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tv   Meet the Author  BBC News  April 16, 2017 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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with your hard work throughout the campaign period, you have not left us campaign period, you have not left us for one minute. i also would like to thank my friends who actually have been travelling with me throughout this campaign, wherever i went. i would also like to thank my friends and my colleagues who i work with closely together throughout the campaign, forthe with closely together throughout the campaign, for the yes campaign, and i would like to thank the leader of the party. also the other parties, whether they said yes or no in this election. i would also like to say i am grateful for the work in this election to last in a peaceful way. now, my dearfriends, we don't now, my dear friends, we don't stop for one minute. no stopping for us.
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we will continue on our path. of course we will have different opinions. we will have different solutions for different problems, but the bottom line is, we have to keep our unity and we need to look after our united country. this is what makes us a real democracy, to have different opinions, different approaches and without trying to dominate one another. this is what democracy should be. we have all been saying different things when talking to the public in town squares. but whatever we said doesn't matter. the last word is said by the nation and the country voted and they said yes. we said at the beginning of ourjourney, whatever the will of the nation, we
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will respect this. this is what we said all along and we still say this. the turkish people went to cast their vote and they voted yes toa cast their vote and they voted yes to a presidential system for this country. this country does not need the guardianship of external countries or external forces. we will not allow our head to any foreign powers. and this is shown once again with this yes vote. to the terrorist organisation which made this failed coup attempt on the 15th of june made this failed coup attempt on the 15th ofjune last year, we have given them the best possible answer
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today by casting votes in the ballot boxes. this vote today has made turkish democracy stronger and more mature. and this has shown the whole world what a good democracy we have. everyone should know that we are all equal, no matter where you come from, no matter what you think. and nobody can ruin this all spoiled this. ourfuture is not being determined by the vote today. i say openly, there are no losers. turkey
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has won. the turkish people have won this vote and as a country, we all are winners. now this vote and as a country, we all are winners. now we this vote and as a country, we all are winners. now we have to be united. we have to be stronger. we have to be one turkey as a whole. out of the ballot box, we got a yes vote, which of course makes us happy. and of course, this is what the country voted for and which is a great honour for the country voted for and which is a great honourfor me the country voted for and which is a great honour for me to announce this to everybody here. and anyone who tries to make a mockery of this, we will not allow them to do that. we will not allow them to do that. we will tell our children and grandchildren our democratic history and the power we have taken over
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what we have achieved. we don't want any broken hearts. we want everybody to be happy. on the 26th of february, we started our marathon some years ago. today, that marathon has ended successfully. our president has been going from one city to another, from istanbul to many different cities in anatolia. he has spoken in town squares and it has become like a celebration. we have expressed what we wanted and why we wanted it and thank god, the turkish nation voted for us without any difficulties. we have also seen the same excitement in our citizens
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who live abroad. they want to cast their votes in their respective countries, and they have shown that they have taken care of how united we should be. anyone in turkey must have learned —— anyone who wants to stop turkey should feel embarrassed. they have learned what the nation wa nted they have learned what the nation wanted which has become a reality today. now we get on with our work. i have to prepare our enlightened future and we have to look at the horizon. until the 2019 elections, we have to continue our preparations
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and hard work. by 2019, we will have to set up what is necessary to develop further. in turkey, the country has won is democracy to become stronger. 80 million plus 3 million living abroad, 83 million people have won the vote today for turkey to progress further, to have a stronger economy. our development will be even faster now and we will continue to struggle with our enemies, but we will make a country
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without any terror as a united nations. we will be an exemplary nation in the world in achieving this. we will enhance our democracy further. all the citizens will be treated equally. those who said no and those who said yes in the vote today, they are all the same for us, regardless of what they voted for today. i am just grateful and i would like to express this clearly to all those citizens who cast their votes, regardless of whether they went yes or no. we are all one—nation. we are all one turkey, altogether stronger. whatever our
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differences may be, we are one united nation. we have heard some different opinions throughout this campaignfor different opinions throughout this campaign for the yes vote. i would also like to say to my wife and everybody who supported me throughout this campaign, i am hoping the yes vote will bring better fortu nes hoping the yes vote will bring better fortunes for our country, to oui’ better fortunes for our country, to our party, to our youth branch, to oui’ our party, to our youth branch, to our women's branch. once again, i am grateful for your votes today. god bless you. allah bless you. we work
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together. now all the songs that i am singing, everything reminds me of you. everything reminds me of my nation. everything reminds me of turkey. thank you very much. be with allah, my dear brothers. thank you, turkey. thank you, dear prime minister. studio: that was the turkish prime minister, binali yildirim, speaking to the crowds of erdogan supporters in ankara. and of
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course, his post will go as a result of this referendum, which has been closely contested. let's speak to oui’ closely contested. let's speak to our correspondent selin girit, who was listening to that speech in istanbul. there was an acknowledgement from the prime minister that there are differences among the electorate. he was trying to recognise the need to take eve ryo ne to recognise the need to take everyone together, even though the country is divided? the country is very divided. for many years, the country has already been polarised. in this referendum campaign, it has been further polarised. it has deepened this polarisation. yes, prime minister binali yildirim spoke to the people who voted no and he said the no voters will be equal to yes voters. there will not be any
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difference amongst them. he acknowledged the diversity, but the no voters will not be convinced yet, because there are questions of legitimacy already surrounding this referendum. the main opposition party and the no campaign leaders are already contesting the results, saying that over 2 million votes are problematic. the electoral board made a controversial decision today and ruled to accept some ballot papers that were not stamped by the officials at the polling stations, which means it would be easier to rig the vote. many people have questions in their minds, especially amongst no voters. the no campaign is calling for people not to leave the polling stations, although it is
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11 o'clock here in turkey. they are saying there are votes still to be counted, but the prime minister, binali yildirim, has made his balcony speech of victory and we are expecting president recep tayyip erdogan to make a victory speech $0011. erdogan to make a victory speech soon. he had previously said he would tolerate the no voters. whether he would take a more conciliatory tone, we have yet to see. thank you, selin girit. much more analysis of the referendum result throughout the evening on bbc news. now the weather. a sunnier day tomorrow, with just a few showers around. at the moment, we still have rain across parts of central and eastern england, which is light, patchy and sporadic. elsewhere, it turns dry for a time before the showers start to develop in parts of scotland. and with clearer skies, particularly for the northern half of the country,
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a touch of frost for one or two to take us into the start of easter monday. easter monday starts with cloud in the south, but then brightening up. we will see showers across scotland. but after a sunny start in northern england, clouding over with showers later. northern ireland will avoid most of the showers. there will be quite a bit of sunshine between the showers. some avoid them altogether, but chilly in the breeze. the breeze eases down into tuesday, which means a colder start in the countryside. but a very pleasant day, with some sunshine around. through the week ahead, there is not much rain in the forecast. still turning warmer by day, but the nights are chilly, with a risk of frost. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at 8pm. the turkish prime minister declares victory in the referendum to significantly increase the president's powers. we will be live in istanbul shortly. there is now an international consensus, which includes china, on the threat posed by north korea, according to the us national security advisor. 68 children are among the dead in syria after yesterday's bomb attack on buses carrying evacuees from besieged towns. also in the next hour. theresa may urges unity over brexit, as she delivers her first easter message as prime minister. our shared interests, ambitions, and above all, our shared values can and must bring us together. builders renovating a medieval church in london have unearthed the remains of five archbishops of canterbury, who have lain for centuries in a forgotten crypt.


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