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tv   The Papers  BBC News  January 27, 2017 10:40pm-11:01pm GMT

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and the ft regards the meeting as a success, saying trump hands may the promise of ‘stronger‘ special relationship. the sun has its own exclusive about three students at harrow public school who are believed to have collapsed after taking ecstacy. all right. let's begin. it was almost a complete set, wasn't it? only be sun broke rank with their front page. let's start with the daily mail and the head line the love in at the white house. the pictures of the handholding, the arm around the back and everything. the mood of it was fairly good or were you not really surprised at all, agnes, about this? it looks as if the british press wants us all to blush when actually all i felt was mortified. the haste in which theresa may, just after he was
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elected, she couldn't get to him on the phone, and actually he was very quick to meet nigel farage on the hub of the british people. now she says, thank you so much for having me so soon says, thank you so much for having me so soon at the white house and it sounds so desperate. and indeed, it's a desperate trip because there isa it's a desperate trip because there is a trade deal now because of brexit. so we had of course words about the special relationship but we've had that for decades if not centuries. i don't know. then the queen comes into it. leave the queen ‘s side. she is above all this. so don't bring having. what do you think? you say brexit but those in favour of brexit with a sensible? this is the first full week of donald trump's presidency and by any rational standard it has been a complete disaster. any hope that he would become more presidential, become more restraint have been out
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the window. talking about trade wars, insulting people, relations breaking down all over the place. pathological lying has come through. then for the british prime minister had to go here and as agnes says tries to be depressed of this man is a very high risk minibar. —— tries to be the best friend of this man. if he carried on in this vein, these pictures of theresa may holding hands with him a welder, millstone around her neck that not only have about the country will struggle to live down. do you not think you is likely tone things down during that period is today though? well, by his own standards, yes, he appeared restrained, but what does that mean? there is all this new special relationship but can we believe what he says? nope. this is one thing one day and another another day. this thing about nato. it used to be obsolete and now she, that is the biggest news today, she managed to
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say, as you told me, mr president, you told me you were backing nato 100%. but we you told me you were backing nato 10096. but we haven't heard him say this. a lot of the analysts were saying that was perhaps the most important thing that was said. the daily telegraph with the headline their hand—in—hand, the happy couple. again, the handholding has it. towards the end of the article there, that note that theresa may said that donald trump had said he was 100% behind nato and that hold nato issue has been very much a hot potato. he gave an interview to michael gove in the times a couple of weeks ago and said that nato was obsolete. picking up on a theme that he ran with very strongly in his campaign that they basically believe the countries in nato don't pay enough for their defence. theresa may have gone there and said in this press conference that you agreed in oui’ press conference that you agreed in our previous meeting that you were
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backing nato our previous meeting that you were backing nat0100% but he didn't say that himself. these words didn't come out of the mouth of the president of the united states. he had every opportunity to say, yes, i agree with that, but he didn't say that. there is a degree of false conflict being drawn that he backs nato 100% conflict being drawn that he backs nat0100% because he didn't say it. but earlier and we had a british—based republican former adviser who was saying, do you not think they discussed he was going to say what before they walked out there? that was her view, that it was all carefully stage—managed. there? that was her view, that it was all carefully stage—managedm looked quite awkward. she was really walking on eggshells and anybody in her shoes would. with donald trump, the problem is you don't believe anything he says. i'm getting the feeling that neither of you are big fa ns feeling that neither of you are big fans at this point. let me put it to you, if either —— if other european leaders had been offered to go first, they would have gone? well,
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it didn't happen. i'm not sure angela merkel would have done actually. she doesn't seem desperate, doesn't act as if she is desperate, doesn't act as if she is desperate and is not desperate. she will be on the frame to him tomorrow, so we'll francois hollande and so will vladimir putin. i do hope they don't rush to washington. they will, along with other world leaders, the heartened to hear the 100% support for nato. leaders, the heartened to hear the 10096 support for nato. and the 10096 support of brexit as well, of course. donald trump is not a normal presidency. the way he conducts himself, the people he has appointed, the whole setup is not typical and we simply do not know at this stage what a commitment from donald trump to something like nato ora donald trump to something like nato or a mexican wall, whether this actually means anything. can we trust what he says? does he even believe or understand what he's saying. we could talk about torture.
