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u; “a 1 m— h m: mun—h at so 'u mn n will unilaterally take on north korea if china refuses to co—operate stop the independent reports on stories were tensions have escalated over the british overseas territory of gibraltar. spain could have a veto to any decisions applying to the territory. in venezuela, some say the popular revolt has now led to authoritarian rule. the ft also looks at investors calling time on a sustained global recovery. the telegraph business section carries a prediction from analysts who say the pound will climb up to pre— brexit level by early next year. and on the front page of the times, an article
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about possible miscommunication and disaster in the sky.. joining us is richard griffiths who's a communications adviser at rgc. thank you forjoining us. so, donald trump and this comments that came from an interview that the financial times has secured. expect to hear more on this story through the day. a grey exclusive for the editor of the financial times, who rocked up to the oval office in washington. i think with the washington bureau chief, and they have pulled this story together. —— a great exclusive. i think the standout quote is, if china is not the result of korea, we will. that is all i'm telling you. later, press the
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detail, he does not go into much detail. but i think in communication studies, i think this is an important interview. this is a curtain raiser ahead of the visit by president xijinping later this week. he has been invited to mar—a—lago, donald trump's halys come club in florida. —— palace. his winning at home, president donald trump. iam interested winning at home, president donald trump. i am interested to note that the los angeles times at the weekend has started a series called our desires president. donald trump says he has instagram and facebook, so who cares. but some alarming quotes.
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—— dishonest. who cares. but some alarming quotes. -- dishonest. a mac are still technically at war with north korea. the dramatic efforts on the ground, there is a lot going on on the ground to try and change the country's outlook and try reachout in country. but whatever donald trump says about the country, he might not get support notjust in the region, but the world. he uses this diplomatic language, and it will be interesting to see what diplomats say about this. there is a lwa ys diplomats say about this. there is always rhetoric a —— rhetoric.... he said in one of those question time grilling is that he would sit down and have a burger with the president of north korea. they were set interesting that he said he was more than willing to talk and discuss, but it was a different tone. but what would he expect china to do? influence north korea. as chris alluded to, at china diplomatically
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is very influential on north korea. and they provide energy to north korea, that they? they have a close relationship. they share workforces, as well, as do some european countries. so it is not as straightforward asjust countries. so it is not as straightforward as just invading... and of cause, the context is for donald trump is that he is in the 100 days in. so he is looking for some sort of win. now, talking about invading, the british empire. the rock. travolta is at pains to say that it does not want to be a bargaining chip, and to be seen as a reason to have a sideline spat over brexit. what do you make of this? a couple of things, i was a coming here. travolta is providing, i guess, one of what is one of many hurdles in the process of
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withdrawing from the european union. what we saw around gibraltar at the weekend is the row hotting up after michael howard invoked the spirit of margaret thatcher, and said 35 years ago this week, margaret thatcher was sending a task force to the south atla ntic to sending a task force to the south atlantic to protect the falklands against another spanish—speaking country. i do not michael howard got up country. i do not michael howard got up and had one too many whiskeys in the morning, but he was being, i think, in lang which is, pretty inflammatory. it certainly got why pick up on and in the meantime, the people of travolta ‘s order wondering what to happen after brexit now that spain has this feature. —— the people of gibraltar. the 27 countries have two pass anything in their own parliaments, that they? as bankers say that they are not happy about the arrangement. bankers say that they are not happy, and a course gibraltar is a very
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important base strategically for the united kingdom. —— spain could say. what is go to happen post— brexit, we do not know. this is why it is becoming such a contentious issue. i said we can expect to see more around this in the coming months. the new york times turns its attention to south america. a lot of problems in a lot of countries are. and then as well, it says democracy is coming. it could be argued that the country is complete. is coming. it could be argued that the country is completelj is coming. it could be argued that the country is complete. i been given as well as a tourist. for anyone who has been there, it is a country with tremendous natural beauty and... and resources... and resources indeed. but the political system has changed dramatically over the past two years. many venezuelans who could flee the country have left for other countries, because they see it as being just so unsafe. and what the new york times is leading
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with, here, on this front page, is that democracy is crumbling. this is essentially because president maduro has got tough on the judicial in the last week. the financial times stunned to say that the opposition started to feel stronger, which is a good thing. —— starting to. and this situation could get some metal into the opposition. let us hope so, because it is a fantastic country. the market section of the financial times taking stock at the end of the first quarter of this year. it is interesting how we have ended, because i don't think many of us would have predicted to be where we are now given the political uncertainty that has been hanging over the global economy since june of last year, into november, april in france and then in germany.
