel, gave us this assessment of president trump's first day in office. in the last half—hour, the spokesman for donald trump, john spicer, made an announcement. he said the coverage was shameful and wrong. photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed ina proceedings were intentionally framed in a way in one particular twea ks to framed in a way in one particular tweaks to minimise the enormous support that gathered on the national mall. this is the first time floorcoverings have been used to protect the grass in the mall. in yea rs past, to protect the grass in the mall. in years past, the grass eliminated this visual. this was the first time that fencing went as far back on the
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wall, preventing hundreds of thousands of people from accessing the mall as they could in the past. inaccurate numbers of crowd sizes we re inaccurate numbers of crowd sizes were treated. no one had numbers. the national park service, which controls the national mall, does not put out any numbers. this discounts the attempts to count protesters today. we know some things. we know that from the platform, we can hold about 200,000 people. and then another 220,000 to the media tent. and then to the washington monument, another 250,000 people. and then to the washington monument, another 250 , 000 people. all of and then to the washington monument, another 250,000 people. all of this space was full when the president of the oath of office. we know that 420,000 people used the dc metro transit system yesterday, which co m pa res to transit system yesterday, which compares to 317,000 people used during obama's inauguration. this was the largest ever audience to
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witness an inauguration period, in person and around the globe. the new york times even had a photograph showing a misrepresentation of the crowd in the original tweet in their paper which showed the full extent of the support of the crowd. this is an attempt to minimise support of donald trump and it is shameful and wrong. the president was at the cia today and was greeted by a huge crowd of 400 plus cia employees. there were over 1000 requests to attend, prompting the president to note he will have to come back to greet the rest. the employees were ecstatic at their new commander—in—chief and he delivered a powerful and important message. he told them he has their back and they we re told them he has their back and they were grateful for that. they gave him a five—minute standing ovation at the end in a display of their patriotism and enthusiasm for his presidency is. that wasjohn
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that was john spicer. that wasjohn spicer. the press secretary. we will get used to seeing him. david willetts is familiar to us. size matters. it clearly does. john spicer, you have to be sorry for him. —— shaun. he looks like a man sent out to say something by the president of the united states knowing that the president of the united states would be watching every second of it. this was an attack dog type of thing going on. we have never seen anything like that in recent times. clearly, the battle lines are being established here. this was shaun spicer on the second day of this new administration basically saying to the media we will hold you accountable and he got into us all for false reporting, accountable and he got into us all forfalse reporting, inaccuracy, dishonesty, sowing division, and the list goes on and on. it wasn't a
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briefing. he took no questions. this is traditionally a role filled by somebody who acts, as it were, as a sort of bridge between the media and the white house. well it does not look as if they will be much of a road between. it looks more like a one—way street. road between. it looks more like a one-way street. if he carries on in this case it will be exhausting for everyone. he chose to go to the cia, donald trump, as his first visit. most previous presidents have not gone to langley four months and months. absolutely. that is about making the point that has been false reporting, as the administration puts it, of the donald trump team's approach to the cia. a lot of has been brought on by donald trump himself. nonetheless, he claims they had no greater support than today.
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shaun spicer said he got a five—minute standing ovation. we did not get a feel of that from the pictures. whether there was or not. certainly, what shaun spicer was saying in that press briefing at code, more or less my word for word, what he was saying at the cia. —— echoed. many people would have thought at that moment he would have been better, instead of trying to settle scores, scores which in a way his that by his own hand, he would be better be more reflective and statesmanlike. —— he set by his own hand. but this is the new world we live in. we will get used to it in the end. thank you very much, david willetts. i do not know why he is laughing is. theresa may will give her reaction to donald trump on the
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andrew marr show tomorrow. rescuers are continuing to look through the hotel in italy that fell underan through the hotel in italy that fell under an avalanche. we report. for a third day in the mountains, rescuers pick through the remains of the rigopiano hotel. they have to move carefully for fear of collapsing rubble on to anyone still trapped below. around 30 people had been waiting in the lobby when the avalanche hit. hotel worker, fabio salzetta, escaped the snowfall by hiding in a boiler room. translation: i don't think anyone expected an avalanche. there was lots of snow beforehand, we risked getting cut off. i kept trying to call to get us evacuated, but no—one answered. late at night, rescuers made
