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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  March 28, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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welcome to outside source. some of the main stories. donald trump signed a new executive order which will roll back row of the president obama's climate change policies. with today's executive action i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on american energy, reverse government intrusion and the cancelled job killing regulations. top democrats are calling for the man leading the trump rusher enquiry to step down. he was a key member of the trump transition team. it represents an area of conflict. theresa may will trigger article 50 tomorrow. today, the scottish parliament voted to support a second independence referendum happening. the people of scotla nd referendum happening. the people of scotland must also have their say. scotland's future should be in scotland's future should be in scotland's hands. we will talk about lionel messi being banned forfour
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daysin lionel messi being banned forfour days in sport. —— four games. our lead story on outside source is donald trump has begun dismantling some of america's high—profile climate change policies. he signed an executive order in the last few hours and he will be distancing himself from the paris agreement. this was a substantial, international deal that set out to limit carbon emissions around the world. i have been speaking to one of the people who helped broker it. iam of the people who helped broker it. i am deeply concerned for the us economy. i am i am deeply concerned for the us economy. iam not i am deeply concerned for the us economy. i am not concerned for the paris agreement or the de carbonisation of the global economy, iam carbonisation of the global economy, i am concerned about the us economy.
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it is removing the incentives for the us economy to continue to progress into the 21st century and inviting them to look back into the 20th century. it is a little bit trying to rescue kodak in a world of digital photography. it just trying to rescue kodak in a world of digital photography. itjust doesn't work. it doesn't make sense. while there may be americans watching and appreciating your concern, most people will be looking to you and thinking, why aren't you concerned about the paris agreement?” thinking, why aren't you concerned about the paris agreement? i don't think it will have a huge effect on other countries. this repeal that we here in the news today comes within 48 hours of china having announced that they are closing at the last coal plant in beijing because of health reasons. reflecting and very much itemising what president sheen playing has said that china will lead the world. this comes 24 hours after india announced they will move
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to 65% renewable energy. the world is moving forward using renewable energy. what about america as a country which produces a great deal of omissions and those omissions have an impact on the climate. are you not concerned about mr trump from the point of view? it depends on what he is trying to do. if the measure he is trying to put forward has the purpose of reviving the coal industry in the united states, that is futile, it is completely futile. because coal is dead in the united states, not because of regulation but economics, you cannot produce energy from coal at a competitive price. coal energy is 50 and $88 a megawatt an hour. renewable is already at 30 dollars a megawatt and
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rotting. so it is sensible that countries are moving towards renewable energy, coal is dead. people who voted to mr trump who are concerned about jobs, said people who voted to mr trump who are concerned aboutjobs, said even if a deceleration in the process would have an impact on my family. those who are concerned aboutjobs, they should be more concerned the night. today there are ten times more jobs in renewable energy in the united states tha n in renewable energy in the united states than in coal. there are four times renewable energy jobs states than in coal. there are four times renewable energyjobs in oil and gas. the solar industry is increasing by 6% and the job creation in the united states where as oil and is dropping by 18%. a measure like this is actually
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stealing jobs away from the united states, it is making products and services in the united states high carbon, that do not have a growing market in other countries. it is reducing the export from the united states and reducing job potential. this should be a concern. more detail on these new policies from donald trump, what he is putting in place, his arguments for it and his critics' arguments against it right now on the bbc website. i wonder if this might be the moment argentina lost its place at the world cup in russia next year? fifa has banned lionel messi from argentina's for world cup qualifier is. he abused the assistant referee during a home game against chile on thursday. it would always be bad news, but particularly now because argentina is having a hard time qualifying. the first time i had the story, i thought for games was harsh because players criticise assistant referees all the time, so what did he say? he used abusive words to the assistant
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referee. it does look harsh when you look at the faq neil taylor from wales only got one match for his tackle on seamus coleman last week. so this four match ban is harsh. he will defend the charge, they will try and get it overturned. but fifa say it is in line with disciplinary rulings in similar cases. lionel messi has scored in both of their last wins. they are playing at the moment, it is a difficult situation and they are missing quite a few players through injury and suspension. there is a chance of them going through in their next couple of games into the world cup themselves and they are losing 1—0 at present so without lionel messi, they are struggling. to what degree are they struggling because it leaves some opportunities for the big guns to come back into it? leaves some opportunities for the big guns to come back into mm basically means the top four teams
