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welcome to bbc news. a rigid armoured. our top stories: welcome to bbc news. a rigid armoured. ourtop stories: street protest have escalated in venezuela. the president says he will resolve within hours the policy that stress parliament is power. donald trump says he is not afraid of what michael flynn might reveal if he speaks about russia. he believes he should speak and to adhere to do to get the story out. as guidelines introduced for european union's brexit strategy, it warns the uk of tough times ahead. and who is coming out of the tardis? doctor who being taken ina out of the tardis? doctor who being taken in a different direction. hello and welcome. but as well‘s
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president nicolas maduro says he will resolve within hours the controversy will resolve within hours the c0 ntrove i’sy over will resolve within hours the controversy over the supreme court's assumption of the opposition led legislative functions. the court decision has sparked widespread protests a nd decision has sparked widespread protests and condemnation. earlier, a senior aide of the venezuelan president had broken ranks with him to condemned the decision. louise ortega described the ruling as a violation of constitutional order. those rulings show evidence of various violations of the constitutional order and ignorance of the state model established in oui’ of the state model established in our constitution. it is my obligation to manifest to the country my highest concern regarding this event. the controversial decision by the supreme court has effectively made the president assumed the powers of the national assembly. but criticism of the move has echoed across the water. the
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colombian president called for the international community to intervene. translation: what happened yesterday when the legislative assembly was stripped of its powers of the gates asked to lift our protest voices as well as our voices of solidarity with venezuelan democracy. the bodies, such as organisation of american states, and the united states, must address the situation and propose ways to get out of it. will grantjoins us and propose ways to get out of it. will grant joins us on and propose ways to get out of it. will grantjoins us on the line to give us the latest. the venezuelan president is saying his entertainers around. what has he been telling us? that is right. he has been addressing the nation on state television and you are right, he has sought a suggested that he could turn this situation around. he said he believed in dialogue and the use of the shoe shin to resolve controversy. and apparently he has called a meeting of the state's
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security council to discuss the situation further. specifically, that coming off the scathing criticism by the attorney general, which you have a moment ago. there are mind that she is traditionally a staunch supporter of chavez. and there was no sign that she was anything but loyal to nicolas maduro. it was clearly a very controversial move by the supreme court for her to come out against it. it sounds like her comments might have gotten through. the supreme court has essentially taken on congress' powers, can you expand what that means and how we got it? be how we got here is very convoluted, but it actually dates back to the election of three legislators, three parliamentarians, and there were suggestions by the government's side that there were election irregularities in the vote.
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and as those were being investigated, they were sworn in anyway. that was a very controversial moment and created a situation that, broadly speaking, has got us to this impasse, today, in which we see a supreme court assessee trying to pull rate over the parliamentarians. there are in mind, this is now an opposition led national assembly. and those were key because that would give native majority to the opposition. but this is really about a much broader narrative of opposition to nicolas maduro. a facing off of powers in venezuela that has been going on for almost two decades, but certainly with mr maduro, for the last three yea rs. with mr maduro, for the last three years. they give that analysis. we will keep across developments in that story. just when you thought
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they could not be another twist in they could not be another twist in the investigations into russian interference in the us election, think again. mike flynn, who lasted less tha n think again. mike flynn, who lasted less than a month as ultra—‘s national security adviser, now says he has a story to tell that will only attract but will only give evidence if offered immunity. this from a man who in the past who said striking such deals made you probably committed a crime. donald trump said he had been a victim of a witch—hunt on twitter. jon sopel reports. the allegations that just won't go away — that there was collusion between the russian government and the trump team during last year's election. and much of the attention is now focused on this man, general michael flynn. until a few weeks ago, he was the national security adviser, and one of those closest to the president. but his fall from grace has been swift, after he was found to have lied to the vice president
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over his contacts with the russians. michael flynn held conversations with the russian ambassador in washington, which, among other things, discussed the lifting of us sanctions against russia — which he denied. he was paid $45,000 to attend a dinner in moscow, hosted by the tv station russia today, and was seated at the same table as vladimir putin. he also lobbied on behalf of another foreign government, turkey, although that wasn't disclosed at the time. today, donald trump rallied to his side with this tweet: "mike flynn should ask for immunity, in that this is a witchhunt, excuse for big election loss by media and dems of historic proportion." but this is what donald trump and michael flynn said during the campaign, when it emerged that clinton aides had sought immunity over disclosing information about her use of a private e—mail server. if you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for? when you're given immunity it means