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of last year, into november, april in france and then in germanym of last year, into november, april in france and then in germany. it is interesting... can be coming through with strong earnings. they are delivering regardless. it is a bit like a parallel universe. —— companies are coming through with. now we are talking after the first interest rise for a long time in the us, possibly one in the uk in the next two months. it does feel like the markets are in a different reality to what is happening. and the pound could get back to where it was, according to oxford economics. they said is undervalued. if you are travelling at the moment, you really feel the pinch. the british tourists, the british pound has lost something like a fifth since the referendum. you do feel while you are abroad. many companies are, as well. but the question is what is the right level for the pound sterling, and people have different opinions, says they are importers or
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exporters. but on the front page of the business section, here, it it says that experts say it is undervalued. who needs experts?- the end of the day, it will be very volatile and sensitive everytime you see headlines about brexit. negative or positive. article 50 was triggered last week, citing it is the fragile time for the pound sterling. it does fluctuate, doesn't it? but not to this scale. not as much as the last four months, which is what has been so different. richard, thank you so much your time this morning. and thank you to your time. they give you watching, and will be back with the latest headlines very shortly as well as the business news from around the world. goodbye. good morning. if you like your weather dry and sunny, you were very happy with the first couple of days of april.
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in fact, we had sunshine topping and tailing the country. just look at this picture from sunday in south—west scotland. a beautiful day here. similar story in the london area, as well, where you can enjoy the spring blossom. it was the warmest place in the country with 17.2 celsius in st james's park. now, our week ahead will be a mostly dry one. just a little bit fresher, though, and i suspect through the night, some chilly nights will come. a touch of light frost not out of the question. high pressure hanging on in there in eastern areas, but out of the west, these are these fronts pushing in. they will not bring significant rain but will bring a change through northern ireland and western scotland, as we go through the morning, eventually into western fringes of wales in the south—west. ahead of it, though, any early—morning mist will lift away for sunshine. so, by the middle of the afternoon, eastern scotland should cling on to the dry weather, but elsewhere, those weather fronts bringing some showery outbreaks of rain into scotland and into northern ireland. ten or 11 degrees the high. eventually pushing into the west of wales. more cloud, certainly, through the lake district,
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wales, and down into cornwall. but to the east, we should see highs of 17 degrees inland. maybe if we keep a little bit of coastal cloud cover it could stay a little cooler and disappointing. our weather fronts continue to push across from the west through monday night into tuesday morning. by now, a band of weak spits and spots of rain, really, just pushing into the south—east. but it keeps a fair amount of cloud first thing on tuesday morning. that will clear away into the afternoon. slowly brightening up from the west, breezy with a scattering of showers to the north and west of scotland. high expected on tuesday, though, temperatures in scotland fresher on tuesday, at about eight to 15 degrees. so as we move out of tuesday afternoon into tuesday night, there's some premier league matches. it looks as though it will be a dry affair for all the kick offs. just that little bit fresher. but all in all, not too bad, if you are going to watch those matches. and a similarfor the scottish premiership — —— and a similarfor the scottish premiership — dry, with temperatures over eight or nine degrees as a high.
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talking of high, stays with us, really, through the middle of the week, building from the south—west. all the while, these weather fronts toppling off the top into scandinavia. a bit of a stronger wind into the far north and a slightly fresher direction, but this does mean a fair bit of dry, sunny weather on offer for many. very pleasant indeed. that's it, take care. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. a big change in the way police bail is used. a new 28—day limit has come in to force in england and wales but some officers are unhappy with the move. good morning, it's monday 3rd of april. gibraltar insists it won't be used as a bargaining chip in brexit negotiations. we're live on the rock later.
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the price of doing nothing. how our physical inactivity is said to be costing the nhs £1.2 billion a year. the apprenticeship levy comes into force this week designed
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