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tv   World News Today  BBC News  January 22, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. i'm alpa patel. the headlines: a war of words between the white house and the media. donald trump's team says there's a concerted attempt to undermine his presidency —— and vows to fight "tooth and nail" every day. all change in the gambia: west african troops enter the capital, preparing the way for the man who won the election, adama barrow. a shock for france's former prime minister manuel valls, as he trails behind a left wing rival in the battle for the socialist party's presidential nomination. and in sport — we will look at the wide—open field in the australian open. the top seeds in both draws have been eliminated. the white house has vowed to fight the news media "tooth and nail,"
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over what officials see as unfair attacks on president trump. the new administration has taken issue with the number of people who attended the inauguration on friday. president trump claims at least a million people turned out, but aerial photographs appear to tell a different story. with more — here's our north america editorjon sopel. the weightiest issues on the planet were discussed at donald trump's inaugural address, but what the president is in a white rage about are suggestions that the crowds for him were not as big as they were for barack obama eight years ago, even though the evidence is incontrovertible, as these two photos, each taken 45 minutes before the inauguration started, make plain. but last night, journalists were summoned to the most extraordinary white house briefing to be told they were lying. this was the largest
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audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. this kind of dishonesty in the media, the challenging, the bringing of our nation together, is making it more difficult. there has been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable, and i'm here to tell you that it goes two ways. we are going to hold the press accountable as well. no questions were allowed. earlier in the day from donald trump, on a visit to cia headquarters, a similar attack, though this time the target different. as you know, i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. but, hang on a minute, how do you reconcile the suggestion that it's all got up by the journalists when he tweeted this 11 days ago? he accused the intelligence services of leaking material against him,
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and suggested their behaviour made it seem as though we were living in nazi germany. and today, key lieutenants were intensifying their attacks. there is an obsession by the media to delegitimise this president, and we are not going to sit around and let it happen. our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. look, alternative facts are not facts, they are falsehoods. part of this can be put down to donald trump's obsession with the size of his crowd, but there is deliberate strategy here too. it seems the white house wants to undermine the conventional media so that donald trump is able to present his own version of reality through twitter and facebook without any mediation, and say to the public, who do you believe, me or the establishment media? and while this battle plays itself out, the satirists are making hay. this is their take on what vladimir putin makes of it all. i am glad to see so many people
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showed up to your inauguration. oh, wait, that's the women's march. here is the inauguration. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. so where does the trump administration's approach to the media leave journalists? josh lederman is white house correspondent for the associated press — he was in saturday's press briefing, when sean spicer outlined why he thought the press was inaccurate in its reporting of the crowds at the inauguration, and then declined to take any questions. what was your reaction? this was a stunning departure from what the white house press corps was used to under previous administrations and as far back as we can recall. i think journalists as far back as we can recall. i thinkjournalists in the us are not exactly sure what is going to be the
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approach point forward. journalists are used to getting some criticism from politicians, that is natural and part of the process, we are supposed to have an adversarial relationship which is ok. what we are not used to our things being stared from the podium which are demonstrated be false, things that we would have to go away on sale at the press secretary in front of the presidential seal just said the press secretary in front of the presidential sealjust said the most people attended trump's inauguration of any people attended trump's inauguration ofany in people attended trump's inauguration of any in history, that is actually not true. i think you'll see aggressive attempts by the press corps to try to fact check the trump administration in real—time, to push back and continue to do ourjobs in the way we did under previous administrations even if the circumstances are different. you spoke about fact checking in but are there other strategies reporters can use, for instance donald trump in a previous press conferences and speak
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to cnn, he called them fake news and could bus feed fake news, is there another reporters can take to come together and tackle this? one thing journalists are keeping in mind is the fact that the white house and the fact that the white house and the press office i'm not the only conduits for information. there is a massive federal bureaucracy filled with people who serve in both administrations and we are going to turn to for information about what the administration is doing. there are lawmakers in congress, members of the us congress who are also getting information from the administration and from their own sources who can help us and the american people understand what is going on. daryl kinds of groups outside of government that will be working to try and hold the government accountable that'll have their take on the situation. i'm interested in how this relationship was sean spicer, donald trump and the rest of the administration, how it compares so far with the last
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administration. there is really no comparison. what we're seeing in the trump administration is them trying to use what he called yesterday, a running war with the media, as a tool to posture and to position himself to remind his supporters that he is still fighting against the establishment, whatever the establishment means. the reality is here is that donald trump is the establishment, he is the most powerful person in the country up and arguably the world. he directs the entire federal government so it isa the entire federal government so it is a bit ofa the entire federal government so it is a bit of a transition for him to be in the place where he is now calling the shots. all of the responsibility is on him and he will be the one taking the flak if he is not able to deliver on the promises he made. just in time, we have lost timber thank you. mr trump has also announced that he plans to start talks on the trade deal which exists between the us, mexico and canada in the coming days.
