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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 30, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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the brexit secretary david davis says the process means laws can be amended if necessary, with sovereignty returning to parliament and british courts. we have been clear that we want a smooth and orderly exit — and the great repeal bill is integral to that approach. it will provide clarity and certainly for businesses, workers and consumers across the united kingdom, on the day that we leave the eu at a meeting in malta, eu leaders including the german chancellor angela merkel, have warned that the terms under which britain will leave the eu, must be settled first, before any new trade deal can be discussed. an inquest has heard that the westminster attacker khalid masood, died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. it's feared five members of the same family died in a helicopter crash yesterday in north wales. two of those on board have been named locally as kevin and ruth burke, from milton keynes. health officials have published plans to cut the amount of sugar in everyday foods that are popular with children. in a moment, it will be time
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for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. from workers‘ rights to the environment, thousands of eu laws are to be transferred into uk legislation as the country gears up for brexit. it's a massive task that some say could take several years. we'll be talking to a former head of the civil service about the challenge ahead. as new research suggests charging coffee drinkers extra could cut the use of disposable cups by up to 300 million a year, the tv chef hugh fearnley whittingstall will be telling us about his campaign to tackle the mounting waste. and in half an hour, 100 days will be looking at the claims russia interfered with the us presidential plus all the latest from the white house. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, will perry.
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the headlines this evening. wenger insists sanchez and ozil want to stay at arsenal but says his own future isn't completely sorted. fifa announces how the expanded 48—team world cup will be divided up in 2026, with europe set to get the 16 places they wanted. there's a 147 forjudd trump in beijing as he heads into the quarterfinals of the china open snooker. for you now. and join me ahead of match's bid to join the last four of the women's champions league. —— manchester city's. we start with three premier league managers whose futures at their clubs have been surrounded by speculation and uncertainty. firstly, arsene wenger says his future at arsenal isn't completely sorted —
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despite saying recently he would inform everyone of his decision "very soon". arsenal's recent poor form has seen the frenchman come under more pressure from some fans to leave. wenger also said at today's press conference that mesut ozil and alexis sanchez both want stay at the club. david 0rnstein has been at the arsenal training centre at london colney for us. today we saw an arsene wenger seemingly refreshed, rejuvenated after the international break, he was lively, jovial and showed little sign of being weighed down by the speculation surrounding his future. that is possibly because he knows what he wants to do. he wants to remain as arsenal manager. arsenal wa nt remain as arsenal manager. arsenal want him to remain as their manager an we know there is a two—year contract offer on the table. it is understood that is not set in stone. it could still go the other way, if arsenal's season spirals out of control. this morning you could sense the direction of travel, but still, he was giving little away. i've clear in my mind, but any way,
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dol i've clear in my mind, but any way, do i stay two months or two years, my commitment will be exactly the same, so time i spent here does not influence at all my attitude. sticking with the theme of futures, what about those of sanchez and 0zil. sanchez was quoted in the media in chilli as saying he is happy in london, and hopes to finish his career there but with a team that has a winning mentality. that fuels report he could be set for a move to chelsea but wenger seems confident he and 0zil who are out of contract in 2018, will stay. wei contract in 2018, will stay. we i personally believe that both of them want to stay, and i hope that them want to stay, and i hope that the club will find an agreement with them. arsenal have lost four out of five o their last league gapes, they
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do have games in hand. 0n five o their last league gapes, they do have games in hand. on sunday they welcome top four rivals manchester city, who they also face in the fa cup semifinals, in three weeks' time. this is an absolutely critical period for arsenal and wenger. another manager answering questions on his future today was west ham boss slaven bilic. they're had three straight league defeats, and despite names such as rafa benitez, claudio ranieri and roberto mancini being linked with the job, bilic was in defiant mood. my head is clear. and i'm totally motivated and focused, and i'm long enough here to know what to do. over 1.5 years, we have done a good job here, and there is still a job to do. i have my contract, and at the end of the day my contract is not running out. i have another year here, which is for a manager, i'm not a player that needs a new contract. north—west from west ham, tottenham manager mauricio pochettino says it
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would be "impossible" to ever manage barcelona. the former espanyol coach met barca's president last week as speculation increased that he might take over from luis enrique. pochettino described the meeting as a coincidence. i know that it so difficult to keep the barriers and to be loyal, no, with your heart, we're motion, but for me, —— your emotion, but for me, be loyal, is more important to be honest. i am espanyol be loyal, is more important to be honest. iam espanyol fan, i love espanyol. it honest. iam espanyol fan, i love espa nyol. it is honest. iam espanyol fan, i love espanyol. it is like for me it would be impossible one day, to move, to arsenal. it would be impossible. is it would be impossible. is away from the premier league, fifa has today announced how the expanded 48—team world cup will be divided up in 2026, with europe set to receive
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the 16 places they wanted. 0ur sports news correspondent richard conwayjoined me earlier to explain. europe gets 16 places, that is the price they put on their support for this tournament being taken to 48 teams, asia get eight, africa get nine, all in all, that is 46 places among the confederations and the last two places will be decided via a play off tournament, to be decided among six team, that will take place potentially in the november preceding the tournament year, fifa say it could be a test event, that could be the death knell nor the confederation cup. fifa make it clear this is how it wants to see the 2026 world cup divided up among the 2026 world cup divided up among the confederations it will go forward to ratification in may, that would seem to be a formality, and for fifa, this is the final temperature it is taking towards that expanded 48 team world cup,
