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labour urges the apartment to boost funding for public services, he says the economy is doing well but there might be unexpected challenges ahead. i regard my job as chancellor as making sure that our economy is resilient, that we have reserves in the tank. we look good one area where the government will be spending more, and technical education in england. the explosive allegation from president trump. the white house demands congress investigate claims donald trump's phones were tapped, but offers no evidence. francois fillon says he will stay in the french presidential race but this is a crucial day tomorrow. and identifying britain's pollution hotspots, the first in a series of reports on the air we breathe. the chancellor, phillip hammond, has played down expectations of big
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spending announcements in the budget on wednesday, saying that britain needs ‘fuel in the tank‘ as it prepares to leave the european union. with labour calling for increased spending on public services including health and social care, the chancellor says that although the economy is performing well, spending sprees would be reckless. he's also warned the eu that britain will fight back if brexit talks end without a deal. here's our political correspondent, eleanor garnier. these days a long shadow casts itself over westminster and whitehall. brexit is dominating politics and, as the chancellor makes spending plans, it dominates his calculations. i regard my job as chancellor is making sure that our
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economy is resilient, that we have reserves in the tank so, as we embark on the journey will take over the next couple of years, we are confident we have enough gas in the tank to see us through the journey. but domestic pressures are building up but domestic pressures are building up to. the repeated calls for more money for the nhs. plus, up to. the repeated calls for more money forthe nhs. plus, claims social care is in crisis and desperately needs extra funding. the chancellor says this is no time for a spending spree, but never worn more needs to be done. we are saying we will have a fairer taxation system, we will tackle tax avoidance, with the nature and there are no longer give voice to corporations and the rich, we will grow our economy and on that basis we will be able to afford the public services we need and we will pay their wages. the chancellor might have abandoned the target and timetable of his predecessor, george osborne, but he hasn't abandoned the commitment to dealing with the deficit. economic forecasts might be
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looking up, but don't expect any fireworks in the budget. and the government will not want any surprises when eu leaders formally start brexit negotiations later this month. the chancellor expects to get a trade agreement, but has a warning. anybody in the european union who thinks that if we do not doa union who thinks that if we do not do a deal with the european union, if we do not continue to work closely together, britain will simply slink off as a wounded animal, that is not going to happen. british people have a great fighting spirit and we will fight back. the chancellor has called those who want higher borrowing confused and reckless, he is sticking to his cautious approach until the view of life outside the eu becomes clearer. the chancellor did announce some new spending today, up to £500 million a year by 2022, to improve skills and technical training in england. our education editor, bra nwen jeffreys, is here with the details. it's highly symbolic
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putting technical education at the centre of the budget. businesses are worried about the economic uncertainty ahead. so, from the chancellor a promise of investment to close the skills gap. employers say they need more highly skilled people. for decades the uk has lagged behind other big economies, countries like germany training more young people in higher technical skills. some companies fear it will be harder to plug skills gaps once we leave the eu. the money promised in the budget will support big changes in england. under these plans, technical education will get £500 million extra a year by 2022. that is to support 15 vocational training routes for students from the age of 16. each one is targeted to a
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different industry or type of work. all of this is against a background ofa all of this is against a background of a decade of falling spending, roughly a 13% cut per student in further education between 4010 and 2020. in terms of public spending, this new money is not a lot, but it has been welcomed by further education colleges and here is why. funding for 16 to 19—year—olds in education has been hit hard for a long period. it has not been a priority for conservative or labour governments, despite the rhetoric they might have used. they have done worse than funding for other bits of the education system. £500 million in that context is welcome but not going to reverse the relative decline. vocational training going to reverse the relative decline. vocationaltraining has long felt like the relation. something the uk might no longer be able to afford. in a couple of yea rs, able to afford. in a couple of years, when this money start kicking m, years, when this money start kicking in, the need for hong kong skills
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will be even greater. the former us director of national intelligence has denied there was any wire—tapping of donald trump's phones during last year's election campaign, after explosive allegations made by the president on social media. the white house has now asked congress to investigate if phones in trump tower were tapped, but offered no evidence to back up the claims. a spokesman for barack obama said the allegations were simply false. our north america correspondent, nick bryant, reports from new york. bombshell, president trump's shocking evidence free claim. on the sunday talk shows this morning, one main topic of discussion. claiming the trump campaign was wiretapped by president obama. in his extraordinary period, president trump accused his predecessor being a sick and the bad guy who ordered wire traps trump tower in the watergate style conspiracy. the
