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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00 — in syria — dozens of people have been killed and many more injured by a suicide car bomb as they waited to be evacuated to safe areas. the blast near aleppo struck a convoy of buses as thousands of people were being moved from two besieged towns. north korea parades what are thought to be the country's first intercontinental ballistic missiles — amid fears it is moving closer to a long—range nuclear arsenal. everton football club bans sun journalists from its grounds following a controversial column by kelvin mackenzie about one of its players. i think it's disgraceful the way that he spoke about ross barkley and the way he described the people of liverpool. what he set about ross barkley is a shocking sight think it's right. lim what he has done for yea rs, it's right. lim what he has done for years, not just the it's right. lim what he has done for years, notjust the last it's right. lim what he has done for years, not just the last week, it's right. lim what he has done for years, notjust the last week, is
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disgusting. —— what he has done for yea rs. and coming up political commentatorjo phillips and nigel nelson, political editor of the sunday mirror help me review the sunday morning papers — including the lead in the sunday times which leads on a possible escalation in north korea — saying president trump could strike korean nuclear sites. that's the papers in half an hour. good evening and welcome to bbc news. a suicide bomb in syria has hit a convoy of buses on the outskirts of aleppo, where thousands of people from two besieged government—held villages were waiting to be ta ken to safety. more than a0 people are reported to have been killed in the attack. dozens more have been injured. richard galpin reports. in the immediate aftermath, a man runs towards the site of the huge explosion, filming the horrifying scenes around him.
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it is believed a suicide bomber carried out this attack, reportedly driving a van carrying aid supplies. translation: i can't describe it, i am speechless. there are dead people everywhere. you can see dozens of burnt—out cars, bodies everywhere. emergency staff and opposition factions are evacuating the wounded and the dead. the target was this convoy of buses carrying hundreds of men, women and children finally able to leave their villages which had been under siege for years in syria's continuing civil war. since last night, the convoy had been held up on the road near aleppo because of a hitch in the deal agreed between government forces and the rebels for the evacuation. that left everyone here very exposed to an attack. with so many killed
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and injured in this bombing, there are fears of revenge attacks and an end to further agreements to get people out of other besieged and villages. for those who survive this attack, the aim now is to get them to safe areas as quickly as possible. some are already reported to be getting back on buses, leaving the horror of this day behind them. richard galpin, bbc news. north korea has warned the united states that it's ready to respond to any provocation with ‘nuclear attacks'. the country has staged a huge military parade, displaying what appeared to be new intercontinental ballistic missiles. donald trump has sent a naval strike force to the region because of concerns that north korea is preparing to carry out another atomic test. our correspondentjohn sudworth was among a group of foreign journalists invited to the capital pyongyang. his movements were being monitored and tightly controlled.
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as the parade began, the ground shook, and a city at the centre of a mounting crisis echoed to the sound of marching feet. presiding over it all was kim jong—un, apparently untroubled by the international pressure over the now realistic prospect of this most totalitarian of states becoming a fully fledged nuclear power. and while president donald trump may be promising to stop it, north korea has other ideas. it's an extraordinary sight. this is state power expressed as mass unity, and it's meant to send two key messages — to the north korean people that their young leader's grip on power is unassailable, and to the outside world that he commands massive military might.
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"we will respond to nuclear war with nuclear war," a senior official told the crowds — a statement given extra force by the rolling out of these weapons, which analysts say may be north korea's first intercontinental ballistic missiles. but while it may be isolated, it's resilient and often rational too — it wants nuclear weapons not to use them but as a security guarantee. what message does this send to the outside world? "it shows the great strength of korea," this woman tells me. "we are the most proud people in the world." the periodic crises have so far always blown over, but each time north korea emerges
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one step closer to its nuclear goal. after decades of trying, no—one has yet worked out how to stop its advance. john sudworth, bbc news, pyongyang. so how can a crisis be averted? our washington correspondent, laura bicker, has this assessment. pyongyang is being warned. these naval warships are within striking distance of the north korean capital. the message? the us is ready to react, if provoked. north korea is a problem, the problem will be taken care of. north korea has got to change its behaviour. the time for action is now. key to us efforts will be china. these talks with president xi last week laid the groundwork. donald trump said he received assurances that they would help put an end to north korea's nuclear ambitions. and some believe that is why he has dispatched those warships. perhaps the dispatch of the carrier
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strike force to the peninsula is really aimed at motivating the chinese, to tell beijing that the united states is serious and wants to see china put a lot more pressure on pyongyang. china is already applying pressure at its border and placed a ban on imports of north korean coal. if president trump is weighing his options, his best hope is in beijing. the us could also push for more un sanctions but critics believe that punishes the people of north korea, not its leaders. the pentagon has denied any suggestion of a pre—emptive military strike. but donald trump's actions in syria prove he is a president prepared to take action quickly and without warning. us troops in afghanistan are advancing after the dropping of a massive bunker—busting bomb known as the mother of all bombs. a display of firepower