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you've probably committed a crime. so is there worry at the white house that his information could implicate the president? no — he believes that mike flynn should go and testify. he should go up there and do what he has to do to get the story out. in the meantime, the russians are again dismissing as fake news suggestions that they've been up to no good. lots of americans, they do think that yes, russian hackers are everywhere, russian hackers are in every fridge, russian hackers are in every iron and so on and so forth, but this is not true. but the defence secretary james mattis, who's in london at the moment, expressed about russia, stretching beyond their involvement in the most recent presidential election. russia's violations of international law are now a matter of record, from what happened with crimea, to other aspects of their behaviour in mucking around inside other people's elections and that sort of thing. on capitol hill, investigations into russian activity go on, but sources are saying it's unlikely that michael flynn will be given the immunity he seeks. jon sopel reported me. laura bicker
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is in washington says donald trump has already moved the conversation onto trade. yes, he has been talk about industry bringing backjobs, yes, he has been talk about industry bringing back jobs, and yes, he has been talk about industry bringing backjobs, and that is exactly what he has tried to do in the last few hours. after a bruising week, another bruising week, he is trained to move it back to his own kind of comfortable territory. and he tried to do that by signing two executive orders on trade, trying to stop the cheap import of foreign goods and also reduce that half $1 goods and also reduce that half $i trillion trade deficit. but as he was signing those orders, i think you can see from the pictures, here, as he was signing those orders, a reporter shouted out a question about michael flynn, and donald trump seems to have got a rather distracted and forgot to sign those executive orders. in fact, the vice president, mike pence, had to take off the table, and they eventually signed off camera. but russia really
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is the scandal donald trump cannot shake. but is go to devoted —— his go to have two shift focus very quickly, because he needs with the chinese president. he did not quite move the conversation on the way that he bought. but these meetings with the chinese president are going to be quite crucial. what we think will come out of an? -- that he thought. when he was on the campaign shall, donald trump made it very clear that he wanted better trade deal. he feels he is in a good position as a businessman to do that. he is looking to negotiate better deals with regards to china and to stop american companies going to china to manufacture cheap goods. that is not really going to be in china's interest. there is every problem there, as well. one of those executive orders that he has been signing looks at the rules and regulations. it is a 90 day study to look at the various world rules and
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regulations that might, and donald trump's view, be harming american workers and manufacturers. so he is going to be looking at all this global trade. but let me tell you, when it comes to the trade deficit in the us, it is sitting at $504 million. 350 of that comes from china. so when it comes to the trade deficit, and it comes to making those deals, dollar from to take a ha rd those deals, dollar from to take a hard line, and the chinese president will not be a walkover. onto other news, at least 24 people have been killed and more than 70 injured in a blast outside a mosque in north—west buskers farm. the explosion happened ina mainly buskers farm. the explosion happened in a mainly shia was an area. —— northwest pakistan. a cart packed with explosives was left near the women's entrance of the moss. —— car. authorities have stepped up theircampaign on car. authorities have stepped up their campaign on what they see as
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muslim extremism in china. they have banned bales and long beard. south african leader, jacob zuma, has been criticised after an official memorial service for anti— apartheid activist was indelibly postponed. this came after calls for president zuma to step down this week. a year after the activist wrote a letter saying he should quit. he was tried and jailed alongside nelson mandela and jailed alongside nelson mandela and the 1960s. when the british prime minister, theresa may, triggered the uk's the budget from the european union, two days ago, she stressed that britain was keen ona she stressed that britain was keen on a trade deal to protect its exports from heavy carus. today, the european union has responded. in d raft european union has responded. in draft guidelines the negotiating brexit, the eu ruled out trade talks before outstanding issues were clean out. speaking older, the president of the union council, donald tusk, made citizens writes the top
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priority. —— rights. the chiefs of eu institutions are usually little known outside the brussels bubble. but brexit has changed all that. this is my first divorce... donald tusk, president of the european council, today presented the draft brexit guidelines. the mood music — polite but steely. the talks, which are about to start, will be difficult, complex, and sometimes even confrontational. mr tusk was the recipient of the prime minister's brexit letter this wednesday. why him? because he represents all eu countries here in brussels and they call the shots on big eu political decisions. the eu says it doesn't want to punish britain. it wants to keep the uk close with trade and security ties. but gone are those words of sadness and regret that poured out of brussels after the brexit vote.
