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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  January 27, 2017 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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the proposal will deepen his disagreements with mexico's government. president enrique pena nieto has cancelled a meeting with mr trump in washington next week. meanwhile, the british prime minister has made an impassioned plea to the united states to renew what she called its "special relationship" with her country. she will be the first foreign leader to meet president trump. and the year of the rooster is trending on it's the eve of the lunar new year, and this is considered to be the largest human migration in the world, as hundreds of millions of chinese people travel home to be with their families. that's all from me now. stay with bbc world news. and the top story here in the uk: a second labour frontbencher, shadow transport minister, daniel zeichner, has said he'll defy party whips and vote against the government's bill to begin the brexit process. now on bbc news, all the latest business news live from singapore.
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google parent, out of ode, gives its forecast. —— alphabet. hideo kojima ta kes forecast. —— alphabet. hideo kojima takes us on a tour of his studio. good morning, asia. hello, world. i'm rico hizon. thank you for investing your time with another asia business report. it's a friday. we start with google‘s efforts to diversify away from its main search engine business. it is beginning to pay off. alphabet said profits rose by 8% to over $5 billion. it was
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lower than we expected. i asked our reporter how the core business, google, has been performing. google is about how many ads can be put among the search results. 36% more people are clicking on the advertisements than last year. that isa advertisements than last year. that is a good sign. more people clicking on them. but as the company continues to move over to the mobile world as opposed to the desktop search engine, it is finding advertisers are willing to pay less for those advertisements. that is happening more. the amount they want to spend earning those clicks is lower than before. good signs of growth. but still unbelievably you could still say google is transitioning to mobile. and, of course, alphabet has other bets,
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apart from google. how are they faring? what we are looking out for this time is the hardware they brought out in the last year. the google phone, pixel, is lumped in with all the other stuff. there is a suggestion it is performing well, though we do not know how much. the company has grown revenue in things that do not make money in the beginning but will in the future. revenue is growing. they are only marginally beating the costs. still a big loss for the company as a whole. but the investors group is demand of lowering the costs is happening, though gradually. san francisco. and a singapore fund says it will invest in alphabet‘s
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subsidiary focussing on healthcare. alibaba is subsidiary focussing on healthcare. aliba ba is muscling subsidiary focussing on healthcare. alibaba is muscling in on the global payments industry. they are buying it for $880 million. that is part of the on line payment industry. that gives it a foothold in the multi billion dollar global remittances sector. toshiba will reveal how much ofa sector. toshiba will reveal how much of a multimillion dollar charge it will stake on its new american business. it has been reported that the hold in westinghouse nuclear enterprise could be as big as $6 billion to raise money for a spin—off. this is the core moneymaking unit. microsoft reported its results, 3.5% rise in profits. that is due to be —— the cloud. they
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have moved towards cloud services and mobile acquisitions away from its software business. us president donald trump the british prime minister theresa may to the white house later this friday. she will be the first foreign minister to meet with donald trump since he took office last week. they are expected to discuss a potential trade deal following britain's exit from the eu. we have the details. we are excited that theresa may is coming on friday. we are looking forward to it. it may not seem like it, but president donald trump and prime minister theresa may have a few things in common. the rise in power was killed by a rejection in the establishment. they are trying to create bilateral trade deals. when he talks to prime minister theresa may, he will have a great
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conversation about the potential for greater trade with the uk. the pressure is on. negotiations are imminent. kneeling down a trade agreement with the us would give theresa may a real big boost back home. but donald trump also wants to see a quick agreement. his america first rhetoric has many world leaders weary. i will be talking to donald trump about the issues that we share, about how we can build on the special relationship. it is the special relationship that allows us to say when we find things unacceptable. the fact she is the first world leader to visit the white house under a donald trump administration is perhaps a testa m e nt to administration is perhaps a testament to britain's special relationship with the united states pillar we have always had that special relationship with britain. and that reflects in the first visit here. he has had a great conversation with her. he looks forward to having her here. but we could always be closer. samira
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hussain reporting. the flying kangaroo has ta ken hussain reporting. the flying kangaroo has taken off to beijing. they are expanding their business after a record profit happening in 2016. previously, qantas had been losing billions of dollars with a three—year restructuring efforts under alan joyce having a three—year restructuring efforts under alanjoyce having a turnaround that was remarkable. we spoke in beijing about why china is a remarkable and attractive market. that has been a huge boost in the market. the amount of chinese travellers coming to australia is 110w travellers coming to australia is now up to1.2 travellers coming to australia is now up to 1.2 million a year. by 2018, it will be the largest tourism market into australia. it has more than doubled since that period. we have also seen a free trade agreement between australia and china, which has really boosted the business demand and business traffic on that route. and we have also seen a big increase in agricultural products in put —— in particular. we