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automatically qualify. the fifth placed team goes into qualifier. usually the fifth placed team news leaders go through, so i will leave you with this caveat bash brazil, in these fixtures taking place over the next few hours can qualify as being the first team through along with the first team through along with the hosts russia, obviously to the next world cup. i will tweak the fa cts next world cup. i will tweak the facts in a moment, if you are interested. and he very much for that. football qualifies for our sports section and i'm not sure it's smashing cement blocks with your head does. but for this show at least, we will call it a sport because this is a new world record. 15 years old. from bosnia. as a particular skill for smashing these boxes. an unusual technique. it definitely seems to work. the crowd liked it too and they liked it more
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and more as he went along. take a look at this. three to go. he ended up look at this. three to go. he ended up crushing iii cement blocks in just 35 seconds. he looks drained. i am impressed. the guinness book of records adjudicators were present and that is what it meant come he got a new record. he will be in the next book. from that too much more serious story because one of the chinese super league best—known teams, shanghai has had a terrible day because part of its stadium has burnt down. these pictures were released by chinese state tv, cctv. fla mes released by chinese state tv, cctv. flames and smoke billowing out. this is from tuesday morning. fortunately
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there were no casualties. it is not known what caused it. but most of the stands and the pitcher is u naffected. the stands and the pitcher is unaffected. this is a club with serious ambitions, and it signed carlos tevez in the off—season. they are not sure if its first home game in three weeks will go ahead. if you haven't heard of quad core 1800, completed by this swiss skier. it consists of five spins and a few flips. this is the first person to ever land this trick. afterwards he said he was stoked! understated. you can see that on the bbc sport website. back to the news, this was a
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significant meeting earlier. those are the pictures. this is the iranian president, hassan rouhani meeting president putin. we are told they discussed syria and yemen. meeting president putin. we are told they discussed syria and yemenm is very important for both countries, i would say. because russia is trying to re—establish itself at the moment as an important actor at the international arena. russia has been influenced by economic sanctions by the west. so has a economic sanctions by the west. so hasa run, economic sanctions by the west. so has a run, and they are trying to work together to counter negative economic effects of the sanctions they face. and secondly try to pursue their own goals, in the middle east and generally on the international arena. this meeting was important to coordinate their efforts. in terms of coordination, i mentioned syria, did we get any detail on how the iranians and the
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russians might go forward in their actions and syria ? russians might go forward in their actions and syria? the details of that meeting were not released. it tells you how important the meeting was and maybe how important their agreements were. what we do know is they will enhance their trade agreements, their military agreements, their military agreements and this does mean a lot because russia does need a lot of new bases to conduct the effective operations. the fact details are not released probably tells more about the importance, rather than the small facts which were released. the importance, rather than the small facts which were releasedm the past, these two countries have not always been so close, who instigated this meeting? which country is driving an increased warmth between the two? yes, the history was different, but over the past several years, relations were developing and were becoming better and better. actually, this morning
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president putin's spokesman said russia and iran had five centuries of good relations. these other words we don't hearfrom him of good relations. these other words we don't hear from him that often. it shows how both countries are keen and how russia is keen to develop this cooperation and show the united states that russia has a lot of allies and even if the united states continues to put pressure on russia, russia will still follow its policy. thank you very much. in a few minutes, we will turn to what is happening in washington. there is a big discussion around this man, in charge of the committee which is overseeing investigations into the allegations of links between the presidential campaign team of last year and russia. we will be live later to get the latest on that story. for the first time in 30 years, and
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you £1 coin has come into circulation. it has 12 sides and is designed to be harder to copy down the round pound coin which will be phased out by october. simon gompertz went to southend to see if eve ryo ne gompertz went to southend to see if everyone is ready. on a sunny day in southend, they're keen to get you to spend your pounds but what do people make of the new pound coins? it's got 12 sides, the two colours and it's got various security features because there are so many fakes of the old pound coin. very small writing, a sort of hologram in there. what do you think of it? i think it's lovely. much nicer than the old one. yes. it looks thicker somehow. yeah. it's slightly bigger, but slightly thinner. oh, it is thinner? and is coin—operated equipment ready for the new coin? the payphones have been changed, so have most parking metres here.
