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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 26, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the paper writes russia and turkey are now the new power brokers dealing with ending the near six—year long conflict. also in the ft, oil giant bp says the world is facing a long—term oil glut as producers scramble to exploit reserves before fossil fuel demand goes into decline. and finally, could your smart—phone actually help save your life? the times reports that mobile phone cameras are now as good as humans at spotting skin cancer according to scientists. joining us is nina trentmann from the wall streetjournal. i was on google trying to find out what is the equivalent distance of the border of the us from one coast and the other and is 2000 miles. if we we re and the other and is 2000 miles. if we were going to build a wall starting in london it would end in
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cairo. from baghdad to delhi. incredible. it is quite a long distance and quite a hefty price. maybe $30 billion, maybe $15 billion no one is sure but paul bryan, the speaker of the house said the taxpayer is going to pay for it, donald trump says mexico would pay for it. mexico has been repeating what they have said before. mr chubb says it would cost $10 billion. i guess it remains to be seen how it turns out with him having issued these executive orders. it is one of many issues between the us and mexico. also issues with regards to moving and shifting jobs and factories from mexico to the us for
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the car industry. also looking at nafta. some officials looking to exit nafta. better off negotiating with president trump. mexico indicated in november they could pull out of nafta. what is then replacing these? mexico is exporting 80% of its exports to the us. 1—point fall billion a day crossing the border which is not insignificant. it raises lots of questions for companies that are serving the us markets and us firms are doing the same so a lot of trade going back and forward, components,
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finished products sol going back and forward, components, finished products so i guess pulling out would definitely impact both countries and economies. have you ever seen any evidence that illegal immigrants and the fx they have had on the country they have entered illegally. a lot of people say the american taxpayer pay too much to make sure that illegal immigrants are policed and are able to live in the country and just exist here. i have not seen those figures. 2014, figures show 11.1 million unregistered immigrants in the us, 54% from mexico sir there is an issue but what i have found in the
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past, the people i have spoken to, you a strong economic benefit from these illegal migration because of a ten to work in jobs that are difficult to fill with americans and you do have a lot of employment in low sectorjobs were otherwise you would have to as an employer have to come up with much higher wages... living wage, even. at the same time they are causing problems they are also contributing. for british viewers, interested in this concept, in the independent and economist said something similar that there is not as big a difference as people believe. the dow goes above and stays a bove
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believe. the dow goes above and stays above and closes above 20,000 in the us for the very first time. it isa in the us for the very first time. it is a big deal already set? depends if you are an investor. from that point of view, yes, it does matter but it isn't really much change between 19900 and something and above 20,000. it is a significant milestone. it is historic. we have not seen the dow breakthrough it also says a lot about high investor hopes on the presidency of donald trump. interestingly enough, companies trading on the dow had been very quiet recently on profit gains this year which shows an interesting divergences between investors and what companies think is a viable given at the insecurity around the policies of mr trump.|j given at the insecurity around the policies of mr trump. i would imagine that those with money
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invested would want to know what is going to happen now. do i get out or stay? looking at analysts, i have seen stay? looking at analysts, i have seen quite a few on both sides. quite a few are saying this is it, time to get out. some say stay in. well, yes... that is the gamble. laughter stock markets went up under president 0bama so is there much room full industries to go. i guess it depends also on the companies and the kind of sector you are invested in. john authors has written in the ft said that no regular reader or any sensible human being should ever base any sensible decision on the dow. we have a little snapshot,
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hardly a story at all, but in the ft. hardly a story at all, but in the ft, they have a piece about how western diplomats were sidelined to a pub while turkey, russia and iran did the dealings in the hotel where the peace talks were taking place. things are changing in diplomacy?” guess you are right. it is a good illustration with regards to what it is like with syria. they still need to define why the middle eastern policy is going to be like in the us but a guess people think the us is not played a significant role re ce ntly not played a significant role recently so it is not even a surprise that they are not sending anyone to the talks. bp saying oil prices will have a long glut.
