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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 4, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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that she might get a slap and has apologised. and the nhl has said it will not participate in the 2018 winter olympics in south korea. hello and welcome to the programme, where the fallout continues after lexi thompson was penalised four strokes mid way through her final round in the ana inspiration on sunday. the american was two shots clear in the first women's golf major of the year with six holes to play when she was told the news and eventually lost to south korea's so yeon ryu in a play—off. it comes after she incorrectly replaced her ball during saturday's third round. the sports rules are due to be simplified in 2019 and earlier our golf correspondent iain carter explained that this incident is typical of those that need to be addressed. the game is looking at the rules to bring ina the game is looking at the rules to bring in a new rulebook in 2019 and the minimum objective of that is to make the game fairer, easier to play
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and easier to understand. at the moment you have a situation where there are so many different ways of monitoring what is going on on the golf course. it's the responsibility of the playing partner to make sure that the rules are obeyed. there are trees on the course, there are referees watching video evidence, and yet there's still room for a television viewer to watch it on delayed to them have their say and force the kind of enquiry that we saw there, which makes it very cumbersome for the administration of the game and, as i say, the ultimate situation is that golf has been held up situation is that golf has been held up to ridicule, even though the right decision was ultimately made. practice for the first men's major championship of the year was abandoned on monday at augusta national ahead of this week's masters because of serious weather concerns. players and spectators were twice forced to evacuate the course with the tournament getting under way on thursday. jose maria 0lazabal is a two—time winner of the event and he spoke to me aboutjust what it was like to
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put on the famous greenjacket. the feeling was one of relief in the sense that the goal obviously is to wina sense that the goal obviously is to win a major event and you really work hard preparing for that. when it happened in my case at least in 1994, that was the feeling that i got, a sense of relief. when you look ahead to this year and you look at the players and the form players are in, mcilroy has come back to form, there are so many players, so ha rd to form, there are so many players, so hard to pick who is going to win at augusta? at the moment the hottest player is dustinjohnson without a question, but as you said there's a couple of players, jason day, adam scott, rory, it's very difficult to say who is going to win. i would love to see rory winning it. i think he has the game. i know he's overcoming an injury, but it would
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be lovely to see him winning the masters and having the four majors. what makes this course so different to others? well, the setup, as simple as that. the greens are large but very undulating, very quick, very fast greens. you have i would say very large fairways, not much rough. that makes it unique. the way the golf course is set up is com pletely the golf course is set up is completely different to any other event that we played year—round. the sunderland manager david moyes says he deeply regrets telling a bbc reporter she might get a slap. the comments came after the bottom club drew with burnley on the 18th of march. with more, here's our sports news correspondent richard conway. it was a routine post match question and answer following sunderland's draw against burnley. and the hona ellis short was here today, does it put extra pressure on you as a manager when the owner is in the
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stands? not at all. brilliant things jo, stands? not at all. brilliant things jo, thanks very much. just getting a bit naughty at the end, you still might geta bit naughty at the end, you still might get a slap even though you're a woman! careful the next time you come in! today david moyes apologised or having already said sorry to the bbc reporter vicki sparkes, who did not make a complaint and sparkes, who did not make a complaintand did sparkes, who did not make a complaint and did not want to speak further about the incident. complaint and did not want to speak further about the incidentm complaint and did not want to speak further about the incident. it was in the heat of the moment and i deeply regret the comments i made. certainly not the person i am. i accepted was a mistake. david moyes had hoped his apology would mark the end of this matter but the fa here at wembley say they're going to write to him to ask for his observations and it comes amidst calls for action to be taken. the shadows ports minister doctor rizzi 110w shadows ports minister doctor rizzi now in khan has labelled the comments disgraceful saying moyes cannot get away with these sexist threats. bottom of the table, sunderland's season is on the brink
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and an fa enquiry into their manager is therefore an unhelpful distraction from their efforts to escape the drop. richard conway, bbc news, wembley. in spain's primera division a guissepe rossi hat—trick for celta vigo gave them a 3—1win at home over las palmas. the 30—year—old rossi, who has 30 caps for italy is on loan from fiorentina, capped a marvellous night when he collected his third of the evening twelve minutes into the second half. while in italy's serie a, a late fabio quagliarella penalty helped sampdoria win 2—1 away to inter. victory moves them ahead of torino and up to ninth while inter missed a chance to go fifth. atletico nacional arrived in chapeco to a welcoming ceremony on monday ahead of their recopa sudamericana final first leg match against brazilian side chapecoense. the focus will be more on remembering those who died four months ago when the plane carrying chapecoense crashed in the andes on the way to the copa sudamericana final against colombia's atletico nacional. 71 died, including 19 players, journalists, and club officials. the south american recopa annually pits the winner of the copa libertadores,
