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this is bbc news. i'm shaun ley. the headlines at 6pm: home secretary amber rudd calls on technology firms such as whatsapp to allow security services access to encrypted messages in terrorism cases. whatsapp says it is cooperating with the authorities. we do want them to recognise, they have a responsibility to engage with government and law enforcement agencies when it is a case of terrorism. detectives say it took just 82 seconds for khalid masood to carry out his murderous assault before he was shot dead. he's believed to have acted alone. they say his motive may never be known. the family of the police officer who was killed, pc keith palmer, has thanked the people who tried to save his life. they say they're grateful he did not die alone. more than 30 people have been injured, two seriously, after a suspected gas explosion on merseyside. in russia, police clamp down on anti—corru ption protests held across the country. 700 are arrested in moscow. main opposition leader alexei navalny is among those detained. at least 18 people have been injured after an escalator malfunctioned
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at a shopping mall in hong kong. also in the next hour: the beginning of the end for mercedes‘ dominance of formula one? ferrari's sebastian vettel pips lewis hamilton to the chequered flag in the opening race of the season in melbourne — his first win since 2015. good afternoon, and welcome to bbc news. the home secretary, amber rudd, has called on technology firms to allow access to encrypted material in terrorism cases. it's understood that the westminster attacker, khalid masood, used the whatsapp messaging service seconds before he killed four people last wednesday, but it's not known what was communicated. the app is encrypted. whatsapp has
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issued a statement in which it says it was horrified about the attack and is cooperating with law enforcement as they continue their investigations. nick bea ke enforcement as they continue their investigations. nick beake has more. an attack at the heart of london, and it's chaotic and deadly aftermath. scotland yard believe all of this was the work of one man acting alone. but was khalid masood encouraged in some way? he was active on the messaging app whatsapp on his phonejust seconds before he struck. but the police are unable to see the content of these encrypting messages. and, in an interview this morning, the home secretary said social media companies must do more to help the authorities. it is completely unacceptable. there should be no place for terrorists to hide. we need to make sure that
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organisations like whatsapp, and there are plenty of others like that, don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other. it used to be that people would steam open envelopes orjust listen in on phones when they wanted to find out what people were doing, legally, through warrentry, but in this situation we need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into services like encrypted whatsapp. her message was supported by the man who runs the eu's crime—fighting agency. i agree with her call for changes to be made. the legislative solution is for her and other lawmakers to decide. from my point of view, yes, i would agree something has to be done to make sure we can apply a more consistent form of intercepted communication in all parts of the way that terrorists invade our lives. all messages sent on whatsapp have end—to—end encryption. that means they are scrambled, and even if they are intercepted, they cannot be read. whatsapp, which is owned by facebook, says it has a duty to protect the private communications of its 1 billion users worldwide. here at westminster, the tributes to pc keith palmer and the other victims of wednesday's
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attack continue to grow. and the metropolitan police have now released more details on what was a brief but deadly assault. at 2:40pm on wednesday afternoon, masood mounts the pavement on westminster bridge. he drives on, and 30 seconds later he crashes into the palace of westminster. the first 999 call is then received. half a minute later, masood is shot dead. a rampage lasting 82 seconds from start to finish. but for the police, it is an ongoing and complex investigation. although they have now warned they may never understand why masood carried out the attack. an attack which has prompted criticism of the prevent strategy — the goverment‘s current policy for combating extremism. i think prevent in its current form has huge problems, i think it's broken, the brand is toxic, there are question marks
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about the training, about the trainers, about the level of quality of training within schools, about how it is being implemented on the front line. and therefore what i have asked for is a pause, an independent review. any changes will be too late for the victims of the westminster attack, including pc keith palmer. his family have now thanked those who tried to save him, and say they have been overwhelmed by the love and support they have received. nick beake, bbc news, westminster. within the past hour, the metropolitan police have announced that a 30—year—old man has been arrested. let's get the latest from oui’ arrested. let's get the latest from our correspondent dan johnson who arrested. let's get the latest from our correspondent danjohnson who is in birmingham. dan, it is in birmingham that this man was detained? yes, it is, although we don't know exactly where. this is another property in the winston green area of birmingham that police have been searching today. they arrived yesterday and have carried on taking bits of evidence out of
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this property today. and just in the last half an hour police have announced that they have arrested another man, a 30—year—old, arrested on suspicion of operation of terrorist acts. we don't know if thatis terrorist acts. we don't know if that is the man who lives here and we don't know exactly where that arrest was made. certainly there have been police activity here throughout the weekend and at different properties throughout birmingham. the police say that one search is carrying on at a property in birmingham this evening. a fresh arrest today, one man still being questioned out of those that were arrested through wednesday night and thursday in the immediate aftermath of the attack on westminster, and police searches carry on gone as well. although we are in birmingham, west midlands police officers have been involved in this operation, it is the metropolitan police from london that has overseen most of the police activity in the city over the last few days. a total of 12 people have been arrested since wednesday's attack. in 11 of those released. 0ne
