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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 29, 2017 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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in terms of british forgotten. in terms of british citizens with dual nationality, it is clearly potentially extremely distressing, isn't it? of course, i have one who is a member of the foreign affairs select committee, born in iraq dual citizen, two sons at princeton university and he can't visit them. the same position applies to his wife as well, and thatis applies to his wife as well, and that is just a rather obvious demonstration of the ludicrousness ofa demonstration of the ludicrousness of a blanket policy like this brought in without proper consideration. what influenced you think theresa may or anyone else in this country could have? this was announced just a few hours after she left washington. you wonder whether she had any inkling or was given any indication this was about to be announced when she was there.|j shouldn't think so. it is obviously a matter of us domestic policy and
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has rather dramatic international implications, not least for the united states' upholding of international law, such as the 1951 refugee convention, but i would be astonished if this had been discussed between the prime minister and the president, and this would have come as much of a surprise to her once she was in the air flying to turkey as it has to the rest of us. to turkey as it has to the rest of us. thank you for being with us. that's catch up with the weather. today the weather across scotland has been beautiful. some sunshine around, but for many of us it is a rare and cloudy and rainy day. the week ahead will bring further spells of rain and possibly very windy weather as well towards the end of the week. in the short—term most of it heavier rain is pushing towards
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the east, and behind it a legacy of thick cloud and some drizzle. big temperature contrasts, 10 celsius in plymouth, could be as low as —10 in the glens of scotland, but most of the glens of scotland, but most of the towns and cities around freezing arejust the towns and cities around freezing are just below. tomorrow, the towns and cities around freezing arejust below. tomorrow, a band of rain comes in, lots of grey cloud across england and wales. but the far north—east of england and most of scotla nd far north—east of england and most of scotland some sunshine once again. once again a contrast in the temperatures. wednesday will be the better day of the week. some sunshine around so we will get a bit of brightness. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: theresa may orders ministers to speak to their us counterparts about the implications of president trump's travel bans following his new immigration measures. foreign secretary borisjohnson has
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called for exemptions to be made for britons with dual nationality. opposition leaders jeremy corbyn and tim farron have called for the president's planned state visit to the uk later this year to be cancelled unless the travel ban is lifted. and an online petition against president trump's visit has gained more than half a million supporters. the petition will now be considered for debate by mps in parliament. us military have carried out a raid in the yemen against al-qaeda fighters. officials have said that around 1a militants were killed and a number of civilians. in a statement mr trump said the attack was "important in preventing terrorism". polls have just closed for the socialist primary in france. more than a million people turned out to vote for the socialist candidate for the upcoming presidential election. now it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jessica creighton. coming up: sutton stun leeds. the non—league side beat a team 83 league places above them to reach the fifth round of the fa cup. roger rolls back the years. federer triumphs at the australian open, five years after his last major title. and england are denied a t20 series win over india, as the second match goes down to the wire. good evening. all of that to come, plus reaction to carl frampton's title loss, and england six nations injury news. but let's start with football, where
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the fa cup shocks have continued today. two non—league teams are through to the last 16 of the fa cup, for the first time in its history. yesterday we saw lincoln city march past brighton, and today sutton united swept past leeds. sutton captainjamie collins was the difference, scoring early in the second half from the penalty spot. leeds are currently fourth in the championship, sutton play in the national league — 83 places below. the fifth round draw is tomorrow evening. we were due to play lincoln on saturday the 18th, that got called off last night because lincoln got through. we have got through today, you can almost guarantee we will draw lincoln on the 18th as we should have played them and you will get a non—league team in the quarterfinal. that will never happen again. the competition threw up a few more surprises, with two premier league
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teams being knocked out. championship side fulham beat hull city 4—1 at craven cottage, and millwall won 1—0 at home to watford. jim lumsden reports. the den isn't an easy place to win a battle. last week, developers looked to have had their proposals shelved, now it was watford whose plans came under scrutiny and their defence was picked apart after a few seconds. what a start that would have been! the premier league side are a0 places above their south london opposition but their opportunities were few. millwall sprung a surprise by beating bournemouth in the last round, and another shock began to look likely. with a few minutes remaining, they were in the fifth round as steve morrison sent his side through. watford joined the ranks of those who recently found it doesn't pay to mess with millwall. across london, another premier league side were to be punished for putting out a weakened team as hull fell foul of fullham. the championship side
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went ahead after quarter of an hour. hull proceeded to fall apart. two more goals made it 4—1 but that was half the story. hull looked to have a possible escape routes when they were awarded a penalty. but on what had become a chastening day for hernandez and his hull team—mates, fulham were rescued again. so that makes manchester united the only premier league side to make it through to the fifth round today. they made light work of wigan at old trafford, a—nil, it finished. nick parrott was watching. from one legend to another. the mantle of manchester united top scorer was passed from sir bobby charlton to wayne rooney before kick—off. the club captain says finding
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the back of the net is like playing football under water, and when you score you come up for air and can hear the crowd. but for much of the first half it was wigan making the noise. they might be fighting the threat of relegation in the championship, but they were getting close to breaking through the surface at old trafford. wayne rooney appeared to be drowning, losing challenges you would expect him to win. his team—mates were not doing any better either. chances presented themselves, but they could not hit the target. until just before half—time when marouane fellaini struck. it was only his second goal of the season, but enough for everyone in red to breathe a sigh of relief. that boosted the cup holders as they dominated moment chris smalling doubled the lead. wayne rooney was not able to find the net but was able to play a role in the final goal, bastian schweinsteiger marking only his third start in the season.