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remember that this time last year, it was the big discussion about where oil was going. actually, the year turned out better than most we re year turned out better than most were predicting. we have seen bp ta ke were predicting. we have seen bp take a bit of a contrary stance saying all prices will be relatively low for a longer amount of time and we have recently seen with 0pec cutting down on production, people we re cutting down on production, people were thinking prices could go up significantly. were thinking prices could go up significa ntly. the were thinking prices could go up significantly. the chief economist said levels of $100 per barrel we have seen are not that realistic. futures trading at $55 at yesterday so... futures trading at $55 at yesterday so... we will see. another gamble. finally, in the times, ball evident that technology will help us live to 100. healthier and longer, yes. i am
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not surprised to hear this at all. an app that can detect aware that you may have skin cancer... there are so many you may have skin cancer... there are so many different devices. the interesting thing i found about this, it is actually able to learn from the... the experiences that made detecting certain kinds of cancer so made detecting certain kinds of cancer so it helps to live longer and healthier. thank you for your company. when hill weekend start, enjoy it. see you soon. -- when your weekend starts. good morning.
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wednesday brought with it a day of contrasts. we had sopme beautiful sunshine out to the west, a depicted by this weather watcher's picture. lucky you. but unfortunately for many across the south—east saw some stubborn fog which lingered all day and made it feel cold. this was fog, good slice of sunshine behind, thicker cloud up into the north—west. and that's going to prevent temperatures from falling below freezing here but elsewhere it is going to be another cold night. a bit more of a breeze so not quite as much fog around but in rural spots it could be a bitterly cold start to the day, with temperatures down as low as —5 degrees. and it could be a little foggy, particularly to higher ground, and there could be some ice on untreated surfaces, so that's certainly worth baring in mind, and in particularly through pavements. a lot of cloud around first thing in the morning. it's going to be potentially a cold start, but we're dragging in a breeze from the south—easterly direction. it has been a bitterly cold in europe and that is going to make it feel really quite chilly if you are out and about through the day.
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always out towards the west, the winds will be strong but the temperatures not quite as low but nevetheless it is going to be a windy start to the day and the winds will continue to feature in western areas. a good slice of dry weather around. a fair amount of cloud. eventually, that south—easterly breeze might just allow for some sunshine to come across southern england. but your thermometer may well say around 1—4 degrees, which is disappointing enough, but add on the strength and that cold source of the wind — it going to feel much colder than that. as we move out of thursday towards friday, the wind direction changes subtly, from a southerly. and it is allowing these weatherfronts to push in from the atlantic, so we start off potentially cold with a little bit of frost, particularly the further north you are, but as we go through the day, these weather fronts will bring some showery outbreaks of rain and eventually some milder air in as well — 8—10 degrees into the south—west, 3—5 in sheltered eastern areas. that marks a change as we move towards the weekend. so something a little less cold but a little more unsettled. with the weatherfront trying
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to push in from the west. now, it looks as though we move out of saturday into sunday, there's a potential for more significant rain across southern england. a level of uncertainty just where that front is going to be sitting so keep watching the forecasts. that could bring some wet weather to the south. but double figures, slightly colder, but drier conditions up into the north. the cloud stays with us for the start of a new working week. but also double digits are likely to stay with us as well — 10 or 11 degrees the high. hello, this is breakfast, with steph mcgovern and jon kay. the us president, donald trump, has said he believes torture works when dealing with terror suspects. in his first tv interview since taking office, he said the us had to "fight fire with fire". i want to do everything within the bounds of what you are allowed to do legally, but do i feel it works? absolutely, i feel it works. the pm theresa may is travelling to washington to meet donald trump and has vowed to renew the uk's
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special relationship with the usa. she says she isn't afraid to have a candid conversation. good morning it's thursday the 26th of january. also this morning:
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