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still being questioned from the original set of people who were arrested immediately after the attack. and one fresh arrest, we're not sure if that was made here or somewhere else in birmingham, but a 30—year—old man is now being questioned to night on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts. down, it is interesting, there's additional rest plus a man in custody cons as the police are saying that khalid masood acted alone. the implication is that these enquiries are broadening out? yes, the metropolitan police said overnight first thing this morning that they were confident that khalid masood had acted alone in this. but they are certainly still investigating the possibility that others had some involvement to some degree, they may have had some awareness of what he was planning, they may have been aware, may have known what might have been about to happen, even if they weren't directly involved, perhaps they may have been on the fringes or maybe
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just able to help police with a bit more information about exactly who he was and what his background may have been. but two men asked dolby in question tonight. and johnson in birmingham, we are very grateful to you tonight —— two men are being questioned tonight. some other breaking news coming into was within the last few minutes. this is news regarding the talks that have been taking place between parties in northern ireland following the colla pse northern ireland following the collapse power—sharing executive earlier this year. and the subsequent election. you may recall that the democratic unionists maintain the position of the largest party but they aren't the effectively one seat ahead of the nationalists. so all they are only effectively one seat ahead. that has accentuated the difficulties between the two parties. sinn fein has said tonight that the talks between the parties have run the course. there isa parties have run the course. there is a deadline tomorrow by which they we re is a deadline tomorrow by which they were supposed to nominate a new deputy first minister to serve
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alongside arlene foster, the dup first minister. the party had said they were going to renominate her. sinn fein, michele 0'neil, the party leader at stormont, she's exceeded the late martin mcguinness, she said that she will not be nominating anyone —— she succeeded the late martin mcguinness. power—sharing agreement requires the two largest parties both to serve, no sinn fein, no executive, no stormont assembly, and the government will then decide if it holds fresh elections or effectively continues with direct rule from london. it looks like northern ireland is heading to a second set of elections. mod in just a matter of months after sinn fein announced it was the end of the road the talks and it will not be nominating anyone to serve as deputy first minister tomorrow's deadline. that is the breaking news and we will have more in the course of the next few hours. merseyside fire and rescue service says it could be several days before people caught up in a suspected gas explosion can go home. dozen of people were hurt in the blast last night.
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several buildings collapsed. linsey smith reports. the scale of the devastation shows just how powerful the explosion was. 0ne building, housing three businesses, totally destroyed. this is what it looked like before last night. the blast was heard up to six miles away. the sound of the building blowing up was captured by a car's dashboard camera. explosion. what was that?! ijust heard this loud bang, and everything flew past me. ifelt things hitting my leg. glass flew within inches, masonry flying past me. two people were taken to a trauma unit in liverpool with serious injuries. 32 others were treated at hospitals in wirral and chester. there is a multitude of injuries that have happened. but the two patients that have gone through to the major trauma unit at aintree, they have significant injuries. the emergency services won't speculate on the cause of the blast, but a number of local people had
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said they smelt gas yesterday. and on friday, national grid engineers were on the scene. this incident is likely to be protracted. this is likely to last several days, very significant damage, as you can tell. so it will be some time before people will be allowed back into their homes. some people whose homes had to be evacuated spent the night in a local church. nearby roads are likely to be closed for some time. lindsey joins us now lindseyjoins us now from the scene of the explosion. powerful pictures of the explosion. powerful pictures of what little remains of the buildings at the heart of the explosion. this must have been a huge shock to people when they heard that explosion late last night. huge shock to people when they heard that explosion late last nightm certainly was, and many people said they thought it could have been a bomb and actually took cover, when what they needed to do was get out
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of their homes as quickly as possible. all day the community have been telling us how shocked they have been. they have seen a lot of activity here today. engineers from the national grid have been here testing the gas circuits. the emergencies are dozens have been here in large numbers, investigating exactly how this came to happen. they have also been trying to clear some of the rubble. but the clear up operation he will take days if not weeks, because not only will all of the rubble have to be moved from the building that has been destroyed, but beyond that there are rows of houses, homes that have simply had the fronts blown off them, they don't have any windows or doors. that means that there are many people in this area that are going to be out of their homes. time to come. lindsey smith, thank you. in the united states, police in ohio say one person was killed and 16 others injured when at least two men opened fire in a nightclub in cincinnati. they have named a victim as a 27—year—old. 27—year—old obryan spikes.
