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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 10, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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the us has sent warships into waters towards the korean peninsula. the south morning china post quotes analysts as warning of a growing risk of accidental conflict between the us and north korea. the new york times looks ahead to the us secretary of state's first diplomatic trip to russia. the visit comes after rex tillerson accused russia of being "incompetent" for allowing syria to hold on to chemical weapons. it's the first day of official campaigning in the french presidential election — le figaro says a survey puts leftist candidate jean—luc melenchon ahead of francois fillon and up to third place. the financial section of the guardian reports on beermaker brewdog getting an injection of cash from a us private equity group, a decade after the beerfirm was founded in a family garage. i love success stories like that! apple was founded in a barrage,
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wasn't it? —— courage. could free food be scrapped on british airways? the airline's chairman says the company may widen out its policy of ending complementary food on short haul flights to long haul flights. you don't even get snacks now on a long haulflight. you don't even get snacks now on a long haul flight. no you don't even get snacks now on a long haulflight. no chocolate is no — how do you keep going? joining us is henry bonsu, broadcaster and international conference host. the last time me and henry — we brea kfast the last time me and henry — we breakfast in the uk but probably not where you are now but the last time me and henry did breakfast television, we got fired! 2002. really? guess who got fired first? say no more. that show went really well! loads of people like that! massive viewer figures. well! loads of people like that! massive viewerfigures. not! anyway, let's see how this goes. we will go to all of the papers with you but one story does actually dominate all around the world, and this is the
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shocking terror attacks. not the first, probably won't be the last, but this is particularly really devastated the coptic community in egypt. it has and one forgetsjust how vulnerable the community is that you are reminded really, by the devastation of this particular, well, two bombs yesterday, palm sunday for the christian community around the world, and the arab news has emphasised that arabs and muslims have condemned this church bombings and they also say that president el—sisi has declared a three—month emergency status and i wonder at knowing a bit about egypt, what that will mean because already, he is known as a strong man and his imprisoned around 40,000 people since coming to power three years ago and he already has laws, antiterrorism laws, in the statute books, turn up forjournalists, jailed, people put in prison, so what other draconian moves... basically they can not on any door
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and arrest anyone without a warrant oi’ and arrest anyone without a warrant or evidence? that's what the emergency status...? or evidence? that's what the emergency status. . . ? the question is whether it will be successful in rooting out is and their sympathisers. because there are a lot of people who are very unhappy with the way the revolution went post 2011, some people say he is worse than president mubarek by one person who thinks he is good is donald trump who says he is fantastic and doing a greatjob in a difficult situation. he has got some, some people said, he has a poisoned chalice but when you consider how he has reigned over the la st consider how he has reigned over the last couple of years, you can see further conflict. for assessor over a few people and he has kind of backtracked, hasn't he? i like him. know i don't. let's talk about the south china morning post. close the brink of accidental conflict. while this be a bit of sabre rattling by the us? it may well be. trump wants to show that he isn't obama, which
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is why he fired those missiles into syria a couple of days ago. he is saying that even if the chinese don't do what they kind of influence there with their friends as it were in north korea he is going to act alone and what this will mean, if you look at this story, we are talking about the us pacific command have ordered a strike force to sail from singapore to waters close to north korea. it also says later in the story that these exercises take place on a fairly regular basis but one thing, when you have the commander in chief obama and another thing when you have a capricious quy: thing when you have a capricious guy, donald trump, what further will he do to show he is strong? we also have to remind ourselves before we start thinking about world war three on the korean peninsulas that america is not only in the water but it is also there to protect south korea. absolutely, which isn'tjust in firing distance but spitting distance of pyongyang. but these drills are getting bigger and bigger and they are being moved from a
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defensive footing to a pre—emptive strike footing, that is where they have been rebranded, which is why people are getting nervous. another of chinese analysts are saying we are getting closer and closer to the brink of accidental conflict. it's interesting, you say these exercises are getting bigger and so are pyongyang's, korea's missiles.|j don't know how they can do it. i've been to north korea. it's on its knees. the factories are on their knees. the factories are on their knees they cannot feed themselves. but kim jong on and his predecessors have invested in military, defence, security, rather than food and drugs for the people. it says that all doesn't it? you went there and you managed to get out? both of you! let's ta ke managed to get out? both of you! let's take a rent to north korea. he wouldn't get out. the new york times online reporting on another conflict, another tension, which of
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course is syria. the tension has gotten worse in recent days, hasn't it? rex tillerson has a job ahead of themselves with that visit. he hasn't got any experience as a diplomat although before you were secretary of state he was well liked in russia and previously, we saw the president knott they have all changed. it may have all changed but maybe he knows vladimir putin, because he knows the foreign secretary sergei lavrov, he would be able to go further than previous us secretary of state is the difficulty is the mixed messages because one week ago america were saying they we re week ago america were saying they were not seeking to overthrow the regime of asaad al—assad and now nikki haley, the us ambassador to the united nations, seems to be saying it is not possible to bring peace to syria while asaad is still in place. how is that message gets sold in moscow? also, we all know
