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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 6, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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he's under investigation over allegations he used public money to pay family members for work they didn't do. the international new york times reports on south sudan where war is engulfing new previously peaceful areas of the nation. tens of thousands of civilians have been killed and region is suffering a national food crisis. and finally, in the china daily business pages, they say more chinese than ever are travelling to the united states and other foreign destinations. chinese outbound tourists are expected to reach 150 million by 2020. joining us isjonathan charles who's director of communications at the european bank for reconstruction and development good morning. this story is incredible. white house aides was asked three times when mr trump is going to provide some kind of evidence about his claim of wiretapping. the aid turned around and walked away and refuse to answer
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the question. i woke up this morning and thought i wonder if we are ever going to get bored talking about donald trump it is almost everyday there is a story. i thought maybe we should take a step back. this is a man who campaigned unconventionally, who now govern unconventionally and i don't think we should be at all surprised about anything that he does when we get a story as we had over the weekend. the wiretapping. this is someone who wakes up with a thought in his mind and he tweets it. it has been described as tweet first and ask questions later. i think that's exactly what we have seen. now we have a situation where there's one branch of the intelligence services is letting it be known that it they don't really believe what he is saying and these are the same people, the fbi, who would know if donald trump's offices worldwide. you have a disconnect in effect at the very heart of the presidential administration and the
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american administration, whether it is coming from the white house or the intelligence services. these are organisations, the political side and the intelligence aside, the us supposed to be in lock step, not disconnect. —— and they are supposed to be. we know that he doesn't totally trust everything the intelligence services bring to him and infact intelligence services bring to him and in fact he has been publicly opposed to a lot of what they have been saying and then in the past few hours, we have latest north korean ballistic missile test. many people are wondering how donald trump will react to the assessment of his own intelligence services that north korea poses as a potential future nuclear threat with that former deputy ambassador here in the uk saying by the end of 2017 he believes that by 2018 he will probably have those nuclear weapons. there is no doubt that north korea is certainly gaining in its ability
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to threaten those it does not like. of course, in the white house there is supposed to be at daily intelligence brief. we have heard from donald trump that he does not wa nt from donald trump that he does not want this brief. as you say, the big question is one of trust. there has to bea question is one of trust. there has to be a situation where the head of the cia or the head of the security agencies comes to donald trump and say, "we truly believe this" and donald trump has to truly believe them. yes, you can ask questions but you must have faith in your country's intelligence services. what we are saying is that this does not happen but there is a big but. if you look at the man who replaced flynn, the national security adviser to —— national security adviser, donald trump certainly likes him. maybe the gap will close. during the 2005 iraq campaign when he was
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running, he was an impressive guy and somebody who will speak truth to power. he has done that all the way through history in his military career and i'm sure he will say to donald trump, listen, you have to trust the intelligence services on something. interesting because as we have already mentioned, the npc is in beijing right now. we haven't seen in beijing right now. we haven't seen any in beijing right now. we haven't seen any reaction from china about what happened in north korea. they are too busy at the npc which is incredibly important. their annual event where they set out their stall really. it is a steady as she goes. obviously china daily is a state sponsored paper. they will present the news in a positive light but give us your take on where china is out. there has been a lot of focus on the flat that they want to set now a realistic target of 6.5%
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growth. you have to see it in the chinese context. we have always thought that china needed 7% growth in order to create the jobs each yearin in order to create the jobs each year in the growing population requiring. we are saying that —— they are saying they want to move towards a realistic approach. one thatis towards a realistic approach. one that is not debt fuelled. that seems optimistic. china has been growing a lot for many, many years and a lot of it has been speculated a pond. —— upon. that gets to the heart of the matter that a lot of the housing bubble has been fuelled not by demand by by speculation. they want to move to a more realistic figure. particularly if there is going to be a second term which i am sure there is for president xi jinping. it is to be steady as she goes. just
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wanted to get a brief response so we can move on. there is the issue of how reliable these things are. —— these figures are. yes, we have this debate every time they released figures that at the end of the day, the economy is still growing, it still doing what it should be doing, et cetera et cetera. juno at a mean? you always have to look beyond officialfigures. i you always have to look beyond official figures. i aways look at electricity. if you look at their electricity. if you look at their electricity production figures, electricity production figures, electricity usage, that is probably under 6.5%. 6.5% is probably bowing to reality. francois fillon. he reminds me of margaret thatcher. if you remember when she was having a leadership crisis, she thought on. of course she was not able to do that. —— fight on. he is tragic
