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i'm christian fraser live at westminster — the police cordon hasjust the police cordon has just been removed. the headlines at 9. a minute's silence held in trafalgar square as hundreds gather as a sign of solidarity with those caught up in yesterday's attack. people have tried to tear this city apart with acts of terror many times before, they have never succeeded and they never will. our response to this attack on our city, to this attack on our way of life, to this attack on our shared values, shows the world what it means to be a londoner. police have identified the attacker as 52—year—old khalid masood — who was born in kent — but lived in the west midlands
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and was known to security services. eight people have been arrested in overnight raids in birmingham. the police investigation continues. the third victim of the attack has been named as kurt cochran, a us tourist in london to celebrate his silver wedding anniversary. spanish teacher, ayesha frade and pc keith palmer were also killed. i'm martine croxall. our other stories this hour: thousands of people have gathered in londonderry for the funeral of martin mcguinness, the former deputy first minister of northern ireland. we are standing close to westminster
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abbey and the police had just removed the cordon. you can see people walking down to the palace of westminster, this is the first time this road has been open since three o'clock yesterday. forensic police have been working quite intensively just there, where keith palmer was murdered yesterday, they are trying to co m plete murdered yesterday, they are trying to complete their investigation as quickly as they can because this is a very busy part of the city. you would expect the traffic would start to flow down this road in the next hour or so. about 20 minutes ago we had a controlled explosion, 200 metres from where we are standing. but nothing to worry about, the police say these things are routine, but in the context of what happened
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yesterday there are no risks being taken. thousands of people have gathered this evening at trafalgar square for a vigil in memory of those murdered in yesterday's terror attack on westminster. scotland yard has named the attacker as 52—year—old khalid masood. he was known to security forces and had served time injail, but police say there was no warning before this attack. eight people have been arrested in overnight raids — but police say they believe the attacker was acting alone. two pedestrians were killed when masood launched his attack — driving at high speed across westminster bridge before entering the grounds of the houses of parliament — where he stabbed a policeman to death, before he was shot dead. around a0 other people — from 12 different countries — have been injured — seven of them are still critical. so called islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack. we can now focus
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we can now focus on we can now focus on trafalgar square tonight. where thousands have been attending a candlelit vigil. thousands gathered there to listen to words of sorrow and defiance from the home secretary amber rudd and the mayor of london sadiq khan. they held a minute's silence and lit candles in memory of the victims. my colleague sophie raworth was there. many ma ny lovely many lovely —— londoners and visitors wanted to do something today and this has demonstrated the best of our city. it shows that we will not allow evil and twisted individuals to twist our city and to destroy our shared values and our way of life. i was talking to some
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of the police here this evening, and of course a police officer lost his life yesterday, there are people who have been hugging the police and they have been giving them cards and flowers. saying thank you. one of the most remarkable things about yesterday was how the police and emergency services ran towards danger, encouraging people to run for safety, and that shows our police service and our emergency services. keith palmer died protecting the city and londoners. they know a lot about khaled massoud because he was on their radar some yea rs because he was on their radar some years ago and they presumably know about the people he was in connection with —— khalid masood. eight people arrested so far. our special correspondent lucy manning has been following the police investigation today and sent us this report from birmingham.
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with a car and a knife he brought terror to parliament. he is khalid masood, a british—born attacker known to the police with a 20 year criminal record, although not for terrorism. the 52—year—old responsible for the murder of a policeman, a mother on her way to collect her children, and a tourist. masood was born in kent, and was most recently living in the west midlands. he had a range of previous convictions including gbh, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences. his last conviction was in 2003 for the possession of a knife. he was also known by a number of aliases and he was known to the security services. what i can confirm is that he was british—born and that some years ago he was once investigated by mi5. in relation to concerns about extremism. he was a peripheral figure. the case was historic. he was not part of the current intelligence picture.
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there was no prior intelligence of his intent or of the plot. intensive investigations continue. just metres from where the prime minister spoke, on their knees, police slowly, meticulously searching for evidence, on the same ground where one of their own lay just yesterday. determined to find out everything they can about the man who murdered pc keith palmer in the shadow of big ben, and ran over thosejust walking on westminster bridge. notjust routine police work — this time it's personal. across the country overnight, police swung into action. a flat in the winson green area of birmingham was raided. neighbours said they thought masood lived there recently. also in birmingham, in the ladywood area, filmed by neighbours, heavily armed officers searched another flat. locals said it was like a scene from a film.