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from the world's strongest military that might just make kim jong—un think twice about launching any attack. meanwhile, the vice president, mike pence, is on his way to seoul to reassure asian allies and offer them an iron—clad commitment to come to the defence. his message is that the us will do whatever is necessary to keep the world safe. earlier david slinn — britain's first ambassador to north korea — gave us his assessment of the escalating tensions. there may be more cause for concern this time because north korea's nuclear capability is perhaps one step further towards completion. therefore, that is a cause for concern for the rest of the world. it does seem that kim jong—un is pushing that line, pushing towards that red line. what does he want out of the us? is itjust attention or is there something more behind this? it is attention
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as a means to an end. north korea wants a few things. it wants to ensure its own regime's survival, it wants to be taken seriously, it wants to be regarded as a nuclear power by the rest of the world. and it wants to be seen to be treated with what it sees as respect from the international community. one of the things that i heard repeatedly in my dealings with north korean officials was, why won't the americans treat us like pakistan? who the north koreans see as having accepted them as an effective nuclear power. and that is the model. that is the precedent that north koreans have long wanted to follow in terms of the way that the americans treat them. do you think that there could be some concessions on the american side or will kimjong—un have to relinquish his nuclear ambitions before that takes place? i think what is very clear is the us side has long been prepared to sit down and negotiate
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with the north koreans but as long as the north koreans were prepared to negotiate on the basis of relishing its nuclear capability or its nuclear capacity. and thus far, there has been no sign of the north koreans being prepared to do that. how can the us and china work together? can they work together on fixing this? what form would it have to take? absolutely, the united states and china can work together to fix this. china, of course, has its own strategic concerns about developments on the korean peninsula and the us has strategic concerns. what i have long been interested in is to see how the us and china could sit down and discuss developments on the korean peninsula more constructively, in a more long—term way. if you want to look at the prospects of the korean peninsula after the disappearance of a nuclear north korea. what would you like to
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hear from mike pence? he is visiting tomorrow, that's sunday. i think the vice president is clearly going to be travelling with a message of reassurance to the us' south korean and, by extension, japanese allies that the us will take the crisis seriously. but equally, it will prove a good ally to them and bear their interests in mind. everton football club has banned sun newspaper journalists from its ground following an article written by the paper's columnist and former editor kelvin mackenzie. in it he compared the intelligence of everton footballer ross barkley to that of a gorilla. the mayor of liverpool has called for the newspaper to sack mr mckenzie for making what he called "racial slurs". from goodison park, frankie mccamley reports. the footballer in the centre of it
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all, everton midfielder ross barkley, whose grandfather was nigerian, compared here to a gorilla. and the man who wrote it, kelvin mackenzie, now suspended. he also claims the only other people in liverpool earning as much money were drug dealers. i've reported it to merseyside police and they're investigating the complaint. i have also written to the press complaints commission. the comments i believe were overtly racist. the club reacted quickly, banning the sun, stating the newspaper has to know any attack on this city is not acceptable. it follows a long—running hatred towards the newspaper who blamed fans for the hillsborough disaster that left 96 dead. with applause at today's match to mark the 28th anniversary. the sun's publisher news uk has apologised
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for the offence caused, saying it was unaware of ross barkley‘s heritage and there was never any slur intended. mr mackenzie says it was beyond parody to describe the article as racist. outside the stadium, fans welcomed the news. what he said about ross barkley i think is shocking, so i think it's only right. i think it's disgraceful the way he spoke about ross barkley and the way he described the people of liverpool and he should be ashamed. his article should be proof—read anyway by the editors, so for them to let that go to press, i think it's quite poor. many will question why the paper, which he edited for many years, allowed the column to be published. the sun knew enough to make sure that mackenzie didn't refer to liverpool, especially on the anniversary of the hillsborough disaster. so it was a gross editorial oversight. arriving here this morning, fans said they were angry
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and disappointed at the article. following the club's announcement to ban the sun, those feelings have somewhat subsided this evening, but many say that the decision is long overdue. it's understood rupert murdoch will be consulted before a decision is made about mr mackenzie's future which may depend on a police investigation. the headlines. dozens of people have been killed in syria after a suicide car bomb explodes on the outskirts of aleppo. north korea warns the us not to take provocative action in the region, saying it is "ready to hit back with nuclear attacks". everton bans sun journalists from its stadium and training ground following a column by kelvin mackenzie about midfielder ross barkley. sport now and for a full round—up,
