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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 27, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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scoreboard if not in memories. darby sensed they could get at leicester, their confidence draining away, and their confidence draining away, and the midfielder‘s first goal of the season the midfielder‘s first goal of the season meant the championship side now lead. finding themselves in a hostile situation, leicester tried foran hostile situation, leicester tried for an escape. they tried three times but derby still clung on. they made it into the final five minutes, but then their captain but his head in. the sequel to this will have to go some to live up to the original. what a cup tie. it was a great game, great atmosphere. as i said, proud of the players to come up against the champions and perform like that. give them a good game. as i said, and other game against them. i look forward to it. it's a great tie for us. forward to it. it's a great tie for us. always we had to be concentrating, because too many times we conceded a goal. but that is the wrong way what we can do.
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only to work and to try to be more focused. there was only one game in the scottish premiership and it moved aberdeen up to second in the table after beating dundee 3—0. aberdeen captain ryanjack headed the hosts in front before niall mcginn scored the pick of the goals, putting this spectacular volley past goalkeeper scott bain. mcginn grabbed his second late on to put aberdeen a point ahead of rangers in third but still a mile off leaders celtic. arsenal will have to do without their manager arsene wenger on the touchline for their next four games. wenger has been banned after remonstrating with officials in their 2—1 premier league win over burnley. here's our sports reporter david ornstein with more. in the 92nd minute, arsene wenger was sent off and remained in the tunnel area and appeared to push the fourth official. he was subsequently charged with misconduct from the
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football association for insulting and or abusive words towards the fourth official and also improper conduct relating to that physical conduct. —— physical contact. he admitted the charge and faced in person and fa disciplinary hearing. he was charged £25,000 and given a four match ban. that means he will miss matches against southampton in the fa cup, watford at home on the sist the fa cup, watford at home on the 31st of january, chelsea away on the 4th of february and hull city at home on the 11th of february. the match he will return for is arsenal's trip to anfield to face liverpool on the 4th of march. arsenal have decided to accept this and not appeal against the decision. he can speak to his arsenal players before and after the match and at half—time and he can also communicate with the bench, so we might see finger with a —— might arsene wenger with a earpiece from the stands. there's a dream line—up
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for nostalgic tennis fans in the australian open men's final. rafael nadal will play his old rival roger federer in melbourne on sunday after nadal fought—off grigor dmitrov in an epic semi today 14 grand slam titles to his name but nothing since the french open back in 2014. with roger federer waiting in the final, rafael nadal and his many fans were hoping he too could turn back the clock. no problems in the first set. it was 6—3. but the bulgarian aiming for his first grand slam final at the age of 25 was only getting going, winning a marathon second set to square things up. this was turning into a classic. you could hardly separate the two players. nadal showed why he has played 23 semi—finals and only lost three, pushing the third set to a tie—break. a seamless set for the spaniard to triumph. just one problem. dimitrov was not giving up.
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squaring the match at two sets all, this one was going all the way. it took nearly an hour for this one was going all the way. it took nearly an hourfor him to make the breakthrough in the decider and after five hours of top quality tennis, finally a chance to rest. nadal unbelievable. for an opportunity to make history in the final with federer, he will need to. i never thought we would have the chance to be a game in a final and certainly in the best of the year. we both worked very hard to be where we are, so we both worked very hard to be where we are, so this is great. it's great that again we are in a moment like this and we have the chance to enjoy moment like this. there were three matches in rugby union's anglo welsh cup tonight, with one all—premiership clash at bath against local rivals gloucester. the honours were even at a wet recreation ground after gloucester‘s replacement scrum half ben vellacott scored a late try against their west country rivals.
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james hook made no mistake with the conversion, successfully slotting the kick to make it 17—17 on the night. elsewhere, it was a poor night for the welsh clubs with scarlets beaten at home by saracens and cardiff thrashed by sale. carl frampton is getting ready for his second showdown against leo santa cruz — keen to prove his first victory over the mexican wasn't a fluke. the northern irish boxer will fight santa cruz tomorrow night in las vegas, hoping to retain his wba world featherweight title. thomas kane is following the build—up in america's gambling capital. las vegas is the gambling capital of the world and while the stakes are high, carl frampton believes it's not too big a risk to face the leo sa nta not too big a risk to face the leo santa cruz in a rematch. the belfast boxer wants to go all in for the rest of his career with potentially huge contests on the cards. it's the biggest payday and the biggest challenge so farfor
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biggest payday and the biggest challenge so far for frampton as he aims to become the king of las vegas. i can't wait to get going now. this is the top of the boxing world, topping the bill at the mgm. not too many people from the uk and ireland get to do that and not too many featherweights get to do it, so i think me and leo are both very lucky that we are doing what we are doing. do you think you are within touching distance of becoming a superstar? well, it is a big deal, it really is. i don't like words like superstar. i think in terms of being a boxer, i'm very good and we are doing ourthing. being a boxer, i'm very good and we are doing our thing. i think the family that i have at the moment —— the fan base i have at the moment, i don't think there's another fighter in the world like that. the support he has got, they are doing him proud of the noise they will make in the arena will have a big impact. he is confident and for me it will be another barnstormer. carl frampton is in no real danger of losing this.
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he has got ice in his blood. he is the most calm guy under pressure. the more pressure, the cooler and more calm he becomes, the more composed. i believe he will win and i believe it will be another blockbuster fight. it will be so exciting. so far in his professional career, carl frampton has had 23 fights and 23 wins. but victory number 24 fights and 23 wins. but victory number24 and fights and 23 wins. but victory number 24 and the biggest stage of all would propel him to another level within the sport. the manor racing formula 1 team has folded after failing to find a buyer. they have been in administration since the beginning of the month. it employs more than 200 staff. there's a chance part of the company could still be bought but as it it leaves ten teams, 20 ca i’s but as it it leaves ten teams, 20 cars on the grid at the start of the
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season cars on the grid at the start of the season in march. jamie nicholls has become the third british snowboarder this season to finish on the podium in a world cup event. fellow briton billy morgan was fourth. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are journalist, writer and broadcaster agnes poirier and the economics editor of the independent ben chu. no prizes for guessing the story on all of tomorrow's front pages. it is the visit to america by
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theresa may. many of the papers show the picture of theresa may and double trap holding hands. many of the papers show the picture of donald trump and theresa may holding hands with the words "love at the white house." the hand holding also features on the mirror's front page which describes the meeting as something of a love—in. the guardian calls it the new special relationship and suggests theresa may has been reassured by president trump and several key issues. the telegraph refers to donald trump and theresa may as the happy couple who have shown that opposites attract. the times signals trump's praise for exit and shows him pointing at the bust of winston churchill, now reinstated in the oval office. the independent‘s headline mentions president trump's backing of brexit and the confirmation theresa may said she was given that he backs nat0100%. and the ft regards the meeting as a success, saying
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trump hands may the promise of ‘stronger‘ special relationship. the sun has its own exclusive about three students at harrow public school who are believed to have collapsed after taking ecstacy. all right. let's begin. it was almost a complete set, wasn't it? 0nly be sun broke rank with their front page. let's start with the daily mail and the head line the love in at the white house. the pictures of the handholding, the arm around the back and everything. the mood of it was fairly good or were you not really surprised at all, agnes, about this? it looks as if the british press wants us all to blush when actually all i felt was mortified. the haste in


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