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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 3, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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than second placed frenchman pascal martinot—lagarde. it's the first major title of pozzi's career. i knew it was tight. i thought i might have got it but i wasn't sure. i wanted to wait. i'm over the moon, scrappy i wanted to wait. i'm over the moon, scrappy race and i had to work hard after a slow start, but a win is a win and i'm really happy. it has been a busy day for laura muir. on the first day of the european athletics championships in belgrade. two races today and she has qualified for both finals of the 1500m and the 3000 metres — one of three britons to make the final over the longer distance. this is the 1500m which she won to guarantee a slot in tomorrow's final. and a few hours earlier she had run a very tactical 3000m, doing just enough to make sunday's final. it's quite difficult to qualify, but there was no using up energy. i came through enough to qualify, and today
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idid not through enough to qualify, and today i did not want to leave outside the top two because you don't know what the heats are going to do. there's been plenty of rugby union action this evening in the aviva premiership. exeter moved within one point of the leaders wasps with a big win over leicester. leicester had taken the lead in the opening minutes, but in very wet conditions at welford road, they had no answer to the in form exeter — mitch lees ensuring the chiefs came away with the bonus point with 20 minutes still to play. 34—15 the final score. in the night's other game northampton beat sale. 0spreys have moved to the top of the pro 12 table with a narrow
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victory at edinburgh. josh matavesi touched down for the only try of the game in the first half as his side ran out 13—9 winners. edinburgh have now lost five games in a row. there were also wins this evening for connacht and ulster. there were two games in rugby league's super league. wakefield trinity won for the first time in 12 matches, but they needed a late controversial penalty try to do it. eventually beating st helens because of that late decision but not in doubt, was the finish from mason caton—brown in the first half as he was able to sneak over in the corner. wakefield eventually ground out a 16—12 win — their first over the saints for five years. wigan beat leigh 20 points to nil in the night's other game. 0nto football and the fa have announced some potentially huge changes to the fa cup. chief executive martin glenn revealed that next season, they'll trial the use of video—technology to assist referees with game—changing decisions including goals wrongly disallowed for off—side.
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meanwhile for the remainder of this season's fa cup — managers will be able to use a 4th substitute in extra time starting from the quarter—finals. i'm happy for other people to do the testing and get the wrinkles out of the way so we can apply it. i feel very confident given the preparation thatis very confident given the preparation that is going on the way. we are working hard at it, and there is working hard at it, and there is work underway, and i would expect to see video assistance referees on the third round of the fa cup in the coming season. there was one match in the championship tonight. it was a good result for leeds united, winning 3—1 at birmingham. chris wood with a couple of goals. they remain in fourth place. british boxers david haye and tony bellew have weighed in ahead of their heavyweight fight in london tomorrow. no title is on the line, but it hasn't stopped their aggressive verbal clashes in the build up. earlier in the week the british boxing board of control had to warn the pair over their conduct. bellew is stepping up from cruiserweight to heavyweight
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for the first time. he weighed in over 15 stone 3lbs, while haye was nearly a stone heavier at 16 stone 9 ounces. he is prepared for a two round fight, i he is prepared for a two round fight, i know he has, he has manufactured a heavyweight, is at a heavyweight in a million years. he looks fantastic about when you get close to him he is travelling. —— but when you get close to him he is trembling. he is not as confident and he does not leave the things he is saying. —— does not believe. i was hoping he would be a bit more impressive and that i would see abdominal muscles, but he looked very smooth. he did not look good in my opinion. it doesn't bite well for him. i knocked out guys who are much bigger than him, so i don't see what he can do, other than get smashed pretty quick. both fighters have been warned about their conduct,
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as they have regularly clashed during their promotional appearances for the fight. this week haye has been unapologetic in the threats he has made towards bellew. asa as a governing body, disappointing with the things that have been said, we have got to consider what has been said. some of the things that have been said is wrong, we know that, we are human beings. it is disappointing. we have all said things we shouldn't say and as soon as we've said it, we've realised, we have all done that. but i think to keep going and saying things is wrong. they are public figures and people try to wind them up, the media is brilliant, but sometimes the media x things are now we have got to take the whole thing and put this into context. as i say, we are disappointed, some things that have been said are wrong and we have got to deal with it accordingly. that fight is on bbc radio 5live tomorrow
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night. that's all from sportsday. you are watching bbc news. results are being declared in the northern ireland assembly election. the dup and shin —— sinn fein have been polling strongly. and within the last hour the ulster unionist leader mike nesbitt has announced he is to resign, saying the electorate had rejected his message and he had to take responsibility for what happened. inafew in a few minutes time we will be live in belfast, to get the very latest news and the results, that is ina latest news and the results, that is in a special northern ireland election programme. in the meantime
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we can have a look at what is leading the papers tomorrow. the times says theresa may is set to reject demands by the eu to pay a £50 billion "divorce settlement" after brexit. the express is leading with the same story. it says government lawyers have indicated britain can quit the eu for free. the telegraph says there will be a crackdown on companies using small print, that will be in next week's budget from philip hammond. the i weekend has an interview with ukip donor arron banks who says he'll stand against the party's only mp to get rid of him. the mirror leads with
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sir bruce forsyth‘s health scare after he was treated for five days in intensive care for a chest infection. the daily mail has the story of a mother who has one month to trial pioneering treatment for her severely ill baby, despite doctors saying he should be allowed to die. that is a flavour of what is in the papers tomorrow. the number of workers on zero hours contracts has reached a record high over the course of last year — close to a million people. but the new figures also reveal an indication that big companies may now be going off the idea of zero hours contracts as our economics editor kamal ahmed reports. nadine cooperfrom spalding in lincolnshire. she sorts and packs potatoes and is on a zero hours contract — no guarantee about the amount of work she will do each week. it is flexible and it fits with her family life. nadine is one of that large band of employees happy on a controversial contract. it is good for me because it gives me family quality time as well.
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when my wife is at work, i look after our little boy. when my wife is on herfour days off, i come in for two days and do two days of work. but then i also get two days as a family with my wife and my little boy. a very different story for sophie shaw, who worked for seven years on zero hours contracts in the restaurant business. it was a chaotic life. i was working in restaurants on zero—hour contracts. i started off with one but i would get three hours one week, 60 hours the next week... you couldn't live like that, so i ended up taking on two other jobs in order to have some kind of security. and it still wasn't enough. it was a nightmare, it was crazy. i ended up having to move all the way from york to london in order to secure a full—time job. the contracts have been attacked. sports direct was criticised for victorian working practices after it was revealed that thousands of its staff were on zero hours. that company has reformed and many other firms are seeing zero hours as a hindrance,
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not a help. the rate of growth in the number of contracts has slowed markedly. a jd wetherspoon pub in central london. but what happened at this company is really interesting. tens of thousands of staff at this pub chain used to be on zero hours contracts, but the company decided to change and encouraged people onto guaranteed hours. yes, the number of people on zero hours is at a record, but lots of businesses are turning away from them. no—one wants to have their employment practices dragged through the media or even westminster, so i think weighing up the different options they have available to them is a really sensible approach. it is not great for employees. you know, we have seen that zero hours contracts workers tend to be paid less. if you're worried about putting food on the table and how many hours you will get, it is not the ideal recipe for a really motivated workforce. and that issue of low pay is worrying for this man, the chancellor, planning for his budget next week.


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