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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 12, 2017 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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the end, didn't he? he was the at the end, didn't he? he was the campaign chairman. if your editors ever say to you, i like you but, listen to the butt bit of the conversation. never a good sign. my bet is the but bit is more important at the moment. steve bannon not an very solid ground. for the past few months we have been telling you the french election is a two horse, possibly a three horse race. the centrist emmanuel macron, and the front national‘s marine le pen lead the polls, with the right wing francois fillon trailing in third. but things have shifted. and suddenlyjean luc melenchon, of the hard left, is in the frame. for most of the campaign he had been dismissed as a distant no—hoper but according to these latest polls he has surged into the top four, and is nowjust a few points
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behind the leaders. his movement is la france insoumise, which translates as unbowed or defiant france. he came fourth in 2012 behind marine le pen. this time around he is calling for a non violent citizens revolution. he is supported by the communists so none too surprisingly he is big on taxation. he wants 100% taxation for the super rich. farfrom getting rid of the 35 hour week, he would go further and introduce a 32 hour week. and he pledges to get rid of homelessness in france. a room and a bed for everyone. so could we really be contemplating a second round run—off between the far right and the far left. let's cross to paris, and speak to the commentator anne elizabeth moutet. is it going to be melenchon against marine le pen? it is the stuff of nightmares for most of us but it is one of the many ways this could play out. it is what they used to say about hollywood, nobody knows anything. melenchon is practically at the same level as fillon. he has
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gained six points in one week. he has left behind him the theme or mealy—mouthed official socialist candidate. he is coming from the far left. he is garnering a number of people who want basically to stick it to the man. the same voters who would vote for marine le pen. the voters who voted for trump. the voters who voted for trump. the voters who voted for trump. the voters who voted for brexit. he is an extremely good speaker. he is a former literature teacher, about 16 centuries ago, a socialist senators in the 805 and 905. he has firmly positioned himself in the space left va ca nt by positioned himself in the space left vacant by the french communist party when the ussr disappeared. he suddenly sounds new and interesting and different from the others. some yea rs and different from the others. some years ago, i spent a day with him in
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the calais region. marine le pen was in the same market as him. i noticed that when it comes to economics, they stand next to each other. that is the great truth of the populist leaders everywhere and the extreme right and left, many of the stances are right and left, many of the stances a re exactly right and left, many of the stances are exactly the same. he supports saying nobody knows whether syria used gas against its own population. she does the same. they both want to get out of europe. they appealed to the same abroad type of voters. especially, if you are in the northern city where she almost got elected as an mp, in the northern region that she almost won in the last regional election, that is the french rust belt. people who used to vote socialist, suddenly they find
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themselves abandoned and want extremes. the one area on which they are very diverted, these two candidates, melenchon and marine le pen is the issue of immigration. we saw melenchon giving a memorial on the banks of the mediterranean for the banks of the mediterranean for the refugees who try to make it to europe. how did the voters torn between the two lean on that one? it's really a question of ideological and muscle memory of many of the popular voters. the south east voters of the national front are against immigration and will never vote for melenchon. in the north, people remember belonging to something different and something might carry over. his attitude to immigration is give everybody papers. until now, people did not
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think he was so in with many chances so think he was so in with many chances so they didn't pay attention to his ma nifesto. so they didn't pay attention to his manifesto. now, all of the big guns are against him. among the things that are problematic is taxation going up and public spending going up going up and public spending going up to the tune of 270 billion euros. we will have to leave it there. 0nly 11 days to go till the election. i think he's the oldest candidate in the race but he is the most savvy on social media. in the last few days, a video game has popped up. it's called fiscal combat. here is the character. a little graphic of jean—luc melenchon. i'm guessing those guys in ties of
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the super—rich, he shakes them down for taxes and you get bonus points. that's how to win an election campaign. bring out a video game. we will be there next week, we will find out. well it's day 83 of the trump administration and on this programme we like to check in with those who voted for him to get their views on how he's doing. a few weeks ago we spoke with van mobley — the village president of thiensville, wisconsin and today he's back to give us his opinion on recent events. i wanted to ask you what you made of the president's strike against syria? i wasn't keen on it and i
