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tv   World News Today  BBC News  January 29, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. political and legal opposition is growing in the united states to president trump's restrict immigration. the british prime minister tells her ministers to raise concerns with their american counterparts about the us travel ban. the socialist party in france has chosen a politician from the left to be its candidate in this year's presidential election. and a sweet moment for roger federer. he wins an epic five—set match to claim his 18th grand slam at the australian open. 16 us state attorneys general — some of the country's chief legal advisors — have condemned an executive order
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from president trump restricting immigration from seven mainly muslim countries. they say the move is unconstitutional, un—american and unlawful. the attorneys general said in a joint statement they were confident the order would be struck down by the courts. one federal judge has temporarily halted meanwhile, there's been more anger and consternation around the world. the german chancellor angela merkel who has said the fight against terrorism does notjustify putting people from specific backgrounds or faiths under general suspicion. the mayor of london — sadiq khan, has called the ban on refugees and immigrants from certain countries "shameful and cruel". it's not all critical though. the right—wing populist dutch politician geert wilders tweeted: "no more immigration from any islamic country is "exactly what we need." at home, the administration has has downplayed a court ruling which temporarily rules out deporting people who have already arrived, saying it only applies to a small number of people. meanwhile, angry protests continue
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around the country. protest is becoming a permanent feature of the trump presidency. and atjfk airport last night the demonstrations lasted deep into the early hours. "let them in", they chanted. new york has always been the great gateway into america. the protesters believe the executive order flies in the face of us values. it's an attack. it's an attack! on the very foundation of democracy. demonstrations took place across the country, these are scenes in boston as a us senator defied the us president. i cannot believe this is happening. i knew donald trump would be bad but, boy, not this bad and not this fast. at this courthouse in brooklyn came a late night legal challenge and civil liberties lawyers emerged
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claiming a victory. as the federaljudge temporarily blocked part of the executive order. if president trump enacts laws or executive orders that are unconstitutional, and illegal, the courts are there to defend everyone‘s rights. what started as a protest outside this courthouse in brooklyn has now become a celebration. cheering at the arrivals hall at dallas airport outside washington, the joy of reunion. a muslim woman from iraq finally making it back into the country. all of a sudden i get a call telling me they are detaining my wife who is a green card holder, legal resident in this country. but, despite the court ruling and others making it through immigration, the department of homeland security said it would continue to enforce the executive order. prior to the court ruling, president trump expressed satisfaction about how his ban was being implemented. it's working out very
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nicely and we are going to have a very, very strict ban and extreme vetting which we should have had in this country for many years. and this morning he doubled down on twitter. these syrians thought their us visas offered them the chance of a new life. but this christian family of eight was refused entry at philadelphia airport and forced to fly back to beirut. translation: my son has been in america three years, and they did not even let me call him. there's no humanity. they'd spent all their money on the plane tickets and seen their american dreams eradicated with the stroke of a pen. nick bryant, bbc news, new york. we can go live to new york.