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white house issued a statement asking the spread of the investigation into russian activity, the congressional intelligence committee exercise their oversight authority to determine whether the executive branch investigative powers we re executive branch investigative powers were used in 2016. the white house has produced no evidence to back up the claims and seems to be hoping these congressional committees will come up with some. let's get the truth, let's find out. the bigger story is and who reported it, but is it true? the american people have a right to know if this happened because if it did, again, this is the largest abuse of power that we have ever seen. senior democrats have levelled donald trump the deflector in chief, distracting attention from the trump team interactions with russians. you'd make up something, you have the press write about it and then you say everyone is writing about this
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charge. it is a tool of an authoritarian. the former director of national intelligence is adamant, there were no wiretaps, he says. there was no such wiretap activity voted against the president, president elect at the time, as a candidate against his campaign. you would be told this? i would know this. at this point, you cannot confirm or deny that?” this. at this point, you cannot confirm or deny that? i can deny it. this week and has seen prove trump rallies around the country, celebrating his successful speech to congress and a stock market scoring to record levels. a week that began with the presidential reset has ended once again with russia. it isa it is a scandal that will not go away and as we have gone on terror, away and as we have gone on terror, a dramatic new development. it has been reported that the fbi director,
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james comey, has asked thejustice department to come out publicly and say that president trump was wrong that this is a false accusation and it needs to be corrected. that is a big slap down from the fbi director. francois fillon has told a rally of his supporters that he'll stay in the french presidential race, while admitting that he misjudged how to deal with questions about employing his wife and children. he says he won't walk away from his campaign, but faces a key test tomorrow with a statement due from his former rival alainjuppe and a meeting of party officials. our paris correspondent, lucy williamson, reports. despite the temporary comfort of the crowd, francois fillon is an isolated man. his party no longer united behind him, his campaign director gone, his candidacy dismissed by some as a collective
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suicide mission. after weeks of pressure to step aside, mr fillon turned the fire back on his party colleagues, telling them it was time to make up their mind. colleagues, telling them it was time to make up their mindlj colleagues, telling them it was time to make up their mind. i have examined by conscience and, to the men and women of my camp, i say it is your turn to examine your conscience. will you let the interests of factions and careers prevail over at the greatness of a project that has the support of millions? he has lost the political allies and camping stuff but francois fillon has stayed to through it all. now with party figures are closing ranks against him, he has gathered his supporters for a last, desperate show of force. on stage beside him, his wife penelope, paint her as his assistant was a mistake he said, but not illegal. i am convinced by the long, even more when i see people giving
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up even more when i see people giving up and leaving the ship when we need someone like him. but his supporters are mainly photos from the hard right of the party, polling suggests 70% of the country at large want to go. and that his party rival, alain jupper go. and that his party rival, alain juppe, has a much better chance of making it to the presidential palace. so, why is mr fillon so determined to hold on? he has, in his hard disc, the cult of the chief. the chief and the people. he was elected in the primaries that the people. so, he wants to remember only this sequence, he does not want to realise the rest. on the other side of paris, a protest by those who say they want him gone. in a television interview, francois fillon made it clear that would be no political suicide, no one can stop me being a candidate, he said,
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as party colleagues continue to abandon him he insists allegiance is their only choice. cleveland police are looking for two men who raped a woman after abducting her in broad daylight with her toddler. the woman, who was in her thirties, was forced into a car near redcar seafront on friday. she was released several hours later. the suspects are white men in their twenties or thirties. iraqi troops are said to be close to recapturing the main government building in western mosul amid intense clashes with so called islamic state. aid agencies say more than 200,000 people have now fled the city, many seeking shelter in a camp at hamam al alil, 20 miles south of mosul. our correspondent, rami ruhayem, reports from there. the people of mosul in here another round of fighting between iraqi government forces and so—called
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islamic state. many women trapped within the city. others decided to flee. exhausted and hungry, they arrived in droves. just two hours we sought more than five bus—loads of people arriving here at hamam al alil, they can for the internally displaced. children, bewildered and scared. many far too young to even understand. isis were firing at us, most of the women died. we were all just running and running. the mortars raining on our heads. until we got to the army. some were grateful for the army help, but these men said their homes were hit by army shelling. almost everyone had to walk through the battlefield, risking their lives before finally reaching 70 and getting on one of these buses. after a long and
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dangerous journey on foot and under fire from all sides, the refugees from western mosul arrived here at hamam al alil. they have escaped with their lives but their misery is not yet over. and they keep coming, thousands each day, too many for authorities to cope with.", another temporary camp, more people seeking refugees —— refuge. the authorities can hardly keep up with such an unrelenting flow. some are back on the bus again, heading to the camps across the region. they have little idea when they will go back to mosul we re idea when they will go back to mosul were what they will find there when the battle is over. ahead of this week's budget, the government is considering a range of measures designed to clean up the air in our biggest cities. with toxic pollution linked to thousands of deaths each year the high court has ordered ministers to come up with urgent solutions. in the first of a series of reports this week, looking at ways to improve the air we breathe, here's our science editor, david shukman.