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would have advised against it. why? the way he ran on avoiding entanglements in the middle east and interminable civil wars, i see this... my heart goes out to the people suffering in syria but i don't know that ending in american missile strikes is going to make them better and it certainly might make our lives worse. moving on from that, what's done is done and i was actually encouraged by the press conference today between rex tillerson and sergey lavrov. they focused on the things that russia and the us need to cooperate on. there are disagreements, there a lwa ys there are disagreements, there always have been and always will be that the united states and russia often were able to cooperate to keep a marginalamount of often were able to cooperate to keep a marginal amount of peace in the
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world. i think we will again. this idea that donald trump has been spreading that he had to go in because assad is a monster and he couldn't sanction the fact that gas was dropped among civilians. that doesn't resonate with you at all. that was something that he couldn't have seen coming when he was campaigning. it doesn't resonate with me but he said it and i do feel the pain for those people. i am not a callous figure, i'm a village president but i'm also, i would say, in this case, i would have advised against it. what's done is done and i think often these things do create good to come of it and i certainly hope it will in this case and i'm hopeful. how would you like to see
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america's role in the world under president trump? i think that the united states has been a force for goodin united states has been a force for good in the world and i believe that it should we and can continue to be that. should continue to be that. we have too much of means with the ends and certainly the priority in syria from the american standpoint and i certainly speak with what rex tillerson and president said have said, isis is the priority, at least in my view. we should get rid of isis and then deal with other things. i don't have the intelligence. i hope you will come andjoin as again. intelligence. i hope you will come and join as again. so interesting to get your update on how president trump is doing. fascinating to hear what president trump supporters, as he was saying there, voted for him
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after he campaigned on bringing america back from global engagements. this is the point that steve bannon was making, this is not what they voted. stop they voted america first. bannon was opposed to the strike on syria and many of those that he brought to the campaign late in the day agreed with him. so, we have had one apology from sean spicer. we have had another from united airlines. 48 hours after a passenger was dragged from an overbooked flight ceo 05car munoz has decided to "clarify" what he actually meant. yes, on case you were in any doubt — the second apology — confirms this is not the way to de—plane, re—accomodate, replace with one of your own crew members, a passenger who has paid for a ticket. he was super apologetic this time around and said it was all his fault, all the company's fault and not love the fault of the poor passenger. he said it too late. if you ever tried apologising to your
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wife, do it fast. thank you for watching. you've been watching 100 days. thank you for joining us. goodbye. quite a fresh day. they few showers as well. this is what is in store. doesn't look like there is going to be an awful lot of change for easter either. a front moving across the uk, the cloud coming from the north—west, that is where the wind is coming from as well. a few showers across northern areas. pretty chilly. not desperately cold. in some rural spots we might get a grasp frost. this is what thursday morning looks like. the best sunshine in eastern areas. this often happens when we have a wind
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out of the northwest. most of the cloud affects western areas. a few showers in the north west, south west of scotland, if you live in edinburgh and aberdeen, it should be a bright morning but fairly chilly. further april showers around the north—west of the country. the driest weather across the south and east. very unlikely to catch any rain. it will be overcast with moments of sunshine. again, very similar temperatures. moments of sunshine. again, very similartemperatures. good moments of sunshine. again, very similar temperatures. good friday looks as though it will be pretty overcast, a least across the southern half of the uk. you can see some blobs of rain. very patchy rain. not everybody is going to get it. the northern half of the country a little bit cooler. more frequent
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sunny spells. sunshine and april showers from the lake district north and into northern ireland. there are areas of low and highs close to others. the weather not exhilarating all that bad. just normal for the time of year. fairly fresh with sunny spells. most of the time, it will be dry wherever you are in the uk. this is bbc news, i'm clive myrie. the headlines at 8pm. following talks in moscow, the us secretary of state and his russian counterpart, admit there's work to do, if relations, are to improve. varies a low level of trust between our two countries. the world's two foremost nuclear powers should not have this kind of relationship. we understand to overcome these barriers we need substantial efforts. after a day of talks on a
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range of issues, most notably syria, the us and russia remain at odds over last week's suspected chemical weapons attack there. the health secretary has ordered a review into the shrewsbury and telford nhs trust, after concerns raised over a number of baby deaths. they had four missed opportunities to deliver my girls, and they didn't.
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