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he made the announcemennt on the nafta agreement at an oath—taking ceremony for white house staff. i will start renegotiating on nafta, on immigration, and on security at the border, and mexico has been terrific, actually, terrific. the president has been really very amazing, and i think we're going to have a very good result for mexico, for the united states, for everybody involved — it's very important. just time to tell you that there's a new bbc programme starting monday on donald trump's first hundred days and all the key developments in world news. it's hosted by katty kay in washington, and christian fraser in london. and it begins at 1900 gmt here on bbc world news. after a week of political uncertainty... ecowas troops have
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arrived in gambia's capital banjul, in preparation for the return of the man the people elected president, adama barrow. citizens cheered as the troops arrived. ecowas had threatened intervention should mr barrow‘s predecessor, yahytham—meh refuse to give up power after losing the elections. he left the country in the early hours of sunday morning for equatorial guinea. our west africa correspondent, thomas fessy, has more. there is a great sense of relief here in the capital of the gambia following the departure of the former leader. life is picking up after three days of a total shutdown where people stayed home in fear of violence as west african states were mounting against the former strongman in order to have him step down. there was a declaration issued by the united nations and the regional bloc ecowas saying they
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would work together to ensure that there is no witch hunting of former members of the regime and its supporters and that they would prevent the seizure of assets and property is lawfully belonging to the former presidents. they also said he was leaving at the gambia temporarily and he had the liberty to return as a citizen of the gambia and the former heads of state at the time of his choosing. people here are waiting for the new president to return to the country. there will be celebrations than birds he said he would return when the path is clear and soi would return when the path is clear and so i think they are conducting security sweeps throughout the country to make sure the conditions are met for his own safety. in other news. the israeli authorities have approved the construction of 566 homes for settlers in occupied
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eastjerusalem. jerusalem's deputy mayor said the the rules of the game had changed since the inauguration of donald trump. the israeli government lays claim to the whole ofjerusalem, while the palestinians see the occupied east as the capital of a future state. emergency workers in central italy are continuing to search for survivors after an avalanche engulfed a hotel. at least five people are known to have died —— 23 are still missing. poor weather conditions are hindering the rescue efforts. nine people — including four children — have so far been pulled alive from the rubble of the hotel in the abrootso region. the first results from france's centre—left primary election have come through. benoit hamon from the left of the socialist party received the highest number of votes, with a 35 percent share. the former prime minister manuel valls has also made it through to the second round after receiving 31 percent of the vote. the run off for the party's presidential nominee will be held next sunday.
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hugh schofield is in paris. tell us more about these two men. voters will face a clear left right choice now in the run—up because manuel valls represents the social democrats right—wing because he was in office for three years and benoit hamon who came first in the primary represents the left—wing comedy angry protest wing that wants to rip up angry protest wing that wants to rip up the rules in europe and rip up globalisation in terms of trade and very much more angry and antiestablishment left. it will be interesting to see which of these goes through. the arts are clearly
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with because they third placed candidate today is also on the left and the will put his weight behind benoit hamon so that should mean gets the nomination next week. where does this place the socialists when they do have the candidate in terms of general elections? of course we cannot talk about these will painting the overall picture which is the socialists in general are in such bad odour it is highly unlikely either candidate will win the presidential election. they are deeply unpopular and on top of that outflanked on either side of the left and right who are doing stronger in the polls. whoever wins next week has an uphill battle. thank you. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come. choose life, choose a job, choose a career...