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we have james pearce. good evening. spurs tried to keep the pressure on chelsea. they narrowed the gap to four points with a commanding 4—0 win over bournemouth. harry kane scored second half. that was added to an injury time. just the plate manchester united tomorrow. i'm so happy with our players. and how they showed their belief in the way that they play. it is fantastic. now we wait. owljob is fantastic. now we wait. owljob is done. manchester city moved into third place after the 3—0 win at southampton. vincent kompa ny third place after the 3—0 win at southampton. vincent kompany gave city the lead. the last time he
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scored a league goal was in november 200015. scored a league goal was in november 2000 15. they scored a league goal was in november 200015. they move above liverpool without victory. plenty of a motion at goodison park. they remembered the 20th anniversary of the hillsborough disaster before play burnley. it was a game everton won 3-1. burnley. it was a game everton won 3—1. romelu lukaku stayed the league goalscorer could do me. the major praised ross barkley‘s response to a testing week. i am really pleased. difficulties at the beginning of the game, but he did well in the second half. the 2—1 goal was an important goal. he was focus of the football side are not about all the stuff after last sunday. it is a big government for a young boy for everton. elsewhere in the premier league today, a point the sunderland at home to west ham. swansea and
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whole —— hull city both lost. in a scottish premiership, dundee's problems at escalating prickly. they lost 47th match in a row. they were beaten 2—0 at home. they now occupy the relegation play—off position. also, it wins for rangers and aberdeen. england's ben youngs scored this crucial try ten minutes from time to ensure his side ran out emphatic winners, 30— three. leicester are now in pole position to secure the last play—off spot after bath were beaten. munster have moved to the pro12 and ensuring fair play in the play—offs. mercedes
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drivers on pole position for tomorrow's byram grand prix. but it isn't lewis hamilton. —— bahrain. hamilton will start from second on the grid, with sebastian vettel third. very happy. it is the first pole position in my career. it took a few races, but i got it. hopefully it is the first of many. i was losing quite a bit and this was my weak point. i will work on a per tomorrow. but they have found some great pace through the per sector. the second and third were quite good. but overall, a little bit down. but a great battle, and that is how close i think what i should be. mark selby progress to the
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second round of the world snooker championship. he built delic beat fogel o'brien. —— he beat. in this game, wilson battled back and now only trails 5—1. the match will conclude tomorrow afternoon. the first of ten goes through. and finally, alligator delays play. it might not be had time you have heard many times before. but that happened the ian poulter. —— headline. have a look at this in south carolina. the alligator was lying in wait after a strea ky alligator was lying in wait after a streaky shot on the 10th hole. konta was waiting what to do. pretty baby shot? you can see his eyes, they are not too far away from where the alligator is as well. —— could he
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play the shot? a little bit of delay. he tries to play it, but eventually a caddie gets the alligator away. coulter is now three shots off the lead, so not to disturbed. i was good as a sweet dreams, but i'm not sure thank you very much. but first let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the mail on sunday leads with the rising tensions around north korea and their threat to wipe out the united states armada. the sunday times, also leading on north korea, says president trump is prepared to strike korean nuclear sites. the sunday telegraph goes with the potential threat to america amid the growing tension. it says that north korea possesses
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the capability to strike american soil. the express calls it the "deadliest stand—off". and the observer leads on an education story, saying that free schools will benefit wealthier regions. the family of a british student, who was stabbed to death injerusalem, have released a statement paying tribute to their "driven and passionate" daughter. hannah bladon who was 20 was attacked on a tram near the old city yesterday. a palestinian man, who's thought to have a history of mental health problems, has been arrested. phillpa hudson reports. ina in a statement, issued through the foreign office, hannah's peros described her as a talented musician and enthusiastic rugby player. the most caring and compassionate daughter. she was taking part in an archaeological dig and was attacked while travelling on a packed train
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to the old city. at the university of birmingham this morning, staff are paid tribute to an exceptional student. our first at this time are very much with her family and close friends. —— thoughts. we will deplete tribute to hannah and her excellent academic career to this point. she was pursuing a real passion injerusalem point. she was pursuing a real passion in jerusalem around point. she was pursuing a real passion injerusalem around biblical studies. as hannah's family struggles to come to terms with her death, a palestinian man who is thought to have a history of mental health problems, remains in custody. strike action over funding pressure in england's schools has been backed by the national union of teachers. the nut voted on the measure at its annual spring conference in cardiff. it comes as a survey ofjust over 3,000 staff carried out by the union found that almost half of young teachers expect to quit the profession within five years. increasing paperwork, longer hours and concerns over