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like a war, yeah. down the streets. it's something you see only in movies and i saw it behind my windows on the street. it was very frightening. it was like, what the hell is happening here? as well as the searches in birmingham, police also raided homes and made arrests in the forest gate area of east london. in wales, surrey and sussex, a total of eight people have been arrested in six separate locations. it's now known the car he had turned into a weapon was a rental car he had hired in birmingham at the spring hill branch of enterprise cars. there's been intense police activity here all day in birmingham. with the attacker dead, the focus is on his friends and family. whether they knew about his motivations, his intentions, whether he had any help
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with the attack on parliament. it is still our belief that this attacker acted alone and was inspired by international terrorism. to be explicit, at this stage we have no specific information about further threats to the public. so—called islamic state, without providing any evidence, claimed the attacker was, as they described him, one of their soldiers. the police are now trucking masood's movements. the man who got into a car and drove terror into the heart of westminster. lucy manning, bbc news, birmingham. traffic has now started moving and is going around parliament square. the cordon has been lifted and things are back to normal. we can show you the top shot and we will
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give you an idea of the traffic moving across the bridge as well. traffic has been moving across westminster bridge since early afternoon. that gives you a good view of london tonight. you can see the tower and big ben. to the left hand corner is trafalgar square where thousands of people have been this evening. candlelit vigil, and also many flowers on the bridge. flowers have been left here, as well, where the cordon finished. people were coming out of their offices, many government departments, of course, they have been laying bo kays on the wall with m essa 9 es been laying bo kays on the wall with messages you would expect, heartfelt condolences —— laying bouquets. many people have been talking about pc
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keith palmer who lost his life, a father and husband, who had been in the police 15 years. today the prime minister paid tribute to him — saying "he was every inch a hero and his actions will never be forgotten". our home editor mark easton reflects on his life — and his death. honouring a fallen comrade. at 933am this morning, a minute's silence for pc keith palmer. we give thanks for keith... 48 years old, a husband and a father, who went to work but never came home. boxing instructor and former soldier tony davies saw the knife attack as he left a function at the houses of parliament yesterday afternoon, and immediately ran to keith palmer's aid. he brandished two knives, i'd seen, attacking one of the policemen. that's the decision i took to then
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leap the fence and try and give assistance in any way i could. you ran towards the violence? most people were running away. yes, but it was a split—second decision and people needed assistance. tony davies was once in the same army regiment as lee rigby, the fusilier stabbed to death in a terrorist attack in 2013. he remembers watching the scenes unfolding that day. and thinks that is part of the reason why he ran towards danger to help pc palmer. i was the first person to approach keith and i noticed the head wound and i'm shouting, "medic, get an ambulance". the biggest wound was in his rib cage. he was bleeding profusely. i tried to stem the blood flow with my rain jacket. i checked his pulse, to make sure he was breathing. he was still conscious.
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i said, "come on, keith, stay with us, son, stay with us". we did all we could. i'm sure the professionals who were there did all they could. he's being called a hero. some are saying he should be given a medalfor what he did. how do you feel about the man you tried to save? he was just a normal guy. well, not a normal guy. he was protecting and sort of being an adviser on one of our most historic assets of this great nation and he's expecting to do his normal daily shift and go home to have his tea with his family. a lot of people would regard what you did yesterday as quite extraordinary, heroic. no, please, i don't want anyone to feel that. i feel for keith's family. one of the core values in the army is selfless commitment. maybe i showed a bit of that yesterday but just. ..