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16 others were injured. they said hundreds of people were in the club at the time and described it has a horrific situation. it is not clear what prompted the shooting. a short while ago, the police in cincinnati held a news conference and gave an update on the investigation. last night, at about 1:30am, our emergency communications section began receiving calls that shots had been fired with injuries inside the cameo nightclub, which is located at 4601 kellog ave in district 2. as the night unfolded, and the initial investigation began, it was determined that the bar was very crowded. approximately a couple of hundred people. and what we know at this point in the investigation, several local men got into some type of dispute inside the bar. and it escalated into shots being fired from several individuals. as a result, there were 16 people
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that sustained gunshot injuries. one of which is deceased. a total of 15 others that were injured. one in extremely critical condition in addition to that. several others, more serious injuries, and some very minor and were released. the individual that was deceased at the scene has been identified and his family has been notified. mr obryan spikes, 27 years of age. they mayor of cincinnati gave his reaction. he described the shooting is
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com pletely he described the shooting is completely unacceptable. this morning, we have all been inundated with enquiries and questions. as has already been reported, there is no evidence that this was a terrorist attack like in miami and many other places. however, to the victims, what difference does it make? they have been terrorised by gun violence, innocent victims. it's important for everyone to understand that... people were just going to have a good time, and ended up getting shot. that is totally unacceptable. this is a country where you should be able to go out and have a good time and not be in fear of getting shot. and so this is a tragedy that has struck other communities and now it has struck cincinnati. i'm confident that while our hearts are broken, our spirit is not.
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we will work together as a community for the victims and to solve this crime. that is john cranleigh, the mayor of cincinnati, talking about the shooting overnight at the nightclub in which one person died and 16 people were hospitalised. the headlines on bbc news: home secretary, amber rudd, calls on technology firms such as whatsapp to allow security services access to encrypted messages in terrorism cases. khalid masood is reported to have used whatsapp before he launched his attack. there is news of another arrest in the course of the investigation. more than 20 people have been injured — two seriously — after a suspected gas explosion on merseyside in russia, sinn fein says it will not nominate a new deputy first minister in northern ireland. that comes ahead of tomorrow's deadline for a new northern ireland power—sharing executive. police in moscow have arrested up to
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700 people after thousands took to the streets demanding the resignation of the prime minister, dmitry medvedev. alexei navalny, the opposition leader, is amongst those detained. peoplejoined anti—corruption detained. peoplejoined anti—corru ption valleys throughout russia, defying bands on the marchers. this is thought to be the biggest anti—kremlin protest in five yea rs. steve biggest anti—kremlin protest in five years. steve rosenberg was in the thick of the protest and gave us this update. here on pushkin square in the centre of moscow, the crowd is charting, we russia. there are several thousand people who have gathered here. the russian authorities say this anti—corruption protest is illegal, but people have come onto the streets anywhere. there is a very heavy bullies presence. one man tried to unfurl an anti—putin poster, police dragged
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him away and the crowd were shouting, disgrace, let him go. the level of corruption is too high in russia right now. every citizen understands it. it is hard to live in corruption atmosphere. i have children, grandchildren. and i can't breathe in this. so now the riot police have moved on to pushkin square. the police have been telling the crowd all afternoon that this is an illegal meeting. it looks as if the riot police intend to clear the whole square of protesters. meanwhile, we hear that the opposition activist and anti—corruption campaigner alexei navalny has been detained by police just up the road from here. he is the man who called people onto the streets, not only in moscow today but across russia. the riot police have now cleared
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protesters from pushkin square and they aren't lined up all the way down the main street —— they are lined up. people came out in moscow to protest against corruption in the russian government. but this sends a message to the crowd that fighting corruption is not a priority for the russian authorities. steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. president trump has attacked members of his own republican party over the failure to repeal obamacare. the health reforms. his latest twitter message criticises the house freedom caucus and others within the republican campaigners who are conservatives. he says obamacare says it is the democrats who are smiling and that obamacare will have to wait until it collapses before they can replace it with something else. on friday, immediately after legislation with —— was withdrawn