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protesters against this executive order that was signed on friday and we have seen a weekend of protests with increasing numbers of voices from across the political and legal spectrum coming out against these new restrictions. we can speak to oui’ new restrictions. we can speak to our correspondent atjfk airport. just tell us what you have seen this how people are being affected by this executive order. there is a growing number of protesters who have come here to demonstrate against what they see as president from's muslim ban, but inside the terminal more than 20 people have been detained since this order was signed on friday. among them relatives of people who are active members of the us military, who have
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come here to protest at the treatment of their relatives. there was also someone treatment of their relatives. there was also someone who had worked for the united states military in iraq who was detained and then released, a yemeni grandmother with diabetes, an elderly somali man who was met by his son. these are the kinds of people who have been caught up in this and there are about a0 volunteer this and there are about a0 volu nteer lawyers this and there are about a0 volunteer lawyers inside terminal four, many of them work for corporate law firms but they have come here to volunteer their services to provide legal representation for those detained and as of now, there are six people detained. i don't know whether you have seen the foreign office statement here. it basically has clarified that the order does not necessarily affect those coming from the uk. in practical terms, we are
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hearing all sorts of stories of people travelling from different parts of the world, is there any sense of clarity about what officials should be following?m sense of clarity about what officials should be following? it is com pletely officials should be following? it is completely confused. amongst those detained are people who are legal, permanent residence of the united states, green card holders. they have mostly been iranian americans who have been abroad for a variety of reasons. one is a student here on rhode island and she returned here and was detained. the administration already on talk shows walking back and saying this is not supposed to apply to holders of green cards. in the uk, there has been a lot of reaction to the migrant ban and there is a petition on the
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parliament website saying president trump should not be allowed the privilege of a state visit when he comes to the uk because it would embarrass the queen. in less than a date it has gained nearly 700,000 signatures meaning it could be considered for a debate in parliament. in the last hour, the latest advice from the british foreign office is that the us presidential executive order only applies to individuals travelling from one of the seven named countries and not if they are uk or dual—uk nationals. to get more clarification on this statement, we'rejoined by our correspondent, richard lister. we have had a lot of coverage today of mo farah and also a british mp. this clarification, does it make things clear because it seems to be contrary to what we have heard? things clear because it seems to be contrary to what we have heard ?m
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is certainly good news for mo farah, but basically the foreign and commonwealth office has put on its website a statement saying the foreign secretary has had conversations with the us government and they can clarify that anybody who is a uk national who happens to be travelling from one of the seven countries targeted by this executive order, anybody who is doing that who isa uk order, anybody who is doing that who is a uk national, and the order does not apply to you even if you were born in one of those countries so uk nationals seem to be given a pass. if you are a dealer citizens of one of those countries, travelling to the us from outside those countries, the us from outside those countries, the order does not apply to you. mo farah isa the order does not apply to you. mo farah is a dual nationality somali citizen. he is training in ethiopian and he was concerned he would not get back to the us which is
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currently his home base. his family are there but if the foreign office is to be believed, he will be able to do that because he is not travelling to the us from one of those countries affected. what about those countries affected. what about those who have come from one of the countries named, but if they come to london for a night, and start a fresh journey, will they not be affected 7 fresh journey, will they not be affected? there was the case of an iraqifamily affected? there was the case of an iraqi family who travelled through cairo. they were turned back. they could argue, according to this advice, that they were travelling from cairo but theirjourney originated in iraq and so therefore they were turned back. the real problem is there is not a great deal of clarity about how these rules are being interpreted around the world and even the trump administration
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seems to be backtracking that it said earlier this week. again we are seeking clarification from the white house. that will come in the next few hours hopefully. do stay with us. few hours hopefully. do stay with us. more ahead. the socialist party in france makes is choice but does he stand a chance in the presidential election? political and legal opposition is growing in the united states to president trump's order to prevent the entry of refugees and citizens of seven muslim countries. and the british government has been talking about british exemptions to the travel ban. a former education minister, benoit hamon, has won sunday's run—off to be the french socialist party's presidential candidate.