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the congested streets of leicester, a city with typical levels of pollution. if the traffic is stuck and engines are idling, the air becomes less healthy. extra busy for you and cambridge road. so, like in many places, local radio ones of jams. a control centre keeps watch. instruments on the streets monitor where there is potentially harmful air. knowing this helps to programme traffic lights to keep the roads moving. this information we are getting is highlighting where the real pollution, the potentially harmful health effects might be in our cities. one thing we could do is improve our transport system is so are congested traffic is not queued up are congested traffic is not queued up outside of primary schools and old peoples homes, but is queued up in different parts of the city where
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there will be less harm. another approach is to clean up the vehicles causing pollution. here at bath university, engineers test the diesel car. diesel is good for fuel efficiency, some people were encouraged to buy them, but they are bad forair encouraged to buy them, but they are bad for air quality and volkswagen was caught cheating the tests. the car is made too similar real driving. modern vehicles are fitted with the spices to control pollution. they believe they can make cars are much cleaner. this diesel meets the latest european commission ‘s dates. especially that means. this is string of devices for reducing pollution, this was introduced a couple of years ago cut nitrogen dioxide and this is a trap for pushing particles introduced about it years ago. the problem is the sheer number of diesel cars out there that do not have any of this. one idea is a scheme to scrap older diesels. transport secretary has
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warned people to think hard before buying a new diesel. there are greener alternatives, but they are more expensive, so who should pay for cleaner cars? whichever way you approach it, you are asking people who spent more in taxation, more to buy new vehicles. we need to decide whether that is something we are co mforta ble whether that is something we are comfortable with the society. in leicester, a new portable pollution monitor is carried by 14—year—old logan eddie. the device in the backpack measures the air. on this display, the lines shall have much experience because of pollution. he and his friends are more aware. the people who found out have stopped whipping bosses after schools for theirfriends. whipping bosses after schools for their friends. they have whipping bosses after schools for theirfriends. they have been waiting closer to the leisure centre. further away from the bosses. it has had an impact on them. the government is under legal pressure to unveil a new clean the next month. in the meantime, the best advice is to minimise the time
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spent in the busiest and most streets. with all the sport, here's lizzie greenwood hughes at the bbc sport centre. good evening. england cricketers have wrapped up the series against the west indies early winning the second match in antigua. tips for tourists in antigua, stay in the shade, dressed appropriately, take early wickets. england got to come up early wickets. england got to come up with the steven finn, leaving him to 101—day internationals. the ball was swaying. still, batting for the challenge. only jason mohammad managed it with any conviction. he hit 50, but his team—mates found in the plan for everything. this catch, a two—man job. another step that would have been six. england made the impressive look simple. that is how jason roy bats, the impressive look simple. that is howjason roy bats, chasing the impressive look simple. that is how jason roy bats, chasing 225 seemed destroyed. what happens when the reassuring smile disappears? a
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familiarfailure the reassuring smile disappears? a familiar failure against spin bowling there for all to see. suddenly, six men were out, butjoe root was still in. the test captain merely a new tenant here, but he led chris woakes to the win and to the series. if the results come up now. much of the day two follows the news, except in scotland where it is sports scene. if you want to wait, you know what to do. harry kane is the premier league top scorer after a brace of goals in the 3—3 win over everton. manchester city move to third after beating sunderland 2—0. celtic will face old firm rivals rangers in the semifinals of the scottish cup after thumping saint mirren and aberdeen beat partick and will face hibernian. laura meer has won an historic double at the european indoor championships in belgrade. she added the 3000 metres title to the 1500 gold from
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yesterday. winning by more than eight seconds for another championship record. the team—mate, as ha championship record. the team—mate, asha philip went on to win the 60 metres in the british record time. the only value has revealed he broke his hand during his surprise victory over david hague last night. the much hyped boxing showdown ended with both fighters injured and considering their futures. with both fighters injured and considering theirfutures. for considering their futures. for the man who was once in a rocky movie, it really was a hollywood ending. few had tipped to only value and soon it was the heavier, david hague, packing a punch. then a twist. in the sixth round, he stumbled injuring his ankle, suddenly he could barely move and bellew sensed his chance. somehow he could. come the 11th, his fading hopes went through the ropes. the cameras snapped around him, he tried
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desperately to scramble back to his feet. his team decided enough was enough. bellew had done it after a build—up dominated by threats and insults the warmest of embraces. the fight had taken its toll. he left for treatment on his achilles and bellew revealed he had broken his hand, but the toxic trash talking had turned to respect. hand, but the toxic trash talking had turned to respectlj hand, but the toxic trash talking had turned to respect. i told him thank you. he has helped me secure my kids future. he said thank you for such a great fight. they fight with no title at stake, but no shortage of pride. that is the sport. they look at the papers is coming up on the news channel, on bbc one it is time for the news where you are. this is bbc news with me, nicholas
