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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 3, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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especially as this miracle was conceived here in a petri dish, and frozen as an embryo for years, until china's policy changed and she could become somebody‘s little sister. translation: as soon as i heard about the policy change, i was terribly excited. i ran to the hospital immediately. my second child had been frozen there for too long. i couldn't wait to take her home. not everyone is so lucky. this lady is desperate to have a second child, but there are questions over whether her embryos are viable. translation: i only have three embryos left and the doctor says one is good, one is average and one is poor, but i'm staying optimistic. i hope heaven will give me this gift. blessings born from frozen embryos.
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many of them second children, after last year's policy change. older mothers with fertility problems are now suddenly at an advantage, because they have frozen embryos to fall back on, where other older women don't. back home and getting ready for the new arrival. baby clothes from the first time round, 16 years ago. hospital bag ready for the birth, and she's already decided if the two child policy becomes a three child policy, she'll go for a third. carrie gracie, bbc news, guangzhou. more on the bbc news channel throughout the night. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello, you're watching bbc news.
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the time is 10.30pm. i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight: david moyes says sorry but the fa want him to explain why he threatened to slap a female reporter. over three months before the tournament starts, mark samspon has picked his women‘ euro squad, and not everyone is happy. and how a tv viewer cost the american golfer lexi thompson the first major of the year. the football association will ask
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david moyes to explain the comments he made to a bbc reporter last month. the sunderland manager has apologised to vicky sparks after telling her ?she might get a slap". after telling her "she might get a slap". he had taken exception to her line of questioning about whether he was feeling the pressure after their match against burnley. the remarks were made after their tv interview had finished. just getting a wee bit naughty at the end there. just watch yourself. you still might a get a slap even though you're a woman. careful the next time you come in. moyes spoke today about the incident at a scheduled news conference ahead of their match against leicester tomorrow. it was in the heat of the moment
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and i deeply regret the comments i made. it's certainly not the person who i am. i accept it was a mistake. i spoke to the bbc reporter who accepted my apology and hopefully we will all move on. that apology may not be enough, with reaction to the comments from the group women in football urging more action. he should certainly think about his position as manager because he has a big responsibility not only to his clu b big responsibility not only to his club into football in general. we already —— we are always being told eve ryo ne already —— we are always being told everyone in football is an ambassador. i'm not sure what the fa will do, i imagine not very much.
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the seniors, it's such a big problem. this is one tiny example. —— the thing is, it's such a big problem. the women's european championship in the netherlands doesn't start for another three and half months but the england manager mark sampson has named his final squad of 23 for the tournament. our correspondent katie gornall was at today's announcement at st george's park. there were few surprises when mark samson empties england squad here at saint georges park. as expected, the out—of—favour chelsea striker missed out, despite being the top scorer last season. it's pretty clear to me that the door is shut and i think the door has been cat on certain players for a while now. no, i haven't had a conversation with mark simpson. it's
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difficult to understand the reasons why i haven't been part of the setup. otherwise, samson kept faith with the majority of players who served so well at the world cup in canada two years ago. 19 players remaining from that third—place finish in canada. samson says they will be under a different kind of pressure at this around. we are expecting to go all the way, which is a different mentality to open. there is a lot of hard work to put in. one reason we've named the squad of these early as the players will get clear plans and guidelines about where they need to become july and they will have to go away and work hard. and guidelines about where they need to become july and they will have to go away and work hard. they will do that and it is a group who are so determined to win this tournament. they know everyday matters now. there will be fresh faces in this squad. four players making theatre debut including the striker, nikita paris and the manchester city team—mate demi stokes. stokes was unfortunate to have missed out on selection
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for the world cup two years ago after she played a number of the qualifiers. she told me of her excitement and relief at getting the e—mail confirming she was in the squad. i was up really early and kept scrolling but we were not it did have to be quiet, but now my family will be over the moon. it is unprecedented to name a squad this far away from the tournament but the players i spoke to said the decision gives them a lot of security, especially those who are returning from long—term injury. one of those is the chelsea striker, but she will have plenty of time one of those is the chelsea striker fran kerby, it is three and half months until the tournament gets underway when they take on scotland on the 19th ofjuly. scotland won't name their squad until closer to the tournament, their coach anna sinnyul will step down after the summer and her successor was named today. shelly kerr says she is
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"extremely proud and honoured to be scotland coach. to be scotland coach". she has previously coached arsenal ladies, became the first female manager in british men's senior football when she took charge of stirling university in 2014. the former british and irish lions captain brian o'driscoll thinks that sam warburton will lead the lions again when they face new zealand in the summer. warburton has lost the wales captaincy but was lions skipper when they won the series in australia 4 year ago. i think he has played brilliantly. i think you will absolutely be knocking on the door. sam is one of the more open positions, nobody is putting their hand up. i think he will fit in brilliantly. gatlin is a big fan of sam warburton and knows what kind of captain he is. sam is the kind of character that if they didn't go right and he wasn't selected for the test, he wouldn't throw his toys out of the cot.
