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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 27, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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hello you are watching bbc news, the top stories for you nowjust hello you are watching bbc news, the top stories for you now just after 6:30pm. theresa may has met nicola sturgeon for the first time, since the scottish government announced proposals for a second independence referendum. the prime minister said she'd work to preserve the united kingdom. when this great nation of england, scotland, wales and northern ireland sets its mind to something and works together with determination we are an unstoppable force. police investigating last weeks‘ terror attack at westminster, say they've found no evidence that khalid masood had any links, to the so—called islamic state group. thousands of people have fled the iraqi city of mosul has us backed coalition continue their fight to get rid of the isis opposition. after the passing of today's
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deadline, there are issues with the power—sharing sector the northern ireland. in the moment it will be time for sports day. but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... in one hundred days, in half an hour, we hear how president trump is trying to move on after his failure to replace obama—care. the programme asks if his policy agenda is now in peril? we'll have the latest on anti—fracking campaigners, who've started a fortnight of action, aimed at disrupting the cuadrilla drilling site, near blackpool. and we'll take a look at the new 12—sided pound coin. millions go into circulation from tomorrow and they're designed to be much harder to forge, but it's causing a headache for some vending machine companies. a warm welcome to sports day, here is what is coming up to night. gareth southgate calls jermaine defoe's return for england a great story —
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but does the 3a year old's story end at the next world cup? sitting it out — andy murray looks set to miss great britain's david cup tie with france. and we find out what's next for anthony crolla after his bruising defeat tojorge linares at the weekend. so plenty to come on the programme but let's start with jermain defoe. gareth southgate labelled his return to the national team ‘a great story'. three years after his last england appearance, he scored against lithuania in yeseterday‘s world cup qualifier. a goal which keeps england on course to reach the world cup in russia next year. but at 3a, should england get there, what chance of the striker making the squad? nick parrot reports. after more than three years indians
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national wilderness, jermain defoe return to wembley. at 3a some might have given up representing their country have given up representing their cou ntry after have given up representing their country after being left out of the last world cup. it tookjermain defoe just 2a minutes to show he has still got what it takes. the goal for england four years and four days since his last in a three line shirt. it is a great moment for him, he has been thrilled to be in the squad, he is a good professionalism around the squad, it is great for some of the younger players to see and his finishing in training. today which we expected really, i would have bet the house on him scoring at some stage today. i think he has had a ready positive impact. defoe's cole keatts england on course for the world cup in russia and raises the world cup in russia and raises the hopes of playing brazil. he is a legend in my eyes, it is a good thing for him to get something. you
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forget how many goals he has good and what a legend he is, for us younger players to see this, getting a goal as well is a massive thing for us stop white making the squad will be tough but not impossible for england's sixth oldest goal—scorer. a fit harry kane is likely to be first on the team sheet. jamie vardy scored against lithuania but he struggled to recapture the form against leicester city, daniel sturridge has suffered with injuries and even when fit he's no longer first choice for liverpool. neither is wayne rooney for manchester unite, despite breaking records for his club he has not scored for his country this season leading to doubts over his international future. andy carroll's absence has lasted longer than defoe's. while at i9 lasted longer than defoe's. while at 19 marcus rashford is still one for the future, if older players need any look for inspiration, they can look at stanley matthews, he was 41
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when he scored his final england goal, forjermain defoe the best could be yet to come. absolutely added keeps on scoring, why not? and there will be players hoping to force there way into the senior squad featuring for the england u2i's tonight in their friendly with denmark. as they continue their preparations for the u21 european championships in poland this summer. and they took an early lead, through chelsea's rueben loftus—cheek. and what a second goal. aidy boothroyd, the manager watching on. aidy boothroyd, the manager watching on. brighton's solly march scored the second with a lovely effort. england leading 2—0. we have reached the halfway point in world cup qualifying, scotland are up to fourth in theirgroup ahead of their next match which is against leaders england in june. that should be a sell—out in glasgow. it wasn't last night though as scotland beat slovenia i—o at a half—empty hampden park.