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which is coming in 2026. fifa has opened proceedings against neil taylor following the wales defender‘s leg breaking tackle on the republic of ireland's seamus coleman last friday. taylor was sent off and received an automatic one match ban for the challenge, but that could now be extended, potentially to three games. the everton defender needed surgery following the incident during their world cup qualifier in dublin. it's not yet known when he'll be back playing. manchester city's women who take a 1—0 aggregate lead into their champions league quarter final second leg at home to danish side fortuna hjorring. we can go live to the manchester city academy and join our reporterjo currie. jo, a huge night for nick cushing's side a huge evening and they are hoping for a huge crowd. a couple of thousand fans are expected to turn up thousand fans are expected to turn up tonight as manchester city put in an attempt to make it to the semifinals of the women's champions league in their maiden season. as you said they come into the match
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with a 1—0 lead and that includes a vital away goal. so tonight's opponents fortuna vital away goal. so tonight's opponents fortu na hjorring vital away goal. so tonight's opponents fortuna hjorring will have to score twice to knock city out. 0ut. to score twice to knock city out. out. the last time they conceded two goals at home was two—and—a—half yea rs goals at home was two—and—a—half years ago, you can see why the city boss was in confident mood ahead of the match. we were going to hear from the match. we were going to hearfrom nick there, but we can't. we talk about them being the last british team in them being the last british team in the champions league, but making history as well, was it three years ago birmingham city ladies make this —— made this stage? ago birmingham city ladies make this -- made this stage? yes, three years ago it was 2014 when birmingham city ladies made it through to the semifinals, they were the last british team to do it. arsenal ladies teams are the only british tea m ladies teams are the only british team to win this, that was a decade ago. if city make it through it will not only be a huge result but massive for women's fall in this country in general. that game kicks off at 7 o'clock. now the bust of cristiano ronaldo.
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the sculpture has said he is perfectly happy with his work and claims the winger agrees with him and gave the go—ahead. joe wilson reports on bust gate. for the local hero, everything was arranged. politicians, well—wishers, all there for the very famous footballer. well, they were naming madeira's airport after him. just one thing, why had they unveiled a new bust of the former irish international niall quinn? ah, that's cristiano ronaldo! 0k. the man himself was full of gratitude. "to see my name given to this airport is very special," he said. "everyone knows i'm very proud of my roots." roots meaning homeland, not his hair. that at least looks suitably solid. social media mockery based around the bust has quickly followed. football does have a long
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association with statues. at wembley, bobby moore, at ipswich town, bobby robson. and at fulham's craven cottage, michaeljackson. this statue was the idea of the then chairman mohammed al fayed and wasn't universally appreciated at the time. it's really bad, really, really bad. after a couple of years, fulham took this statue down. and then, deep breath, there was ted bates. southampton supporters were so angered by this depiction of their former player and manager, it was replaced immediately and expensively. much better. statues are supposed to be tributes, and the madeira airport is an honour well intended for a genuine star. that's him. as you said, well intended! we heard about the #1re78 ambulance
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to niall quinn. today a new contender, peter love cans. he says he is very honoured at the likeness between him and the statue. on to cricket, and warwickshire say they are hopeful of becoming one of the eight city—based franchises in the proposed new t20 competition which starts in three years. the county play their one—day matches as the birmingham bears at edgbaston which has been touted as one of the bases for a team for the new event. they have been doing analysis as to which are the best play places for the venues, which is based on the size of the conurbation and the history of buying ticket, we think here in birmingham we are well placed. we would never take anything for granted but we will put forward a strong case to have birmingham as one of the venues for one of these new teams which we think will be very exciting. finally snooker, and defending championjudd trump made a maximum 147 clearance on his way to the quarterfinals of the china open in beijing today.
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playing in the fifth frame against china's tian pengfei, trump potted the pink but was faced with a difficult black for the maximum. watch this... that's his third competitive 147 in his career, and went on to win the match 5—3. now from judd trump to donald trump. the two—time 0pen champion greg norman has told the bbc, rory mcilroy was right to play golf with the us president donald trump last month. the four—time major winner was widely criticised for the decision tojoin the president on the course, trump has also played golf with tiger woods since taking over at the white house. he did get a lot for it, wrongly so, because if the president of the united states asks you to play golf, you go play golf with the president of the us, it is simple as that. i get a phone call from the white house and saying the president will be in australia. i called out
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president bush 41 and i said mr president, i have to seek your advice, i got a call from the white house, and they are requesting me play golf with president clinton in australia. australia. iam not play golf with president clinton in australia. australia. i am not a democrat. my views and beliefs are that way. he said great, respect. respect the position of the position of the president of the us. you go play golf. said yes sir. that is all from sportsday. there will be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. see you later. you a watching bbc news. the top stories. the top stories. the government publishes its plans to transfer thousands of eu laws to the uk statute book. the brexit secretary says it will ensure a "smooth, orderly" exit from the european union. the toddler who died after his surgery was repeatedly delayed — two surgeons decide to speak out about one of britain's biggest
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children's hospitals. five members of the same family have died a their helicopter crashed in knot wales. police have suspended the rescue operation due to bad weather and a look at the markets. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. and in the the united states this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. an houran 50 an hour an 50 minutes to end of trading n the state, the dough and the nasdaq are both up. —— dow and the nasdaq are both up. the government has set out how it plans to transfer thousands of eu laws into british legislation. the great repeal bill is how ministers plan to ensure eu law no longer applies in the uk. the bill would get rid of the european communities act 1972. the european communities act 1972 put eu law above uk law. the bill will mean uk parliament can then "amend, repeal and improve" the laws as necessary. it is likely to be one of the largest legislative projects ever undertaken in the uk.


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