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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 25, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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au revoir, les elephants — the defending champions are out of the africa cup of nations. and why bernie eccelstone wasn't all too happy about his departure from the top of formula one. the first match of wednesday‘ quarter finals is under way at the australian open where karolina pliskova of the czech republic is taking on mirjana lucic baroni of croatia. pliskova, a former us open finalist made a good start moving two games ahead at the start of teh first set, but lucic baroni who at 3a is into herfirst quarterfinal at a slam in 17 years came back to take it 6—4. the czech number fifth seed took the second to force a third set. something of an ethic in the first of the quarter—finals on wednesday. and there's more action still to come on the rod laver arena. serena williams takes on britain's johanna konta. and then later belgiums‘s david goffin faces grigor dimitrov before a great contest in the evening session as rafael nadal takes on the top seed remaining in the men's draw milos raonic.
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the holders ivory coast are out of the africa cup of nations, beaten in their last match of the group stage by morocco, the defeat means they exit the tournament before the knock out phase. their oponents progress along with dr congo who beat togo 3—1. we can get some reaction from oyem, our reporter piers edwards was at the match. surrounded by tropical rainforest in northern gabon, this is the elephants graveyard, the nickname of ivory coast, who were until tonight the reigning african champions, but their crown slipped tonight as, in a game they needed to win they were beaten i—o game they needed to win they were beaten 1—0 by morocco courtesy of a goalfrom rashid ali beaten 1—0 by morocco courtesy of a goal from rashid ali as they march into their first quarter—final since 2004. the into their first quarter—final since 200a. the big story is ivory coast going out. many will point to the
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lost generation, the likes of toures, and the captain having quit since the title in 2015. attention will also focus on renard, the man who guided them to their title two yea rs who guided them to their title two years ago, who is now in charge of morocco, and so masterminded their demise. in the other group c game, dr congo wrapped up top spot, beating togo 3—1. morocco finished second in the group, but the big story of course is the african champions going out, joining pretournament favourites algeria, and host nation gabon, to be eliminated in the group staged at this year's african cup of nations, where the shocks continue to come. so just to confirm — that result means morocco qualify for the quarterfinals second in the group, behind dr congo who just needed a point against togo to reach the last eight, but ran away with a 3—1win. napoli are into the semi finals of the italian cup after a 1—0
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win against fiorentina. the spanish forward jose callejon with the goal. both teams finished with ten men. and alavez are back in the semifinals of the copa del rey for the first time in 13 years, going through 2—0 on aggregate against second—division club alcorcon after a scoreless home draw on tuesday. paris saint—germain thumped bordeaux 4—1 to reach the french league cup final on tuesday. that victory keeps them on track for a third domestic treble in a row and will give them some confidence ahead of sunday's home tie against league leaders monaco. the former manchester united manager sir alex ferguson has heaped praise on the club's current head coachjose mourinho. he says he's "done really well" and is "finding solutions" since taking over at old trafford. united are still in both domestic cup competitions but are sixth in the premier league, 1a points behind the league leaders
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chelsea. ferguson says mourinho has been unlucky to draw so many matches. i think thatjose has found his wishes now. there was a period when he wasn't getting decisions and his emotions boiled over. he is an emotional guy, there is no question about that. i think people from these countries, portugal, spain, italy, have got that emotional part of them, and it shows, and he showed very much in terms of howjose handled that part. now you see him, he is calm and in control, that is the obvious observation i am making of the team now. the team is playing with great energy, determination, will to win, which i think is very important. the new man in charge of formula one, chase carey,
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says bernie eccelstone wasn't happy about being forced out of his role as chief executive following liberty media's eight billion dollar takeover, he left after a0 years running the sport. and his replacement, believes the time's right for for a fresh start. as our sports editor dan roan reports. commentator: there's bernie ecclestone, the tzar of formula one. he's been a driving force like no other. having ruled formula one with an iron grip for decades, bernie ecclestone transformed it into a global, commercial phenomenon. commentator: oh, my goodness, this is fantastic! at times it seemed as if he'd go on forever, but with a multi—billion pound american takeover came a sudden change in direction. and today, f1's new boss told me why it was the end of the road for the man he's replaced. i would expect this is difficult for bernie, it is a big change for him. i mean, he's run the sport. he's run the sport as a one man — he calls himself a dictator — he's run it as a one man dictatorfor a long time. i think the sport needs a fresh perspective.