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but despite £100 million being spent on upgrades across the uk, a lot of machines, like this one don't accept it yet. none of these machines have been changed yet. and some businesses have been putting off the upgrade because of the cost. the machines have to be changed to accept both the old coin and the new one. for us, each coin mechanism, which is what takes and reads the coins, is going to cost roughly £16 for each mech. and over 800 coin mechs across all of our sites. we are looking at sort of over £12,000 altogether as a company. it does feel a little unfair that we're the ones that have to bear the burden and get on with it. some businesses are so fed up with coin changes that they've gone over to cards that you charge up at the counter, they've changed the coin operation to cards. you swipe it through and then you're ready to play. we haven't had to change anything at all. we think this is the future. we think coins are pretty much dead now.
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but coins remain very much alive, despite what is happening here and hundreds of millions of the new one pounds are being put gradually into circulation. if you get hold of old pounds they'll still be useable in shops until october. after that, any old change you still have, you'll have to take to the bank. simon gompertz, bbc news, southend—on—sea. we live at the bbc newsroom. our lead story concerns donald trump. he signed a order running back president obama's climate change goals. as you know, there are investigations in the us in the first of all, mr trump's claimed that barack first of all, mr trump's claimed that ba rack obama first of all, mr trump's claimed that barack obama ordered a wiretap
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on him during the presidential campaign of 2016. and, investigations into those alleged ties between russia and mr trump's presidential campaign. the person he is overseeing those probes is this man, devon nunez, the republican congressmen who chairs the house intelligence committee. he found information that donald trump was caught up in incidental surveillance. that is when us intelligence is looking at one group of people, and then when they are doing that, they come across someone else. in this case it was donald trump and his associates. the democrats are furious how this is being handled. they said this is what a cover—up to a crime looks like. and john mccain, quoted as saying nunez should reveal his
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sources. next, the top democrats from the same committee. it would be worthwhile for the chairman to recuse himself from any investigation involving the trump campaign ordered from transition. he was a key member of the trump transition team and it represents an area of conflict. it is not normal to go and receive information as the chairman of the committee you cannot share with your own committee members, you don't share with the president particularly if it involves associates of the president. strange clip that one, lots of microphones in vision but not of them were turned on. mr nunez says he has no intention of the accusing himself. the us house intelligence committee chair says he
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will not share his intelligence sources with other members of the committee. it is complicated but it gets to the heart of how these investigations are working and what relationship those overseeing investigations have the president. our reporter is live in washington, dc. anthony, when we are talking about the source mr nunes got his information from, we are referring to someone inside the white house? certainly someone inside the executive branch of government, it could have been an intelligence officials who works at the executive branch. mr nunes went to the white house to meet with this person who showed him the documents, the intelligence reports that had data from those wiretaps that incidentally picked up trump's communications or someone close to trump. then he went back to the capital, held a press conference and them back to the white house to inform president trump himself about
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the information contained in these documents and holds another press conference. that is what has impurity democrats, all of this was done without informing them or the committee and they say it is highly unusual and because of devon nunez‘s ties to the trump transition team as adam shipp pointed out and the fact he is heading up this investigation in the house of representatives, they thing he should recuse himself, step aside and let someone else head—up the investigation or bring in and outside investigator to do something totally removed from the politics of congress. just before i let you go, the lead story, this executive order changing the us policy on climate change affecting the coal and gas embers billy mcclure energies, it is generating a lot of interest. is it as big in the us media as this nunes story is
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rating? it is generating more because at the moment nunes is not sharing intelligence information with committee members. the announcement will take time to see which direction it goes. people understand just because donald trump signed an executive order says they will shift policy, you have to see how it battles out in the courts and over time whether it represents a shift on the ground. anthony, that is an important lesson we have been lending, when mrtrump is an important lesson we have been lending, when mr trump announces something, whether it is those two versions of the travel ban, or the attem pts versions of the travel ban, or the atte m pts to versions of the travel ban, or the attempts to change the health care policy, the announcement isn't necessarily followed with an ability to get it over the various hurdles into action. we will be watching that action closely. it is wednesday morning in australia right now. residents in the far north of the country are waking up to a trail of destruction in some cases. if we go in more closely on the map of
