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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 10, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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- gig me on the learnt that the for english health trusts security of staff is ending dyfj a steep éé‘e‘j a steep increase in on doctors and nurses. nhs attacks on doctors and nurses. nhs attacked has confirmed its role in hospital security will continue only until the end of march. robert pigott has this report. titiz= iéfittfir h§=j9=tjfilfifii§f§ t” '” ’ ,., ’ it's a running joke in the staffroom. everyone is on alert, eve ryo ne staffroom. everyone is on alert, everyone is looking for the patients they think are going to kick off. alan works for nhs protect. he claims it has deliberately avoided public discussion about its role in protecting scarf. i think it's a disgrace that we are turning our back on staff in the nhs. they are there to protect the public and we are there to protect them. i think assaults will go through the roof.
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the nhs protect said it was consulting staff on proposals. critics claim without nhs attacked, trusts will struggle to protect staff. there is a creeping a cce pta nce staff. there is a creeping acceptance that staff will be attacked and there is little will to protect them. at six o'clock, on bbc breakfast, charlie and stef will have more from a rail regulator. one in five passengers could be paying too much —— steph. the top stories this hour: a setback for donald trump, a us appeals court has upheld a lower court's suspension of his travel ban on seven mainly muslim countries. see you in court, president trump reacts defiantly saying the security of our
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nation is at stake. lawyers for french presidential candidate francois fillon have called on prosecutors to drop their investigation into his office. mr fillon denies claims that his wife and two of his children were paid for non—existent parliamentary work. now it's time for our news review. the telegraph leads with the decision by a federal appeals court in the united states to refuse to reinstate president trump's ban on travellers from seven mainly muslim countries and all refugees entering the us. the ft looks at proposals by german chancellor angela merkel to speed up the removal of failed asylum seekers, with other reports indicating that attitudes to migrants are hardening throughout europe as a whole. the telegraph business pages report
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that according to a group of large banks paris has no chance in capturing business from london post—brexit without radically overhauling france's strict labour laws. also in the ft, twitter has posted the slowest revenue growth since it went public four years ago, sending shares down more than io%. the fall comes in spite of the election of prolific tweeter donald trump as us president who failed to produce a "trump bump" in twitter‘s results. the times has carried out its own investigation into how taxpayers and charity donations are fuelling the surge in fake news by paying for adverts which appear on dozens of false or outrageous websites. and finally, does wintry depressing weather make you throw
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on your favourite reggae tunes. music streaming service spotify found that uk listeners were more likely to play summer tunes in winter and sombre music during summer, which was completely at odds with listeners from other countries. joining us is funke abimbola who's a senior lawyer and diversity leader in the uk. good to see you both. starting with donald trump and his ban overturned again in the federal appeals court. the legal wheels are turning? they really are. what he is failing to realise is just how important it is for many democratic societies to have a separation of powers. those who make the law and those who enforce it, and that the president who is running the
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seem ’ seem to f seem to understand % seem to understand that he to have some challenge, and needs to have some challenge, and this is a part of the process. i am just guessing that he would be successful —— he would not be successful. mentioning the supreme court... it hasn't been confirmed... it depends who is sitting on the day, lots of variables. judicial reeva meant to be there as a balance, they are doing theirjob very well. when the executive ran to start criticising the judiciary for essentially doing its job start criticising the judiciary for essentially doing itsjob it start criticising the judiciary for essentially doing its job it is very dangerous, you are supposed to applaud that that is something that any responsible leader should be celebrating. he does not see it as a positive thing. let's quickly move on. we spoke about this yesterday, a
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story about angela merkel. she wants to speed up the process, she invited them in an wants to kick them out. moving on from that, it is notjust germany. there seems to be a hardening tone around europe we europeans are fed up. it is a very difficult one, because it is always about the balance. where do you strike a balance? do we welcome everybody? do you differentiate? is it just everybody? do you differentiate? is itjust children? we have people with children arriving, people say, these are not children at all. there isa these are not children at all. there is a realfear these are not children at all. there is a real fear here, these are not children at all. there is a realfear here, it is these are not children at all. there is a real fear here, it is linked to terrorist activity. that doesn't help, it heightens paranoia with the general public. it feeds into that frenzy. did you want to skip over... line ourtiming is