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mental health were just some of the reasons cited. the driving test is catching up with technology. the driving and vehicle standards agency announced that learners with have to demonstrate that they can safely use a sat nav. the agency says it's vital that the practical test keeps up to date, as our correspondent, judith moritz, reports. in the future, learners will be examined on new things. the first driving test was taken in 1935. drivers are currently under different conditions. most use at that. now the test is changing to reflect that. turn right at the gates and continue to follow the size. i went for a drive with gram o'brien, who helped develop the new test. —— graham. drivers will have
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two follow satnav directions.“ test. —— graham. drivers will have two follow satnav directions. if we can incorporate that into the test, it will help people get more familiar with dealing with that level of destruction, as well, which we know is one of the biggest cause of accidents in the first six months with new drivers. learners will also be asked to show they did cope with real—life scenarios, such as parking within a day. we are often taking people down into housing estates where they can reverse around the corner, and perhaps using half a test to do this setpiece manoeuvres. the idea is to give people a vibrant experience of roads. it will be introduced for everybody by the end of the year. candidates will be able to drive independently for longer, but the cost and length of the exam will stay the same, as no doubt will be nervous of those going through the process. britain's creative industries are urging the government to overhaul its approach
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to the sector, as ministers draw up a national industrial strategy. they say british creativity is a big export earner and should be taken just as seriously as other sectors such as car—making. here's our business correspondent, rob young. advertising, film—making, music and video games. britain's creative industries are well known around the world, and financially successful too. more people work in the sector than in uk oil and gas or car—making. areas which tend to get a lot of government attention. the trade body the creative industries federation is demanding the government put creativity at the heart of the new industrial strategy. it recommends creative enterprise zones be set up, offering tax breaks and advice for start—ups on things like selling their services and products abroad. the organisation also wants careers advice in schools to be overhauled. it says current guidance is inadequate and misleading.
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that needs to be hard—wired into the workforce, it will certainly go some way to meet some of the skills shortages in the sector from the domestic workforce. but also, we will always, i think, be an international hub for creativity. the business secretary, greg clark, says he wants to build on the sector's strengths and is committed to doing a deal with the creative industries soon. as britain heads towards the european union exit door, cultural and creative companies are keen to push their case that british books, plays, and tv programmes could also help britain define its role in the world. rob young bbc news. there, time for the weather. thaiday uucp s—word word earlier? snow? yes.
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we have some cold air over the next few days. —— did i hear you say. on the satellite imagery, you can send us the satellite imagery, you can send usa the satellite imagery, you can send us a different day tomorrow. this flat has been pushing towards parts of northern ireland and scotland. so do bring some splashes of red through the night. keeping temperatures up, but we have clear skies to the east in the south, one oi’ skies to the east in the south, one or two of you, especially in the country, could get close to freezing. so yes, a chilly start to easter sunday with temperatures around for 28 degrees at best. the prom with our forecast tfimffirjfifi. “5—5—5 5295 ee--§5rs:g~;:é hi’g‘gg‘z”g‘ff}£ — ~ —— —~— — comes with - rain speeding across comes with the rain speeding across northern ireland. the weather is feature responsible could be further north or south. beedles lake could bea north or south. beedles lake could be a wet day across—{saris , north or south. beedles lake could be a wet day across—sage}; of= be a wet day across parts of scotland, but i and be a wet day across parts of scotland, but and to be a wet day across parts of sco south. )ut and if" 77 to" z z n 7" 7 7 the south. that is how the rain a radically spreads its way across parts of northern england, north wales, and the midlands. if you stop the clock at lunchtime, certainly
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across northern scotland, a find they still for you. not as windy is today. a few showers around, but some dry and sunny weather as well. the dries up in northern ireland in the afternoon, but the potential to be cloudy, dam, and cold. notjust in scotland, but northern england, especially east of the pennines and 77:7 $ the also 77:7 $ the —— also 77:7 $ the l —— be i also 77:7 $ the. —— be particularly wet them. —— be particularly wet them. brakes are the cloud allow the sunshine through wales. a bit to sue us sunshine through wales. a bit to sue us through the afternoon. sunshine and 15 degrees not out of the question. the rain is clear away from southern scotland. if he should finish the day with some sunshine. that rain will move into east anglia and potentially the south—east. they should bring some snow to the alps as we go into easter monday. it does bring cold airfrom as we go into easter monday. it does bring cold air from the as we go into easter monday. it does bring cold airfrom the north. this could be a day were we see a little bit of snow in the forecast. mainly
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this ‘s northern and eastern scotland, particularly the hills. a bit of a chilly breeze to go with that. you will see some fatty mums on monday. but for most, it will be a sunny day can lead to monday, —— sunday, and there will could be widespread frost to take us into tuesday. gardeners take note. there could be some frosty nights over this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines. at least 43 people have died in syria after a huge car bomb exploded on the outskirts of aleppo. thousands of people from two besieged, government—held towns were waiting to be transported under the terms of an evacuation deal.
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