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now that the formal process of leaving has begun, the eu's message today: we're ready for you. the eu is committed to a phased approach to brexit. phase one — the divorce. top priorities for the eu — safeguarding the rights of eu citizens in the uk and of britons across the eu. agreeing a one—off exit fee for the uk to cover outstanding financial commitments. and resolving ireland's land border issue without harming the good friday agreement. phase two — discussing future eu—uk relations, but only once significant progress has been made on the divorce. phase three — making traditional agreements, if needed, to bridge the end of article 50 talks and start a new era in eu—uk relations. but there are bumps in the road aplenty, british and european ones even before negotiations start. today there was a surprise row over gibraltar.
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the eu draft guidelines say no future agreement with the uk can apply to gibraltar without a nod from spain, which disputes britain's sovereignty over the territory. while the foreign secretary had to defend the prime minister's brexit guidelines, the eu perceived a uk threat to withdraw security cooperation if it didn't get a good trade deal. the uk's commitment to the defence and the security of this region, of europe, is unconditional and it is not some bargaining chip in any negotiatiations. but eu countries are wary. if we see the letter that has been sent by the british prime minister, some would say it was a little bit aggressive. and that's not the attitude that we will be having around the table. i mean, yes, we are willing to come to an agreement, but if you ask too much, then maybe there is no agreement, and i'm not sure if that's a good thing for the british.
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picking and choosing is fine, in belgian chocolate shops. but brussels says britain can forget having a bit of this and none of that when it comes to the single market. there is goodwill on both sides, but having cake and eating it will be one of britain's brexit challenges. katya adler, bbc news, brussels. authorities in europe and australia have announced a sweeping tax avoidance probe. dutch investigators say they have received information about 50,000 suspects and reported the seizure of paintings, a gold bar and jewellery and have arrested two people. they have not named the bank but credits lease has been
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contacted. —— credit suisse. but credits lease has been contacted. -- credit suisse. it is switzerland second largest bank but also a huge player in the global financing and it has admitted that its branches in paris, amsterdam and london were raided... credit suisse asset visited. .. and london were raided... credit suisse asset visited... and that london were raided... credit suisse asset visited. .. and that they were cooperating fully. the dutch also visited all make raided a bank in holland and confiscated not money but goods. it is a classic trick with trying to hide your assets are investing in jewellery, with trying to hide your assets are investing injewellery, painting, gold bars. so today it looks like a very, very big investigation and one which could have some pretty
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widespread ramifications. still to come. . . widespread ramifications. still to come... sacrificing an ancient art to save an ancient species. how much will it help african elephants? we have a special report from beijing. the accident that happened here was of the sort that can at worst produce a meltdown. in this case the precautions worked, but they didn't work quite well enough to prevent some old fears about the safety features of these stations from resurfacing. the republic of ireland has become the first country in the world to ban smoking in the workplace. from today, anyone lighting up in offices, businesses, pubs and restaurants will face a heavy fine. the president was on his way out of the washington hilton hotel, where he'd been addressing a trade union conference. the small crowd outside
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included his assailant. it has become a symbol of paris. 100 years ago, many parisians wished it had never been built. the eiffel tower's birthday is being marked by a re—enactment of the first ascent by gustave eiffel. this is bbc world news. the headlines: street protests escalate as venezuela's president says he will resolve within hours the ruling. president trump is not worried about what michael flynn might reveal if it talks to investigators in examining ties to the kremlin. it may be one of the most significant steps ever taken in the fight to save the african elephant. china has closed down half
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of its official ivory carving factories and by the end of the year is will force remaining businesses to shut. conservationists say it is a game changer. chinese ivory carving dates back hundreds of years but these craftsmen will be the last. the un's top wildlife official came to witness the shutdown. this is a momentous day in china. the decision being rolled out. here in the marketplace, we have seen a shop closed. it is momentous. china is move comes not a moment to send. the african elephant is teetering on the brink of extinction. and the majority of these slots, perhaps as
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much as 70%, is done to feed chinese demand. this business is one of those being forced to close today. the markings and certifications so that the tasks come from authorised stockpile, i've read that china was allowed to buy under international law in the hope it would suppress smuggling. translation: ifeel law in the hope it would suppress smuggling. translation: i feel sad. i love these are that even if you abolish it it will not stop illegal trade, it isn't likely to encourage it. but campaigns, including prince william, disagree. factories like this one, they argue, send a signal to consumers that ivory is ok to buy and they provide criminals with an opportunity. certification can in
