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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 24, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines. in a landmark ruling the uk supreme court has decided that only parliament has the power, and not ministers, to trigger the uk's withdrawal from the european union. today by a majority of 8 to 3, the supreme court rules that the government cannot trigger article 50 without an act of parliament authorising it to do so. the bbc understands that the bill to trigger article 50 will be introduced on thursday — something hinted at earlier by brexit secretary david davis when addressed mps. we will within days introduce legislation to give the government legal power to trigger article 50 and begin the formal process of withdrawal. president trump has been holding of the country's biggest car companies — urging them to increase production on american soil and boost employment. the inquest hearing into the tunisia terror attack has been hearing more evidence about how the victims died — including from a woman who survived by playing dead — after she was shot five times.
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in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7 o'clock we'll have our new series 100 days — which is focussing on events following the brexit vote and trump's presidency in the united states. later, we'll have more on president trump's push to boost the us car industry and restart two controversial pipeline projects. and at quarter to nine, i'll discuss this year's oscar nominations with film critic chris hewitt from empire magazine. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello i'm olly foster — these are our sportsday headlines tonight. sir alex ferguson calls rooney
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a true great and can't see anyone beating his club record. what now for formula one? no bernie, we hearfrom brawn and his plans for the sport. and federer is still a force to be reckoned with. he's one match away from the final in melbourne. good evening. we have heard from sir alex ferguson today. manchester united's greatest maanger has been paying tribute to wayne rooney's goalscoring feats. he signed rooney as a teenager in 200a. he has also been speaking aboutjose mourinho's start to life as manchester united maanger, but first, here is sir alex
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on rooney's 250th goal scored last weekend that saw him surpass sir bobby charlton as the clubs record scorer. the potential was there and that is why we bought him. the best young player in britain it was said and thatis player in britain it was said and that is exactly right. you could never have imagined it to be honest. with the modern—day game players do tend to stay a long length of time, ryan giggs 20 years, roy keane 11 yea rs. ryan giggs 20 years, roy keane 11 years. you know, a string of players have existed at the club for long periods. but i could not think he was ever going to beat the record set by bobby charlton, i did not ta ke set by bobby charlton, i did not take anyone could do that. it was
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quite a substantial record. and he has done it 200 games short of bobby. it is an achievement. and in the present game. it is difficult to see any club, not so much united who have players who stay ten years, i think that is the issue. jose mourinho mentioned marcus rashford and that is an opportunity for that young lad if he stays at united and creates and develops his presentjob in the same way when rooney has, it is possible. but it is a big target. 42 years it lasted, remember that. i said to bobby on saturday, your
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record only lasted 42 years. you mentioned jose mourinho, six months into thejob, how mentioned jose mourinho, six months into the job, how do you feel it has gone for him? i think he has done really well. it is not easy at united. not easy to come to the united. not easy to come to the united and transform the fortunes of the club. it is not easy. louis van gaal did a good job and i thinkjose mourinho is doing a good job, he has got to grips with the club, the team playing really well. he is very unlucky because i think he had six draws and every game he has battled. an example on saturday, 32 shots at goal and not one on target. and we get a draw. but with all united
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teams they play right to the last kick of the ball, they never gave in. and they got the rewards and took something from the game. and when rooney, he ran to the halfway line, no celebration, get the ball, we're going to win this. that is exactly the spirit thatjose mourinho has created now. and you can hear more of that interview on the bbc sports website a little later. the new man in charge of formula one, chase carey, says the sport needs a fresh persepctive after 40 years of bernie ecclestone's leadership. the 86 year old has been given an edvsiory role after fi‘s 6 and half billion takeover by the american company liberty media. former team principal ross brawn returns to the sport as managing director. he thinks bernie ecclestone could've
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left a better legacy when it comes to running formula i. left a better legacy when it comes to running formula 1. the frustration for me if there is anything with bernie ecclestone is he did not meant for someone into the sport. i think that would would have been fantastic and its crowning glory to bring some people into the sport and handover and then sit back and feel that has been his final achievement. but he never had an inclination to do that. that would have been a nice end to his career in formula 1. we all know bernie did an amazing job but had a focus on what he thought the role of manager was. i would like to broaden that because i feel we need to be proactive in trying to improve the sport. at the moment we have 23 teams that can realistically win a race and we need to spread that. we'll know the analogy of leicester city winning the premiership, that would be the ideal in formula 1, there's a good team on a great year
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with a great driver could really mount a challenge. but at the moment that really is not possible. the former olympic champion nicole cooke has strongly criticised british cycling, uk anti doping and also uk sport. she says cycling is run "by men, for men" and attempts to stop doping are "inadequate and ineffective". cooke made the claims to a culture, media and sport select committee earlier today. the session was held to discuss issues raised at a hearing involving british cycling and team sky last month. cooke said british cycling shows "discrimination and favouritism" because it is "answerable to itself". manchester united are to create more than 300 new positions for disabled supporters at old trafford, reducing the capacity by more than two thousand. the work, to be completed by august, will involve moving 2,600 season—ticket holders over the next three years. a 2014 bbc investigation found united offered just 43 percent of the recommended number of wheelchair spaces. in terms of the work we have done,
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we have been at the vanguard. in terms of that change, it is comparatively recent and an ancient stadium like manchester united, over 100 years old, and the rules were different than for a new stadium. if we we re different than for a new stadium. if we were building it again it would be at the forefront of what we included. but as soon as the rules change we worked diligently and we will meet the deadline of august next year for having those facilities available. anyone who manages a largest stadium will tell you how complicated that is. england's women are still in spain. they lost a friendly to norway in la manga and are playing sweden at the moment in murcia. these matches are part of their prepartaions for the summer's european championship. no goals there and not long to go either. joleon lescott is back in the premier league, after signing a short term contract with sunderland until the end of the season.
