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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 10, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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this is bbc news, the headlines: a drug addict is jailed for 12 years for running over and killing a young boy and his aunt in south london. we came here today to see justice done and in the hope thatjoshua dobby would show morse and sorrow for our beautiful rosy. but he has shown non—. schools in england are having to drop gcse and a level courses — head teachers blame a funding crisis. it comes as the education secretary was heckled at a conference over her plans for more grammar schools. the controversial columnist katie hopkins has been ordered to pay £24,000 in damages for libelling the food writer
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jack monroe on twitter. world championships on two wheels as well as four, has died, aged 83. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. can you remember the last time you called in sick? it's been revealed british workers took fewer sick days last year than at any time since records began. we'll be finding out why. sepsis kills more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined, but do you know what it is? we'll be talking to a doctor as advice is given that treatment must be given within an hour. and we'll be taking a look at this week's cinema releases in the film review, among those in the spotlight tonight are tom hiddleston and samuel l jackson fighting for survival in kong: skull island.
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that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm tim hague, and here's what's coming up this evening... can lincoln city pull off another stunning surprise, when they take on arsenal in the fa cup sixth round tomorrow? a leaked draft report into british cycling has described a "culture of fear", with more focus being placed on winning medals than on the well—being of staff and athletes. and motor racing loses one of it's legends, as former f1 and motorcycling world championjohn surtees, dies aged 83. coming up this week, we live in cardiff where ireland know they must beat wales to keep alive their hopes of winning this year ‘s‘s six nations title. it's the quarter finals
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of the fa cup this weekend, and it has a non—league side in it for the first time in over a century. just five years ago lincoln city were saved from administration by the clubs chairman bob durrian who put £500,000 by the club's chairman bob durrian who put £500,000 of his own money to save the club, and here they are today. their prize for making it this far in the competition, an away tie against arsenal, as simon clark reports. lincoln city will be the first non—league side to play in the fa cup for more than a century. gary
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0ldman doesn't live far away from here and he wanted to play his part in inspiring them. here he is reading something from tennyson, who was a son of lincolnshire. come, my friends, it is not too late to see a world. for my purpose, hold to see a world. for my purpose, hold to sail beyond the sunset of all the western stars until i die. lincoln city, with a minute to go.
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it may be the wash is down. we can see the great achilles, whom we knew. though much is taken, much abides. although we are not now that strength, in the days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are. one equal temper of heretic cards, made week by time and fate. but strong in wales. to strive, to see and to find and not to yield. that makes the hairs on the back of
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my neck stand up. i don't know if danny cowley, the manager of lincoln city needs to do a team talk after that, but what an astonishing journey he has made. in the summer he was still a teacher at a secondary school in essex. a great journey for him and an incredible journey for him and an incredible journey for him and an incredible journey for lincoln city. you can watch highlights of that arsenal against lincoln match on bbc one at ii.05pm tomorrow night. and that's where you'll be able to see how middlesbrough do at home to manchester city as well. tottenham against millwall is live on bbc one on sunday, and the quarter finals conclude on monday evening with chelsea against last years winners, manchester united, again that's live on bbc one. we'll have a special preview live from stamford bridge in fa cup sportsday from 6:30pm on monday. as a result of the fa cup the premier league fixtures have been reduced to four
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matches this weekend. bournemouth haven't won in eight league games, they're home to west ham. it's seventh against eighth as everton welcome west brom. at the bottom, can swansea make it back—to—back wins, when they play hull city, who are second bottom? and after beating arsenal 3—1, jurgen klopp‘s liverpool have burnley visiting anfield, that's on sunday. liverpool looking for revenge because burnley beat them earlier in the season. there's also the small matter of the old firm derby this weekend too, as celtic look to make it four wins out of four against their city rivals rangers on sunday. brendan rodgers‘ side already have the league title all but wrapped up, but are keen to keep their unbeaten run going. rangers go into the game still without a permanent manager, as alasdair lamont reports. as glasgow's heavyweights repair for the fourth showdown of the season, the fourth showdown of the season, the tale points to one thing,
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odds—on favourites celtic have won all three previous meetings. the aggregate score is a dashed to in celtic‘s favour, but the supremacy is laid out more starkly in their overall points haul. this fixture has been kind to the celtic manager, living up to all his expectations. celtic rangers game, renowned throughout the world is one of the great derby games, if not want up the great derby games. it is an intense affair. supporters are very passionate and the celtic park game was a great start. if we can play to that level and play to how we have been for most of the season, then we head back and get as a result. with rangers yet to appoint a new manager, the task of engineering a win over celtic will be falling to graham murthy. he said today, i show