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it was frustrating more than anything, that keith did not pull through. sorry about that. police constable keith palmer symbolises the selfless public service and sacrifice, vital to a civilised society. he was unarmed, guarding the epicentre of our democracy and epitomising the delicate balance between our security and our liberty. mark easton, bbc news. there has been discussion about whether some of the policeman around
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here and take alert should be armed, and the authorities will talk about that, especially around the gates, and where the defence could be a wea k and where the defence could be a weak spot regarding the house of commons, and that will be under focus in the time ahead —— whether some of the police around here should be armed. the prime minister has visited some of the victims of the attack in hospital today. we know that, apart from pc palmer and the attacker, at least two other people were killed yesterday. aysha frade lived in london with her two daughters and husband. she was on her way to pick them up at school. an american kurt cochran was with his wife celebrating their 25th anniversary. they were going to fly back to the united states today at the end of a european trip. about a0 people from 11 different countries were injured, in the attacks. sarah campbell reports now on the victims. a mother on the school run, mown down in broad daylight. aysha frade was 43 years
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old and leaves behind a husband and two young daughters. friends and neighbours have been paying tribute to her. she was just a lovely person with two lovely children. two lovely, lovely girls. how are these children? they have lost their mother. you leave your kids, go to school, and then to pick them up and then this happens to you. she worked at a college near westminster bridge and was on her way to pick up her children when the attack happened. she was a lovely person. helpful, supportive, smiling, always willing to help out with whatever the challenges and demands that teaching staff might have at any given time. her mother was spanish and today she was remembered by people in spain. her family are understood to be travelling to britain. in london, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, melissa and kurt cochran from utah
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in the united states. they were due to fly home today but instead kurt was killed and melissa was seriously injured. this afternoon president trump described kurt cochran as a great american. the people who were injured came from 11 different countries including the united states, china, france and germany. they were taken from westminster to hospitals across london, including here at kings college. undergoing treatment for a fractured leg is 19—year—old travis frain. he was with fellow students on a field trip to parliament when he was hit head—on by the car. he was pictured as emergency crews stretchered him away from the scene. waiting for news inside the locked down parliament building was his tutor. she told me today that travis is doing well. he has been checking his facebook. lots of other messages from other students wanting to know how he is. clearly, he is not well, but he is dealing with it and he is staying as cheerful as he can. another school trip caught up
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in the chaos, three students from this school in brittany were injured, two of them were reported to have suffered serious fractures, the french foreign minister travelled to london to visit them. this is a new tragedy. i was on my way to paris. but i wanted to stop to london first. and to say a message to the british people, a message of solidarity. romanian officials say a woman has undergone surgery to treat a blood clot on her brain. her boyfriend sustained a broken foot and they had been celebrating her birthday. several people remain in hospital including two police officers with serious injuries. this was an attack in london but the effects are being felt across the world.
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another other victims has died. a 70 rod man who was being treated at st thomas' hospital. —— 70—year—old man. his life support was withdrawn this evening and that brings the death toll to four, five when you include the attacker. we will bring you that as and when we get it. we can go to our health editor. some of these victims are in a terrible condition. there were seven still critically elk, the same as ——
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still critically elk, the same as —— still critically elk, the same as —— still critically ill, the same as this body, i was going to say, but one has just tragically died, and so there are still in a critical state —— the same as this morning. there are still 20 in london hospitals including here in paddington at st mary ‘s which has eight patients and a major trauma centre, two other centres, chelsea and westminster and kings college hospital, they have most of the other patients, but we are not exactly sure where the critical patients are at this precise point in time. we heard earlier today from the prime minister, about the total of those who needed hospital treatment, 29, and that included some who may be went in and were discharged, and some were discharged earlier today, and they include three police officers who had been at an awards ceremony and were walking back over westminster bridge and were caught
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up westminster bridge and were caught up in it all. they are said to be in a serious condition. as we heard from theresa may, a large number of different nationalities who needed hospital treatment. the hospitals have been working around the clock for these patients. talk to us generally about how they see what happened yesterday and how it unfolded. they practice for this a lot. a number of hospitals are now involved in those practices, so do they feel as if they did it properly and will they learn things from what happened? we have not been given an updated commentary, and the focus is on the patients, nhs england source said they were leaving the hospitals to get on with it and the hospitals have been releasing information in