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the hard left politician was comfortably beating his rival the former prime minister, manuel valls, who conceded before the final tally was completed. with 60% of votes counted, mr benoit had just over 58% to mr valls ai%. philippe marliere is a lecturer in french and european politics at university college, london. hejoins me in the studio. tell us about benoit hamon and does he have a chance to become president? it is a mountain to climb because they are so behind in the polls of the socialist party which reflects how popular the government has been. this victory might turn a little bit the game, but also it will vitalise the left which has been clearly nonexistent and in disarray. i think his chance is to do that, try to unify the different
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segments of the left. first of all, his own party, which will not be easy because the right—wing might be tempted to look to the centre with the other candidates, but also on the other candidates, but also on the left of the socialist party, there is another candidate who is ahead. a difficult task for him to unify the left, make sure it does not lose too many votes in the centre. but at least the socialist party gives itself a chance to at least not to get a crushing defeat. the fear of all moderates is that a le pen victory. i don't think it will impact much on her eventual victory as you say. i think you would have to look at phil on who is
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in trouble for other reasons. it is an incredible race, full of upsets and surprises. he is accused of various things to do with his wife. this antiestablishment mood that we are seeing all over the world, how does this play into having a new, very left wing leaderfor does this play into having a new, very left wing leader for the socialist, very right wing popular leader. the main party, centre left, centre right... don't inspire confidence and are not supported. mac ron is doing well but he is a lonely man. he does not have a proper party behind him. he tries to get votes from the centre—left but he is in the centre so he will not
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make it to the second round. benoit hamon‘s victory changes the situation. at least there is someone to represent the values of the left, something a number of voters, those who voted for francois hollande had the lowest hope in this party. i think they can come back and support this party. thank you. a us specialforces raid against al qaeda in yemen, authorised by president trump, has killed at least fourteen militants and one us serviceman. the raid targeted the houses of three tribal chiefs linked to al-qaeda in al baida province. in myanmar, a leading member of the governing national league for democracy has been shot dead at yangon airport. ko ni, was a prominent muslim member of aung san suu kyi's party. a suspect has been detained but there's no further information on his identity or motivation. reports say 25 chinese nationals on board
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a missing malaysian boat have been found alive. but as many as six people are still missing. malaysian naval ships and an aircraft have been searching for the vessel in a large sea area off the coast of borneo. hundreds of protesters are still demonstrating against those new orders, that executive order from president trump on trying to restrict migration. we have heard about the kind of international condemnation that this refugee ban is attracting. what will be long—term consequences be on us foreign relations? first of all, we are seeing massive opposition, the
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attorneys general saying this is unconstitutional. will this policyholder? president trumpeted is determined to implement the policy u nless determined to implement the policy unless republican senators organise against it, there is little difference protests can make but there is clearly outraged across the country not only to this but to others in the past week. what will be the impact on foreign relations with other countries we have seen? there is immense concerned that this will backfire and radicalised opposition? this order invites violence targeting us citizens, us interests. clearly the world is appalled at the islamophobia that is behind this executive order and there's a real risk of a violent backlash against the united states. why has saudi, qatar and other sunni
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states, citizens of those countries have been involved in radicalisation, why have they not been involved? it is curious. those happen to be countries where trump has business interests. i wonder if there is any link. when you say this is going to have a", some will say president trump is saying, voicing a concern that many have around the world which is about security and he is taking action that is going to be popular. it is legitimate to have security concerns, but this idea of extreme betting is not new. prior to the executive action, the vetting process was very intense. it would ta ke process was very intense. it would
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take an applicant to come here under the asylum programme or as a refugee 18-2a the asylum programme or as a refugee 18—2a months to be approved. it is nothing new that can be done on the betting side. what is being done here is security is being used as an excuse to justify chauvinism and islamophobia. how do you think it will in practical terms, have impacts on big countries like iran? seven countries listed here. we are hearing that canada will provide temporary shelter to people stranded asa temporary shelter to people stranded as a result of the tops order but a number of countries, how will it affect direct relations with the us? these countries will take reciprocal measures. iran has said that if nationals are not able to travel to the us, they will do similar. this
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is going to have a ripple effect across. . . is going to have a ripple effect across... sorry, they sound just breaking up. but thank you for speaking to us. let's move on and catch up with some of the sport now. big day in tennis. roger federer says he had never thought he would make it back to a grand slam final but he has picked up his 18th title. he spent the past six months on the sidelines with injury but he ove rca m e sidelines with injury but he overcame rafa nadal in a thrilling final. i don't think either one of us final. i don't think either one of us believed we would be in the final was when we saw each other at the academy five, four months ago and here we stand in the finals. tennis
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isa here we stand in the finals. tennis is a tough sport, there are no draws but if there was one, i would be happy to accept one tonight and accept it with rafa. it could not happen here, but it can happen on clay if i am able to play like this, hold matches like this and recover well... opponents will not get that many free points and i am playing solely from the baseline, if i make that happen, i think i can have success on that happen, i think i can have success on hard courts. three more shocks in the english fa cup on sunday. but manchester united are through to the last 16 after they beat wigan a—0. marouane fellaini got the first forjose mourinho's side — the manager made nine changes for this match.