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the 35—year—old was a free agent, after being released from greek side aek athens in november. he re—joins david moyes, who he played under at everton for three seasons. london welsh have ceased to exist as a professional club after being refused permission to stay in the championship. the exiles were granted a temporary licence last month to play their last two league games after going into liquidation. the rfu says the club haven't met the conditions to extend that licence. british five—time olympian jo pavey will run in this year's london marathon. the 43 year old ran the event in 2011 setting a personal best of two hours 28 minutes and 24 seconds. pavey says she hopes to use the race to set another pb and to qualify for the world championships in august. roger federer and venus williams have defied their advancing years in melbourne to progress to the semi—final stage of the australian open. williams has reached the last four for the first time in 14 years,
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while federer admits he's surprised at his run after a lengthy spell out with injury. hannah lupton reports. for andy murray? opponent the long walk to freedom grand slam quarterfinal. for the man behind a path well trodden and supported but roger federer is now 35 and spent six months injured. few expect it is returned and his returning to be quite so remarkable. they looked on in alland for quite so remarkable. they looked on in all and for the first set so did gareth as the 17 time grand champion rolled back the years in no time at all. the match was poised for total domination but they were reminders of how the world number 50 had sent andy murray home earlier. his volley approach breaking federer in the second set. the german was searching for a nswers second set. the german was searching for answers but federer had already
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said the question. all too aware he was within touching distance of a man who in this form looked untouchable. three sets was all that federer needed to reach the last fourfor federer needed to reach the last four for a 13th federer needed to reach the last fourfor a 13th time federer needed to reach the last four for a 13th time here, federer needed to reach the last fourfor a 13th time here, but his next match will be a very different test. stan wawrinka beatjo—wilfried tsonga in straight sets to tee off and also semifinal. let's go to the white house now and press secretary sean spicer. we have had a tremendous amount of activity in the past 24 hours, focus on the american worker, by america and higher america is at the core of the plan to create an economy that works for everyone. and you've seen that focus in the past 24, 36 hours. before we begin to go through the events of today i want to start with a rundown of all the president has done with just a rundown of all the president has done withjust one a rundown of all the president has done with just one official working day under our belts. i think it has
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been a pretty impressive first and second full day here. president trump's meetings yesterday with top business and union leaders included front—line union workers and it went well. it was the single —— a signal that jobs well. it was the single —— a signal thatjobs and the economy are his top priority. few of the participants noted afterwards that each of the groups that we meet with, it was the first time in some cases ever that they have been reached out to and the first time they have been invited into the oval office. when you look at the level of concern and interest he has in the american worker, it has been clearly on display in the past 24 hours. in addition to these productive meetings the president also take steps towards fulfilling some of his biggest campaign promises to the american people. he ushered in a new era of us trade policy by withdrawing from the transpacific partnership agreement and instituted a hiring freeze on the executive branch was that he
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also reaffirmed his commitment to life by re—establishing the mexico city policy and the president ended his day yesterday with a bipartisan meeting of congressional leaders where he made it clear he expects there to be no delay in getting an agenda through congress. the president began his day—to—day with a breakfast listening to key automobile executives. they spoke of the importance of increasing manufacturing capabilities specific to the automotive industry, they touched on the need for regulatory reform and modernise safety standard which will advance the industry and lead tojob creation. which will advance the industry and lead to job creation. general motors we re lead to job creation. general motors were here, the president of the american automotive council, general motors, ford, fiat chrysler, head of
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government affairs for ford. and jared kushner on hand from the administration, stephen bannon, then the president signed a series of executive actions to move our country executive actions to move our cou ntry toward executive actions to move our country toward energy independence. and continue to get americans back to work. the president began by signing a memorandum fulfilling a major promised to secure swift approvalfor the major promised to secure swift approval for the keystone pipeline. inviting tra nsca nada to approval for the keystone pipeline. inviting transcanada to resubmit their proposal and direct agencies to approve it without delay. there is an energy revolution that is going to happen in this country in spite of the bureaucratic and political barriers that have been in place, we are ready to move forward.


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