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their own way. st thomas' hospital, just across westminster bridge, the staff ran over the bridge to try to help out. partly because it was in the exclusion zone and partly because it is not a major trauma centre and it was these other three big hospitals including st mary ‘s in paddington here which were alerted and went to their procedures for a major emergency like this, to be on stand—by for patients arriving and as faras be on stand—by for patients arriving and as far as we can see that went as well as it might have done in the circumstances, but no doubt we will get a debrief in the days to come, but certainly the nhs working 24—7, certainly came to the aid of these patients and one doctor was off duty and he went into the yard actually do help the paramedics treat the attacker and the police officer who
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sadly died —— to help. attacker and the police officer who sadly died -- to help. thanks for joining us. the hospital staff were extraordinary, they were on the scene within six minutes. some of those and earlier today we sent our reporter down to westminster bridge and this is what we saw. this is the scene. just after dusk. lots of people coming down to the bridge to lay flowers and candles. the one thing that struck me walking down westminster bridge is the amount of space to the left of the carriageway, on the western side of the bridge between the cycle path on the bridge between the cycle path on the pavement, there is a big open space with no bail ards and lamp posts and when you walk down the
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bridge, you can see that it is very easy for a card to pull off the carriageway and come down b—side of the bridge as that man did yesterday —— easy for a car to pull off the carriageway and come down the side. u nless carriageway and come down the side. unless you knew the bridge and the way it works and the way the traffic flow works, it is hard to believe you would know that you could come off the carriageway and drive in that way, but that is the reason why so many people were injured because ina so many people were injured because in a short space there would have been a lot of people facing towards big ben taking their pictures and they would not have seen this car coming from behind. the scene here is that people have seen that the cordon has been removed, but the sad news is that another man has died, a 75—year—old man. we will bring you the details of the latest victim when we have them.
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in other news, the funeral of the former ira commander and northern ireland deputy first minister martin mcguinness has taken place in londonderry this afternoon. his coffin was carried through the streets and thousands attended the funeral. he'd been suffering from a rare heart condition. the former us president bill clinton was there. that's what he did, he risked the raft of his comrades and that of his adversary ‘s, but he did enough to be trusted because his word was good. and he never stopped being who he was. the good husband and the godfather and a fateful follower in the steps of his mother and father —— and a good father. and a
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passionate believer in a free and self—governing ireland. new calculations made for the government have raised the possibility that millions of people now in their twenties could have to wait until the age of 70 for a state pension. another official review has called for an end to the guarantee that annual pension increases will be at least 2.5%. world news america is coming up, with much more on the westminster terror attack. now, though, the weather with tomasz. we are in for a spell of settled weather, looking promising saturday and sunday, but we have had some rain today. the rain has been hit and miss for the last couple of days but it will start to pull away. this is the cloud rotating and pushing to the south west, temporarily through the south west, temporarily through the evening and overnight, the
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weather front might nip the south coast, anywhere from portsmouth west we could have some rain, but the vast majority of the country will have a dry night, pretty cold, as well. the skies are caring and there isa well. the skies are caring and there is a good chance of frost in some places like northern ireland —— clearing. gibbs and drabs of rain across cornwall and devon and somerset —— drips. a bit more cloud, but that will be thinning the further north we go and then we get into sunshine across north—western england. liverpool, manchester and york. it is a bit cold, glasgow only 2 degrees in the town centre, but you have the sunshine and the winds are right. —— light. through the afternoon the easterly winds will break up and it should be dry by the end of the afternoon, and the middle of the afternoon in plymouth. still on the core mac aside. the winds ——
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still on the cool side. we have plenty of settled weather on the way, and the highs are not going to hang around for ever and it will hang around for ever and it will hang around for ever and it will hang around until tuesday and then the low pressure will start to come m, the low pressure will start to come in, but until then we can enjoy this big high with winds circulating around and the windscreen —— winds will be very light. it will be just that bit cooler on the parade free of the high, and on monday variable amounts of cloud —— cooler on the periphery. next weekend plenty of settled weather and warm sunshine, and maybe a touch of frost early in the morning. goodbye. reporting from washington, i am tim wilcox. britain denies any intelligence failed failure as it is revealed the man behind the london terror attack was known to the
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police. prime minister theresa may is defined. we're not afraid, and oui’ is defined. we're not afraid, and our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism. the victims are named. policeman keith palmer died defending parliament. he was a married father of. american kurt cochrane was celebrating his wedding anniversary. in the last few minutes, we have heard a 75—year—old man has died of his injuries. republicans are forced to delay the vote on their health care bill,
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