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tough it out and knows that the republican party wants to move against him and they are meeting today. it is very hard now. the person that may well stand in a lane she pay, doesn't seem very keen. person that may well stand in a lane she pay, doesn't seem very keenlj think he knows there is a slim chat he could win the election. —— elayne .itis he could win the election. —— elayne . it is not left and right in terms of the main political parties. you have two outside our contenders who are toughing it out. does alain juppe are toughing it out. does alain juppe really want to go when he knows he can lose? he does have some support in some parts of the party, francois fillon. more than 10,000 animals have died because of drought in in kenya. somalia is in a state
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offamine. in in kenya. somalia is in a state of famine. that's all there is to say, really. south sudan. unlike the other famines of it is heavily man—made. there are things they could be doing in south sedan if they were not distracted by what is now, as the new york times says on the front page, a young nation cracking apart. south sudan born on my birthday, july the night. 0ne cracking apart. south sudan born on my birthday, july the night. one of the newest nations. but here is a nation that because of what is going on because of internal fighting is unable to get to grips with the issues that require and need to be dealt with if this nation is to be fed. this is a national emergency andi fed. this is a national emergency and i think we will see much more famine because many areas of being in golf by trouble, fighting. as it says here in the new york times, farmers in the country's breadbasket are unable to tend their land. —— engulfed. cities around the world
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have been saying around the world that it have been saying around the world thatitis have been saying around the world that it is the chinese tourists that we need to hone in on. this section in the china daily emphasises that point. we are seeing more and more chinese tourists. even in the remote tip of new zealand about 15 months ago, i saw the amount of chinese was staggering. they are doing what the japanese did many years ago, they are still travelling in groups. the tourist industry is waking up to the fa ct tourist industry is waking up to the fact that they will soon be travelling singularly. there is a lwa ys travelling singularly. there is always someone the leading pack. jonathan charles, thank you. good to see you, too. join us again soon. goodbye. hello, there. good morning. well, we saw all sorts across the uk for the second part of the weekend. we saw a bit of rain and some brighter weather. so some rainbows in places but some of the showers were really
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quite heavy and they contained hail. this was taken in 0xfordshire. and we also saw some snow. yes, lying snow there over the higher ground in wales. so a variety of weather. all down to an area of low pressure swirling around the heart of the uk. that is drifting its way ever eastwards and will continue to do so overnight. gradually things are calming down, although it is still fairly grey over the eastern side and into the small hours of the morning with some outbreaks of rain. another area of rain moving into the south—west of the uk. it will be chilly, generally speaking. temperatures up to five degrees and a touch of frost possible in the north of scotland. in the morning, it is notjust rain across the south—west of england, there is potential for snow on the tops of the moors. apart from that, an ugly commute with the surface water and spray. some of the rain fringes into the south of wales. the bulk of wales and the midlands and the south—east of england gets
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off to a reasonable start although some eastern counties are still fairly cloudy. the north—west of england on a bright start to the day. maybe a few patches of mist, however a little bit of misty fog in some parts of scotland. a lot of dry weather but scattered showers towards the north and west, where it will be quite breezy as well. quite breezy too down towards the south—west of england but that breeze should help push that rain away. things will be improving all the while here. elsewhere it looks like it will turn into a day of sunny spells and showers, with most across central and eastern areas. sunny out the further west you are. northern ireland though, we will see fair bit of cloud and rain moving in here. top temperatures up to 11 degrees. as we go through monday evening, things will quiet down. pressure builds across the uk, rain comes for the far north of the uk where it will still be quite windy but we are looking west for the next spell of wind and rain to head our way. before it arrives it will be a chilly start to the day, 3—5 degrees again. bright start to central and eastern areas but out west it is going downhill through the morning
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and into the early afternoon. that wet and windy weather spreading in from the west. that will turn to snow over higher grounds. and then in the evening, rain makes steady progress across the eastern side of uk leaving behind a brisk breeze for wednesday, coming in from the northwest and there will be a fair bit of cloud and outbreaks of rain with that. it looks like it will be cloudy again on thursday with some rain and the temperatures are on the rise. hello. good morning. this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. a new chapter for british car—making — the french company which owns citroen and peugeot is expected to confirm that it's buying vauxhall. the deal raises questions over the future of 4,000 jobs at its ellesmere port and luton plants — and 30,000 more which depend on them. good morning.
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it's monday the 6th of march. also this morning speak out to save lives — police launch a new campaign urging people to report suspicious activity to combat terror attacks. north korea launches four missiles towards the sea of japan.
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