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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 7, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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from poaching and that poaching happens far away in their natural habitat and here they're safe and poaching has come here now so that's extremely destabilising and shocking. tonight there's extra security in place at the rhino enclosure behind me where the two surviving animals are still being housed. this was a well—planned operation with apparently detailed knowledge of the park and it has put zoos across europe on alert. paris was the weakest link today, but it might be another population in namibia or other parts of the world. as long as the incentives and profits are high in and the risks are low enough, criminals will seek out the weakest link to get their hands on the rhino horn. like vince, the other young male at thoiry might one day be used for breeding. europe's zoos, designed to protect the species, are now themselves being targeted for the animals in their care. lucy williamson, bbc news, thoiry. arsenal manager, arsene wenger, is under mounting pressure tonight after his team were eliminated from the champions league. they'd gone into their second leg tie against bayern munich needing to overcome a 5—1 deficit.
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but the second leg proved equally one—sided, as natalie pirks reports. chanting # we want wenger out! # i said we want wenger out!# they were small in number, but loud in sentiment. a group of arsenal fans marched on the emirates tonight demanding the head of the manager. they feel they're not alone. chanting # we want you to go # arsene wenger # we want you to go #. 12 years, no premier league, no champions league. how can we call ourselves a big club? enough's enough, yeah, we want him out now. that's it, no more contracts. he's got to go now. but football is a fickle thing and one good result can silence even the loudest of protests. arsene wenger had demanded his team displayed lucid rage. this was electric. commentator: still going here. the best goalkeeper in the world no match for theo walcott on a mission. but moments change matches.
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laurent koscielny got a bit physical with robert lewandowski and the assistant referee seized his moment, upgrading a yellow card to red. koscielny was off. arsene was baffled. the dream was over. with that extra man, bayern could start to click through the gears and, boy, did they. first, arjen robben pounced on a defensive mix—up. costa nabbed a third. arturo vidal got in on the act with the cheekiest of dinks. and vidal, once again, cut arsenal to ribbons to complete the demolition job. yet another 5—1. how the germans must love it in north london. as the boos rang out, wenger must have wished he could be anywhere but. talk of wenger‘s future dominated the build—up but for 45 minutes it looked as if arsenal had found their fight. a second—half capitulation is an all too familiar champions league tale. that small but vocal group of fa ns tale. that small but vocal group of fans is growing louder. there are many now feel it could and should be
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the last time arsene wenger manages arsenal in europe. natalie thank you very much again at the emirates stadium. natalie perks. hello there. you're watching bbc news. i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight: thrashed again by bayern munich. it's deja vu for arsenal and perhaps au revoir for arsene wenger. german opposition too for england's women, and it's not going well in washington. "we made mistakes but we're a clean team." sir dave brailsford say‘s it's no mystery what was in that package for sir bradley wiggins. good evening.
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it's now seven seasons in a row that arsenal have been knocked out of the champions league in the last 16, but never in such a humiliating manner. already trailing 5—1 after the first leg against bayern munich, the germans won by the same scoreline tonight. 10—2 on aggregate is the second biggest victory over two legs in the history of the competition. let's speak to our sports correspondent natalie pirks at the emirates stadium. there was unrest before kick—off among the fans natalie, what was the mood like after that? they went away with about 20 minutes to go, they didn't stick around to see the end. they knew exactly what was coming. 0bviously see the end. they knew exactly what was coming. obviously the build up to this match had been overshadowed by talk of a training ground bust—up
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with sanchez. and talks of arsene wenger‘s future. in the first half, it looked as if arsenal had found the fight that had been missing. a second half capitulation is an all too familiar tale for arsenal fans. that small band of fans, who were very vocal, protesting at the beginning, is growing louder. many now believe this could and should be the last time arsene wenger manages arsenal in europe. patrick gearery has the story of the night. at arsenal there are are contests long before kickoff. wenger in or out? the assumption was this would be arsenal out. four goals down, perhaps nothing further to lose, why not have a go. it worked with theo walcott. improbable angle now for the improbable come back. then hope died with the referee's whistle. first a yellow card then changed to
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a red. with the penalty, so effectively was arsenal's. for them the rest of the yeeng as a —— evening was a fade to grey. costa scored, 3—1. the german champions we re scored, 3—1. the german champions were creative with their freedom. vidal revelled in the space. this might look like a replay, in fact it was a recurring nightmare for arsenal. this was the gunners' heaviest defeat for them 5—1 on the night. arsenal out, as the demands grow louder, will it finally be wenger out? in the last couple of minutes, arsene wenger has given a news conference. he said he was revolted by the referee. he felt they should have had a penalty to go 2-0 they should have had a penalty to go 2—0 up. he felt that there shouldn't have been the sending off. made a point of praising his team's efforts, after all that speculation about the off—field problems. but
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this has got to be the straw that brea ks this has got to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. you can't see him leading arsenal into europe next season? well, of course, he's never failed to next season? well, of course, he's neverfailed to do next season? well, of course, he's never failed to do that in 20 seasons. he has that going for him, i guess. we've been here before with arsenalfans i guess. we've been here before with arsenal fans calling for his head. famously, pretty much every year for the last five, six, seven years. he hasn't gone. there is a two—year deal on the table for him to sign. he has said he will wait till the ebbed of the season. —— end. if they don't make the top four and make the champions league and they're obviously already out of the champions league for this season, that could very much sway his decision. the fans that protested at the start of this match were loud, but small. a lot of the fans around them were saying, no, we don't agrow with you. at one point saying, you're killing our club. a lot of the fans weren't happy with that, because he's done so much for arsenal. there comes a point where a lot of them are saying — what more can you do? one of the fans said he
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was a legend. if he'd have left when he should have left, he would have remained a legend. the problem is now — who do they get in? mourinho, kl°pp, now — who do they get in? mourinho, klopp, guardiola are already at other clubs and ancelotti doing well, thank you very much with bayern manchester united. they might wa nt bayern manchester united. they might want him out, but who replaces him? a miserable night for the gunners this evening. in tonight's other last 16 tie, holders real madrid are through to the quarter finals for the seventh season in a row, after a 3—1 win away to napoli. dries mertens put the italian‘s 1—0 up, but two headers from sergio ramos in six second—half minutes to put the holders back in control. alvaro morata then added a third on the night in stoppage time, scoring the rebound, after ronaldo's initial effort was saved by reina, to give the galacticos a 6—2 aggregate win.
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there was a full programme of games in the championship tonight. leaders newcastle were held to a goalless draw at reading, so have had their lead at the top cut to three points. so here's the full rundown then. wigan‘s hopes of survival boosted by a 1—0 win at birmingham. the games at blackburn, bristol city, derby county and fulham all ended in 1—1 draws. third placed huddersfield beat aston villa i—0. it finished goalless between ipswich and wolves. there were wins for brentford and qpr. confirmation of newcastle's draw there. second placed brighton took advantage with a 2—0 win at bottom side rotherham. it finished 1—1 at sheffield wednesday. england women are hoping to win the shebelieves cup for the first time. they're currently playing germany in washington in their final game. england started well and their best chance of the first half fell to manchester city striker toni duggan. germany are the current european and olympic champions, and they went ahead just before the break, anya mittaarg firing them into a 1—0 lead.
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that is how it stands. the usa and france play a little bit later. less than ten minutes in that match. zlatan ibrahimovich claimed that bournemouth‘s tyrone mings jumped into his elbow over the weekend, but manchester united's top scorer has accepted an fa charge of violent conduct and will be banned for three


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