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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 3, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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into the dubai championships semi—finals. and british cycling lurches further into crisis after admitting "failings" within the organisation. hello, and welcome to the programme, where it's spain's primera division where we start, and the news that atletico madrid and spain striker, fernando torres, has been taken to hospital after a heavy collision in their 1—1 draw away to deportivo la coruna. torres and deportivo‘s alex bergantinos went up for the ball five minutes from the end of the match. the 32—year—old appeared to lose consciousness and landed head first on the turf with players from both sides racing to his aid before medical staff attended to him and removed him from the field on a stretcher where he was taken to hospital. the club have tweeted since torres was taken to hospital, saying this. "torres suffers a head injury. he was rushed to the hospital to undergo tests. he will spend the night in hospital for observation." and then this. "thanks for the messages
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of support for @torres. he's stable and conscious. he'll spend the night in hospital and undergo more tests tomorrow." on the pitch, it needed an antoine griezman goal in the 68th minute for diego simeone‘s side to take a point back to the capital after florin andone had given the hosts the lead in the 13th minute. but it still leaves them 11 points adrift of leaders, barcelona. elsewhere on an eventful thursday, sevilla have moved to within a point of second placed real madrid and two points off leaders, barca, after vicente iborra followed up on stevanjovetic‘s missed penalty to ensure a 1—0 win with his seventh league goal of the season. staying in spain, and it was back to work as normal for barcelona coach luis enrique on thursday. he took training, the day after he announced he would be leaving his role at the end of the season. the 46—year—old gave the news of his imminent departure after his side beat sporting gijon 6—1 to go top of spain's primera division.
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sevilla coachjorge sampaoli leads the way with two former barcelona players in the running. ernesto valverde of athletic bilbao and ronald koeman who manages everton. portuguese international, eder, scored a dramatic late winner for lille on thursday, as they qualified for the quarter—finals of the french cup winning 2—1 against fourth tier bergerac perigord. lille led 1—0 before an equaliser in the third minute of stoppage time for the hosts before eder then scored the winner a minute later. that takes lille through to the last eight and a trip to high—flying monaco. football's lawmakers are to discuss the captain's role on the pitch and how it can be enhanced to increase respect for referees. the international football association board meets at wembley on friday to discuss a range of proposals but they say the focus will be on player behaviour. what we are seeing is the captain should be somebody more than someone with a piece of material on their arm who does the toss at the start of the game. can we bring them into football much more? and we consult with captains much more about how the game should be played? should we
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encourage relationships with the ca pta i ns encourage relationships with the captains underplays? should they have responsibility? —— and the players. if there is a major incident should be captain talk to the referee to stop six players talking to the referee. that good enhanced respect and improve the image of the game. —— could enhance. andy murray saved seven match—points in a 31—minute tiebreak that stretched to 38 points before he finally beat germany's philipp kohlschreiber on thursday to reach the dubai championships semi—finals. a day after australian open champion roger federer was surprisingly beaten in the second round, world number one murray found himself a point away, time and time again, from following the swiss great through the exit door. shots like this helped him stave off what appeared to be the inevitable though and he finally bagged the second set tiebreak on his eighth set point to level the match. the atp say it was the longest tie—breaker on the men's tour since the 2007 australian open and he then went on to win the final set 6—1 in emphatic fashion.
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and next he'll play france's lucas pouille after he was a three set winner over roger federer‘s conqueror, the russian qualifier, evgeny donskoy. fernando verdasco advanced to a semi final against robin haase by beating fourth—seeded gael monfils 6—3, 7—5. the 35th—ranked spaniard had lost all three of his previous matches against monfils, the last coming in 2013. that is the way to celebrate. west indies host england on friday in the first of three one day internationals in the carribean. the opening match is in antigua as both sides continue their build up to the icc champions trophy in the united kingdom which starts on the first ofjune. well, they were right hiring us. we have some way to go in terms of catching up. we have to see what we will set out to achieve. the main thing is to be more consistent than we have been in the past. we have a tough season in india. they are
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looking to improve their performance from last series as well. we are looking to do the same. we will see where we end up with this game. looking to do the same. we will see where we end up with this gamem isa where we end up with this gamem is a series i would like to win 3—0. whether we do or not, it is up to us. whether we do or not, it is up to us. i would like to think we give oui’ us. i would like to think we give our best. that is what it is about for us. winning the series, i think that would be a huge confidence boost, certainly with south africa right on the doorstep of the champions trophy. it's been a terrible week for british cycling, in the space of 2a hours they've issued two statements, wednesday admitting "serious failings" in their record keeping. those missing medical records that hampered a uk anti—doping investigation, and on thursday they apologised for "failings" after the conclusion of the review into a culture of bullying and discrimination at the organisation. here's our sports editor, dan roan. for years the story was one of success. british cycling, defined by medals and glory.