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from congress, mr trump had blamed democrats. the iraqi military has denied that hundreds of civilians were killed in air strikes by us—led coalition forces on mosul earlier this month. instead it blamed booby—traps set by so—called islamic state. it comes as iraqi forces are continuing their offensive to drive is fighters out of western mosul. iraqi forces are reporting they have captured the badoush dam. this is also in the west. jeremy bowen is near the front line. these helicopter attacks have been going on steadily throughout the day. earlier there were some suggestions that the iraqis had paused their offensive because of the air strike that killed so many civilians. but the evidence here is that is not happening. in fact, the tempo of the operation has increased. as well as these helicopters, i have seen them using some quite primitive, inaccurate weapons. now, that may help when it comes to killing the fighters from the jihadist group
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islamic state, but if they are inaccurate, they may well also kill more civilians, if civilians are in the area which is being attacked. and, long—term, politically, that is difficult, because if this country is going to have any real hope of unifying eventually, then everybody‘s lives... everybody needs to feel that their lives are worth saving, that their survival matters. it could be that sunni muslims who are there trapped with islamic state feel that the authorities don't really care if they get killed. and if that happens, that's pretty disastrous for the future. that was jeremy bowen in that wasjeremy bowen in western mosul reporting for us. we are going to bejoining michelle hughes seine for the main national news injust a few minutes' time. —— michelle
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hussain. cleveland police have released the names of two boys whose bodies were found at the foot of cliffs at saltburn—by—the—sea on friday night. harry watson and alex yeoman, from east cleveland, were both aged 17. police are still trying to establish what happened, but are not treating their deaths as suspicious. divers from the irish navy have recovered a body from the wreckage of the coastguard helicopter which crashed earlier this month. a postmortem examination will be carried out later today. the aircraft was providing cover for another coastguard helicopter on a mission when contact was lost. three people are being treated in hospital after a car mounted a pavement and hit a group of people outside a pub in north london. four teenagers have been arrested. the police say the incident in islington is not terror—related. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn says he will oppose plans to give ministers the power to change some aspects of the law after brexit without pa rliament‘s prior approval. he was speaking ahead of the publication on thursday of government plans for what will happen after britain leaves the eu in two years' time.
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we need total accountability at every stage of this whole brexit negotiation. i understand there is going to be about 12 ancillary—related bills. we're not going to sit there and hand over powers to this government to override parliament, override democracy and just set down a series of diktats for what is going to happen in the future. we'd be failing in our duty as democratically—elected parliamentarians if we did that. the government will announce proposals to repeal the 1972 act that brought the uk into what was then the european economic community. earlier, our political correspondent, mark lobel told me what the government hoped to achieve. the way that they want to go about doing that is to transition that law into british law, but they don't wa nt into british law, but they don't want any legal black hole is to be left. the government wants to give ministers special powers so they can tidy up a lot of the stuff they say would be necessary.
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if you were advertising a public service contract, at the moment you have to put it into an eu publication. butjeremy corbyn has come out and said he is opposed to any special powers, anything that would take power away from parliament, as we just heard him there, properly scrutinising this bill. we had a response from the leader of the house of commons, david lidington. it would be a limited and defined power, not to act like a dictator but by secondary legislation, and the scope, the scope, the definition of those powers and when they can be used, in what circumstances, is something that parliament will have to approve in voting for the bill itself. the special powers will have to be voted for empowerment, —— in parliament. the timing and definition and all of the rest of it. by coming into force, they will becoming through parliament. the sovereignty essentially lies with them there. the actual bill itself will not be voted on until the spring. there will be plenty of time for the two parties to thrash out their positions on this. this will be a complicated process.
