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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 13, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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we now know they're made of pieces of ice and rock, ranging from tiny specs to lumps the size of houses and flying this close will give us unprecedented views of the rings and of saturn itself. this journey of discovery will get closer to the rings than ever before, but the instruments were built back in the early 19905 and the scientists aren't sure they'll work. the reason that i'm a bit nervous is that the final orbits were designed with mine instrument in mind and with the gravity instrument in mind. and so, there's a lot of pressure on us to produce really good science and the instruments are getting old — just like we are — so i'm very excited, but i'm rather unsettled by it as well. cassini will skim the clouds of saturn for the next few months before burning up. the idea is to make sure the spacecraft does not crash on to any of saturn's moons and contaminate them, especially the icy world of enceladus. we've no idea if anything is actually alive on it.
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that won't be known until a future mission, maybe decades away. but with tonight's new findings, this becomes one of the likeliest places in the solar system to find life beyond earth. david shukman, bbc news. incredible. that is it from us. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a good easter weekend. good night. welcome to sportsday. coming up on the programme tonight, manchester united dominate but draw in belgium after anderlecht‘s late equaliser. chris latham lands another medal for great britain at the world track cycling world championships. in warrington win again as they continue to try to make amends for their shocking start to the super league season. manchester united have an away goal
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but not the win which could looks like they were going to get. a late equaliser from anderlecht means it is 1—1 going into the second match one week tonight at old trafford. wherever you are in europe, there is something about a visit to manchester united which rouses a little extra passion. anderlecht have a proud european heritage. united may also feel such success is overdue. it was the visitors who went close early on. ibrahimovic and jesse lingard both could have scored. united were carrying the greater threat. the goal did come before the break, henrikh mkhitaryan finding himself in exactly the right place. the importance of that away
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goal was clear from the reaction of the manchester united manager. his side for the most part were dominant, but in the second half, ultimately frustrated. mkhitaryan and paul pogba both had good chances. anderlecht offered little but had the final word, dendoncker getting the equaliser. for united it was perhaps a missed opportunity. elsewhere tonight, crowd disturbances at one of the other quarterfinal first leg is, disturbances at one of the other quarterfinalfirst leg is, causing it to be delayed. lyon fans spilled out onto the pitch, complaining about missiles being thrown by the visiting besiktas supporters above them. the game started around 45 minutes late. for a long time, lyon we re minutes late. for a long time, lyon were trailing as well. at two goals in three minutes inside the last ten minutes have given the french side
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the lead with about five minutes to play. liverpool manager jurgen the lead with about five minutes to play. liverpool managerjurgen klopp has been reflecting on the bomb attack on the bus of his former team borussia dortmund. their champions league quarterfinal first leg tie was postponed for 2h hours and uefa have been criticised for making the germans played without full consultation with the team. jurgen klopp was head coach at dortmund for seve n years klopp was head coach at dortmund for seven years before leaving in 2015. it wasn't really difficult moment for me, because i was, i don't know how often in the hotel, in the team hotel, with my team in dortmund. i know exactly the road, i know exactly the place where it is. a lot of my friends were in the bus. of course when they then play the game, they tried to be at their best and it was after the game, and then i saw the faces of my former players, andi
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saw the faces of my former players, and i saw the shock in their eyes. and that was really hard. the six—man short list for the pfa player of the year award has been revealed today and the favourite is someone revealed today and the favourite is someone who missed out on the trophy last year. n'golo kante won the trophy with leicester last year and he is likely to do it again with chelsea this year. he has only scored twice this season. this one was against manchester united in the quarterfinal of the fa cup. also on the list, his chelsea team—mate eden hazard, who won the trophy back in 30-15. hazard, who won the trophy back in 30—15. zlatan ibrahimovic is also on the list. as is harry kane, who is on the young player of the year list. he looks like being the leading english goal—scorerfor a third season in a row. romelu lukaku also features on both lists. alexis
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sanchez makes up the six. he has scored 18 times this season. you can see all of the short lists for men and women on the bbc website. wigan have given themselves a good chance of surviving relegation from the championship after beating barnsley 3-2 championship after beating barnsley 3—2 tonight. nick powell scored an 11 minute hat—trick in the second half as they came back from 2—0 down. but they are still four points from safety. chris latham is great britain's latest medallist at the world track cycling championships in hong kong. he has won a bronze for the men today, but that has been the only success. they missed out on a bronze in the men's team pursuit earlier on. happy with that. we were just a bit unlucky, i thought we deserve something, but i am happy to
