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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 30, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the daily telegraph quotes a former european central bank official, who says it is time to "think the unthinkable" about the eurozone suggesting it should split up. fantastic federer, the independent calls him. the 35—year—old tennis star beating out rafael nadal to win his 18th grand slam. this is such a big story, sally, it is on the front page of the financial times as well. is on the front page of the financial times as wellli is on the front page of the financial times as well. i know, i know, and i missed it, can you believe it, i had a good reason, though. and the financial times looks at how oil giant shell is making moves to introduce battery chargers on petrol station forecourts. it's looking to adapt its business, because of an increase in electric cars on the roads. joining us is stuart thomson, head of public affairs, government and infrastructure at law firm bircham dyson bell. good morning. ellis island, a riding in to new york from a boat from anywhere in the world, there is a statue of liberty, there is a poem which talks about, essentially, ring
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me the needy, come to this country, and now we have this. it is a different type of america, it is a much more careful border controls, this isjust the start, this is what he was voted into do, this is what supporters want, and we will have to see where it goes. it will be a challenge through the courts. fundamentally, people voted him in, he won the election, this is what they wanted. everybody understands they wanted. everybody understands the need to keep your country safe. the thing about the current status of refugees trying to come to the united states is they are already probably the most heavily vetted of anybody coming to the us. i have read it takes 18— 2a months to gain access to the us as a refugee. how much more does donald trump want for them to be vetted, for goodness sake? it is an excellent question
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because there is only so much you can do to check people. whether it isa can do to check people. whether it is a coincidence that the first countries chosen are muslim majority countries, he says, it isn't a ban oi'i countries, he says, it isn't a ban on muslims, it is a travel ban, although it is suspicious they are the countries he has picked up on. this will play well until there is another attack in the us. now, if that then happens, all hell will break loose, because he has been through the process and put in cheques, and yet he still can't control his own borders. that will be the allegation that is thrown at him. it is quite funny, because the new york times, which we know is not afan of new york times, which we know is not a fan of donald trump, they made it clear as their editorial line, they talk about the fact that a president makes his or her mark, him in the case of the us, in the first 100 days, and it talks about the first 100 hours it would seem donald trump is making enormous strides, for
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better or worse, in many policy areas. this is just better or worse, in many policy areas. this isjust one policy area. what he seems to be doing is getting in and saying, i have promised it, i will do it. in some ways it is refreshing. it shows he isn't a politician. he hasn't gone in and prevaricated. he has gone in and done something. trouble is whether he is following the process, whether advisers are talking to everybody, and it comes back to the tom i hate to bring it back to brexit, but a lack of trust in experts. you would say that. i am a businessman. i am going to get on and do these things. and while we from here and around the world look at what he is doing, we will have challenges with immigration post brexit in the uk and the relationship with other countries, so while we might be dismissive of what he is doing and questioning his approach, in a post brexit world, when one of the
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reasons is allegedly about controlling immigration, these are challenges we have to deal with in the next couple of years as well, so it is important notjust in the day to day operation for businesses and americans and those affected, but for ourselves going forward. we want to look at the american angle regarding the ban on people coming from middle eastern countries. here in the gulf news, from the uae, that travel ban sparks chaos, below it american soldier dies in a us raid in yemen, they are fighting with the middle eastern countries against islamic state, so how will those countries feel? there is an unverified report that iraq is going to ban all american applications for entry to their country. for goodness sake. what is it going to do in the fight against is? the trouble is you ta ke fight against is? the trouble is you take these actions and you don't
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think about the consequences, and the consequences will run out. you can look at the economic consequences or the tit—for—tat retaliation that will go on as well. why will these countries fight alongside america when it seems to bea alongside america when it seems to be a one—sided approach to dealing with the challenge. it is all about the us and not about what happens in those countries as well. it is hugely worrying. the consequences will shake out over the next couple of days, but arguably if there is damage, it has already been done. now, france have a very interesting spring ahead of it with april — may presidential elections, and we know who the candidates are, then while —— benoit hammon added to the list, and the choices are quite stark, the
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choices presented to the voter. yes, we can question how well the socialist party will do. apparently they are going through the doldrums. across europe, especially in france, they come and go in popularity. what has been interesting is in the poll that you mentioned in the previous discussion with marine le pen in front in the first round, it is also who goes through the second round. that is the important part. france normally comes together behind the candidate who isn't the national front candidate, le pen, although whether that happens is a question, partly because some other candidates, although noticeably not hamon, part in some ways looking to legitimise the concerns of the national front, so instead of being the outlier of politics and saying
