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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 30, 2017 5:00am-5:31am GMT

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hello you're watching bbc world news. i'm adnan nawaz. our top story this hour: there's been a gun attack on a mosque in the canadian city of quebec. at least 4 people have been killed and many more injured — police say they've arrested two people in connection with the shooting. welcome to the programme, our other main stories this hour: after protest and confusion — the white house clarifies president trump's immigration policy insisting he's not targeting muslims. meet the candidate: benoir hamon. a politician from the hard—left, he'll represent the french socialist party in this year's presidential election. i'm sally bundock. in business: airlinesjuggle flight crew and passengers, while the tech giant google urges some staff not to leave the country we'll find out how companies are being impacted by the us travel ban and what you should do.
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for the second sunday in a row, a major us air flight forced to land due to what it calls automation issues. gunmen have opened fire on a mosque in a suburb of quebec city in canada. at least four people are reported to have been killed. around forty were in the building at the time. two people have been arrested. sarah corker reports: police have closed off the area surrounding the centre culturel islamique de quebec as armed officers entered the mosque. it was during evening prayer on sunday that gunmen opened fire on a0 worshippers inside. ambulances continued to take away that dead and injured. police
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confirmed to suspects have been arrested and gave no further details. they have not ruled out the possibility of third suspect is still at large. the canadian prime minister tweeted. .. the premier wrote... and the public safety minister said... the motive for this attack is unknown but incidents of ith pharma phobia in quebec have increased in recent yea rs. quebec have increased in recent years. —— ith pharma —— we can speak toa years. —— ith pharma —— we can speak to a journalist at the scene. we first heard about this at 9pm your
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local time. is that when the attack happened? it happened at around 80 o'clock. five minutes before eight. the work around 80 people praying and suddenly two people, two guys entered the mosque and started shooting. they were arrested a few minutes later, one man around the mosque. and then at an island bridge, there was a car that and the other shooter called the police to say i on the bridge, come and arrest me. the police went to get him. the bridge is still close because they
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think they may be explosives in the car. they have two persons in custody. five dead has not been confirmed but five dead, probably 11 injured. it is a quiet place. quebec city is not known for terrorism. backin city is not known for terrorism. back in june there city is not known for terrorism. back injune there was a message left at the mosque entrance but nothing else. there was security. it was a place you could access easily. the police should have images of what happened because there were cameras outside. just in the ——
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justin trudeau is coming to the scene. in other politicians. they will be working for the rest of the night. any information about what the motive is? you are speaking on a mobile phone, you said the attackers we re mobile phone, you said the attackers were wearing... yes, police sources said that, the two are in custody. the shooters are still alive and they will be interrogated. breust as has put out this line, the premier of quebec province said it was a terrorist act. what you make of the
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timing of this attack so soon after prime minister trudeau said immigrants and refugees are welcome in canada? whether we make a link with that, i do not know. i spoke to a few people here tonight, saying that what is happening in the us is not helping their cause. the reaction has been people... inaudible a bus with something like 25 people on board who were witnesses were going to have some help. is there a lockdown in the
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local area? there help. is there a lockdown in the local area ? there is help. is there a lockdown in the local area? there is always a chance they could be other accomplices? we do not yet. we really appreciate your time. thank you very much indeed. we will keep you updated with that story as we get more information. president trump has defended his temporary travel ban on people from seven mainly muslim countries in the face of widening criticism and protests. he accused the media of falsely reporting that it amounted to a ban on muslims. the application of the policy has been eased — it will no longer apply to those who have a green card. david willis reports from washington man chants: no ban, no wall — new york for all. ina in a country built by immigrants many find the travel ban
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unpalatable. they took to the streets across the nation, sparking chaotic scenes at some apples and prompting criticism from senior members of the president ‘s own party. this couple underwent several hours after touching down from iran. 300 people were either prevented from travelling or detained over the weekend. they asked about our families, about our brothers and sisters and parents. what they did. how long we stayed. president rouhani issued his controversial order. —— president from without giving notice to senior officials. the concern of leaders around the world. the foreign office says the man only applies to people