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but now there is an image crisis amid a damaging tide of bullying and sexism allegations. all have been denied, but today, the man tasked with salvaging the sport's reputation told me it was time for cycling to say sorry. do you owe riders and staff an apology today? we've already met with groups of both riders and staff and we've made it very clear that where there's been failings, we apologise for those. we recognise them, but we're going to do something about them and move forward. so there was a bullying culture then here at british cycling? i think there have been some well reported instances where behaviour was unacceptable. today, with training here continuing as normal, british cycling unveiled a 39—point action plan, designed to overhaul governance and athlete welfare. it all stems back to last year, when former sprint cyclist jess varnish complained about sexism and bullying amid a culture of fear at the sport's high—class performance programme. and she's not alone. a decade ago, jenny copnall was national mountain biking champion and says she was also
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a victim of discrimination at british cycling. i've certainly known of staff who have said to me down the years, and particularly when i retired, that they supported and they had felt bad for my situation, but hadn't been able to say anything, because they were worried about their job. the idea ofjob preservation was almost a joke amongst riders, in the way that management behaved and decisions were made. british cycling's credibility was further damaged yesterday, when mps heard about a failure to keep records of medical treatments for riders. sir bradley, if we could have a quick chat, please? my house! the man at the centre of the storm, sir bradley wiggins, today declined to answer questions about the contents of a now infamous medical package delivered to him in 2011. the controversy refusing to go away. but there's a real warning here for other sports, too. your best funded and most successful governing body
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is in crisis, isn't it? well, there's a lot going on around british cycling. there are a number of fires that seem to be going off in different areas and it's difficult for them at this point in time. i was shocked and disturbed by what i heard yesterday, particularly around the area of medical management. these are dark days for the sport and with publication of what's thought to be an explosive report into cycling's culture now imminent, lifting the gloom won't be easy. dan roan, bbc news, manchester. to the nba where this man kevin durant isn't playing but the golden state warriors are currently in action against the chicago bulls. durant suffered a knee injury in tuesday's loss to the washington wizards. two—time reigning mvp steph curry says there's a "sense of relief" durant will return before the end of the season. the warriors are looking for a second championship in three years, with durant hopefully back for the playoffs starting in mid—april. you have them in your thoughts. now
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you have to go through the process in order to figure out what is going on. could they be able to come back at some point down the stretch of the season? and ourjob now, obviously, is to stay being us and play well. the wgbc golf. six people in the lid on four under. lee westwood and phil mickelson are two of them. rory mcilroy as well who was returning after six weeks out with a rib injury. he is doing well. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello.
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the winter months were quite dry. the first week of march is trying to turn that around. and certainly, during friday, many of us will see some wet weather at some stage of the day, and all the way through the weekend it is looking very unsettled. we'll get to that. this is how early friday is looking. and we're dragging in some rainfall from the south, some already across a large part of southern england, south wales, edging through the midlands, into east anglia as the day begins. the little area of wet weather producing some hill snow for parts of the far north of england and southern scotland. let's take a look around things today, at 8:00am in the morning. so a wet start across southern england, but you can see that rain advancing through north wales, the midlands, east anglia, at this stage. it is only going to move further north. eventually it will get into northern england. but, as you can see, some of us in northern england and into southern scotland seeing some rain and some snow as well. some of us, even modest elevations, could be waking up to a covering of snow here. further north, in scotland, it is a frosty start. still a few showers in the far north.
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so, as we go on through friday, we are taking rain northwards through england and wales. eventually, by late afternoon, and into the evening, it should be across much of northern england. we will get an area of rain, starting on the eastern side of northern ireland, through northern ireland by the end of the afternoon. the best of the sunshine, without a doubt, will be in northern scotland. turning a bit dry, though, in the afternoon in south—east england, and it actually could feel a bit mild, given any brightness. one or two spots mayjust reach 13 or even 1a celsius. a few heavy showers reaching through parts of south—west england and wales as we go through friday night. the rain marching further north, across into southern scotland, eventually into the central belt, staying with us into northern ireland. frost—free for most as saturday begins. will be frost, though, across northern parts of scotland. so that takes us on to the weekend, and friday. well, the theme of the wet weather continues into the weekend. we will see more rain at times. some of that could be quite heavy and persistent, and particularly on saturday, with this area of low pressure just stalling its rainfall from northern ireland and into parts
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of scotland, whereas further south there will be still some areas of rainfall or showers, but it is not going to be a washout all day long. but we will see rain for much of the day, we think, into northern ireland and southern and eastern parts of scotland. and, particularly through eastern scotland, it will be quite cold with that rainfall, and there will be quite a lot of snow developing into the grampians. further south, it is showers. and then, on sunday, it looks at it and a little bit better. still a few showers around for scotland and northern ireland, another area of rainfall pushing its way through england and wales, and temperatures at around seven to 10 celsius. soggy for the weekend. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: the us attorney general says he won't resign over contact with russians during the election campaign, but will sit out any investigation. donald trump says the controversy is a "total witch hunt". freed from is for the second time — russia and syria say their forces
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have retaken the ancient city of palmyra. french presidential hopeful emmanuel macron sets out his vision, promising to boost the economy and fight corruption. and jackie's life afterjfk — the lost letters which reveal a love affair with a senior british diplomat.
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