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tv   Newsday  BBC News  January 25, 2017 12:00am-12:31am GMT

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hello, everyone. the headlines: beijing hits back over the south china sea. we will protect our sovereignty, it wants the white house. and growing tensions over market access. a big shift in views of formula one, the sport boss is ousted and called a dictator. and back on the top of the national sport. live from our stooges in singapore and london. this is bbc world news, this is news day. —— our studios. glad you could join us. it is ait atm in singapore, ate in the
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morning in beijing where china has warned the us that it will not back down over its territorial claims in the south china sea. donald trump said the us would protect interest in the region, a shift from president obama's position. china editor reports on the growing tensions. there are free key flashpoints between the us and china — trade, taiwan and the south china sea. the last two involved the risk of military confrontation between a superpower and one of the fastest growing global powers. the south china sea, one of the busiest in the world, and won several neighbours have competing claims on. the us is going to make shall protect our
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interests. after the new white house spokesman echoed thoughts from the secretary of state that the trump administration may use force to defend its interests, china has responded with defiance. translation: china will firmly safeguard the freedom of navigation under international law, peace and stability in the south china sea. the us is not directly involved in theissue the us is not directly involved in the issue and china involves them to respect fact and speak and act with caution so as not to impair peace and stability in the south china sea region. the reason enormous -- there is enormous uncertainty about where the us is heading. donald cup has accused china of raping the us economy. beijing has quite begun to talk about widening market access forforeign
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talk about widening market access for foreign companies but on territorial questions, china is inflexible. if are new administration in the us called the bluff, it may be a dangerous time ahead for east asia. we will have more on us — china tensions later. the supreme court britain has ruled that the government must consult parliament before triggering the procedure to leave the eu. a referendum injune produced a narrow majority for brexit but thejudgement produced a narrow majority for brexit but the judgement said lawmakers must be involved. of course the government is disappointed with the outcome but we have the good fortune to live in a country where everyone, every individual, every organisation, even government, is subject to the rule of law. so the government will
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comply with the judgement of the court and do all that is necessary to implement it. also making news, a court in china has looked at a woman selling vaccine without a licence. the woman sentenced to 15 years her daughter sentenced to six years for assisting her. hong kong says it will release of nine singapore armoured vehicles. they were seized on their way home from military exercises in taiwan. it is thought the release of may ease tensions between china and singapore. a scheme is set up to monitor the ceasefire in syria. sponsors of the negotiations between the syrian government and rebel groups said there were no military solution is to the six—year conflict. president kagame has angered environmentalists
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and native americans by signing orders intended to restart controversial pipeline projects. keystone xl and dakota access projects had his backings. he said they could create dozens ofjobs. it is day ten in the austrian open and brush on a dull faces his toughest test yet. in the women's draw, serena williams will facejoanna contador as she tries to join her sister, venus in the semifinals. more of that later. magnificent scenes of yellow river. an ice bridge has formed. it looks pretty awesome. locals have described the scene awesome. locals have described the scene as a awesome. locals have described the scene as a huge dragon flying between the valleys. it is five kilometres long. we heard how donald cup alleged to
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stop taking territory in the south china sea prompted response from the chinese. during this campaign, the trump threatened to impose some punishing tariffs on chinese imports which could lead us to a trade war. how might the mainland respond? china was once isolated behind it great wall but it was here, also, that it great wall but it was here, also, thatitis great wall but it was here, also, that it is in urgent onto the world stage began. in 1972, another competition and controversial republican president stood on the small and used it as a metaphor. richard nixon's speech that date look to a future in which iraq no walls between people, laying the
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foundations one of the most important bilateral relationship ever seen. important bilateral relationship ever seen. the benefits have been celebrated by every president since, until now. 4596 duty, what other chinese going to do? they are not going tojust chinese going to do? they are not going to just take it. they will respond or less in kind. what are the potential dangers? it is very disturbing. the consequences for the international system and fall of the health of the global economy could be enormous. but at a briefing by senior chinese diplomat, i put it to them and that mr trump is not so much a tracking free trade as unfair trade. should not china put its money where its mouth is, removing subsidies and some of the restrictions and denial of market
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access that hinders and so many foreign companies to do business here? i understand what you mean but in general, the direction is here. the effect is there and i am very strong belief and confidence in an improved... and improved general environment forforeign improved... and improved general environment for foreign companies. these days, tourists can gaze into a period in chinese history when it is relu cta nt period in chinese history when it is reluctant rulers were forced to trade by occupying foreign armies. the us companies that do business in china would dispute the significant barriers to trade remained. the question is, whether to control all cultures and mrtrump, question is, whether to control all cultures and mr trump, it seems, may be about to invite upon his own version of gunboat diplomacy. over
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that much traded commodity, tea, i asked about the threats to challenge china's territorial claims unless it makes concessions on trade? translation: he plays with fire. mr trump plays with fire by china also has fire and it is going to burn him. it is trade, of course, that has made the china will be superpower and the stakes could not be higher. the new man in charge of formula one racing has launched a strong attack on the man who ran it for 40 years. the sale was finalised this week. liberty media head said bernie ecclestone ran the sport like a dictator and that the sport had to modernise. commentator: there's bernie
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ecclestone, the tzar of formula one. he's been a driving force like no other. having ruled formula one with an iron grip for decades, bernie ecclestone transformed it into a global, commercial phenomenon. commentator: oh, my goodness, this is fantastic! at times it seemed as if he'd go on forever, but with a multi—billion pound american takeover came a sudden change in direction. and today, f1's new boss told me why it was the end of the road for the man he's replaced. i would expect this is difficult for bernie, it is a big change for him. i mean, he's run the sport. he's run the sport as a one man — he calls himself a dictator — he's run it as a one man dictatorfor a long time. i think the sport needs a fresh perspective. from second hand car salesman, to team owner and then commercial rights holder, ecclestone's rise was remarkable. the 86—year—old's deal—making skills brought him famous friends, powerful contacts and billions in the bank. there was also controversy. move out of the way before i get upset.