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from second hand car salesman, to team owner and then commercial rights holder, ecclestone‘s rise was remarkable. the 86—year—old's deal—making skills brought him famous friends, powerful contacts and billions in the bank. there was also controversy. move out of the way before i get upset. some comments caused offence and he was forced to settle a bribery case in 2014, but this diminutive figure will be remembered as a titan of the sport. you can't have another bernie, it will never exist. the conditions will never exist, the circumstances will never exist and he'll go down in history for what he's achieved. but recently, f1 has struggled to match the thrills of the past and amid dramatically declining tv audiences, one team boss told me the sport now needs a revamp. i think the most important thing is getting back to the basics of outright racing, engaging with the fans, engaging with the public and, perhaps, decomplicating the cars a little and going back to man and machine being at the absolute limit. for a long time now, formula one has been able to depend on its unique mix of speed, glamour and technology to guarantee
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true global appeal, but there's a sense from within the sport that in an ultra competitive and shifting sports market, there now needs to be change. we need to use all the platforms, the digital platforms available and the market capability to tell the stories, of the rivalries of the stars. we've got to make our events larger than ever. week long events, cities at the tracks. there are music and entertainmet with the sport at the centre of it. i've talked about 21 super bowls, and that's really what we should have. this is a seismic moment for f1, ecclestone‘s been offered an advisory role, but a man so used to being the puppet master is no longer pulling the strings. the world of sport will surely never see his like again. dan roan, bbc news. 24 hours ago here on sport today we were telling you about tiger woods‘ excitement at returning to the tour after many months out with injury. well, one man is delighted about having the former world number one back in the field.
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jason day says he'd be delighted if tiger could return to his best and challenge for the farmers insurance open on sunday. i think he is excited. obviously, you know, who wouldn't be excited to play after 17 months of? you know, it isa play after 17 months of? you know, it is a long—time —— off? i know that he is very motivated to come out and, you know, and play well. obviously he plays well here, i think he has won eight tournaments here, as a professional ones, and as a world junior, so, you know, we have been talking back and forth, a little bit on chirping here and there, you know, but both of us are motivated, we have both taken time off, he has taken longer time off, i have taken three months off but we are both motivated to try and win. it would be great to play with him on sunday, not early, late. laughter it would be nice. it certainly would
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be, for the game of golf, wouldn't it, to see tiger battle for fitness. and before we go, an update on the quarter—final in the australian open, how it is going, marry until —— marian lucic, she has had a medical break, it has been an epic and at the moment it is for— throat with beroni serving. plenty of action still to come from melbourne with big names including rafael nadal, the last match on rod laver arena against raonic. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's we will be back in around 45 minutes‘ time, we will be live in melbourne, sojoin us minutes‘ time, we will be live in melbourne, so join us then. hello. wednesday will start quite windy across northern and western parts
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of the uk, and continue that way. whereas into parts of southern england, the midlands, east anglia, it is troublesome fog once again. some freezing fog patches at that, dense in places. and that could be having an impact on travel again, so check the situation before you head out, you can see the fog showing up here. but, if you are in scotland and northern ireland, you can see the wind arrows indicating a strong, quite gusty wind in places, keeping the fog at bay. that is also into the far west of wales and the far south—west of england. where we have the thickest fog is where we have the frost as well, and that could be giving the icy stretches on untreated surfaces. look at the strength of wind, though, into the far south—west, into the western parts of wales. could be a few fog patches into the welsh marches, into a few spots in yorkshire. it is a windy picture through scotland and northern ireland, north—west england, too. plenty of cloud around, could be quite drizzly in places first thing. now, as we go on through the day, the fog will gradually lift into low cloud, but a cloudier, colder—feeling day into east anglia and the south—east compared with tuesday. some brighter skies, though,
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into much of south—west england, wales, parts of northern england, keep a fair amount of cloud in northern ireland and scotland. a largely dry picture, but the outbreaks of rain coming into northern ireland and scotland late in the day, and gusty winds. 11 degrees in stornoway, ten in belfast. just six, though, in london. now, as we go through wednesday night, there will be a frost developing again for many of us. and just a subtle shift in the wind direction, connecting with colder air freezing continental europe, means we draw in some colder air to the uk for thursday, and quite brisk south—easterly winds, so it is going to feel quite raw. there could be a few snow flows around the beginning in some spots, a few icy stretches, too. many of us will improve the sunny spells. it won't help the feel of the weather on thursday in that brisk south—easterly flow, as temperatures for some will struggle to get above freezing, and if you add in the impact of the wind, it will feel like it is below freezing, for that raw feel on thursday. not quite so chilly on friday, but still chilly, definitely, down the eastern side of the uk.
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towards the south—west we bring in more cloud. the risk of getting a few showers as we go on through friday. it is a bit of a change heading into the start of the weekend. a weather disturbance coming our way. still a lot of uncertainty about the detail, but that could bring some heavier downpours into parts of england and wales at the start of the weekend. sunday, at the moment, looks quieter, more of us dry. so a risk of some showers, at least to start the weekend. some sunshine around. less chilly at the weekend, but still the scope for getting some overnight frosts, and some fog patches around too. that's it, bye bye. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: jobs trump the environment —
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the new president overturns barack obama's ban on a controversial oil pipeline. "grave concern" — the head of the un criticises israel's plans for 2,500 more settlement homes in the occupied west bank. the british government vows to press on with brexit, despite the country's highest court ruling that parliament must vote first. the oscars shortlist is revealed. and the winner of the most nominations ever received is la la land.
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