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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 17, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the military and 3 mexico border wall, are set to get funding. in thejapan times — us secretary of state rex tillerson on north korea. he made the comments while in tokyo but no specific details were revealed. mr tillerson is now in south korea. fis’siffifi euf-q esiffieiee : l that's the headline in the times, which reports an investigation has found uk government advertising on youtube has seen money go into the pockets of extremists like banned hate preachers, rape apologists and anti—semites. a diplomatic row between turkey and the netherlands has escalated this week. and in what might be one of the more unusual breaking of ties turkey's now said it doesn't want prized dutch cows that it has, and they'll be sent back to the netherlands. that's in the gulf news. joining us is broadcaster henry bonsu. first let's talk about the utterly
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ridiculous claims as gchq puts it. gchq is a spy agency prefers to stay in the shadows but they do not want to be babe parts of donald trump's fa ke to be babe parts of donald trump's fake news agenda. they are ridiculous andrew fake news agenda. they are ridiculous - andrew barr paula ridiculous claims. andrew barr paula kania made the claims, who seems to have inspired sean spicer to say that these three intelligence soufces that these three intelligence sources say that these three intelligence sources say president obama did not need to use other sources because they used the british agency. they
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probably think this will help trump with these ludicrous allegations. two we e ks with these ludicrous allegations. two weeks ago, over with these ludicrous allegations. two weeks ago, over pressure over two weeks ago, over pressure over the russian crisis, he thought he would do this. do you think it is so well thought through? off-the-cuff remarks which have escalated into this? sometimes i think it can only be that this is a guy surrounded by a team at everybody monitors were the president says for at least that is what used to happen but it could be that on his own he is tweeting these things out. i do not know where these allegations came from in the first place. allegations - a
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the first place. allegations that a shock jock got the first place. allegations that a shockjock got this information. the fb shockjock got this information. the f b; were looking at things between f b i were looking at things between russian banks and the trump organisation but it is. the same organisation but it is not the same as wiretapping trump tower. they are trying to hoover this all up. kellyanne conway, a senior adviser to the president, said that maybe microwaves can enable someone to listen to you. it is getting more and more ludicrous. sean spicer had and more ludicrous. sean spicer had a good reputation but is now looking more ludicrous. i am sure sean spicer would dispute that. when you look at his face it seems as though
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he knows this is ludicrous but he has a job to do. a shift in policy from soft power to hard power which is counting support for diplomacy and aid and instead boosting military spending. widely reported yesterday. this is a big pivot and it will encourage his base. the director of the office of management and budget says the reason no question that this is a hard budget. president trump says we do not win any more, we're spending too much money supporting other people and on nature and supporting countries who do not want to look after their defence so they are talking of
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expanding by over $50 billion of their defence budget. there will be an initial construction phase for the mexico wall. how he is usually important. the countries in the world that are seen as powerful do a lot of soft power were as donald trump sees it as weak as. it is the us taxpayer who is going to be supporting this wall. people who supported donald trump... the agreements - we signed in paris, agreements that we signed in paris, the climate change agreement... it can only succeed if countries like the us, india and china support them. massive cuts also there. rex tillerson is in north korea —— is in
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south korea. the us has provided more than $1 billion in assistance in north korea that he is now calling for a different approach because 5 calling for a different approach because x has not worked calling for a different approach because 5 has not worked with top because that has not worked with top is that this feeling an escalation of rhetoric? it reminds her of the he wrote a few weeks ago, tweed he wrote a few weeks ago, people worried about north korea getting nuked and that it was not going to happen. many will would say the stance currently has not worked. there is this escalation already. what what is the alternative? are you going to nuke their stockpile perhaps soft power is needed. you need to maintain those relationships with china and regional powers and countries you consider to be soft and anti—american because if north and anti=american because if nortq'.
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is to be reined in it will not korea is to be reined in it will not be done by sheer military force but by cooperation, by pressure on china who would in turn put pressure on the north korea is because they are at their closest ally. let's move on to the story in that time, taxpayer funds extremism. advertisers revolting against google because the adverse used in some of those videos. people may not understand how this works. governments all over the world spent huge amounts of money. they work with media agencies. they at arm's length have placed adverts on youtube what they
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do not necessarily know where they are played and it seems that some really repellent individuals are having these adverts supporting their messages of hate. the british home office, navy, air force, agencies agencies and agencies and the agencies and the bbc. agencies and the bbc. when transport agencies and the bbc. when you click on an advert by someone like david duke, former leader of the kkk, you will have an advert from the home office or the royal navy and you would think this is a reasonable advert and there is somehow a link supporting the message. they are taking google to task. the sideline by a serious story... turkey do not want the
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dutch cows any more! the dutch prime minister is - in power and recep minister is back in power and recep tayyip erdogan wants to be the power in turkey and it seems that the cow is being deported and sent back to the netherlands. they say that this breed is causing serious problems in our country. i do not know if these are political cows! but this will be are political cows! but this will be a diplomatic wall fought on both sides. it is not a black. white sides. it is not a black and white issue. laughter have a great weekend. we start the day with quite a lot of variety up and down the uk. the southern half of the country enjoying a reasonable start as we step outside. some rain for the north and it does not look so pretty. cold wind and wintry showers
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across the north of scotland. for wales, not too bad at eight o'clock breakfast, there will be sunshine here and the wind is not too strong. quite chilly, mind you. further north it is wet with rain piling into northern ireland from the west. a period of heavy rain through the morning at least. rain into the west of scotland merging with the wintry showers over the highlands makes a cold wet start to the day. sunshine further east, but temperatures are not much above freezing. some dampness is coming into north—west england over the pennines but to the east i thig— g = plenty of sunshine there across the midlands and east anglia as well southern england. a nip in the air but, again, sunshine makes a difference. wind will be light across the southern parts of the country. as we go through the day, all of this will head eastwards but, so there will never be much across the east of scotland of north—east of england, for that matter. the heavy stuff there is further west and there will be snow
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over the highlands. cloud coming down over the southern and eastern areas of england and wales but will stay dry here and reasonably mild into the low teens. unpleasant north and west. the rain should hold off from cheltenham. not too bad a day if you wear a few layers. as we head into the evening, some rain will arrive across southern areas and it is quite patchy in nature and no great amount. heavy stuff remains north and it does not look like a nice night. some of the rain will be an issue as we get into the weekend, and north wales. we will keep an eye on it. a touch of frost first thing across the north of scotland but here, some of the best of the brightness as we go through saturday. for the rest of us, a lot of cloud in the sky. more rain, particularly across the western areas and a patchy start reaching eastern parts. it will be relatively
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mild despite the cloud. low to mid teens and chillier across the far north. by sunday, under the system coming in from the west. difficult to get the detail right but on balance eastern areas will see the best of sunshine, western areas will see most quite blustery, but mild. the war of words over a second scottish independence referendum intensifies. the snp accuse the prime minister of running scared, but theresa may vows to fight for what she calls the precious union. good morning, it is friday 17 march.
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also this morning: a warning that secondary schools in england face losing an average of six teachers because of funding changes. more than a million people work in the so—called gig economy, but many miss out on h'otiday so are the jobs flexible extra income, orjust exploiting staff? i will discuss later.
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