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some comments caused offence and he was forced to settle a bribery case in 2014, but this diminutive figure will be remembered as a titan of the sport. you can't have another bernie, it will never exist. the conditions will never exist, the circumstances will never exist and he'll go down in history for what he's achieved. commentator: my goodness, this is fantastic! no! but recently, f1 has struggled to match the thrills of the past and amid dramatically declining tv audiences, one team boss told me the sport now needs a revamp. i think the most important thing is getting back to the basics of outright racing, engaging with the fans, engaging with the public and, perhaps, decomplicating the cars a little and going back to man and machine being at the absolute limit. for a long time now, formula one has been able to depend on its unique mix of speed, glamour and technology to guarantee true global appeal, but there's a sense from within the sport that in an ultra competitive and shifting sports market,
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there now needs to be change. we need to use all the platforms, the digital platforms available and the market capability to tell the stories, of the rivalries of the stars. we've got to make our events larger than ever. week long events, cities at the tracks. there are music and entertainmet with the sport at the centre of it. i've talked about 21 super bowls, and that's really what we should have. this is a seismic moment for f1, ecclestone's been offered an advisory role, but a man so used to being the puppet master is no longer pulling the strings. the world of sport will surely never see his like again. dan roan, bbc news. you are watching newsday live from london and singapore. still to come on the programme... we look at the oscar race with la la land li ting
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the race. —— leading the race. taking a look at the films which make the oscars the most racially diverse in years. the shuttle challenger exploded soon after liftoff. there were seven astronauts on board, one of them a woman school teacher. all of them are believed to have been killed. by the evening, tahrir square, the heart of official cairo, was in the hands of the demonstrators. they were using the word "revolution". the earthquake singled out buildings, and brought them down in seconds. tonight, the search for any survivors has an increasing desperation about it as the hours pass. the new government is firmly in control of the entire republic of uganda. moscow got its first taste of western fast food, as mcdonald's opened their biggest restaurant, in pushkin square.
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but the hundreds of muscovites who queued up today won't find it cheap, with a big mac costing half the day's wages for the average russian. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon in singapore. i'm babita sharma in london. our top stories: china has said it will not back down over its claims to the south china sea, after donald trump's administration said the us would protect international territories in the area. the new man in charge of formula 1 racing has launched a strong attack on the man who ran it for 40 years. chase carey said bernie ecclestone had run the sport like a dictator. a top fashion model has revealed that she is intersex.