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frenzy. did you want to skip over... line our timing is really suffering! —— ourtiming is line our timing is really suffering! —— our timing is suffering!” line our timing is really suffering! -- our timing is suffering! i have blocked donald trump on twitter, i have to say. i don't need to see this coming up on my twitter feed. have to say. i don't need to see this coming up on my twitterfeed. a lot of people are to —— are doing what i've done. maybe people are switching off rather than coming onto it. apart from donald trump, twitter has struggled to get its average monthly users up. and the advertising, how does it monetise its users? it is a company that has never made a profit. you think there
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must be some way for them to monetise, because of their reach. when facebook went public, everyone said that they needed to learn how to make some money. and they did it. time is short. into the report in the times about fake news. some reputable organisations, charities and so on, they are ending up on fa ke and so on, they are ending up on fake news websites. algorithms that they are linking... i found it a -- astounding that you could find your brand coming up on an islamic state site. i think that is something that really needs to be managed. are you going to play some music on your phone? it kind of makes sense... why
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are we listening to this music?m is like sitting on the bus with some teenager. that is very interesting. where did the time go to today? thank you very much. hello, there. there is a bit of wintry weather in our forecast over the next few days, but i think it will look quite unimpressive compared to what they have had across the other side of the atlantic. this was new york on thursday. and across parts of the north—east usa they saw well over 10 inches, well over 25 centimetres of snow from a potent winter storm. back home, no storms on the horizon instead high—pressure in charge of the scene. the high pressure across scandinavia delivering these easterly winds. once again, through the first part of friday, we will also see some wintry showers in eastern areas
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and that could give some issues with icy first thing, andagainthere‘lng! i "f feffii‘fl“w sterne sunshine — through. eastwales—fwf and it will feel decisively chilly under those leaden skies. through northern ireland though i think we will get some sunshine and up into north—west scotland, here, a decent chance of blue skies and sunshine — won't do much for the temperatures though. across the northern isles a lot of showers here could see some accumulations of snow, certainly. and then down the eastern side of scotland, eastern and central parts of england, here again, there'll be some wintry showers — a mixture of rain and sleet mostly but one or two places could see some snow, maybe enough for a very small covering here and there. but temperatures just 2 or 3 degrees. through friday night,
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we keep the easterly wind, we keep the wintry showers for the many of us there will be quite a lot of clouds. up to the north—west, particularly north—west scotland, under clear spells, temperatures could drop as low as —10 degrees. more widely those temperatures will hover around freezing. now, into saturday, remember the wintry showers we have been experiencing, well, on saturday morning, as this weather front works into the picture, this area of rain, sleet and snow may become a little more organized, a little more wide—spread, so through the day we are likely to see some rain, yes, but also some sleet and snow spreading westwards. however, as the day goes on, the air will turn a little bit less cold so the snow will increasingly become confined to high levels. at low levels more likely rain and sleet by the afternoon. those temperatures though still not particularly impressive — 3, 4 or 5 degrees.
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we might get all the way up to 6 or 7, particularly in the south on sunday but that will be coupled with strong winds so it is still going to feel chilly. and that wind will have a big part to play as we go into the start of next week. because we are going to switch the direction a little bit — more of a south—easterly wind and that should slowly but surely because those temperatures to rise. that's all for now. hello. this is breakfast, with steph mcgovern and charlie stayt. the nhs under pressure. the health secretary admits the situation at some hospitals in england is totally unacceptable. jeremy hunt says there's no silver bullet but the government has a plan in place to improve care. iam doing i am doing thisjob because i want nhs care to be the safest and best in the world. and that kind of care is completely unacceptable. good morning.
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it's friday 10th february. also this morning: donald trump vows to fight on as a us appeals court says he can't reinstate his travel ban.
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