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choose life, choose a job, choose a career... whatever happened to renton, sick boy and begley, 20 yea rs renton, sick boy and begley, 20 years after the film trainspotting, we will finally get an answer. theresa may says she has ‘absolute faith,‘ in the uk's trident nuclear deterrent system, despite claims an unarmed missile veered off course during a test last summer. 0n the bbc today, she declined to say whether she knew of the incident, before a crucial it didn't go on its preprogrammed flight it didn't go on its preprogrammed flight path which can be anything to do with a tiny component, a small transistor or something like that. this is an inner missile covered with telemetry indicators and that sort of thing, it doesn't have a warhead and it is designed to go somewhere where there is no land. anything could have gone wrong, it could've been a component failure or a software glitch. i think as lord
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west said just now, this is really unusualfor west said just now, this is really unusual for this to happen. west said just now, this is really unusualfor this to happen. if it did then i'm sure the engineers and the geeks are all over to the moment. this is bbc world news today. donald trump's team accuses the media of a concerted attempt to undermine his presidency. a court in iran's rejected an appeal against a five year prison sentence given to a woman with dual british and iranian citizenship. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe is accused of security offences. she was detained while trying to leave the country with her two—year old daughter after visiting relatives in april. with me
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in the studio is her husband. thank you for being with us. what is she accused of exactly? the formal accusation is national security related charges so we don't exactly know but in the court hearing, it turns out what she was accused of work to accusations. 0ne turns out what she was accused of work to accusations. one of which we re work to accusations. one of which were she was the head of recruitment for... and the wife of a known british by which was me. and the basis for that accusation was the fa ct basis for that accusation was the fact there was a huge media campaign which has been done and a lot of people have been calling for her release, there were the best part of 500 pages of prosecution which was the media coverage. if protesting herinnocenceis the media coverage. if protesting her innocence is proving her guilt. does she know any of these? she would have been in the courtroom so she will know but what she won't know now was that today it was announced that she had been sentenced to five years and the appealfailed. that
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sentenced to five years and the appeal failed. that was sentenced to five years and the appealfailed. that was broken in the media so we didn't hear that from her lawyer. at the time she was having a family visit. we're seeing pictures of manuel valls, how are you coping? it has been ten months. my you coping? it has been ten months. my daughter has grown lots in that time. we have gone through different phases of how hard to spend and how ha rd to phases of how hard to spend and how hard to adapt the new environment. now discovering words and working out that she lives in london. in the beginning it was terrifying, not knowing what was going on and as it has unfolded it has gotten crazy and at one point she was accused of overthrowing a regime and now i'm accused of being a spy. different ridiculous stories coming out and sometimes it feels crazy and sometimes it feels crazy and sometimes scary. where do you go
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from here? we need to take a breath and see what's next. we have been battling quite hard to bring her home for christmas which is where the campaign was going and that didn't happen but we had this appeal so didn't happen but we had this appeal so it was something to hang onto. the minister went out last week to see if he could press the case and it's resulted in her case being reiterated so we need to think what next and clearly she is caught up in a political bargaining chip in all sorts of things so we will have to campaigna bit sorts of things so we will have to campaign a bit further and draw some breath and think what next. thank you for coming to see us. let's get some sports for you. chelsea have extended their lead at the top of the premier league to eight points. diego costa who was dropped last week in controversial circumstances was recalled to the starting line—up for the home game. and he scored the first of chelsea's goals. gary k
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hill, the other goal—scorer. the chelsea manager was delighted to have costa back and getting goals from him again. for him and to finish this big thing, he played and played very well, he scored and i'm pleased for him and pleased for our team, for the fans and for the club andi team, for the fans and for the club and i think today finish all types of speculation. arsenal have moved up of speculation. arsenal have moved up to second place in the premier league but only after late drama at the emirates. the winner came in the 97th minute from alexis sanchez from the penalty spot. burnley thought they had rescued a point when andre gray slotted home a penalty into injury time but arsenal had another player sent off a dangerous tackle and sanches happy there the end.
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leicester city's problems continue, they wait for a first league win in they wait for a first league win in the season, they were beaten 3—0 by southampton. southampton ending their own run of poor form. cabaye and have then —— gabon have been eliminated from the africa cup of nations. burkina faso topped the table on goal difference. cameron also qualify for the knockout stages. gabon the first host to fail to get past the first round since tunisia in 94. andy murray says it wasn't to be after he was knocked out in the fourth round of the australian open by the world number 50. murray lost the opening set and then took the second but spero won then took the second but spero won the third and fourth. a big
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disappointment for murray who had been hoping to win the title in melbourne for the first time. it is one of the biggest days in sport of the year in the usa and in the next few hours we know which few teams will contest the super bowl. the championship games of the nfl are taking place and the new england patriot are at home to the pittsburgh steelers in the afc, but first off the green bay packers are buying the atlanta falcons. it is currently 17—0 to the falklands with two minutes to go in the second quarter. england's cricketers have finally done something india which they had managed to do all winter. ben stokes was the star for england with the bat and ball as they held on for a five run victory in the one—day international at col qatar. ben stokes had a 39 ball 57 and the total for ben stokes had a 39 ball 57 and the totalfor india ben stokes had a 39 ball 57 and the total for india was just short but they still win the series 2—1. the