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chris smalling made it 2—0 following a cross from anthony martial, who set up henrikh mkhitaryan to tap in the third. but the big story coming out of old trafford was bastian schweinsteiger who marked his first manchester united start for a year with a goal and an assist in a convincing win. we deserved to win. the first half was not very good but we managed to be won— zero in front and then at half—time we spoke about changing a few things, the boys accepted it well and the second half was much better. we deserved to win, the job was done and we are in the last 16. championship side fulham pulled off an upset as they thrashed hull city at craven cottage to progress to the fifth round. afterwards the hull boss marco silva said fulham deserved to win the game — we have a lot of problems to solve with our team playing a lot of games in a row. confirmation there of those results.
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sutton united — a non—league club — have beaten leeds united. watford were also beaten i—0 away at millwall. ghana are through to the semi—finals of the africa cup of nations... the black stars beat dr congo thanks to a late penalty from andre ayew. andre's brotherjordan had opened the scoring before dr congo equalised. 2—i it finished. ghana will now face cameroon in the semi—finals. egypt beat morocco i—0. those semi—finals on wednesday and thursday next week. leo santa cruz beat carl frampton to win the wba featherweight title fight. it was a rematch of their bout from last year which frampton won on points. frampton said he was surprised by
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leo's ability to box on the back foot. he won on two rounds on two of thejudges foot. he won on two rounds on two of the judges scorecards. frampton foot. he won on two rounds on two of thejudges scorecards. frampton is adamant that next time round he wa nts to adamant that next time round he wants to fight in belfast because his fans have now travelled here to the usa three times in a row but the pull of the casinos and the money here in vegas means that those negotiations for the trilogy fight might be as feverish as the contest we saw here. that is it for the programme. goodbye. the weather was very split today.
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sunshine across scotland, heavy rain in the south. the week ahead very u nsettled. in the south. the week ahead very unsettled. potentially turning very windy towards the end of the week. lots of weather fronts and areas of low pressure starting to develop out on the atlantic. the clouds are racing our way. one area of rain clears away, tonight we have another one heading in our direction and reaching cornwall by the morning. scotla nd reaching cornwall by the morning. scotland a different story, clear skies here and a sharp frost. down south it will be mild, at the very least cloudy first thing in the morning. not a lot of brightness and the further north you go, the drier it is and by cumbria, northwards through the lowlands of scotland,
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very frosty start here. freezing fog in one or two spots and possibly i see as well. through the morning, into the afternoon, that rain moves across and that means another great, drizzly day. eastern areas, particularly scotland and the north—east some sunshine. i'll fast cloudy with spots of rain. this mass of cloud and rain and drizzle hangs around into monday evening, but northern areas staying dry. tuesday, rain anywhere across the uk coming and going. patchy, western areas could brighten up a little bit later on. and milder, 10 degrees in belfast, ten across yorkshire. wednesday we are between weather systems and it brightens up. a large chunk of the uk should have a bright if not sunny wednesday and then on
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thursday, low—pressure approaches. the winds will start to increase, that will push in a weather front and some rain. mild, ten even as far north as newcastle and glasgow and then saturday, very windy potentially. the latest headlines from bbc news. as protests take place against presidentjohn's executive order restricting immigration from seven mainly muslim countries, legal advisers in 16 states have condemned it as unconstitutional, an american and illegal. there has been criticism internationally of the move. iran described it as a gift to extremists and their supporters. the british minister has told her ministers to raise concerns with their us counterparts. the former education minister has become the socialist party of france's
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candidate for president. his rival conceded before the final tally was revealed. roger federer has won his eating to grand slam
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