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and gordon strachan is hoping that the fans will continue to show their support. everybody who is involved with us will go away and anybody will go away thinking good about it. and so i hope you enjoyed it. we are available for people to come along and support us next time. and i know and support us next time. you will give us that support. the republic of ireland play iceland, with manager martin o'neill expected to make several changes to his side, some enforced after that double leg break. he has been back to make a return to full fitness by his manager, robbie brady will captain the side in his absence. players have broken their legs and comeback. obviously it is very early for him to be considering all of those things but he is
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positive, as i mentioned earlier, he is down as he would be. as the realisation that he's going to be out of action for quite some considerable time has dawned on him. those type of things don'tjust take five minutes to get over. it has been disappointing for our captain, and the lad, it is always disappointing. the lads are rob this disappointed, and we will be all there to help him as best as we can. studio: manchester city have been fined £35,000 after admitting a misconduct charge. the fa have confirmed this afternnon that city have accepted that they failed to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion, during their match against liverpool earlier this month. and the draw for the semi—finals of the women's fa cup has been made. birmingham knocked out the holders arsenal at the weekend, and they will face last years runners up chelsea. manchester city will face liverpool. city are the reigning league
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champions but have never won the cup and are juggling a few compettions at the moment. it isa it is a tricky time to have all of these games in quick succession, i guess it adds a bit of excitement into the spring series, it is all very much competitive of each other. it is exactly what everyone would wa nt it is exactly what everyone would want in the run—up to the euros. there's expected to be a notable absentee from great britain's davis cup squad to face france when it's announced tomorrow. andy murray is expected to miss out as his elbow injury needs further rest. gb captain leon smith will be without the world number one. his brotherjamie told reporters that he needed to rest after a tear in his elbow. murray had pulled out of the miami open a week before his opening match. leaving dan evans and kyle edmund to contest the singles to come next month. english cricket's new t20, has come
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closer. some traditionalists have voiced concern about the emergence of another short format competition, but the ecb chief executive believes that it will future proof county cricket. cricket has had a sport a lwa ys cricket. cricket has had a sport always involved to innovate and change when needed and it has shown itself to be incredibly adaptable. we came up with short formats, through t20 and ever since other sports have been trying to find the t20 equivalent of their own. we had them on straight and we are capable of it, we have got the format and we now need to create the competition that enables these new fans to get involved, it is a hugely exciting moment. ecb chief executive tom harrison speaking today. it's been a brilliant day for india in the fourth and final test against australia in dharamsala. they should win the series tomorrow.
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they need another 87 runs with all their second innings wickets intact. it was an action packed 3rd day with india resuming their first innings. they built a lead thanks to some big hitting from ravindra jadeja. he made a brisk 63, australia then collapsed in their second innings. india bowling them out in under 5a overs, skipper steve smith — such a vital wicket — went for 17. the last four went for 16 runs, australia all out for 137. india came back into bat and closed on i9—without loss. victory would see them win the series 2—1. kane williamson has set new zealand up for a healthy first innings lead in the third and final test against south africa in hamilton. despite a few edgy moments new zealand were 321 for four at close on day three in reply to south africa's 314. williamson is 148 not out... south africa lead the series 1—0. anthony crolla says he's is considering moving up a weight
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class to pursue "big fights" following his defeat byjorge linares on saturday. promoter eddie hearn raised the prospect of crolla moving to light—welterweight which means he could fight the winner of the fight between ricky burns and julius indongo on 15 april. crolla has been speaking to our reporter richard askam. a bit bruised, a suspected hairline fracture on the ribs, which is sort of out of the fight and stuff. i lost to a great fighter so there is no excuses whatsoever, a very, very no excuses whatsoever, a very, very good no excuses whatsoever, a very, very good fighter and i gave it everything on the night, everything in training camp. and itjust wasn't enough. obviously the disappointment, not being able to do it, in my intern with the support that i have. it is more gutting and an upsetting feeling. i certainly would be able to do much exercise over the next few weeks with the injuries. but there are plenty of
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options out there, plenty of big fights. and i willjust sit down with the team and see where i go, the best direction that they think for me. when it will be, i'm not too sure just yet, it will be later in the year. they say rest, recharge, it has been a crazy two years since everything that happened in the fights back to back. and the better than ever. and on saturday, long—distance, i was strong. ijust kind of struggled. ifeel like i'm strong in the division, strength wise and physically. i believe i can go with any fight in that division. i'm up with options: ted veale team thinks is the right thing for me, i will go with. former champion ding junhui had a tricky start on the first day
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of the china open in beijing. he was docked a frame in his opening match against sean o'sullivan for a ‘logo issue' — he still won the match 5—3. world champion mark selby lost the opening frame of his first match to the pole adam stefanow — but made a break of 126 to go 11—3 up, and sealed the match 5—3. also through to the first round is the defending champion judd trump. he had a comfortable victory overjason weston. three century breaks for trump as he won 5—0. now as well as formula one, moto gp returned at the weekend. for most, the thrills and spills of travelling around a circuit at high speed provide a sufficient adrenalin rush, but some people clearly need something more. have a look at theses pictures from the freestyle motocross world championships in poland. some astonishing manoevres here .. you certainly would want these guys delivering your pizza spain's maikel melero stole the show and victory
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for the second year in a row. and duly deserved as well. that is all from sports day, i will have plenty more sport, goodbye. you're watching bbc news, it is coming up to a quarter to seven. the top stories for you now. the mother of the westminster attacker khalid masood said she was shocked, saddened and is numbered. theresa may has messed nicola sturgeon for the first time since the scottish government announced its proposals for the second independence referendum. the northern ireland secretary has warned that there is only a short window of opportunity to restore a power—sharing executive after today's deadline passed without agreement. and an update on the markets for you, this is how the ftse 100 dax the markets for you, this is how the ftse100 dax ended the day. both
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slightly down. mixed bag. in trading in the united states. theresa may has been meeting nicola sturgeon for the first time since the scottish government proposed a new independence referendum. the first minister wants another vote within two years saying that brexit has transformed the situation since the original vote.


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