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travelling from the us to the us rom one of the seven countries. travellers from the uk will not be effected and neither will. .. travellers from the uk will not be effected and neither will... unless they arejoint effected and neither will... unless they are joint citizens in which case they are likely to face additional checks. for all the confusion, aids have deemed the travel ban a success and they have issued a statement seeking to dispel suggestions that it amounted to a ban on muslims... despite the backlash, donald trump knows that many who voted for him did so specifically because of his promised combat islamic terrorism. to them, this represents another promise kept. and sally is here with all the business news. a90
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a 90 day suspension and those 90 days every business will say that is three months of our annual income. people who have staff stuck in epp, people wanting to come back to the us to work. it has been extremely difficult and leaders of many global businesses have been swift to react to this travel ban. technology firms have been among the first to speak out. google said it will take legal action to protect it employees, staff who could be caught up in the ban. the head of tesla — elon musk — says the ban isn't the best way to address challenges the country is facing — and says he will take up industry concerns with president trump's business advisory council. emirates — one of the world's biggest long haul carriers —
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has had to change flight rosters for pilots and cabin crew. while etihad — the national airline for the united arab emirates — says it is offering affected passengers the option to refund or change their flights. that is just the tip of the iceberg. also, for the second sunday in a row of major us airline is forced to ground domestic flights due to what it calls at automatic issues. delta airlines said it was facing a "systems outage”, but flights already in the air were unaffected. federal aviation officials say international flights were not affected. the previous sunday a computer problem forced united airlines to ground all domestic flights for about an hour. we will explain all of that and all the other is as stories. it is packed agenda. in france, benoit hamon will be the ruling socialist party's candidate in april's presidential election.
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the a9 year—old is from the hard left of the party and supports the legalization of cannabis and euthanasia. he also backs the idea of paying every french citizen a basic wage because of the increasing number ofjobs being lost to automation. as lucy williamson reports, he's beaten the former prime it was the unknown against the unpopular. and in this election inexperience counts. benoit hamon has been dubbed france's jeremy corbyn, a one—time junior minister with a plan to tax robots, legalise marijuana and pay everyone £600 a month. translation: faced with a privileged right, and a destructive far right, our country needs to have the left but a moderate innovative left that looks to the future. the problem is, half the party hates his ideas. this primary was meant to boost the socialists‘ slender chances by giving them a candidate
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they would unite around but after five bitter years of infighting, unity may be too much to ask. especially as this man is already siphoning centre—left supporters away from the socialist party. emmanuel macron is 39 years old and has never been elected but his campaign, more energy than experience, is drawing crowds his rivals can only dream of. antiestablishment, pro—european and liberal on both economic and social issues — this is populism for centrists on both the right and left. before emmanuel macron i tried other political movements and first of all the parti socialiste, but those last years, the parti socialiste was lost and the main subject on which it was not very clear was about the economy.
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so after political upheavals in america and the uk, how is france's presidential race taking shape? francois fillon, the centre—right favourite is fighting off allegations that his wife received public money for work she had not done. far right leader marine le pen also has strong support. she has promised to pull france out of the euro and drastically reduce immigration. benoit hamon, lagging far behind, seems unlikely to pose a serious threat. but one man who could is emmanuel macron. he is likely to gain the most from the socialist choice of leader. this primary has eluded both a sitting president and a prime minister. the men with power, it seems, don't always win the party. just as hard perhaps for the party to win power. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris still to come: diversity wins as
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black actors take the top honours in oui’ black actors take the top honours in our way. —— los angeles. the shuttle challenger exploded soon after liftoff. there were seven astronauts on board, one of them a woman school teacher. all of them are believed to have been killed. by the evening, tahrir square, the heart of official cairo, was in the hands of the demonstrators. they were using the word "revolution". the earthquake singled out buildings, and brought them down in seconds. tonight, the search for any survivors has an increasing desperation about it as the hours pass. the new government is firmly in control of the entire republic of uganda. moscow got its first taste of western fast food, as mcdonald's opened their biggest restaurant, in pushkin square.
