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tv   The Papers  BBC News  January 29, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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eastern areas, scotland sort of day. eastern areas, scotland and the north of england, spells of brightness. this mass of cloud and rain and drizzle hangs around into monday evening but northern area staying dry. tuesday, rain anywhere gci’oss staying dry. tuesday, rain anywhere across the uk. very patchy, certainly western areas could brighten up a little bit later on. so maybe some late sunshine in our fast and milder, ten degrees in belfast, yorkshire. wednesday, morning rain and then it brightens up. a large chunk of the uk should have a bright if not sunny wednesday and then thursday, low—pressure approaches. the winds will start to increase, he will certainly feel that across western areas, that will push ina that across western areas, that will push in a weather front and some rain. mild and then friday,
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saturday, very windy potentially. good evening. you are watching bbc news. we will be taking a look at the newspapers in just news. we will be taking a look at the newspapers injust a moment with my guests. we will go through the front pages. first, the headlines. the foreign office says uk nationals should not be banned from travelling to the united states, even if they hold dual nationality with one of the seven countries president trump as this travel restrictions on. the government says passengers might face extra checks if they are flying from one of the mainly muslim countries. huge crowds gathered outside the white house to protest the travel ban. leading republican senators have said the order could help extremist recruitment and 16 state attorney generals had said restrictions are unconstitutional. an online petition against the travel that the group planned state visit by donald trump has gained more than 700 supporters. the petition will be considered for
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debate by mps. petition will be considered for debate by mp5. the united states military says a raid against al-qaeda in yemen, authorised the president trump, has killed 1a militants. local sources say at least a dozen civilians have been killed. the former french premised has been defeated in the race to be france's socialist candidate. my guests and made the offer is chris cleave, whose book, everyone agrees for giving takes us back to the london of the blitz when they still didn't know he would win the war. welcome to our look ahead at what was in the papers tomorrow. jackie france's and tom bergen are with me.
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thanks so much for being with us. that shows what we have got of the front pages. the financial times saying president trump remains defiant over that controversial travel ban as protests and legal challenges mount. the times says the white house has backed down over dual nationality britons and the telegraph says borrowing johnson, the foreign secretary, has received streams is that the vast majority of british citizens will be exempt from the ban. the picture is of sir mo farah, who has been told he can return the united states. the olympic champion coded in the daily star saying he fears for his family who all live in america. stop trump state visit is the metro red line. more than 700,000 people signing the online petition calling on the government to stop the trip later this year. according to the express, a drug to traverse all summers could be just years away. only one place
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to start and that is with the donald trump travel ban. let's look at the financial times. trump defined as protests mount over extreme setting travel ban and there have been a lot of protests. he is doing what he said he would do. for him, it is a no brain. we might be sued —— we might be surprised that people thought he would do otherwise. saudi arabia is not on the list. we know that most of the people who are involved in the 9—11 hijackings were from saudi arabia. what that means is that most of the us citizens who have been killed in terror attacks involved saudi citizens, they are not on the list. that could be because there are certain real politic issues with saudi arabia. it
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is not as simple as just banning muslims. the issue is if it is not that simple, is this measure too simple? there could be a blowback, which they are concerned about coming from saudi arabia and other countries. should we be surprised question talk a lot about banning muslims and so on? absolutely not. one thing, in his short time as president, he has shown is, if he said it, on the campaign trail, he ain't it. that is what is frightening, because most people thought once he got into the oval office, he would somehow be tempered, the actual office, the status of being president, would change. he is saying donald is donald. i said i would do it and i have done it. it has taken many americans and a lot of officials there by surprise. the new york
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times is writing there was confusion amongst officials. airlines were not certain as to who to stop. it was done quite quickly. let's talk about the british angle. we gather that whitehall, the foreign office, the home office have been scrambling to work out what it means for british citizens. what is your understanding question to interpret it for us. the jury question to interpret it for us. the jury telegraph front page is boris keeps united states open to britons. as faras we keeps united states open to britons. as far as we can tell, boris has had a word with somebody and he is saying that if you are a british citizen, you are ok. if you are travelling to the us from anywhere other than those countries, for example, the uk, it doesn't apply to you. we were a bit confused because we we re you. we were a bit confused because we were thinking, if i am a somali, travelling from the uk to america, that doesn't apply to me? it doesn't
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make sense. the guidance of my collea g u es make sense. the guidance of my colleagues in cairo have gone to the airport there, that is not what is happening there. people are not being allowed to fights. unless you are coming physically from one of those countries you are safe, but is what the foreign office is saying, does not fit the facts on the ground. the issue is, if it is your life and you have a life in america and you are tempted to visit family in iraq, it might be the end of your life in america. he have to have a higher level of certainty. businesses around the world, there will be shock. if you have somebody working for you who is abroad and from one of those countries, are they going to be able to get back into the country? back into america for work on monday morning? above the knot. the telegraph feature sir mo farah. he has been saying the queen made him sir mo farah and