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he said he has appointed somebody who doesn't believe in torture say we will go with him, but personally as the president of the united states, i do think i believe in torture. something we have never heard before. that is something which is not normalfor the president. it is very difficult to judge him by what he says. playing devils advocate again, we are always criticising politicians for not giving their honest opinion. you could argue that at least he was being honest about it?|j could argue that at least he was being honest about it? i suppose if you wanted to burn something positive to say. i am going to struggle with you to to get that. positive to say. i am going to struggle with you to to get thatm is frightening times. it is almost comic, a lot of what is going on but it is also incredibly serious at the same time. and quite sad to see britain playing that card because it might really not get them where they wa nted might really not get them where they wanted to. time will powell on that.
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let's stay with the same story a different angle —— time will tell on that. let's move to the financial times, trump hands made the promise ofa times, trump hands made the promise of a stronger special relationship. but also talk about russia. there is to bea but also talk about russia. there is to be a phone call tomorrow between vladimir putin and donald trump. i'd love to be a fly on the wall. absolutely. i'm sure other people will be listening in, because the russian —— if the russian secret service reputation is anything to go by. this is one of the key relationships. people talk about britain and the us but russia and the us, vladimir putin and donald trump, given allthe insinuations about compromise, what they might have on donald trump himself, how is he going to behave towards russia? if he is friendly towards them, that will only add to the sense that he
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is somehow compromised. but he didn't shy away from this very interesting and quite worrying line that he has had which is that i don't know vladimir putin, i want to have a good relationship with him. when the american military and diplomatic immunity are very clear that russia is not a friend of the united states. it is a hostile power and that they do not, they think there are grave dangers is getting too close. it's like torture. the president disagrees with his generals. the big question is sanctions. to be fair to theresa may, i think she did say they are sticking with sanctions. she thought held her ground but yesterday in philadelphia she was also saying, we should have a new relationship with russia and its actually the same sound coming from the president hopeful in france. if he is elected
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he is very much in favour of changing completely different foreign policy towards russia, so it is not something we haven't heard in different parts of europe. it is something which is gradually taking ground andi something which is gradually taking ground and i see it coming with theresa may. she is trying to hold on to what is british foreign policy but it is changing. what do you think we will get out of that call oi’ think we will get out of that call or what will we be told to come out of that call? i suspect we won't be told a lot of useful information. except that it is tremendous and fantastic. we had the same thing with the mexican president. it was a great conversation, we got on really well. nothing of substance was reported and i suspect it will be a while before we find out about the bilateral relationship between trump and other world leaders. the mexican —— trump said he cancelled the meeting with the mexican president, making it sound like they both decided it wasn't happening. i mentioned it, let's get back onto it
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and go through it in real—time. brexit. this was going to be very closely looked at, what was said in a press c0 nfe re nce closely looked at, what was said in a press conference and the west, by the european press, by the european leaders. agnes, let me start with you. how do you think the other european leaders will be viewing what happened today? the thing is, what happened today? the thing is, what happened today apart from words. trump said it was the most wonderful thing that could happen to britain. but in terms of trade, do we know anything in detail? no, it might be too early. it's the first visit. but also his words towards the eu, towards the consortium, i mean, he hates the organisation that is the european union. will it have annoyed, angered, embittered foreign leaders towards the uk? yes, absolutely. article 50 haven't been
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triggered and yet theresa may, the british prime minister, is rushing, running to washington in the hope of having a trade deal with trump. trump says, yes, of course, we'll have a tremendous relationship. but it's all wind. it's all anti—dash—mac empty words. britain is still in the european union as far as we know. would the other european leaders have expected it and if the boot was on the other fit, they would have gone? expected a chronology, perhaps. you go after you have officially said, i am leaving the european union and i will therefore start negotiations. leaving the european union and i will therefore start negotiationslj think will therefore start negotiations.” think what's really interesting is that for all the handholding, trump did not come out and say, we will definitely do a quick trade deal with the uk and we will start negotiating it now. that's not what theresa may and downing street would have hoped to have come out of this. you think realistically though he
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might have said something like that? with trump, of course he might have done. you might have had to row back on it but he could have done. someone has got to him and said don't go too far on this. we have to get this through congress, we have to speak to the lobbyists in the us about what the terms of this will be. throw back a bit. i think it's interesting. they would have loved to have been able to say, trump says we will definitely do a trade deal but they didn't get that headline. with regard to the fact that he doesn't make the laws, it have to go through congress and the british can't start proper trade talks until that period has finished, in a sense, a lot of this was for show anyway? of course. it's all about holding hands, you know. i do hope he's not going to try holding hands with the queen. hopefully he will be briefed on that. i mean, this is a pantomime. isn't it? i mean, that's all you get on every single british newspaper. the ministers will be