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but the hundreds of muscovites who queued up today won't find it cheap, with a big mac costing half the day's wages for the average russian. this is bbc world news. i'm adnan nawaz. the latest headlines: at least four people have been killed after shots were fired at a mosque in the canadian city of quebec. other worshippers have been injured, and two people have been arrested in connection with the attack. in the face of widening criticism and protests, president trump has defended his temporary travel ban on people from seven mainly muslim countries. let's stay with that story. our correspondent, rajini vaidyanathan, has been speaking to some protesters in washington. this protest was organised relatively late notice and they managed to get a huge crowd here. what do you think of what has happened here today,
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it was relatively last—minute thing, this rally happening? yeah, and it seems like it's happening in cities all across the country right now. i think it's moving, i think it's tragic, i think it's beautiful and i'm just sad it has to be because we have so much potential in this country. we have such peaceful people. we're country of immigrants. do you want to show the world what your sign says? yes. what does it say? because i know that mum knows best. there's you mum there, so why does mum know best? what's your message? the message is that this is not american at all and we are standing here today fighting against injustices and oppression. black, brown, yellow, red, we are standing together to send an urgent message to donald trump that this is not acceptable, it is unconstitutional and we're gonna resist every step of the way. just explain why you decided to write that on your sign. so i think that trump has been trying to cover up what he is doing
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and what he's saying by excusing himself saying, "oh, it's not a muslim ban" or "we're saying no to bad people" but i think that's deceiving so i wanted to make sure that trump and the world knows we're not deceived by what he tries to cover up and say about his policies, that he is harming people. donald trump's only been in power forjust over a week and this is another day of protests here outside the white house. while there are a number of protests, there are also many people who support the immigration ban. tougher immigration rules were a major part of donald trump's campaign, and many see the move as the president doing what he promised. the bbc has also been hearing from some supporters of the policy on new york's staten island. whatever needs to be done has to be done, and this is for the safety of everybody. we're living in a dangerous world and donald trump's number one job is to protect the american people.
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we live in a country of democracy, and if the majority of the people feel threatened and they want things in place, then we should be able to have things in place. i think circujmstances in the middle east over the last, say, four or five years have required a degree of caution that we have not been exercising before, so accordingly i do think it is appropriate. i have mixed feelings because memebers of my family came here as immigrants, however they came here at a much, much different time in history and now with all the lone wolves that operate and attack, you know, the us, we really need to have some form of vetting in place. donald trump said that this ois temporary so — i trust him. his number one job is to protect the american people and i think he's doing it and he said he was going to do it. that is why he was voted in. do i agree with everything he is doing right now? no, i don't.
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but i feel he has a reason for doing what he is doing and we just have to wait and see. my parents are immigrants as well, you know, but they came legally, with their own visa and stuff like that. hopefully they can have a future the way our family did. personally i feel that if people want to come to my country and they want to live here and stay here if vetting is part of the process that should be acceptable to them as if i went to their country and there was a vetting process in place that i would have to abide by it. we are very threatened in this country and there are a lot of things in the general public does not know about that the government does as far as security and threats to our country and if they feel this is necessary, i am with it all the way. and for more detail on who's affected by the travel ban
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and all the latest updates just go to our website. in sport, five years after his 17th grand slam title, on sunday, roger federer extended the all—time record by winning his 18th. he went into the australian open without any competitive tennis sincejuly. then, in the final, he was up against a man whom he hadn't beaten in a grand slam final since 2007. this is what nadal means to federer. rafa definitely has been very particular in my career. he made me a better player. him and a couple more players have done the most to do that to me. the way he is again stacks up with me, it is a tricky one, you know. isaid stacks up with me, it is a tricky one, you know. i said that openly and it remains for me the ultimate challenge to play against him. so it's definitely very special. i said that also before the final, if i
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we re that also before the final, if i were to win against rafa in the final it would be super special and very sweet because i haven't beaten him ina very sweet because i haven't beaten him in a grand slam finalfor a long, long time now, the last time in 2007 at wimbledon in a five setter. i think it would take time to sink in. i will go back to sit there and be like, wow, it is gonna feel different. i can't compare this with any other one, except maybe the french open in ‘09, because i waited for the french open, i tried, i fought, tried again and failed, as eventually i made it, so this feels similar. black actors have dominated the screen actors guild awards in hollywood, which are traditionally a good indicator for the oscars. denzel washington was named the best actor for fences and his co—star viola davis won best supporting actress. the only white performer to win was emma stone for best actress in la la land. james cooke reports from los angeles. hollywood gathers amid the usual glitz and glamour at a tortuous time