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in a0 years, presumably so much of the legislation that has been introduced since 1972 has kind of had to incorporate elements of european, eu wide law. and somehow we have got to take out the bits we don't want and hold onto the bits we do. it sounds like in some cases searching for a needle in a haystack. therein lies the tension. you have got so much to do injust two years if the government sticks to its timetable to avoid those black holes. the government wants to kick the can down the road and bring everything in, and it wants to do it in what it says is a very efficient way by giving ministers powers. but labour is nervous behind—the—scenes about what the government might do with these powers and if changes that would change the meaning of laws, notjust the tidying up exercise to take place. polls have closed in the german
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elections. earlier indicating is that angela merkel‘s ruling christian democrat party has strengthened its position as the ruling party. this increases hurt prospects of a fourth term as chancellor —— her prospects. in hong kong, at least 18 people have been injured, one seriously, after an apparent escalator malfunction in a shopping centre. take a look at these pictures. the escalator was packed with shoppers when it apparently went in to reverse at high speed and dozens of people were thrown to the bottom. one man received a serious head injury. it must have been a terrifying experience. a spokesperson for the langham place centre said the escalator had passed a recent safety inspection. carrie lam has been elected as the new leader of hong kong, the first woman to hold the top job. she new leader of hong kong, the first woman to hold the topjob. she has the backing of the chinese government in beijing, and was widely expected to win. hong kong chooses its leader by a committee rather than giving everybody evoked.
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—— a vote. the winning moment. carrie lam is the first woman chief executive to be elected in hong kong, but she didn't get to soak up the applause for long. minutes later, a group of activists protested against her win. they carried yellow umbrellas, a symbol of the 2014 democracy protests, and charted, i want universal suffrage. as she stood on stage. the former civil servant was undaunted. my priority will be to heal the divide and to ease the frustration is and to unite our society. there was little sign of unity outside the voting venue. she was elected not by the people but by an election committee, largely loyal to beijing. these activists are protesting against the entire election protest, calling it a sham. carrie lam has
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promised to heal divisions in society. but given the lack of widespread public support for her, that could be very difficult to achieve. we are here to protest against hong kong's small circle chief executive elections. as we all know, hong kong people do not have the right to choose their own chief executive. i do not have any hope that carrie lam will solve hong kong's social issues. the chief executive elect has become an increasingly divisive figure, despite her promise to unite the city, some are warning of a governance crisis once she takes office. fifa's former medical director has spoken out about the abuse of the beagle painkillers, some of which could have life—threatening implication —— legal painkillers. he claims that many footballers take
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non—steroidal anti—inflammatory drugs. it is known as the beautiful game, but the pursuit of glory can be ugly. when but the pursuit of glory can be i y but the pursuit of glory can be ugly. when injury occurs, there is pressure to play through the pain. a leading doctor says that the use of legal medication is one of football's biggest problems. legal medication is one of football's biggest problemsm legal medication is one of football's biggest problems. if you cover up football's biggest problems. if you cover up symptoms over years and decades, i mean, this isn't general medicine, if you have an underlying pathology and you constantly cover up pathology and you constantly cover up with medication, the underlying pathology or disease is not stored. doctor dvorak warned about this in 2012 when he found almost 40% of players at the 22 and world cup took painkillers before every game. —— the 2010 world cup. fifa say they are providing education on the well—being of athletes, while the
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professional footballers association insists it is not a major issue in the english game. but doctor dvorak argues lessons have not been learned. when i put on the weight, the scale, the doping and the abuse of medication, for me, the abuse of medication is much more terrible. wa ke medication is much more terrible. wake up and be careful. it's not as harmless as you think that you think you can take it, you know, like cookies. it has side effects. this is not about band or hard to come by su bsta nces is not about band or hard to come by substances and supplements, it is about every over—the—counter anti—inflammatories like i prefer on. and the question is whether and to what extent these are being missed used by footballers —— like bible prevent. it is widespread in football, it always has been added a lwa ys football, it always has been added always will be. as a footballer you whilst, is it


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