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donald trump is bit of an alien, which is a memorable message. he encapsulates the difficulties that many people like him are facing. the uncertainty. lots of people have international lives these days, especially people we see in newspapers and read about, sports stars, they train in one country was coming from another country. big companies, tech companies, rely a lot on foreign employees because they like to recruit the smartest people from around the world. they are telling your staff do not go home until you know what the situation is. it is all very well one person getting the all clear, you cannot do it one by one, millions are affected. just think of all the students. the students studying in america who went home and who are coming back for the new semester. are they are certain they can get back into america, ready for university? we do come back to the
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fa ct university? we do come back to the fact he is a democratically elected president and this, as we said, is not a surprise. this is what the people who voted for him, maybe not exactly, but the kind of thing people who voted for him voted for. absolutely. they are in heaven. they are seeing, right before their eyes, exactly what they wanted to see which is that he said it and he has done it. he said it is making america stronger and he said the world is a horrible mess. did he mean from when he signed it on friday or hasn't always a mess?‘ lot of people said it is unconstitutional. that isn't necessarily true, the president has a lot of legal leeway, even if it appears to be prejudiced against certain religions. the accusation he is doing something unlawful, that has not been proven whatsoever and
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it seems uncertain. this was the decision of the people. there is a question about the effectiveness and terrorism is a difficult thing to study. it is not studied as much as it should be. what is consistent in most strategies is the hearts and minds issue. this potentially does cause problems in that area. there are is not a war on terrorism and immoral, it has become a war on muslims. should donald trump come to the uk for this visit? this online petition, every time we should it has gotten more signatures, more than 700,000, heading toward 100,000. will that make any difference? i don't think it does. when it comes to the queen and the people she has met over korean, in terms of dislike and petitions, donald isn't even close, i don't think. once it has officially been
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announced there will be a visit, because it takes place. i said earlier, even if we snubbed him, it will be in such a particularly british weight that he might not notice he is being snubbed. it will go ahead. presumably there will be demonstrations and protests and so on as there have been in america?” am sure there will be and he will tweet about that because he has incredibly thin skin. when i think of it years the obama 's had to put up of it years the obama 's had to put up with what they did and he is president for five days and he is complaining about all the press not liking him, it is like, suck it up a donald, you have four more years to go. conceivably yet more years. now, now. do you think the visit should go ahead because we had theresa may in washington, is not important talk
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about trade and post brexit and so one? we have to find our way in the world. it is difficult to think of a realistic basis at present on which you would deny him entry were not seek to do business with them.” think that what is interesting, especially for the leadership, what happened today, or over the weekend, isa sign happened today, or over the weekend, is a sign of the risks for theresa may of having him here. looking at images of theresa may in washington, there was a lack of fear on her face, worried about what he might say and what position... he held her hand. imagine if he announced this at the podium when he was with. if he comes and mixed statements, you can makea he comes and mixed statements, you can make a statement which would be embarrassing for the british government. there is a risk for them. i don't think there is a risk he would come but it does bring political risks. he did not sitjust
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after she left and she didn't have too much time to react. a quick look at the express. the queen caught in trump visited row over us ban on refugees. as you were saying, she has seen it all before. she has and she will continue doing what she does which is to make sure that she keeps the monarchy in the best light and the state visit where it should be, which is up there, pop and circumstance is what he wants and what he will get. he wants her to watch playing golf at balmoral. what he will get. he wants her to watch playing golf at balmoralm just seems bizarre. the list of things they trade, this is what we want, this is what you get, not going to happen. but at a quick look at other stories. the financial times again, they have a story about mba graduate salaries racing at the fastest rate for a decade. a golden age for a job? it is a golden age
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forjobs if you are in a select group. you get paid very well. we live in an economy, what comes out at me, it is another side of inequality. this is a statistical reality that unskilled workers have experienced over the past ten or 20 yea rs, experienced over the past ten or 20 years, maybe more. very low wage inflation, whereas at the higher end, it is significant. this is consistent with a lot of the data we are seeing. what is your experience on thejobs front? are seeing. what is your experience on the jobs front? if you have £300,000 it says here to pay for a nba, the payoff at the end would be great. for most people, it is completely unrealistic and when you think about student that now, who then would think, i go x amount of money, let me go and do this? it depends on who you are, what industry you are going into and,
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unfortunately, where you get your degree from. somebody who does have £300,000, i would degree from. somebody who does have £300,000, iwould bet, that degree from. somebody who does have £300,000, i would bet, that is roger federer. he is back. rolling back the years. aged 35, wins the australian. what is most


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