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for the united states and the world. ina week for the united states and the world. in a week of anger and demonstrations, this was america's most elite, most exclusive, best dressed protest. hidden figures, about three black female mathematicians who put americans in space was the night's win of the top award, best ensemble. this store is about what happens when we put our differences aside and we come together as a human race. we win. love wins every time. by all the davis took the best supporting actress award for fences and praised the late way right august wilson. and what august did so beautifully is he honoured the average man —— viola davis. who happens to be a man of colour. recognised for moonlight, about a battle on the mean streets of miami, ali talked about his mother accepting his conversion to
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islam. we love each other, that stuff is my new show. it isn't important. —— minutiae. stuff is my new show. it isn't important. -- minutiae. the only british winner patrese ultimate british winner patrese ultimate british figure, the queen, and she used a speech to thank a star matt smith. you're not only a spontaneous, exciting and incredibly talented actor, but you're also my friend, matt, and thank you for making thejobjoy friend, matt, and thank you for making the job joy and for making you laugh, i love you. as a prize best actor award for denzel washington in fences, and emma stone's success wasn't a shock, la la land was in a land of its own. we are ina la land was in a land of its own. we are in a tricky time in this country and things need action. i am so grateful to be part of a group of people that cares and that wants to reflect things back to society. typically, the lee tomlin expected her award combining the serious and the comic. did you hear that the doomsday clock has been moved to a
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half minutes before midnight. this award camejust half minutes before midnight. this award came just in the half minutes before midnight. this award camejust in the nick half minutes before midnight. this award came just in the nick of time. the cast of stranger things took the prize for tv drama ensemble and the star david harber one most listerine exceptin star david harber one most listerine except in speech. we will shelter frea ks except in speech. we will shelter freaks and outcasts of those who have no homes, we will get past the lies, we will hunt monsters —— blistering. this is another award ceremony where art has been overshadowed by politics. as many stars in this most liberal of cities are concerned about the direction in which their country is heading. james cook, bbc news, los angeles. and a statement from the canadian prime ministerjustin trudeau after that list four people were killed in a gun attack in a mosque in quebec city with the prime minister saying, we condemn this attack on muslims in a centre of worship and refuge. more
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to come, goodbye. hello. this week, january will go out and february will start on a much more active spell of weather than we've had recently. that means we will see rain at times as we go through the week. it'll become windy, potentially very windy at the end of the week, and even where we're starting the week cold, particularly in scotland, it'll be turning milder. we have one area of low pressure pulling to the east, another getting closer from the west, in between the two many start monday cloudy, damp, drizzly but above freezing, not the case for much of scotland with a ha rd case for much of scotland with a hard frost, some of us down to —8 in the highlands of scotland, and mist and fog, be aware, it could slow you down, the different in northern england and ireland and for the rest of england and wales it is cloudy and damp, and drizzly in places with low cloud, hill fog and coastal fog for parts of south—west. this next weather system coming in starting to push outbreaks of rain into
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south—west england. and very slowly during the day it will move across the rest of south—west england into south and west wales and into northern ireland. ahead of that plenty of cloud, just a couple of bright breaks in northern england, the best of the sunshine in scotland, although after the cold start the lowest temperatures compared to elsewhere. mild in south—west england, and i think elsewhere, especially under the cloud, it will feel rather cool. now, as we go through monday night, initially chilly in scotland, temperatures come up, wet weather comes in, sleet and snow on the hills, lower levels expecting some rain, then the system pushes into the north and west of the uk into the north and west of the uk into the night and into tuesday, pushing east and south—east into tuesday, taking outbreaks of rain, most of us stuck in the cloud on tuesday. northern ireland behind the system, though, gradually brightening up, especially into the afternoon and more of us get into double figures temperatures at the stake. the
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weather system just dragging its heels. —— this stage. eventually it is pulling away and then there is a gap between the next system coming in from the atlantic, so more outbreaks of rain into scotland and northern ireland to end the day. i just want to show you the big picture from thursday into friday with an area of low pressure in the atlantic, now, it might not look like this, it probably won't, but i wa nt to like this, it probably won't, but i want to flag up the possibility that this week could end on a very windy note. watch this space. this is bbc world news, the headlines: up to five people are reported to have been killed after gunmen opened fire at mosque in the canadian city of quebec. the shooting took place during evening prayers. two people have been arrested. president trump has defended his temporary travel ban on people from seven mainly muslim countries in the face of widening criticism and protests. in a written statement, mr trump accused the media of falsely reporting that it amounted to a ban on muslims. voters in france have chosen a candidate from the hard—left. benoit hamon will be
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the french socialist party's candidate in the presidential elections in april, after winning a run—off vote on sunday against the former prime minister manuel valls. wildfires in chile have killed at least eleven people and left several thousand homeless. firefighters and volunteers are tackling more than a hundred separate fires — half of which are still out of control.
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