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them everything that has been written about them. they have been written about them. they have been written off, celtic are fantastic and we will get are doing. ijust tell them, this is what the world thinks of you. i think he has handled it really well. hopefully he goes to parkhead. i am sure guys like kenny miller and lee wallace has told him what to expect. i am sure he has been there when he was under 20 manager. i sure he has been there when he was under20 manager. ithink sure he has been there when he was under 20 manager. i think he will know what it is all about and hopefully he can get something from the game. for that to happen they will have to stop moussa dembele, the scourge of rangers this season and the epitome of celtic‘s incivility. it was my first hat—trick and my first league goals for celtic. it was a good day. it
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has gone now, and we have another game on sunday. the majority will expect the old firm theme to continue. anything else would be a serious surprise. norwich have sacked their manager alex neil this evening. he got them promoted to the premier league in 2015, but they were relegated after a single season. a club statement said, "the board has taken this tough but unanimous decision, believing it is in the best interests of the club for a new manager to be in place through a crucial summer transfer window and into next season." norwich are 8th in the championship, nine points from the playoffs. some sad news today now, as the former formula one and motorcycling world champion john surtees has died at the age of 83. he's still the only man to have become world champion on two wheels, and four. andy swiss looks back on his life. the favourite after wins in 1958 and 59, number threejohn surtees... he was a natural racer, skilful and determined.
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just as fast on two wheels, as he later became on four. in his ferrari, john surtees, number seven going like a bomb... encouraged by his father, a motorcycle dealer and former sidecar champion, young john won his first race at the age of 17. with british motorbikes dominating racing, his future looked secure with norton. but they refused to back him for the 1956 season, so he went to italy to join another team. between 1956 and 1960, surtees dominated the 350 cc and 500 cc classes. 500cc classes. the master has done it again... winning seven world championships.
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john surtees is the hero with the double in the first classic meeting of the year. on his way to win his sixth tt and his third successive senior tt... he became the first man to win the senior isle of man tt three years running. is this your life's ambition now achieved? not really, i suppose i don't set out with definite ambitions, ijust try and do my best, whatever i do. he switched to cars full—time in 1961, driving a cooper. but once again he had to go to italy to find success, this time with ferrari. the man first isjohn surtees. and a second place in mexico clinched the 1964 world championship. a year later he almost died when his lola crashed in practice in canada. flown back to london, he eventually made a full recovery. i'm not attaching too much importance to this, although i think it is important in time i do sort of manage to fit in the full movements. his last grand prix victory was at monza in 1967. single—minded and deeply committed,
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his talent won him a unique place in motor racing history. i think by the time i was retiring i still probably hadn't reached my absolute peak, but i had achieved my main ambitions. because the most important thing i have to do in life, is not satisfy other people, but satisfy myself. british cycling has admitted that their success has come at the cost of athlete care. it follows an independent investigation into their world class performance programme. a draft copy of which was leaked a little earlier on today. 0ur reporter david 0rnstein reports from the national cycling centre in manchester. the controversy around british cycling started almost a year ago when allegations of sexism, discrimination and bullying led to an independent investigation into the culture at britain's most successful and world
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funded olympic sport. the report is expected soon and this morning a leaked draft of it was published by the daily mail. it backed up many of the claims. british cycling issued a statement, disagreeing with the factual accuracy of certain points, but admitting to specific shortcomings and a failure to address early warning signs of problems. meanwhile, sir dave brailsford, now the boss of team sky, says he would not be resigning from his position, despite the continuing controversy over a mystery package sent to sir bradley wiggins in 2011. team sky have admitted mistakes were made over the package, but denied breaking any anti—doping rules and speaking to cycling weekly, he said i have confidence in my team. i have been through a lot over the years and it is important to make sure you can look at yourself and know there has been no wrongdoing.
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i am confident of that. david 0rnstein there from the british cycling centre in manchester. well that's all from me tim hague at the bbc sport centre. join me for updates throughout the evening, but now, it's time to join katherine downes live from the principality stadium in cardiff for this week's inside six nations. has it really been two weeks since eve ryo ne has it really been two weeks since everyone was talking about the italian confusing tactics against england. since scotland got that big win over wales and ireland kept alive their title hunt with the dominant performance over france. the drama kicks off again here the


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