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queensland, cyclone debbie came in on airlie beach. 25,000 people were warned to evacuate. those who stayed we re warned to evacuate. those who stayed were warned to keep indoors. when you look at this, it is not hard to see why. the storm has been downgraded to a tropical low, but many people still in lockdown. up untilan hourago, many people still in lockdown. up until an hour ago, the authorities we re until an hour ago, the authorities were also. but this is the latest statement from the authorities.|j statement from the authorities.” think what we need to brace for, this is a very destructive storm and storm system. i think the public and community of queensland need to understand we will get lots of reports of damage and sadly, i think we will also receive more reports of injuries, if not death and we need to be prepared for that. we will keep you up—to—date. next, sexual
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harassment in india and some surveys suggest over 80% of indian women have experienced it in one form or another. it has a number of ideas to combat the problem. it is called anti—romeos squads. these officers are on an unusual mission. their task is to target roadside romeos. these aren't romantic figures, but men who harass women on the streets. the ruling bjp party won a landslide victory in state elections earlier this month making the streets safer for women was a key promise. but where are the romeos? this seems random, they are stopping guys. like
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this guy here, asking them what they are up to, checking their id. there was no evidence he was harassing women at all. these two men were just sitting on their motorbikes. their wives, who were in a nearby shop, were not happy. you can not go to everyone and say, what are you doing? why are you sitting like this? stand up. it is not correct. this is not the way. elsewhere... the police have been even more enthusiastic. this is a team of undercover policewoman. the police here say they are taking a more conservative approach. translation: if a boy and girl are
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sitting somewhere, that is not a problem. it is not moral policing, we only want to stop real offences from taking place. police actions like this may send a message that the authorities are taking women's safety more seriously. but how effective they actually are is another matter. this afternoon, no so—called romeos were put behind bars. and that is the end of outside source. thanks for watching, i will be with you tomorrow. goodbye. the weather looks like settling down as we get into early april, but late
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march is developing an identity crisis. huge variety is up and down the uk. some of us in the sunshine, it will feel early summer. 20, 201 degrees. for others, lots of rain and it won't feel as comfortable here. most of the rain on wednesday is out west. wet weather surging up to the irish sea, west wales, northern ireland and west wales seen the wet weather. part of scotland also. the dry weather holding on across the far north—east of scotland. quite chilly here. the rest of scotland milder but wetter. dry spells in northern ireland but not to be relied upon. further rain in the northern england and west wales and fringing into cornwall. further east will not be seen much rain at all. mild and muggy. nothing compared to the warmth in some parts of the south east and east anglia on thursday, courtesy of southerly
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winds. somebody somewhere could hit 21 degrees. further north and west it is cooler. mid—teens is the best ican it is cooler. mid—teens is the best i can offer it is cooler. mid—teens is the best ican offerand it is cooler. mid—teens is the best i can offer and more rain through the aristide, west wales seeing more rain, perhaps north—west england. nothing like as warm as it will be in the sunshine across the south—east. another batch of rain turning across western areas again on friday. that will head further eastwards in the day. the head of that, still some warmth. but that is coming courtesy of a cold front and it will displace the warmer air with a fresher end to the week for all of us. the weekend starts on that freshener, blobs of blue indicating showers. there is a ridge of high pressure building in from the west. on the weekend we start off on the showery note and it turns dry and fine on sunday. some chilly nights. here is a snapshot for saturday. don't take the location of the blobs
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of blue too literally, just indicating a lot of showers. some of the showers slow—moving. it will feel cooler than it has done. chilly start on sunday but the showers have gone for most of us and it will be a drier day and light winds. very pleasa nt drier day and light winds. very pleasant although temperatures not spectacularly high. with light winds, it will feel quite nice. then look at the other side of the atla ntic look at the other side of the atlantic for indications for next week. low—pressure wedge is going to start to track its way north eastwards, we think as it goes through the next few days. it will be pivotal, i will not lied to, we don't know the exact track of this low. looks like a big feature across the atlantic this weekend. if that tracks its way up towards the north—west, we stay in the clear and it does look as if the jet stream will stay to the north—west of us
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for the most part two next week. keeping most of the rain to the north—west but also keeping us in mostly warm air. north—western most parts of the uk likely to see rain at times next week, but many will be dry and it will be warmer i think, particularly the further south and east we go. soap or a good few of us, it is a bright outlook. we will update you again tomorrow.
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