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brian o'driscoll speaking on the five live rugby union weekly podcast which is now available to download. athletics' world governing body the iaaf say it believes it's been targetted by the russian hackers known as ‘fancy bears'. they say the cyber—attack in february has compromised athletes' medical records and information regarding applications for therapeutic use exemptions. we uncovered this ourselves. so it wasn't something that just happens, we were looking at the safety and security of our systems. unfortunately during that process, we discovered that we had been accessed, we have now done everything we possibly could, put new systems in place and we have used some of the well's best people to help us do that. as i said, first consideration was for the athletes and that's why the statement contains very clear apology. loughborough lightning have gone top
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of netball‘s superleague after beating bottom club keltic dragons 65—45 to make it seven wins out of seven. manchester thunder have moved up to fourth after a win against herfordshire mavericks. last year's beaten finallists trailed at half time but pulled clear in the final two quarters for their fifth win of the season. 59—50 the final score. mavericks stay seventh in the ten team league. there was drama in the first women's golf major of the year. the american lexi thomspon was heading for victory in the final the american lexi thompson was heading for victory in the final round of the ana inspiration in california but she was then penalised for an infringement the previous day that had been spotted by a tv viewer, and she lost the tournament in a play—off. here's our sports correspondent andy swiss. just imagine it. on course for the win of your life, just a few holes from glory, but lexi thompson's dream was about to become a nightmare. the reason?
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this moment from her previous round. look closely. she marks her ball, picks it up, then puts it down in a fractionally different place, which is against the rules. nobody noticed at the time but a tv viewer spotted it, alerted the officials, who then interrupted her final round to give her a four shot penalty. is this a joke? no, not at all. thompson was in tears. instead of two shots ahead, she was now two behind. her disbelief shared by the watching tiger woods, who immediately tweeted, "viewers at home should not be officials wearing stripes. let's go, lexi. win this thing anyway." she came remarkably close. she battled back and on the final hole, had this putt to win. but agonisingly, victory slipped away. all because of that one eagle eyed viewer. i wasn't expecting that on whatever hole that was.
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i did not intentionally do that, so to the officials or whoever called it in, that was not my purpose. i did not even realise i did that. thompson later thanked her fans for helping her through. golf is no stranger to trial by television, but its results are rarely this painful. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster and author, damejoan bakewell
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and thejournalist, tim montgomerie. tomorrow's front pages, starting with the telegraph. the telegraph leads with criticism of the national trust for dropping the word easter from its easter egg hunt, and carries a large picture from the explosion in st petersburg. the i says opinion polls show labour losing over a hundred seats at next months local elections. the express reports one in five british workers has no retirement savings at all. the financial times leads with the news that unemployment in the eurozone is at an eight year low. the metro reports a claim by a union leader that some teachers are working four day weeks then working another for free to keep up with the workload. the daily mail says that banks are exploiting customers unable to pay their credit card debts. the mirror leads with two armed robbers who
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poured boiling water over their pension victims. the times is warning of unethical behaviour by aid contractors. we'll start with the guardian. saint petersburg. you know it well, joan? and what is tucked away here is that the second bomb which did not go off, would have been several times more powerful than the first and was designed to be disguised as a fire extinguisher which had been picked with shrapnel. it would have been much worse than the one which killed ten or ii much worse than the one which killed ten or 11 people. much worse than the one which killed ten or“ people. small much worse than the one which killed ten or 11 people. small mercies. indeed. absolutely dreadful. 50 people have been injured. you know saint petersburg as well, tim. this happened just after 2:30pm local
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time. not rush hour but the damage that has been caused is horrific. russia has been the victim of some horrible terror outrages in recent times, 200 odd russians died in a plane that was brought down in shambles shake classier. of course, russia has been prepared for this for quite some time. there has always been the fear that because of their active involvement in the campaign to bomb aleppo in disgraceful ways, that there would bea disgraceful ways, that there would be a backlash from fundamentalists. lam afraid be a backlash from fundamentalists. i am afraid there is obviously no justification for it whatsoever. what we have seen in sick petersburg today. but russia probably is braced for it and will expect more. it could be checked now. —— in saint petersburg today. i suspect what we will now see is a crackdown by vladimir putin of the kind we have seenin vladimir putin of the kind we have seen in turkey by president and again.


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