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that was atletico nacional, against the copa sudamericana champion. the best ice hockey players in the world will be missing from the 2018 winter olympics in south korea after the national hockey league said it will not allow players to go to the games. it brings an end to years of tension between the league, the international olympic committee and international ice hockey federation over the nhl‘s continuing participation in the winter games. unhappy about having to shut down operations for almost three weeks in the middle of their regular season, the nhl had been seeking major concessions from the ioc, including recognition comparable to that of an olympic top sponsor. the nhl had participated in every winter olympics since the1998 the nhl had participated in every winter olympics since the 1998 nagano winter games with canada the reigning champions after beating sweden in the sochi final in 2014. the nhl players association has released a statement saying:
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global athletics‘ governing body the iaaf claims it's suffered a suspected cyber attack by a russian hacking group known as fancy bears, which has compromised information about athletes‘ medical records. the iaaf say information concerning applications by athletes for therapeutic use exemptions, more commonly known as tues, was targeted. the iaaf president sebastian coe has apologised. last year, the same group hacked into the world anti—doping agency data base and published the confidential medical records of several dozen athletes, including 2012 tour de france winner bradley wiggins. we uncovered this ourselves, so this
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wasn't something that just we uncovered this ourselves, so this wasn't something thatjust happened. we were looking at the safety and security of our systems. u nfortu nately security of our systems. unfortunately during that process we discovered that we had been accessed. we have now done everything that we possibly could to put new systems in place and used some of the world's best people to help us do that. and, as i said, our first consideration was really for the athletes and that's why the statement contains a very clear apology. finally, french writerjules verne published his famous novel around the world in eighty days way back in 1873. the adventures of phileas fogg are still inspiring people to this day and british cyclist mark beaumont is preparing to attempt to smash the world record and cycle 29,000 kilometres around the globe injust 80 days, starting from paris on the second ofjuly. he'll be on his bike for around 16 hours every day.
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the current record is held by new zealander andrew nicholson, who in 2015 managed the feat in 123 days. it's not just about a it's notjust about a bike race and what my team can do, but it's also about the border crossings, it's about the border crossings, it's about finding the right supplies, it's about not being delayed by things that are out of our control. those are the things that could make the difference between going less than 80 days or not. some training and effort that goes into that without a doubt! a big week in golf this week, the first women's golf major ended on sunday, the ana inspiration one by ryu so—yeon. and also the augusta national masters gets under way on thursday. goodbye from me and the team. morning.
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we've got some rain working its way in from the west but, before we take a look at that, let's look back at some of the highlights of monday. a beautiful weather watchers picture sent in from cambridgeshire. a lovely afternoon, and we saw highs here of 18 degrees. but the storm clouds gathered in argyll and bute. a very atmospheric shot here. and that's because the rain arrived from the west. now, it's fairly fragmented and it's moving somewhat erratically eastwards over the next few hours, perhaps sitting towards dawn in the south—east corner. behind it, some clearer skies, a fresher start to the day across scotland and northern ireland. more cloud, though, into the south—west. and for wales, the odd spot or two of rain still at 8am. the bulk of the rain probably sitting across the south coast up into 0xfordshire, east anglia and the south—east corner. but even then it will be fairly light and well fragmented. further north, we keep a lot of cloud, some early—morning mist and murk perhaps. some decent spells of sunshine, though, for northern ireland and scotland. a bit more of a breeze to the north and west,
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and that could continue to drift in on one or two showers through the northern and western isles. and the wind willjust take the edge off things, i suspect, particularly on exposed coasts. but the sunshine will continue to break through across north—west england, wales and the south—west by the end of the day. perhaps just the midlands and eastern england which will stay pretty cloudy. and, again, still with the odd spot or two of rain. and temperatures a little subdued into the south—east. highs of around 15 degrees. elsewhere, eight to 13 or 14 as a daytime maximum. now, if you are heading to the premier league matches in the evening, i don't think you'll be disappointed with this story. 8pm kickoff, so obviously it's dark but not too cold at 8—10 degrees. a similar story, it could be windy in scotland, so that will make it a little bit chillier, but it will be dry, and that's the most important thing. high pressure stays with us through the middle of the week. weather fronts toppling over the top of that high, and it will continue to stay quite windy in scotland. in fact, on wednesday we could see
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gales, maybe severe gales to the extreme north, and a scattering of showers, some of them quite heavy as well, into the far north—west. elsewhere, we start off with some decent spells of sunshine, a little bit of fair—weather cloud bubbling up through the afternoon, and temperatures pegged back a little. but nevertheless, eight to 14 degrees the high. all in all, that's not too bad. and it's a similar story, really, for the end of the working week. thursday into friday, always starting off relatively sunny, a little bit of cloud into the afternoon. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: in his home city, president putin lays flowers near the scene of the st petersburg metro blast. 11 died and authorities believe it was a terrorist attack. it was a huge bang. it was deafening. i was sitting next to a metal railing, i think it saved my life. everyone was knocked in one direction by the blast.
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after the landslide — colombian authorities bury the dead, and bring in emergency water supplies as they race to avoid the spread of disease. 0n. on. and trump meet an egyptian equivalent at the white house. why china is experiencing a baby boom, driven partly by older mothers. we have a special report.
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