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ongoing enquiries, several on capitol hill in washington into exactly what kind of relationship there was between donald trump, candidate trump, his surrogates, and the russians? some people are suspicious about these airstrikes. they think is there something that trump is done to distance himself from moscow? i'm also wondering what the russians think, is it time to give up on trump? are typically expected from obama to have a much more friendly relationship, we will not get it. also conspiracies online about why president asaad, if he did drop chemical weapons on a town in, when he is actually gaining ground in syria? quite often before the g7 ministers meet they do something just to show who is in control.m also came two days after the us indicated they were going to not look into a veteran him. can we very quickly get this thing because it is
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ongoing, the french electoral bookmark. mark 15 days to impose himself. this other bloke is climbing the ranks, isn't he? where did he come from? it would appear he has come through the gap caused by people's lack of enthusiasm for the other candidates. you will see more and more of this, jean—luc melenchon has come up six points in the last month and there is talk of him, marine le pen and francois ffion, still on getting 20 or around 20 in the first round, in a couple of weeks and then maybe, and who would bet against it, it could be macron and jean—luc melenchon or it could be marine le pen although she has imaged herself by reminding everyone
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that she is the daughter of the front nationale, saying that they we re front nationale, saying that they were not responsible for the round—up of world war two choose which previous people have apologised for. —— jews. which previous people have apologised for. -- jews. even comments like that she is going to lose support. it means that a lot of people who are floating are saying that actually she still hates jewish people. they have a ready cut food from the eu shorthaul trips, ba, and airlines are struggling, but... actually it isn't the world's favourite airline, most of those are from the middle east and the far east and ba is behaving increasingly like a budget airline and those of us like a budget airline and those of us who fly with them frequently are not happy. i feel sorry for their cabin crew. have a nice flight today, if you're flying! pack a lunch! good morning. sunday was a glorious day for many of us. was it spring or summer? and really, it was hard to tell, because we had wall—to—wall sunshine
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throughout the day, and in parts of eastern and south—east england, highs of 25 degrees, 77 fahrenheit. you can see the clear blue skies from sunday's satellite picture. a little more cloud up into the north—west, and the cloud thick enough to produce some rain, which died off, and will continue to do so as this weather front sinks south. but this weather front is important, because as it pushes further south it produces north—westerly winds, a colder source of air, and that will bring a noticeable change to the story. we're losing the warm russets of sunday, as that north—westerly flow drags the cooler air across the country through the course of the day. so it's going to turn noticeably coolerfor all of us. as we start off the day, then, temperatures will sit at around seven to nine degrees, so not too bad, that frontal system bringing quite a lot of cloud. but up into the north—west, some of those showers will be wintry to the tops of the hills and mountains, believe it or not. as we go through the day, we still run the risk of a few showers across scotland, one or two cropping up
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in the north—east of england. but i suspect by the middle of the afternoon it should be a better afternoon in south—west england and wales, where we had a bit of cloud yesterday, but temperatures at around ten to 13 degrees. we could see temperatures down a good 8—10 degrees, in comparison to sunday's weather in the south—east, with a risk of a few showers in parts of lincolnshire and east yorkshire. heading up into scotland, yes, there will be the risk of a few showers here, but also some lengthy spells of sunshine. by the end of the afternoon, though, cloud and more organised rain starts to gather into the western isles, and this will be a weather front toppling over that high pressure, and start to push into the far north of scotland. high pressure really just exerting its influence still. across england and wales, here things will stay relatively quiet. chilly start to tuesday morning, a touch of frost in more sheltered, prone spots, but clearer skies will lead to good spells of sunshine. breezy up into the far north and there will be some showery outbreaks of rain continuing here as well. as we move into wednesday, we see more of a stronger north—westerly wind starting to pick up, gales not out of the question.
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but again, the best of the drier weather will always be further south, but there is going to be a fair amount of cloud around, i suspect, on wednesday, and on exposed coasts it will feel just that little bit colder. little change as we go into thursday. what's in store for the easter weekend? the dry theme is set to continue. sunshine, and just a few isolated showers, but that cool wind stays with us. hello. this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. thousands of police officers from around the country are to attend the funeral of pc keith palmer, who was murdered in last month's westminster attack. the service will take place at southwark cathedral later today. if you could paint a picture of a perfect policemen, you would be painting a picture of pc keith palmer. —— policeman.
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good morning. it's monday the 10th of april. also this morning: russia faces the threat of fresh international sanctions for its support of syria's president assad, as foreign ministers from the g7 nations meet for two days of talks.
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