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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 11, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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china daily reports on that 12,000km journey. the new york times reports that british vogue will have a man in charge for the first time in the magazine's 101 year history. ghanaian—born edward enninful will take over as editor later this year. and, finally, do you know the key to happiness? there are five key ingredients to leading a happy life, according to a new study. that story is in the daily telegraph. my my wife says a happy wife is a happy life, apparently. words of wisdom from your household! well, from my wife. she's no fool! jonathan is here. jonathan charles joins us. jonathan charles joins us. hello. let's begin, a big meeting, g7
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ministers. do you think they will achieve this joint wording to present to russia? what is going on here is very impressive. all the newspapers, we are looking at it here, one newspaper, the arab news, but pretty much every newspaper around the globe is analysing what is happening over syria. in particular they are looking at whether this is a real shift in american policy and whether, if america has shifted policy, it can keep the europeans and others on board. is america, in effect, returning to the role of global policeman? as we know, donald trump said time and again on the campaign trail he wanted to focus on domestic policies. we had that from barack obama in 2008. it always happens, american president saying they will put america first in terms of domestic policies, and always events intervene. international events. they become forced to return to this role of global policeman. what the papers are wondering is whether this is a real return to
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that role, or whether it isjust this week's wallasey from donald trump, and next week may be something else. —— policy. it is interesting to see whether they have an impact on russia. russia has interests in the middle east it wants to defend. the russian port in syria is one of its few warm water ports. it needs warm water ports. it is about many other things than just assad for russia. so whether this joint line that the g7 can agree on will have any impact from russia, it is interesting. it is an interesting line. you talk about whether it is america returning to playing the global policeman, or is this the world as it has been, wherein the rest of that world, the rest of the western world, forcing america to return. saw those horrific chemical attacks come in adele said anything. europe sat on its hands. the arab countries did nothing about it. we
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have to admit, in the post—1991 world, after the fall of the berlin wall, it is uni— polar. there is still only one country capable of playing the role of the global policeman. that is the us. china is not there yet. indeed. should we move on and talk about... i'm sure united airlines feel like they would like to be the global policeman. hey! what they used to say, the world's leading airline, happy skies? something like that. but happy for the black being dragged down the aisles. this is every complete's nightmare. —— happy down the aisles. this is every complete's nightmare. -- happy for the bloke. we saw this other incident a few weeks ago about them not letting people wearing leggings getting on the plane. now someone has been physically dragged off the plane. what this tells us is that companies like united are not very good at understanding social media,
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and that these firestorms happen in 25 seconds and 100,000 people have seen it. and you have got a lot of damage to the company. let's run it again, as we talk about this. that is the key. i have been two conferences around the world of aviation, airlines, how to handle social media. that was several years ago. it doesn't seem like many of these airlines, many of them make mistakes, but they just these airlines, many of them make mistakes, but theyjust don't have a handle on the speed. it is a wildfire, an absolute wildfire. it spreads like that. look at this. united airlines, this isjust horrendous. it is notjust the impact on that guy, and i can hear the sound of lawyers sharpening their knives. it is the impact on all the other passengers who watched this, thinking, that could be me. and many other people watching that. so this is damaging for united, they know that and they will be trying to resolve it. let's face it, we know that american airlines these days, out that american airlines these days, our lives in the united states, they
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are not happy places. price competition is intense and as a result passengers are generally not happy with the american carriers. when you say they will be keen to resolve it, the statement they have put out is not the most robust... i mean, it's sort of addresses it. you mean, it's sort of addresses it. you mean the ceo's comments? oscar eunos, ceo of united airlines. "this is upsetting events to all of us here at united". not as upsetting as the poor bloke being dragged down the poor bloke being dragged down the aisle. i think they probably need to understand. there is an enquiry under way, probably by the department of transport, as to whether procedures were really followed. there are procedures that these sorts of things, including removing people from aircraft. it has to be some thing quite extreme for physical action. speaking of chief executives taking responsibility. they are being forced to let barclays and wells fargo. this story is bad news for the chief executive is particularly,
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wherein barclays' case their ceo is being taken to task and he will lose his bonus about this issue of whether or not he acted properly in the way that he tried to identify a whistleblower. and in the case of wells fargo, a former chief executive who didn't take tough enough action against some abuses that were taking place in the company. this is a good story in other ways. it shows that people are being held to account. in the end, if you are chief executive these days, you are paid a lot of money. with that comes responsibility for holding your employees to account. in this case, it says that these people do and act in the right way free chief executive. i would say one thing. it is tough being a chief executive. you cannot know is that what is going on with your thousands of employees, and therefore you are ina of employees, and therefore you are in a difficult situation. on panorama, they had that story last night, about... about london and lending rate. yes, it went all the way to the top of these banks. but
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one senior bank executive has been jailed. a lot ofjuniors have. the big story, of course, since the financial crisis, people want chief executive is to hold their banking companies to account because banks are crucial for the economy. if they are crucial for the economy. if they are not run properly then you have a problem. we'll skip ahead, we talked about the train yesterday. the strain is great. i am surprised they found a train full of fish exports, physical exports. we don't really export much, apart from services. —— full of british exports, physical exports. how important is this step for british vogue? the first mail editor. yes, he is a friend of kate moss and naomi campbell. it breaks the glass ceiling in that way, he is a man of colour and they have never had that either, in what is a notoriously white industry in terms of luxury goods. through. -- true.