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it to four survivors, two men and two women, none were seriously injured. earlier, relief workers pulled six—year—old ludovica pa rete to safety, she was the final member of herfamily to be rescued. workers then carried away a boy who'd been with her — concrete walls had protected them from the avalanche. the rescued adults and children have been flown to hospital in the coastal city of pescara, where they're recovering quickly. the survivors' family members can now breathe again. translation: can't you see it from my face, doesn't my face show how happy i am? it's great, i can't describe it in words. i'd like to see him. for now, the boy is safe. fresh rescue teams have relieved their exhausted colleagues, they have plenty of work ahead of them. translation: we're going to take over. the rescue operation
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will continue through the night. we're convinced that we'll find other people still alive. to find them, they'll have to dig through tonnes of snow, rock and concrete. how many more survivors might there be underneath all this? james reynolds, bbc news, rome. the headlines on bbc news: a day of protests has been held across america and around the world, against president trump's new administration. president trump visited the cia today — the first foreign leader to visit him next week will be theresa may. the former president of the gambia, yahyah jammeh has flown out of the country, ending weeks of political crisis. a full round—up of sport from our
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sports centre. that evening. wayne rooney has become manchester united's leading goalscorer of all time. his 250th goal for the club came this afternoon, rescuing a one all draw for united. wayne rooney now m oves all draw for united. wayne rooney now moves ahead of the mark set by sir bobby charlton. manchester united have now gone 17 games undefeated. it was not necessarily the result that tottenham wanted as they tried to close the gap on chelsea but they will consider this evening's draw a point gained after they came back from two goals down. manchester city dominated the first pa rt manchester city dominated the first part of the match but. mum found a way back into the contest. home fans we re way back into the contest. home fans were unhappy with the referee who had earlier turned down penalty appeals from a player who had
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appeared to be pushed. we had chances and the right decisions in the right moments went against us. we have to score goals, we had many chain is as but we were unable. —— we had many chances but we were unable. it is impossible to make something of that. it was difficult to come back but it is important because you need to believe in a situation. our players believed and tried to play and, yes, a massive point for us. there was a dreadful result for liverpool defeated at home by swa nsea liverpool defeated at home by swansea city. two goals from
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fernando lorenzi just after half—time put city two up before to from the hosts drew the game level. swa nsea from the hosts drew the game level. swansea now off the bottom of the table and liverpool are still seven points behind the leaders, chelsea, who play hull city tomorrow. bournemouth came from behind twice to salvage a draw against watford. sam allardyce is still looking for his first premier league win as crystal palace manager, they lost 1—0 to everton. west ham beat middlesbrough 3—1. andy carroll scored twice to make it two wins in a row for the hammers. and west bromwich albion beat sunderland two nil — that leaves david moyes's side bottom of the table. rangers came from behind to defeat motherwell at ibrox and reach the fifth round of the scottish cup. there was no fairytale for the minnows today. bonnie regrows were thrashed by the cupholders. highland
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league side form in time united lost at partick thistle. the upset of the day was a dundee who was defeated at home by saint mirren. a full rundown of results can be found on our website. a stunning result in the champions cup in rugby union today. glasgow warriors reached the quarter—finals by defeating lester tigers at welford road. glasgow put six tries past the tigers with scotland's johnny gray grabbing six tries past the tigers with scotland'sjohnny gray grabbing the bonus point tryjust before the break. result means that glasgow are through to the knockout stages for the first time. here are the rest of the first time. here are the rest of the results for the day. saracens topped their pool and secure themselves a home quarter—final. sale defeated scarlett however neither side could have made the final eight. extra chiefs are also
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out. in golf, terrill has and will ta ke out. in golf, terrill has and will take a 1—shot lead into tomorrow's final round of the able derby championship. he hit five nitties as he made for underpar to move to 13 under but he is faced with an intimidating chasing pack including dustinjohnson intimidating chasing pack including dustin johnson and martin intimidating chasing pack including dustinjohnson and martin came up. finally, andy murray and dan evans are in action in the fourth round of the australian open overnight. you can the australian open overnight. you ca n follow the australian open overnight. you can follow that an sport extra island on the bbc website. i was hoping you would not mention the results of the lester tigers but alas. but first let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the sunday express leads with news of theresa may's upcoming meeting with president trump. the global protests against the new president makes the front page of the observer. the mail on sunday claims the prime minister is set to use her meeting with president trump to tell him to stop insulting women.