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manchester united are in the efl cup final next month, and will be hoping to make a return in may. we deserved to win. the first half was not very good, but we deserved to be1—0 in was not very good, but we deserved to be 1—0 in front. we spoke on the second—half about changing things in the za namivir the boys second—half about changing things in the zanamivir the boys responded to and well. the second half was much better, thejob and well. the second half was much better, the job was done and we are in the last 16. celtic have extended their unbeaten domestic run to a record 27 matches by beating hearts 4—0 in the scottish premiership. callum mcgregor opened the scoring with the pick of the game's goals at celtic park. they had to wait until the second half for another with scott sinclair netting twice and patrick roberts also getting in on the act. the win broke the 50—year—old record set by celtic‘s lisbon lions team. west ham's dmitri payet looks set to rejoin his old club marseille, after both clubs agreed a 25 million pound fee.
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payet signed a new contract with west ham in february last year, but has faulted this season, with manager slaven bilic saying payet no longer wanted to play for the club. roger federer turned back the clock, winning his 18th grand slam title with a five—set victory over rafa nadal, in the australian open final. at 35 years old, it's been five long years since he won his last major title. tim hague has more. roger federer and rafa nadal, a match—up made in tennis heaven and a final no one could have predicted, yet everyone wanted to see. and this, with 31 majors between them, lived up to expectations. back and forth, like two prized fighters. federer struck the first blow, but nadal, like his opponent, is a man winding back the clock. he didn't disappear. relentless and ruthless in equal measure, and this match was level.
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but not for long. the 17—time grand slam champion produced some scintillating stuff in the third set, taking on nadal and beating him easily, 6—1. and while the contest was as engaging as ever, so were they. a peculiar point to pop the question. yet it didn't distract the spaniard. in the bullring and taking the set by the horns. you can only applaud play like that. it meant we inevitably went to a fifth and final decider. there were so many break points, three of them executed, two in favour of federer. an 18th grand slam title for a 35—year—old many think is the greatest. after this, it would be hard to disagree. tim hague, bbc news. i don't think either one of us believed we would be in the finals of australia when we saw each other at the academy five months ago, and here we stand in the finals.
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at the academy five months ago, and tennis is a tough sport, there's no draws, but if there was going to be one i would be happy to accept a draw tonight and share it with rafa. the t20 series between england and india will go to a decider, after india won a thrilling second match by five runs, to level the three—match series. it went right down to the last ball, as drew savage reports. it's not been the most successful of tours, but england had an excellent chance to finish it on the right note. winning the toss and deciding to bowl looks like a good decision, captain virat kohli removed early on. but on a pitch that wasn't giving a lot away, some hefty hitting kept india in the game. 71 offjust 47 balls. england took three wickets in the 20th over, including
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a third forjordan. a victory target of 135 looked reachable. this was a bowler‘s game, england were slowed down, ben stokes swung away but missed almost as many as he hit, england needed eight from the last over. exit root and jos buttler. england needed six off the last ball, and you cannot deny india deserved to take the series to a decider. england winger anthony watson will miss the six nations games against france and wales, because of a hamstring injury. the bath player will be out for three to four weeks, with grand slam winners england beginning their title defence at twickenham next saturday. carl frampton says he feels like he's let down his fans, after suffering his first professional loss against leo santa cruz. frampton lost to the mexican fighter on points, and relinquishes his wba featherweight title. reporter thomas kane is in las vegas.
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it was another thrilling contest between these two top—class fighters. frampton was gracious in defeat admitting he felt his opponent deserved the victory. straightaway the focus turned to another immediate rematch with the belfast boxer believing the bout should take place this summer in his home city. obviously i'm very disappointed. it was a good fight. i think mainly we've had 2a rounds of each other and they have all been pretty competitive. it is 1—1 now, so if i'm going to look at any positive out of this, we have to make it a trilogy. it has to happen again. leo is a tremendous fighter, congratulations to the new champion, and hopefully he can do it again. i feel like i have come to the states twice now and leo has said he would do it in belfast a third time. i hope he's a man of his word, he can come
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and stay at my house if he wants and we can get it on for a third time. leo, would you be willing to come to belfast? of course, i am a man of my word. it would be inconvenient for me to go to belfast but i am a man of my word. i respect carl frampton and if it is up to mei will go but it is up to my promoter and my manager and they have to come to an agreement. if i say yes, they will make me go, if it was up to me i would. do you see that as your next fight, doing it straightaway? hopefully. we have had two fights already, they were both pretty close and everything so we will make it a third time and give the fans a good fight. this featherweight rivalry has captured the imagination of the


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