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the outlier of politics and saying the unsayable, thinking the... etc, they are saying similar things, so whether it gives her a boost in the second round and prevent voters sort off, effectively ganging up against her will be a question for the electorate. what she wants, one of the election issues, is leaving the eurozone. it is interesting, in the telegraph, juergen stark, on the ecb executive board, saying maybe the project isn't the best thing, you know, as we believed when it was launched, the single currency. this is the consequence of european politics as a whole, isn't it, whether it is the future of the eu itself or the single currency. everybody involved is trying to look for ways to strengthen, redesign, reshaped, to prevent countries from leaving voluntarily or from frankly being excluded at some point. as we
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saw with the greek crisis couple of years ago, they got away unscathed, although it is a different matter. the structure it self managed to keep going. this is one idea they will have to keep coming up with, because they need to save these institutions with the elections coming up as well. sally and i are very disappointed to hear that you are not a tennis fan and you didn't watch the federer final. are not a tennis fan and you didn't watch the federerfinal. i only watched the highlights. sadly not. i am nota watched the highlights. sadly not. i am not a big fan but federer and nadal, frankly, hugely excellent and talented, dedicated sports people, so talented, dedicated sports people, so you cannot fail to be impressed by the fact that they keep going, and at the age of 18 to 35... by the fact that they keep going, and at the age of 18 to 35. .. they have had huge obstacles. —— the age of eye think 35. i felt so sorry for him, stymieing his chances in many grand slams. they are both, absolutely, as you say, in comparable. if roger federer drove
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up comparable. if roger federer drove up and said, i will give you a ride, would you get in? of course i would. are you a fan of electric cars? a huge fan but two things, first of all, the story about shell and other companies putting the charging stations in some of their outlets, it isa stations in some of their outlets, it is a big bonus for the industry. you know, to get the big shift will be important, but it does nothing for congestion, so it may help end quality but if there are too many cars on the road, it doesn't matter if they are petrol, diesel or electric, you will be stuck in traffic. yeah, exactly. it is a monday, so enjoy the rest of your week. you too have a great week and week. you too have a great week and we will see you hello. this week, january will go out and february will start on a much more active spell of weather than we've had recently. we're all going to see some wet weather at times as we go
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through the week. it'll become windy, potentially very windy at the end of the week, and even where we're starting the week cold, particularly in scotland, it'll be turning milder. 0ne weather system is pulling away from the uk, another is approaching. in between the two we've got plenty of cloud. many parts of the uk are starting the day frost free. scotland isn't. a hard frost, particularly across highland scotland, —8 could be yours to begin the day, with some mist and fog as well, just gradually clearing through the morning. so, do watch out for that. yep, definitely frosty in scotland. but that patchy mist and fog into the central belt, for example, to start the day could well slow you down. here's the contrast. as we move into northern england, across northern ireland, the rest of england and for wales, it's low cloud keeping up temperatures. hill fog, too, coastal fog in some spots, particularly across the south—west of the uk, it is damp and drizzly in places, too, and we have another weather system taking outbreaks of rain into south—west england. and as we go on through monday, that is going to take its rain very slowly across the rest of south—west england, into south and west wales and eventually into northern
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ireland. ahead of that, plenty of cloud, a few brighter breaks in northern england, but after that morning mist and fog the best of the afternoon sunshine will be across scotland. this is where you have the lowest daytime temperatures after that cold start. very mild across wales and south—west england. some of us getting into double figures. monday night we continue to see this wet weather pushing further north and east across the uk, starting chilly on monday night in scotland. temperatures coming up, though. bit of sleet and snow possible over the higher ground for a time. lower levels we're expecting rain as this system moves through. and then on tuesday it slides its way east and south—east across the uk, so again, another spell of rain for many of us. plenty of cloud, just beginning to brighten up into the afternoon. into northern ireland, a few sunny spells coming through and double—figure temperatures for more of us by the time we get to tuesday. looking ahead to wednesday, that system slowing down before clearing away from eastern areas. then a little bit of a gap before the next system heading into the west. and i just want to show you the picture now for thursday into friday. and a deep area of low pressure dominating proceedings.
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now, it may not look like this thursday into friday. there's a lot of uncertainty about the detail. i just want to flag up the possibility, though, that this week could end on a very windy note. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. donald trump defends his decision to impose travel restrictions saying he isn't targeting muslims. all chant: let them in! more protests have taken place overnight after us borders were closed to all refugees, and to citizens of seven countries with muslim majorities. good morning, it's monday the 30th of january. also this morning:
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six people have been killed in a gun attack on a mosque in the canadian city of quebec. the prime ministerjustin trudeau has called it a terrorist attack.
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