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owen. the centre—right french presidential candidate has said he will not withdraw from the race. in spite of growing pressure over allegations that he cheated the parliamentary payment system to benefit his wife and two of his children. as a relic of thousands of supporters in paris he admitted he should have asked his wife to work for him. senior politicians in his party will discuss his candidacy tomorrow and the former prime minister, alain juppe, tomorrow and the former prime minister, alainjuppe, who has been touted as an alternative, said he would give a news conference tomorrow. earlier i spoke french journalist about francois fillon's day. well, what he said was as important as the number of people he was saying it in front of. he called this rally and it was organised into and it was organised in two and a half days and, in a sense, if he
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hadn't managed to fill out the squarer than his candidacy would have been dead. they said they had 200,000 people, i don't think it is possible to fit them on the square but they had close to possibly 70 or 80,000 people which, in paris, is a great deal. he had people who said the election has been taken from us and he was playing to that. he said i apologise for things that i ought to have done otherwise, but by and large he is pushing the idea that, because he has a clear mandate from his core voters, before million people who voted for him in the right—wing primary last december, that he has legitimacy according to party rooms and election rules. how has he dealt with these allegations about the way he employed his family? what he says is that he has employed his wife, he has employed his family, this is legal. he
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realises that it is no longer a cce pta ble realises that it is no longer acceptable today he says it was convenient but he should not have done it. he says that his wife didn't work and supported him in his career and he also says that questions could be asked but he was fascinated by how fast the wheels of french justice moved. fascinated by how fast the wheels of frenchjustice moved. thejudge had already prepared a summons for him to a nswer already prepared a summons for him to answer the questions that very day. the question being asked is why such speed? it is unprecedented in the history of french justice. what does this tell us about the state of french politics as an election looms and the right—wing candidate is there? it is an interesting time to put it mildly, is it not? all happy families are unlike and all unhappy families are unlike and all unhappy families are unlike and all unhappy families are unhappy in a different way. it is the same thing for 2016
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and 2017 in elections. we had the american election, the brexit wrote and now have the french election and we have a uniquely french way of tearing ourselves apart, but that is due to the feeling of resistance to something new happening under the various ways to try to go around that and all the fuss of the feeling in france that what matters at the end of the day is currently ever faces marine le pen in the run—off from this election, it is in two rounds, can she win? alain juppe tomorrow, what do you expect him to say? considering the success of the fillon rally, i would be extremely surprised if alain juppe fillon rally, i would be extremely surprised if alainjuppe decided to say i don't care whether mr fillon is withdrawn, i am standing. it is not like him and he has said several times he will not stand unless francois fillon resigns. now, what
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about the weather prospects? good evening. a mixed bag across the uk for the second part of the weekend. take a look at this satellite sequence which shows scotland and northern ireland have the best of the sunny spells. a different story for imminentand the sunny spells. a different story for imminent and wales. persistent rain and south of that this club the cloud with lively shoppers. some sunshine in between but also quite a bit of rain. gusty wind to go with it. it is drafting ever eastward. some of the eastern counties will be dumped in the morning. another area of rain getting into the far south and west. scattered showers in the north and west which will take hold in scotland. more typically it is about three or 5 degrees on sunday or monday. quite chilly and quite wet. some of the rain fringing in to the south wales. the rain gets across to the isle of wight. it is
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pretty reasonable start to the day. a bit more cloud for the eastern counties and some outbreaks of rain. slide and patchy at this stage but rain nonetheless. much brighter in the north—west of england and a bright start northern ireland. a lot of places will start dry. there is rain to be had in the north and west and to order the northern and it would be quite breezy. things will improve in the south—west finland. the persistent rain fragments into the latter part of the morning. sunshine coming through. some choice but those become fewer and far between. when the weather in eastern england begins to ease away. we will see a scattered showers developing some sunshine and showers into the afternoon but lengthy spells of sunshine for many, especially toward the west and temperatures around ten or 11 degrees. things quietened down through monday evening and overnight. the high pressure building in. we look to the west for the next spell of wind and rain. before it does it for the chilly start of a bright start on tuesday.
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see the see the cloud, the rain moving into northern ireland, things going downhill. it will be windy and wet and windy weather makes its way across the irish sea. temperatures from seven to 11 degrees. even across all parts. we will all see rain through the day on tuesday. it is on the move toward the new continent. but the middle of the week it is out of the way but we still unsettled. some chores around the temperatures are doing quite well, 12 to 14 for cardiff and london. hello. this is bbc news with nicholas owen. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. the chancellor, phillip hammond, has dismissed as "reckless" calls for him to increase spending in his first budget on wednesday. we are spending over £50 billion a year onjust paying
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