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come away with a medal finally. chris latham is part of a great britain squad in hong kong which is a young one, with any of the senior riders taking time off. the recently retired joanna rowsell share says expectations need to be managed, particularly in the event in which she won her two gold medals, the women's team pursuit. we have four riders qualifying yesterday with an average age of 18, very young, and they did a new personal best of more than four seconds. today, they brought in a bit more experience and they just missed out brought in a bit more experience and theyjust missed out on qualifying for the bronze medal ride off. but it was an incredible experience for them, and probably my performance of them, and probably my performance of the week so far, to see them raise their game so much in such a short space of time. i have retired, other people taking breaks, and they have gone from strength to strength. big
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future ahead for all of them. warrington have won for the second time ina warrington have won for the second time in a row in super league, after having lost their first six matches of the season. they went behind early on tonight in their game at widnes. warrington replied with three tries of their own, including this one from jack hughes. they ran out winners by 19—10. jenson button looks set to replace fernando alonso in the monaco grand prix, alonso will be taking part in the indy 500 instead. jenson button is still attracted to mclaren as a reserve driver. i think it is good for formula 1, this big market in north america, that we have been pursuing for many years, i think it is good to go there now and show their respect for the indycar series. good
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for indycar i guess to have some formula 1 drivers in the competition. and the same for mclaren honda. i think as a team, to be racing on the same day in monte carlo and in the indy 500, two mclaren honda indifferent series, it is an amazing thing for motorsport fans. so i think it is a win—win situation for everyone. finally, the draw has been made for the first round of the world snooker championships which starts this saturday in sheffield. defending champion mark selby will face fergal 0'brien, who won a deciding frame which lasted more than two hours to get through in qualifying! also, five—time champion ronnie 0'sullivan will play terry wilson. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment on bbc news, it is time for
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the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are laura hughes, political correspondent at the daily telegraph and the journalist james rampton. the telegraph leads with suggestions that government no longer sees prisons as places for punishment, after the phrase was excluded from the first legal definition of a jail‘s purpose. according to an investigation by the times, staff at one of the world's leading drug companies discussed destroying supplies of life—saving cancer medicines. the i reports new claims that more british youngsters than ever
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are caught in a so—called "age of anxiety". holiday costs fall by 20% is the headline in the express. the paper claims summer breaks in europe are now the cheapest they've been since 2012. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. let's begin with that sun headline. laura hughes, take us to the coverage of this bomb dropped in afghanistan? so, this is the largest non—nuclear bomb that america has ever used. during his presidential campaign, donald trump spoke about how he was going to protect america's‘s interests, and not really intervene around the world. but this is the second incident in
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two weeks showing that maybe that is not the case. this maybe is a warning to north korea, iran, syria, that america is taking things really seriously now. and they are prepared, donald trump is prepared, to go further than george bush, he never used these weapons, and also president 0bama. may be questions for donald trump supporters, who voted for him in the hope that america might take a step back from dealing in these kind of issues.“ that how you see it? absolutely, it is the largest bomb that has been dropped since blagger hour. apparently it has caused a lot of consternation within the warring factions in the white house. steve bannon, his notoriously hawkish adviser, was apparently advising against attacking syria last week. i'm not sure he will be that happy about this, either. because the campaign was all about america
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first, isolationist in the world sought itself out. but dropping the largest bomb ever of a non—nuclear variety, is not not getting involved in the rest of the world! it shows how unpredictable trump is, and that will make other nations nervous. if russia and iran and syria thought, we can do anything, he doesn't want to intervene, i think this is showing that that's not the case. the target we are told, caves hiding is fighters. but this is a device weighing more than 21,000lb. yeah, it is even heavier than me, it is a really big bomb. but i can sort of understand why they dropped it on those caves. i remember the american special forces after 911 had a heck ofa time special forces after 911 had a heck of a time trying to find 0sama bin laden, who was hiding in the caves in the correct. and in fact they never found him" because it was such
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a labyrinthine network of places which he knew about and enabled him to evade his pursuers. but some people might say, it is taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. laura hughes, prisons are not for punishment, this is a quote taken from a document about the role played by prisons? yes. this is the prisons and courts bill. this is the definition of what prison means. and they have taken out the word punishment, which brings up the whole question of what they are for. we know that the prison system is under pressure and it seems to be failing. it seems to be failing prisoners who go on to reoffend. we have seen massive cuts, this is the old argument, what is prison for? if you look at countries across europe,
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the netherlands and sweden, they have got a bit of a crisis, in that they can't fill prison cells. that is because they have taken a policy of rehabilitation. so, when somebody goes into in the netherlands or in sweden, they concentrate on getting them


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