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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 27, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the british prime minister, theresa may, has said britain and the us should not return to what she called the failed interventionist policies of the past. president trump has called for a 20% tax. relations have plunged to an all—time low. president pena nieto cancelled his meeting with donald trump. theresa may said britain and america will no longer attempt to make the world in the image. the uk
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economy grew faster than forecast. hoping to failed downturn. how india's poorest are being hit hard. black money is where taxes go i'm paid. many families say they are unable to afford the basics. as we saw in the ft, consumers choosing to buy luxury goods at home as opposed to making overseas shopping trips. joining us is funke abimbola, senior lawyer and diversity leader. good morning. i think with -- would begin every review with donald trump
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that this is an interesting story. 20% tax on imports from mexico. it isa 20% tax on imports from mexico. it is a proposal but... this was bound to lead to a stand—off, the idea of the warand to lead to a stand—off, the idea of the war and who could blame the president, president pena nieto, from meeting president trump. it is very insulting, especially when you look at the fact that illegal immigration is at an all time low. the implications for this wall... the implications for this wall... the tax is going to hit the americans. i want to know what the americans. i want to know what the americans are going to do during the super bowl is. you love your guacamole. 80% of avocados come from mexico! i think that could backfire
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spectacularly. do you think it could get to a point that once things get more expensive, maybe even cars, food products, due you think the americans will speak... speak out... nobody likes to see it prices go up. of course they do not and relatively soon after the election was top we will watch and wait but it is not a popular move at all. effectively americans will be paying for the ball and that was not the idea. staying on donald trump and theresa may, our prime minister, the first world leader. renewing the special
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relationship and promising not to make the same mistakes we have made in the past in foreign policy and thatis in the past in foreign policy and that is a very pop. let's hope that follows through. —— valley popular. with brexit definitely going ahead, it is really important to get the us relationship right. it is in everyone's interest, especially the uk. it is a long way down the track. it is behind the scene... donald clark saying i do not have a commerce secretary but they can talk all the way but it is a long way down the track. —— donald trump. all the way but it is a long way down the track. —— donald trumpm takes time to negotiate effectively. a strong statement to be the first world leader to go there. she has prioritised this. if we miss out on
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some trade with the eu because of brexit, do you think we can trade with the us and feel that void? everything is possible if you have the right negotiating team. dynamics change all the time, of course so who knows where we will end up in a piece she has made a smart move. who knows where we will end up in a piece she has made a smart movem there any political risk aligning herself to president trump? clearly that do not see eye to eye to on a few things... they did not. sometimes opposite is a track, a very coded way of putting a personal view. there are always risks involved but at this stage she is taking a calculated risk. involved but at this stage she is taking a calculated riskli involved but at this stage she is taking a calculated risk. i was interviewing a risk analyst expert
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earlier and i was asking her the same question, do you think this special relationship is more special for us, says the australian by the way... if you look at the bargaining power, especially post— brexit, but it still does work for america as well. talking about brexit, uk growth, the economy continuing to do well. as we always say, brexit has not happened yet but those in favour using it and if it is thus that everybody predicted not happened. but these numbers were posed the referendum. we all needed to cheer herself up. it has been driven by consumer spending. lots of shopping and the retail sector doing really
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well. in a way, i do not know if i surprised but it shows how unpredictable it is. you can never be sure what the impact it will have on the economy and spending. i think we needed to cheer at herself up and thatis we needed to cheer at herself up and that is why this has happened. maybe eve ryo ne that is why this has happened. maybe everyone is in denial. talking on the uk economy, the british car manufacturing last year was the biggest in 17 years in terms of the number of cars and that is important. eight out of ten made in the uk. that is good. in the new york times, a story we have covered here but this is looking at the impact after a few weeks to get rid of some of these notes, to stop black money and corruption but it
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has hit the poorest. unfortunately, this does tend to happen in developing economies where cash is king. these are essentially cash economies. albeit this ban was for the right reasons, it will have an impact. it has a ripple effect further down in the economy, in the population. as you say, the idea is is to stop those making lots of money not paying taxes for people who have very little is struggling stop shall we move on and talk about... the ft. when beijing had this big corporate crackdown, they have been doing that in the last couple of years, because the chinese like gifts giving. luxury goods were
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booming. but then we saw a bit of a slowdown because of the crack down on corporate corruption but it is a back up again. it is an prices have been harmonised. there was a premium charged on certain luxury goods in china. it was actually more give to buy goods overseas so a number of things have come together and chinese are thinking, why not buy goods here. further global sales. thank you very much. have a good day. hello. well, while some of us were shivering on thursday, for others, for example across the north of scotland, it was remarkably mild. a day of contrasts. we are kind of getting back to normal through this weekend. most of us will turn less cold.
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a bit of a breeze, some sunshine, but there will be some rain around, too. we are losing the continental feed which brought most of us a very cold day on thursday. we are doing to start to drag air in off the atlantic, and hence that rise in temperatures for the majority. but we start the day with a hard frost, one or two freezing fog patches, and the odd shower as well, which could cause some icy stretches. it should be a dry start across wales, that fog up over the high ground, but that will be lifting, and the temperatures will be on the rise. above freezing for northern ireland, rain knocking on the door of the west of the province. a frosty start for most of scotland. and here i think it is set to be a largely dry day, with some sunshine. heading our way down, across the borders into northern england, cold with a hard frost, some freezing fog patches for sure in the morning, so watch out for those. for a time in the morning, so the risk of one or two icy stretches. but temperatures slowly rising above freezing. down across southern england and into the south—west, we should be above zero.
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a dry start, but some showery rain lies in wait out west. and this band of showery rain will start to push its way slowly eastwards, across northern ireland and into the far south—west of england, perhaps the far south—west of wales. another little area of showers pushes up across southern england through the afternoon as well. further north and east, it stays dry, but that chilly air holding on for one more day. just two degrees there in newcastle. milder, though, across many southern and western areas. as we head through the evening and night, so it gets a bit messy. there will be areas of rain pushing their way northwards and eatwards. some of that quite heavy, actually, some quite wet weather, and a period of snow up over the higher ground of scotland, in particular. but something a little bit clearer will folllow on behind. temperatures could dip late, close to freezing. but for most of us, actually, it will be a frost—free start to the weekend. saturday, then, starts with cloud and some patchy rain, continuing to move northwards and eastwards. behind that, it turns brighter, but also with some showers, and one or two of those showers
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could be wintry up over the high ground. but it will not be anything like as cold as it has been for most of us. double figures in a few southern areas. that milder theme continues into sunday. we could see an area of rain pushing into southern areas. how far north that gets is open to question. best of the brightness on sunday will be further north across the uk. milder than recently. hello. this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and steph mcgovern. theresa may becomes the first world leader to meet donald trump since he became us president. the prime minister says the two leaders can "lead the world together" but they cannot return to "failed" military interventions. we have the opportunity, indeed, the responsibility, to renew the special relationship for this new age. responsibility, to renew the special relationship for this new ageli responsibility, to renew the special relationship for this new age. i do not have my commerce secretary, they
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wa nt not have my commerce secretary, they want to talk trade. so i'll have to handle it myself. good morning. it's friday the 27th of january. also this morning:
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