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hanne gaby odiele says that she hopes speaking out will help break a taboo. intersex people are born with a mixture of male and female characteristics. the condition affects up to 1.7% of the population. that story is popular on let's take a look at some front pages from around asia, and there is a lot of reaction to donald trump's order to withdraw the us from a massive transpacific trade deal. the japan times says tokyo will not seek an alternative treaty, but instead will try to get president trump back on board. the picture on the front page shows mr trump holding up the document that marks the end of the us participation in the tpp deal. here in singapore, the straits times signals a completely different approach. it says the city will keep pursuing other free trade initiatives, including a possible implementation of the tpp, with or without america. china daily reports on beijing's reaction to comments by the white house press secretary, who on monday said the us will protect its interests in the south china sea. the title on the front page urges the us to be cautious. china says it is determined to protect its own territory and sovereignty. there are discussions online
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on the height of a famous peak. there is a row between india and nepal about measuring the height of mt everest. india has said it will send a team to the himalayas to find out whether the big earthquake two years ago affected the mountain's height. but now, kathmandu has said it wants to do the work instead. everest sits on the border between india and china. japan has named its first home—grown sumo grand champion in almost two decades, in a boost to the traditional wrestling sport. 30—year—old kisenosato was promoted to the topmost yokozuna rank
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after his win in the first tournament of the year. mariko oi reports. sumo is japan's national sport, dating back hundreds of years. wrestlers are ranked, and the ultimate goal is to become a yo kozu na. ultimate goal is to become a yokozuna. but there hasn't been a japanese wrestler to reach the sport's highest rank in nearly two decades, until this guy. sport's highest rank in nearly two decades, untilthis guy. kisenosato becomes the 72nd yokozuna in history, joining three others who are actively competing in tournaments. translation: i am physically fit, and they needed to go further. i feel i will get stronger and stronger as i consider this a new start. ahead of the sport's association, which decides about the promotion, says it is a
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deeply emotional time. translation: we felt that kisenosato would continue to do well, and therefore is fit to become yokozuna. in the last 19 years, five wrestlers, one american samoa and four mongolians, we re american samoa and four mongolians, were promoted to be yokozuna. the hope is kisenosato ‘s motion would boost the sport's popularity. —— promotion. chris gould is an author who has written a book about the sport, and regularly writes for sumo magazines. on the line from tokyo, i asked him why it has taken so long forjapan to be on top of the sport again. yes, well, ithink yes, well, i think over the past 20 yea rs yes, well, i think over the past 20 years the foreigners who have come in have already excelled in other forms of combat sport, for example freestyle wrestling. you have, on the other hand, japanese guys. a lot of it them are signing up having not actually had any combat experience
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at all so when you have these highly trained foreigners coming in to fight against japanese guys with comparatively little experience, i think that is when the gap in quality tends to show. and i think the other thing, as well, is that the other thing, as well, is that the mongolian guys have come in. the techniques they have learned in mongolian wrestling are incredibly effective for sumo. it has taken a while for the japanese to catch up. so this man deserve to really be the grand champion, or was itjust done by the sumo wrestling association because they haven't had a japanese champion in two decades? well, i think it was obviously a source of concern for the sumo association that foreign champions had written to the fore. his performances over the past five years have been very consistent. he has regularly defeated the top mongolians, and certainly in the past year his demeanour has looked incredibly impressive. he has presented a
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relaxed presence in the ring, and i think his performances have been fully befitting of a grand champion. so in your view, chris, will the promotion of kisenosato bring back the popularity of sumo wrestling? promotion of kisenosato bring back the popularity of sumo wrestling ?|j think it will bring in back to a certain extent, but as to whether it will return to the levels of the 19905, will return to the levels of the 1990s, you know, ithink will return to the levels of the 1990s, you know, i think that is impossible in this day and age. there are just so many more sports now for young kids to get into in japan. there are so many sports stars emerging from other sports. so yes, it will bring back the popularity to a certain extent, what not to the level of the heyday. japan's sumo renaissance. hopefully sumo's popularity will rub
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off on hollywood's awards season. nice way to get into the next story! we won't talk about your sumo impressions there. i have heard that behind the scenes you are very good at the sport. have you seen la la land yet? i haven't, buti at the sport. have you seen la la land yet? i haven't, but i haven't seen any land yet? i haven't, but i haven't seen any of the oscar—nominated movies. hopefully this weekend is the chinese new year, and we have a lot of days off so i will be able to watch some of them. i got the chance to see it last week, and it truly is a very unique and stunning film. it is dividing opinion, not today in fa ct is dividing opinion, not today in fact is one of the most eagerly awaited days in hollywood's awards season. the nominations for this year's oscars have been announced in los angeles. la la land leads the pack, with an incredible 14 nominations. this year's nominees are the most racially diverse for a decade, following previous claims the awards have been too white. the bbc‘s peter bowes