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we do not find out who the others were, in the running for it, these things are closely guarded. he is meant to be very well connected. not just a friend of kate moss, he was given an obe, he comes from gani originally. he started in the fashion industry at 16. it is a toughjob, being fashion industry at 16. it is a tough job, being editor of fashion industry at 16. it is a toughjob, being editor of vogue. you are constantly in the spotlight. people will be watching to see what changes he makes to what is quite an important part of the fashion scene. i suppose it is very hard to make your own mark on a publication that has been around for so long. also, with editors who have been around for a long time. he is taking over from alexandra schulman who was in thatjob along time. the great thing here, here is a friend of pharrell williams. jonathan, jonathan, jonathan, the five t and greedy and spray happy life. i love this story. emotional stability, conscientiousness, optimism, they are the foundations and it makes you
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live longer. and you will be thinner. what more could you want?|j don't how much more time we have. 0k, don't how much more time we have. ok, we have 30 seconds. i want to highlight here that it says that people in their 50s and 60s who scored highly in at least four of the attributes were generally wealthier, less depressed... suffered from fewer chronic diseases. yes, and healthier. and they rate their health higher than those with fewer life skills. and it comes at a time when other evidence shows that people in their 505 are increasingly more happier than those we re young. increasingly more happier than those were young. that jonathan, thank you. see you soon. more news for you at the top of the hour. monday had a lot to live up to after that glorious day good morning. sunday was the warmest day of the year so far, with 25 degrees, 77 fahrenheit recorded, so whatever the weather on monday, it could have been
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a little bit disappointing, or was it? on the whole, not too bad across the south coast, as you can see from this weather watchers picture, and temperatures peaked at 16 celsius, which, with the sunshine, still felt reasonably pleasant. different story, though, in the highlands of scotland, a grey, dreich day and it looks like we're likely to see more cloud and outbreaks of rain into the north—west today. the wind swinging round to a bit more of a westerly, so that will take the edge off the feel of things as well but with some sunshine, not too bad on the whole, cloud and rain continuing out into the far north—west of the great glen in particular. top temperatures of around 11—16 degrees. as we move out of tuesday into wednesday, we'll see a series of weather fronts slipping their way steadily south and the winds pivot round more to a north—westerly, that will make it feel that little bit fresher on exposed coasts, especially as the winds will strengthen gusting to gale
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force wind in the far north and west. with those weather fronts slowly slipping their way south it will bring showery outbreaks of rain, nothing particularly heavy but a bit of a nuisance. top temperatures of 10—16 the high. so that's the story through wednesday, but with clearer skies through the night we could in rural spots sea temperatures into low single figures. a touch of light frost not out of the question for thursday morning but some sunshine in central and eastern areas before cloud and showery outbreaks of rain gather again from the north and west. so there's a bit of a theme developing as we head towards easter weekend. the jet stream slicing the country into two and always coming from a north—westerly direction so a colder source, low pressure out to the east, high pressure to the west so the settled weather is likely to be into south—western areas. but, with that north—westerly flow, the chances are temperatures are going to dip a little into the easter weekend and perhaps just below where they should be at this time of year. but we could be heading for that classic case of sunshine and april
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showers, so if you catch the sunnier moments, the sunshine is quite strong and it will feel reasonably pleasant from time to time. so on good friday, another weak weather front making its way slowly south across the country, sunny spells and scattered showers following on behind, 7—15 degrees the high. into saturday, the start of the easter weekend, well, again it's predominantly cloudy, but a good deal of dry weather in the story, but that cool north—westerly breeze as well. take care. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. theresa may and donald trump discuss how to end the conflict in syria. in a telephone call last night they agreed there's now a window of opportunity to persuade russia to drop its support for syria's president assad. good morning, it's tuesday the 11th of april.
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also this morning: a revolutionary new treatment for stroke patients in england that could help save thousands from lifelong disablity. united airlines apologises as footage of one of its passengers being forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight sparks outrage. the prices we pay for the weekly shop, a tank of fuel or even a night
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