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know that fresh dairy products will go even further. a bit different. we believe this is absolutely the time to come into the market to make money on this. this decision to reopen the flight route into beijing is obviously driven more by a chinese passengers coming to australia, not the other way around. is that right? the big explosion is with chinese passengers coming in. but with the free trade agreement we have seen the beijing market bring the 11th largest corporate market into australia. we served the top ten. beijing is what we do not serve. it makes sense for the australian corporate market where there is huge demand to go to beijing. chief alan joyce. he may not be a household name, but the game designer from japan, hideo
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kojima, is behind some of the most successful videogame. he invented the stealth genre still popular today. his latest game has his fans in suspense. move slowly. for decades, he made metal gear titles for the game company konami, which made millions of copies. but after splitting from them controversially in 2015, gamers across the world are wanting to find out what happens next. there have been two trailers so far about his new game, death stranding, which will be a way station exclusive. —— playstation. translation: we want this game to be something people can get into very easily. but after they pay for 1.5 hours, they will see something different. it is something they have not played before. so the motion
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capture... it is normal to stay tightlipped about upcoming projects like this. it is far too soon for people to test it. so no one can say if it will be any good. are you in the game? laughter. but the idea it is different from what has come before is no surprise to be as we visit places that have been important turning point in his history, he explains how he sees the gaming industry changing forever, with movies, games, and music, converging in different ways that the translation: things such as games and music and novels and movies, they were all meshed together into one new type of entertainment. what struck me about spending time with hideo kojima, is here is a man who has achieved everything there is to achieve in the game industry. but he said he would not retire. he is still
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passionate and energetic about technology and gaming. and he is still coming up with new ideas. and he said he has set himself the biggest challenge yet. he has changed the gaming industry once. now he wants to do it again. bbc news, tokyo. a brilliant videogame maker. the markets now. asian markets, as you can see, are quite firm, most of them. the nikkei is up by two fifths of 1%. the older in positive territory. i am rico hizon. —— the positive territory. i am rico hizon. -- the all positive territory. i am rico hizon. —— the all 0rds. goodbye for now. i'm kasia madera. the top stories this hour: the white house has said president trump may impose a tax on imports from mexico to pay for his border wall. the mexican president has cancelled a visit to washington. the british prime minister has told an audience of senior american republican party politicians that she's looking forward to talks about a new free trade agreement between britain and the united states. now, turtles being washed up on british beaches is quite unusual.
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but this one, found stranded near the menai strait, has caused a real stir. it's a critically endangered olive ridley, and it's a long way from its home on the other side of the atlantic. now it's being cared for at anglesey sea zoo, as our wales correspondent, sian lloyd, reports. an early—morning start, and another step on a journey that could eventually lead this tropical sea turtle being released back into the wild. she was driven all the way from anglesey, where she was found last november, to hertfordshire. six hours later, and the team at the royal veterinary college were preparing her. they have never seen an olive ridley before. menai is the first to be seen since 270 years ago when records began. getting a sea
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turtle into a scanning machine is no easy task. experts need to check her lungs for damage. you can see her sheu lungs for damage. you can see her shell all around. and we can see her lungs. you can see there is some black gas. that is outside her lungs. that is free gas, potentially responsible for her buoyancy problem. staff caring for her at anglesey noticed that menai was not able to keep below the water. she may be struggling to dive, but the tea m may be struggling to dive, but the team are loving her appetite, allowing her to regain weight. she isa allowing her to regain weight. she is a real character. she is eating well. she is demolishing a couple of kilos of calamari a day. and she is a real personality. she likes to see us a real personality. she likes to see us and recognises people and knows what is going on. olive ridleys can travel vast distances, but it is thought this one was taken thousands
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of miles off course by currents. now it is time for some tlc. gel is being applied to keep her warm. experts are deciding her future. being applied to keep her warm. experts are deciding herfuture. bbc news. tam dalyell, the former labour mp for west lothian, has died after a short illness. he was 8a. he'll be remembered for his persistent questioning of margaret thatcher over the sinking of the general belgrano during the falklands war, and his campaigning against other conflicts. his family said he had devoted his life to public service. don't forget, you can get in touch with me on twitter. i'm @babitabbc. lots more as always on the website. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, this is sport today,
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live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: manchester united lose on the night, but are heading to wembley. they beat hull on aggregate to reach the english league cup final. who will face roger federer in the australian open final, rafa nadal or grigor dimitrov? we hear from the two players ahead of their semi—final. and tiger woods makes his long—awaited return to the pga tour, with a round of two halves. hello, and thanks forjoining us here on sport today. we are going to kick off the show in the english league cup, where manchester united are through to the final after beating hull city over two legs in the semis. united led 2—0 from the first leg at old trafford, but tom huddlestone reduced the deficit with the opening goal


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