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is in los angeles, and gave us more details on the nominations. there is nothing hollywood likes more than a film that puts it centrestage. so no great surprise la la land, the musical about two wannabes making their way in tinseltown, has 14 nominations including best director and ryan gosling and emma stone in the best actor and best actress categories. it will get a run for its money from moonlight, harryjenkins's coming—of—age drama, which gets eight nominations including best supporting actor and naomi harris for best supporting actress. i'm trying to explain it to you the best way i know how. she will be up against viol davies who puts in a powerful performance in fences, directed by and starring denzel washington, who is nominated in the
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best actor category. i've got a life to! along with american british actor andrew garfield as a heroic conscientious objector in mel gibson's hacksaw handicap ridge. that is some of the potential is. pick up some winners, starting with best picture. it has to be la la land, it is completely in a league of its own. glorious, romantic and dancing on air. also the craft there. best actor. has to be casey affleck in manchester by the sea. it isa affleck in manchester by the sea. it is a real nuanced performance. he is like an unexploded bomb. so not andrew garfield ? like an unexploded bomb. so not andrew garfield? note, hacksaw ridge is not likely. i would like natalie portman to win it forjackie. it is a cool, clever, elegant performance. meryl streep is not going to get a? absolutely not. best supporting actress ? absolutely not. best supporting actress? i would like to see
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moonlight. he is playing a drug kingpin and is tender, fatherly, quite a surprise. best supporting actress ? quite a surprise. best supporting actress? i would like naomi harris to win this for moonlight. she is usually miss moneypenny and is playing a crack addicted mother. it isa playing a crack addicted mother. it is a great surprise. i think it will be violet davies. and finally, best director? damien really deserves this for pulling all the stops out on la la land. last year's awards we re on la la land. last year's awards were dominated by the #oscarssowhite campaign. the 2017 shortlist is more diverse but we can still expect politically charged speeches, with the name donald trump likely to crop up. let's take you to china where, as we have been reporting this week, the biggest migration of people in the world is under way, as millions of people head home for lunar new year with theirfamilies. more of china's economy grinds to a halt and the country's transport systems is stretched to the limit, with railways, roads and airport packed.
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the 40—day travel frenzy began last week, and for many of china's army of migrant workers, the rare trip home is one of the few times a year they are reunited with theirfamilies. this year is the year of the rooster. prosperity and happiness, happy lunar new year. you have been watching newsday. stay with us, we will find out if the man in charge of lego's huge new factory in china can tell the difference between real lego and afake. we will be back with plenty more. see you soon. hello. wednesday will start quite windy across northern and western
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parts of the uk, and continue that way. whereas in the parts of southern england, the midlands, east anglia, it is troublesome fog once again. some freezing fog patches that, dense in places and that could be having an impact on travel again, so be having an impact on travel again, so check the situation before you head out, the fog showing up here. but if you are in scotland and northern ireland you can see the wind arrows indicating a strong, quite gusty wind and places keeping the fog at bay. also the far west of wales in the far south—west of england. where we have the thickest fog is where we have the frost as well, and that could be giving the icy stretches of untreated surfaces. look at the strength of wind, though. to the far south—west and the western parts of wales could be a few fog patches into the welsh marches, into a few spots in yorkshire, it is a windy picture through scotland and northern ireland, north—west england as well. plenty of cloud around, could be quite drizzly and places first thing. as we go on through the day the fog will gradually lifted the low cloud but a cloudier, called a feeling date in the east anglia and the south—east compared with
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tuesday. some brighter skies, though, into much of south—west england, wales, parts of northern england. keeping a fair in northern ireland in scotland. a largely dry pitch but the outbreaks of rain coming into northern ireland and scotla nd coming into northern ireland and scotland late in the day and gusty winds. 11 degrees in stornoway, ten in belfast, just six, though, in london. now, as we go through wednesday night there will be a frost developing for many of us, just a subtle shift in the wind direction, connecting with colder and freezing continental europe means we draw in some colder air to the uk for thursday, and quite brisk south—easterly wind. so it is going to feel quite raw. there could be a few snow flows around the beginner then some spots. many of us will improve the sunny spells. it won't help the feel of the weather on thursday in that brisk south—easterly flow, as temperatures
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for some will struggle to get above freezing. and if you add in the impact of the wind it will feel like it is below freezing the raw feel on thursday. not quite so chilly on friday but still chilly, definitely, down the eastern side of the uk. towards the south—west we bring in some cloud, the risk of getting a few showers as we go through friday. it isa few showers as we go through friday. it is a bit ofa few showers as we go through friday. it is a bit of a change heading into the start of the weekend. a weather disturbance coming our way. still a lot of uncertainty about the detail, but that could bring some heavy downpours in the parts of england and wales at the start of the weekend. sunday, at the moment, looks quieter, or of us dry. the risk of some showers at least to start the weekend. some sunshine around. less chilly at the weekend but still the scope for getting some overnight frost and some fog patches around as well. that's it, goodbye. you are watching bbc world news.
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headlines: china has asserted its indisputable sovereign in over parts of the south china sea. the us vowed it will protect it interests. the new man in charge of formula one racing has launched a strong attack on the man who ran it for 40 years. and this story is trending on our website... a five kilometre ice bridge on the yellow river. locals have described it as a huge white dragon lying between the valleys. plenty more to come on bbc world news. first he run bbc, hardtalk.
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