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while the sunday telegraph says the president is planning a new deal with britain to reduce trade barriers and reach a joint position on nato. the sunday times leads on a story that downing street covered up a nuclear weapons mishap which apparently led to a trident missile veering off course during a test firing near florida and heading towards the united states. i think that if it. we have run out of script so i. reading. it is 21 minutes past 11. gambia's defeated president has flown out of the country and into exile. yahya jammeh's departure comes just hours after he agreed to relinquish power. he'd contested the results of last month's presidential elections, won by adama barrow, until neighbouring countries threatened to help secure his removal by force. our correspondent thomas fessy has the latest from the capital banjul. the end of a 23 year rule here in
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the gambia and there is no doubt there will be celebrations tonight in the streets of the capital. the end of a political crisis after last month's election when president ya hya month's election when president yahya jammeh admitted defeat and then a few days later turned around and said that he was rejecting the results. over the last few days, west african states mounted pressure against him, they gathered troops just across the border and threatened to remove him from power by force. now he is on board and he is leaving. this is the end of his political rule. the new president, adama barrow is still in senna goal. he said he will return to the gambia once yahya jammeh left. —— the new president is still in senegal. a big
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development. the west african states sending a strong message, not only across the region but across the continent that they stand ready to fight against dictators, to protect the will of the people. they will send troops to anyone who rejects the results of a fair election. we have heard that the west african bloc have decided to halt the military operations in the gambia because the former president, yahya jammeh, has agreed to leave the country. some troops will remain just to ensure security. we have also heard from the incoming president, adama barrow, who was inaugurated just the other day, that
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one of his first priorities will be to establish a truth and it can still in a commission to investigate allegations of human rights abuses. ukip leader paul nuttall has been confirmed as the party's candidate to fight next month's by—election in stoke—on—trent central. it was triggered by the resignation of leading labour moderate tristram hunt. ukip has high hopes of winning the seat, after more than two—thirds of voters there backed brexit in the eu referendum. our correspondent matt cole says paul nuttall believes this is his chance to get into parliament. it is very clear by becoming the candidate for stoke central that paul nuttall thinks he's got a chance. you don't really want to sort of tarnish your reputation as leader. now, this is actually his fifth attempt at getting a westminster seat. he's fought three general elections and a by—election previously, but he's still not quite at nigel farage's record — he took on seven, lost seven, so paul nuttall will be hoping to go one better than that. but the seat was taken by labour in the last general election, but only by 5000 ahead of ukip, who did come second, narrowly ahead of the tories. so hence paul nuttall will be
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thinking this is a chance for him to get into parliament. the french national front leader, marine le pen, has predicted that brexit will have a domino effect across europe. she's been speaking at a gathering of far—right leaders from germany, france, italy and the netherlands in the german city of koblenz. they're discussing their shared opposition to the european union. our correspondentjenny hill has been at the gathering in koblenz. the right wing leaders of europe really believe that genuine political power is almost within their grasp. the whole point of the meeting today was very much to capitalise on what they see as the success of brexit. they have been emboldened to make no secret of it by the victory of donald trump. i think it is coincidence that they scheduled this for the day after the
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inauguration. but the real intent is to put on a public show of strength, a display of unity in what is an election year. these leaders. the brazilian football club chapecoense have played their first match since all but three of their senior players were killed in a plane crash last november. in an emotional return home, the side met the current brazilian champions for a friendly match. most of their players have been loaned by other brazilian clubs, as julia carniero reports. it's kick—off time for the new chapecoense. the flight carrying the chapecoense squad crashed in the mountains, close to the city of meddellin, in november. investigators in colombia found it had run out of fuel. defender neto was the last person to be pulled from the wreckage. last week, he managed to walk again.
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translation: they told me the truth three days before i came back to chapeco, it was the saddest day of my life. i asked about my team—mates, and the doctors said they weren't here any more. ijust couldn't believe it. ahead of today's match, the families of the crash victims were given medals in the players honour. the survivors received the copa sudamericana trophy, a tribute to the final they didn't get to play. it was an emotional moment for everyone. i feel very great because, i guess, this is the dream of my father, my father's dream, and i think we need to keep coming here and being... i don't know what to say, i'm very emotional right now. it's 71 minutes into the game and the match has stopped to remember the 71 victims of the crash. instead of a minute of silence, a moment of sheer energy. the match is a draw, but the chapecoense scored twice, filling fans with hope as the new team strives
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for a successful future. julia carniero, bbc news, chapeco, brazil. let us have a look at the weather forecast now. >> let me tell you that it forecast now. >> let me tell you thatitis forecast now. >> let me tell you that it is cold out there, quite chilly. parts of oxfordshire down to seven degrees and we will see things like this first thing on sunday morning. fog in a couple of spots but the real fault will not be a problem until monday or tuesday. majorfault on the problem until monday or tuesday. major fault on the way. in the short term just a few patches of fog across parts of scotland by early sunday and some of these western areas have a chance of light rain, maybe the odd flake of sleet or snow. in rural areas it will be much colder than these temperatures
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shown. nicki wakes up to frost free weather but many major areas up to yorkshire are around freezing or below. maybe a couple of icy patches in some areas, particularly where there have been overnight showers. the further north and west to go the least cold it will be in the morning. another beautiful crisp day on the way. and, central and eastern areas but across wales and the northern parts of england into scotla nd northern parts of england into scotland a little more cloud. northern ireland partly cloudy skies most of the day. these temperatures will briefly touched five or six degrees. seven degrees may last for a nanosecond and however is that most of the day will be far lower. then the problem starts on sunday into monday. look at how expensive
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this fog becomes. this could be a major issue for travellers, not only in rural areas. factor that in a few are travelling because there could be delays. rethinking that fog will, as we go into monday night and tuesday. so tuesday in the morning again there could be a lot of fog around across this stage particularly england and maybe wales as well. stay tuned to the weather forecasts because it could be nasty and even freezing fog in some areas as well. later in the week it looks as well. later in the week it looks as if the wind will pick up is which will blow the fog away and then we have some potential rain approaching the aisles. we have not had major rainfora the aisles. we have not had major rain for a while stop there will be a change eventually but not until later in the week.


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