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bbc understands bernie ecclestone could step down as the formula i chief executive as soon as this week. the move would end his remarkable 40 year reign in the sport, the american company liberty media is on the brink of completing its takeover and wants to revamp which could see bernie ecclestone eased aside. that is all the sport for now. when the film ‘trainspotting' came out in the 19905, ‘trainspotting' came out in the 1990s, its blend of drugs and petty crime in edinburgh became an unlikely global hit. now, more than two decades later, the original cast and director have re—united for a sequel — catching up with the characters as they reach middle age. the film had its world premiere in edinburgh on sunday evening — as our a rts edinburgh on sunday evening — as our arts correspondent colin patterson reports. choose life, choose a job, choose a career. trainspotting was the
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defining film of the mid—90s cool britannia. the post was on student walls. it dealt with addiction, friendship and had to listen. 20 yea rs friendship and had to listen. 20 years later, the gangs back together. we met the director danny boyle where it all began. we implied that they run straight from here on to this road and then rent and then renting gets hit hit by a car. what have you been up to for 20 years? since trainspotting danny boyle has dominated the oscars with slum dog millionaire and transfer the 2012 opening 0lympic ceremony so why now a sequel to the film made his name? since he made the movie people co nsta ntly since he made the movie people constantly come at you and talk about the characters like they know them and that makes us think that we not had an obligation bert agt to perhaps turn to it again. trainspotting was about the cutting edge, here we are more than 20 years
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later, how do you make sure this is not just the film equivalent of later, how do you make sure this is notjust the film equivalent of dad dancing? laughing the truth is you can't. part of the responsibility was embracing the fa ct we responsibility was embracing the fact we were making a sequel to a story people knew intimately and how we we re story people knew intimately and how we were going to grow up with that. what's really captured the zeitgeist in the original was the famous cheese life speech. choose a 3—piece suites... and it's back in an updated version. twitter, instagram and hope someone, somewhere cares. delivered once again by ewan mcgregor returning in the role of renton. when it came out we were like the oasis of the movie industry in britain. we represented britpop movies. it was amazing. there are so as part of me that yearns that again i suppose. for guys, it's fair to say they have lived a bit, how have they age? there was always a moment
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in every shooting day where it was like a 20 later moments where you suddenly felt 20 years had gone by since your last playing this guy. so far reviews have mainly been positive but it would be audiences that will have their memory tarnished of the original. back to president tran. we heard from him earlier in the programme but in a less abrasive moment today he said he would cherish a letter left to him by barack obama. he would cherish a letter left to him by barack 0bama.|j he would cherish a letter left to him by barack obama. i went to the 0val him by barack obama. i went to the oval office and thomas pieters letter from oval office and thomas pieters letterfrom president oval office and thomas pieters letter from president obama. oval office and thomas pieters letterfrom president obama. it oval office and thomas pieters letter from president obama. it was very nice of him to do that and we will cherish that and we will keep that and we won't even tell the press what is in that letter. president trumpeted the last word. that's all from me goodbye. after some of us emerged, in the
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sunshine it was quite delightful in suffolk but other places it stayed grey and overcast all day long. earlier on there was snow falling in wales. 0vernight, it stays cold, in fa ct wales. 0vernight, it stays cold, in fact where the areas are tinged blue it will be cold with severe frost in a few places. 0ther it will be cold with severe frost in a few places. other places when it stays cloudy will be cold. most places dry, last night temperatures locally will get lower than these numbers suggest that i will wipe away the cloud and concentrate on falque because later on tonight that'll be the main talking point. it be quite problematical as we head into monday and indeed tuesday. some disruption entirely possible and there are warnings in force. specifically as we end the night
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across southern counties. this is where the worst of the falque will be. allow extra time and do get in touch with operators for the latest update. some areas of fog throughout the midlands into northern england. a big question about northern ireland and scotland but probably less in the way of fog here but certainly a touch of frost. where you wake up to fog it could stick around for most of the day and where does happen to be especially cold but having said all of that many of us but having said all of that many of us will settle into a fine day. in the sunshine as we saw today, temperatures will bounce back nicely and we will get up to 4—5. with light winds it shouldn't feel too bad. where that fog lingers we will struggle to get above freezing and the focal reform and to become extensive again. some places will see its lingering for much of the
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day, for others the breeze will freshen up with patchy outbreaks of rain pushing in from the west. it will be turning milder here. later on the falque should clear as the wind picks up but it will however be a chilly wind for a while until we head towards the weekend when most of it will turn mild. the latest headlines. the white house has vowed to fight the news media tooth and nail over what officials see as unfair attacks on president trump. his chief of staff has accused the media will try to delegitimise his presidency. west african regional troops are in the capital of gambia to pave the way for the return of the man who won the presidential election last year. the left—wing former education
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minister has emerged as favourite to be the socialist party's candidate in france's the upcoming presidential election. he finished ahead of the
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