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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 13, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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they want to rule over us and spit on us. the prime minister then challenged geert wilders over saying he wanted to remove korans from people's houses. translation: i still haven't heard how you're going to go door—to—door. i'm very curious how you're going to pick up those korans. these two leaders are vying for top places in the polls. among this university audience we did not find much support for wilders. his main policy is all foreigners go back to their own countries. that is the whole point. and i don't think, it's not dutch. but out on the streets, it's a different story. a lot of my friends, i think 80% are supporting geert wilders, and that'sjust because we think he can bring the netherlands back, of what it was. all the other parties have vowed not to work with geert wilders, so it is most unlikely he will be able to form a government, but the prime minister still believes he could be the winner. i do believe there is a real risk
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that on march 16 we can wake up in this country and geert wilders is leading the biggest party. complicating these final days of the campaign and been protests in rotterdam over a growing row between the netherlands and turkey. turkey was furious when two of its ministers were barred from speaking at a pro—ankara rally in rotterdam. the turkish president enraged the dutch by calling them nazis. geert wilders has seized on this row, telling the turkish community that if they don't like it, they can leave. many say the atmosphere has changed. translation: i grew up here, either muslim, but my seven—year—old comes home from school and now says her best friend hates muslims. what happens here in the netherlands will be watched closely by the rest of europe, for it is the first test of strength this year of antiestablishment parties with tehir anti—immigration and their anti—eu messages.
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gavin hewitt, bbc news, rotterdam. the countdown to the next commonwealth games in australia is underway. the queen launched the games‘ baton relay at buckingham palace today, and over the next 388 days, it will visit all of the commonwealth nations and territories, before arriving on australia's gold coast. our royal correspondent nicholas witchell followed today's events. it is said to be the third—largest multisport event in the world, the commonwealth games, bringing together countries which between them represent roughly one third of the world's population. the venue for next year's games will be australia's gold coast. the queen will not be there herself but the message from her as head of the commonwealth will. she placed the message in the baton which will be carried to all the countries of the commonwealth to arrive on the gold coast in april of next year. the baton relay was started by the australian track cyclist anna meares.
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she was joined by britain's victoria pendleton and then to add another australian touch, it was transferred to a combi, the camper van used by so many generations of surfers which trundled off down the mall at the start of the 140,000 mile journey. four years ago it was sir chris hoy who did the honours, launching the baton relay to the city of glasgow, the 2014 venue. the route over the next 13 months will be much the same, taking the baton to every commonwealth nation and territory. so it will travel across much of africa. to the indian subcontinent, where four years ago it was taken by steam train in sri lanka. and two tiny islands in the pacific. a reminder of the scale of the commonwealth and of the cultural and historic links which bind its 52 member nations. in april next year, in australia, the commonwealth's sporting
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rivalries will be resumed, but in the context of a sporting event, which like the commonwealth, prides itself showing respect and mutual understanding. and if a city fancies and hosting such an event in 2022, there is a vacancy. durban has just pulled out. nicholas witchell, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. tonight we live in parliament as the lords decide whether to hand the prime minister a clean brexit bill. and we look in depth at the man who will be leading our brexit negotiations. join me on bbc two. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm tim hague.
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and not only do premier league leaders chelsea knock out the fa cup holders manchester united, they draw spurs in the semifinal. arsenal will play manchester city. it's announced the 2022 commonwealth games won't be held in durban any longer, so might they be in birmingham or liverpool instead 7 and there are protests in france, after two of the biggest clubs in rugby union there stun supporters by announcing they are to merge. hello there, thank you very much for
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watching. premier league leaders chelsea continued their great season this evening, by knocking out fa cup holders manchester united. 1—0 the score, and our correspondent 0lly foster is at stamford bridge for us now. plenty to mull over after tonight's match, 0lly. i'm not sure ifjose mourinho is a mulling kind of man, he'll be smouldering tonight. it was never going to be straightforward this evening, was it? another return to sta mford evening, was it? another return to stamford bridge forjose mourinho, and all the attention was on his team selection. he said himself denied that he was so stretched, didn't like the fact that they were playing so many games. they came back from russia late on thursday night after a draw against rostov. we learned that rooney was injured, martial was injured, ibrahimovic was out, suspended, and this is the first match of his three match
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suspension. marcus rashford was ill, well, he did actually managed to field a striker, jose mourinho, but the chelsea cleaners are doing their jobs, the groundsmen have done their jobs, chelsea did a job denied as well. manchester united fa ns denied as well. manchester united fans have been coming to stamford bridge for overfour fans have been coming to stamford bridge for over four years with no jov- bridge for over four years with no joy. as they were frisked for a friend of items, the united team bus was underjust friend of items, the united team bus was under just as friend of items, the united team bus was underjust as much scrutiny. anything offensive on there? a striker? marcus rashford off his sick bed to answer his manager's core. jose mourinho used to have that hold over chelsea players. the new man is not doing too badly either. they are lighting up the premier league. united were dazzled the last time they visited, and if it hadn't been for their keeper, david de gea, the match could have been out of sight very early on. eden hazard and gary cahill both kept out by fingertips. united were
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further stretched, a second yellow ca rd further stretched, a second yellow card for ander herrera would test the mourinho tactics and temperament. the first of four is heated but goalless. last season, n'golo kante was the unsung hero among leicester's champions. chelsea recognised his worth, and his goal finding the bottom goal beyond davao was worth a lot, a wembley semifinal. —— beyond de gea. rashford should have forced extra time, thibaut courtois had little to do but did it well. chelsea had so many more chances. diego costa with the best of them, they miss not so costly as united's ten men ran out of stea m. costly as united's ten men ran out of steam. the double is still on for the blues, that is what victory meant for them. what defeat meant for mourinho is difficult to tell. for sure, for mourinho is difficult to tell. forsure, a for mourinho is difficult to tell. for sure, a great performance against a for sure, a great performance againsta team, for sure, a great performance against a team, very strong with good players. i repeat, for me, united as the best squad in the
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league. a lot of good players. and yeah, for us, we must be pleased to go in the next round and to beat a great opponent. we all watched the match until the red card, and after the red card, so and then we can compare the decisions of these two yellow cards, in this case the second yellow card with other ones that were not given. but i don't want to go in that direction. trying to contain the temper, wasn't he? the draw for the semifinals took place, it was always going to be a good one, wasn't it? yeah, some big beasts left in the competition, because over the weekend the first 3/4—finals, the
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lesser lights, lincoln city, what a great run, they were knocked out by arsenal, as were millwall by spurs, middlesbrough by manchester city. so the cream has risen to the top, a very short straw, just four names in it, chelsea winners today, they have set upa it, chelsea winners today, they have set up a london derby against spurs. they have beaten spurs, they have lost to spurs this season, so a little bit of bragging rights riding on that one, as well as a place in the final. they absolutely stuffed them five years ago, 2012, in the semifinals, 5—1, and chelsea went on to beat liverpool in the final. manchester city against arsenal in the fa cup, you can count on one hand the amount of times they have faced each other. if the omens are looking good for arsenal, the last time they faced city in the cup, 1971, they beat them on the way to the final,


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