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delighted seeing it so prominently everywhere. well, some will be, and some will share my view, i suspect, that there is perhaps a very large hostage to fortune. if trump goes down in flames, which is not inconceivable given his erratic hagarin inconceivable given his erratic hagar in this first week, this could look really bad. i don't think angela merkel would have held hands with donald trump. it was interesting, as they were walking behind the pillars, those pillars hit quite a lot. we don't know who grabbed his hand. it's like the playground. though back to the telegraph as well, as that has got an interesting angle on that. inside and on page five, prince charles talking about brexit, saying it has been given almost a possession status over other important topics, most particularly, christian persecution. he took part in this campaign about persecution in the
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middle east of questions and he was very frustrated, it seems, it seems pretty well sourced, that this wasn't picked up by the media. prince charles blamed brexit that it wasn't picked up because everyone is obsessed with that. i think it's more that the media is obsessed than the british people. one thing you can say, he has certainly right about wrong because now it is in the media and the report is being talked about and he has got exposure for it, so good for him. it is a little talked about subject, the persecution of christians, and it has been said for years, so good on him to actually push it almost to the front page. just briefly if you would, this is just the front page. just briefly if you would, this isjust the the front page. just briefly if you would, this is just the start, the front page. just briefly if you would, this isjust the start, is it not? the start of constant headlines about brexit over the next two or so yea rs. about brexit over the next two or so years. 0h, about brexit over the next two or so years. oh, yes, we have had it long enough and it will go on for as long as the can see. what next with the
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trump written relationship? obviously you two are deeply peta miss —— pessimistic about it. do you see the wheels falling off in the next few days or weeks? well, they will bid. it's a bit like brexit, it's almost worse than brexit, because it concentrates all your attention. if only we could focus on something else. well, there we must leave it. thank you very much indeed. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, 7 days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it a big thank you to agnes and to ben. goodbye. good evening. the gradual progression towards milder weather has started. but we still had some
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freezing fog and some ice around into this afternoon. plenty of sunshine around as well, further north across scotland, not as abundant as it was yesterday. we had some briefly in suffolk as well but what will dominate the next few days is how much milder it will be. loss best —— less frosty as we are losing best —— less frosty as we are losing be cold continental air and moving toa be cold continental air and moving to a southerly wind filling in the mild atlantic air. there has been a lot of cloud and where the cold air is digging in across the northeast, we are likely to continue to see some of this rain turning to snow over the hills and then falling onto frozen services potentially. it could be icy out and about first thing on saturday morning in parts of scotland, northern ireland and northern areas. further south, a dell, damp and great start. the rain taking a while to beat east anglia and the south—east. as it pushes eastwards, we get brighter skies pushing in behind. it does look
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brighter here come the afternoon. a few showers will still follow one on the brisk breeze. not particularly mild and it will still feel quite cool further east under the cloud, because it could take until dusk for that to cloud away. it is that east—west split also across scotland with brighter skies towards the west and still some wintering winners over the hills. it is not that mild airjust yet. over the hills. it is not that mild air just yet. the over the hills. it is not that mild airjust yet. the showers continue into saturday evening and then this is the big?, the headache for sunday. how far north will that rain come? it looks as though scotland away from the west of scotland should stay mostly —— mostly dry, but it looks like some of the heaviest rain could move up the western side of the uk into northern ireland and if we follow their progress of that rain through the afternoon, it pushes its way northern and eastwards. it doesn't look particularly heavy in the east but it will be for many of us, the first damp day for some time. again
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for scotland, mostly dry. not especially warm. it may reach double figures. next week will stay and settled with bands of rain and strong winds at times. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00. welcome to the white house. theresa may becomes the first overseas leader to hold face—to—face talks with president trump. trade was top of the agenda, as well as strengthening the special relationship between the uk and the us. a free and independent britain is a
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blessing to the world and our relationship has never been stronger. i am convinced that a trade deal between the us and the uk is in the national interest of both can trees and will cement the special relationship that exists between us. president trump also said he'll visit the uk later this year as both leaders look to rekindle the special relationship. also in the next hour, the two men jailed for 12 years after a tipper—truck killed four people.
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