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fa ct opportunity. certification can in fact be easily forged and the reality is, however inadvertently, the legal trade has acted as cover for a much larger illegal market. that is why this step is so important, the complete closure of the sanctioned domestic trade. it is true that the criminals will not be stopped entirely. it is ready illegal to sell ivory in china over the internet and yet it took us just a few clicks to find it. where is it from, we ask. the ivory is from africa, comes the reply. nonetheless it isa africa, comes the reply. nonetheless it is a bold and important step. china is sacrificing this ancient art in order to save an ancient species. a bold advertising campaign has been
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launched in mexico city to raise awareness about sexual harassment in subways. a seat moulded into the shape of a male body. most of the men were surprised and uncomfortable. the site reads, it is unpleasant sitting here but it is nothing compared to sexual abuse experienced every day. nine out of ten women in mexico city have been subjected to some type of sexual abuse riding the subway. the 10th series of doctor who begins and the timelord will bejoined series of doctor who begins and the timelord will be joined by a new companion. best known for her theatre role in london's west end will be taking on the role of the bill, the first gay assistant in the
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role is history. that is a robot. for more than half a century, doctor who has travelled across time and space. now it is exploring new territory. her character will be the doctor ‘s first openly gay companion. bill is 93v first openly gay companion. bill is gay and i think it should not be a big deal in the 21st century and i think we think this series it is not made a massive thing of that.|j think made a massive thing of that.” think it is great. white ukip coming to my lecturers? because i like them. everybody likes. they are amazing. their sexual orientation is amazing. their sexual orientation is a significant step particular as she isa a significant step particular as she is a key aspiration for its younger is a key aspiration for its younger is viewers. i hope it pushes things
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in the right direction and broaden the diversity of race and sexuality. the show has had gay characters in the past, including captainjack but bill will be the first permanent companion. it is recognised as a career boost. it is an amazing platform for me to be able to... it opens at lot of laws which have not been open before. —— doors. it is very exciting. peter capaldi said this series will be his last. the programme break more boundaries by making the next doctor a woman.
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pamela anderson became camera shy when asked about a rumoured romance with wikileaks when asked about a rumoured romance with wikilea ks founder julian assange. she has been seeing visiting the ecuadorean embassy in london were julian assange visiting the ecuadorean embassy in london werejulian assange took refuge to avoid swedish rape allegations. she was asked about the relationship... he's in prison, it could be difficult. let's see what happens when he is free. probably more time with him i spend than any other man socially. i do not want to go into any more details. he is a very sexy. that's it from me. this past week has seen some varied
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weather across the uk but this weekend will even out the differences. the up pretty much in the same boat for saturday, showers around, quite heavy, a chilly night on saturday and then the vast majority will have a fine and dry sunday with sunny spells around. the start of saturday, it looks pretty wet across north—west england. much of the morning before it eases. the western parts of the uk, the showers are getting going. wales and increasingly is part of the midlands and dotted with showers. much of eastern england will have a fine morning. the rain more persistent than elsewhere. standing water in north—west england. to the west and north—west england. to the west and north of scotland dry pitch to begin with. it will take much of the
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morning before the rain in north—west england eases to showers going into the afternoon. showers racking out elsewhere and some will be heavy with the risk of hail and thunder with any small moving. it looks like an improvement gradually through the afternoon. northern ireland, western scotland and western fringes of england and wales. in sunny spells it will not feel too bad. saturday evening the showers fading. mainly dry on saturday night and sunday morning. quite a chilly start on sunday morning compared to recent mornings. a touch of frost possible across the northern half of the uk. some cloud around on sunday but good sunny spells and the vast majority have been a dry day with light winds and feeling pleasant in the sunshine. a
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few spots getting a warmer. the boat races on sunday so it is looking fine and quite calm as well. the weather should not be causing too many dramas. enjoy the action. at the start of next week, weather fronts coming through and once they push their way through, there will be weakening later on monday to tuesday. high pressure than building across the uk. much of next week is looking dry with some sunny spells. the latest headlines on bbc news. i am reged ahmad. president maduro says he will resolve within hours the controversy of the ruling that strips parliament of its power. street protests have also been asleep in the capital. the white house says president donald trump is not worried about his former aide. what his former aide might reveal when talking about mitigations with the kremlin. donald trump says the inquest is a witch—hunt. and president donald trump has walked
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out of an executive order signing without actually signing the executive order. donald trump was poised to sign a pair of executive orders on friday, targeting trade abuses, but a reporter's question distracted him from signing at least one of them. those are the headlines. nicola sturgeon has
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